PSY32 - Lecture 6

PSY32 - Lecture 6 - Today Admin Surveys and Sampling Survey...

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Today *Admin *Surveys and Sampling Survey Research *A widely used research technique *Method used to obtain information about people’s opinions, attitudes, preferences, and behaviors simply by asking *Used extensively today by researchers, politicians, and news organizations *First introduced in the 1830s in England to study the impact of the Industrial Revolution on people’s lives Surveys are Everywhere! *Pop-up quick polls *Evaluations *On-line Product Registrations *Email Initiated Surveys *Product Downloads requiring survey *Election Exit Polls (very accurate!) *Even an Election is a type of survey What can you measure using a survey? *Behavior *Did you vote in the last primary election? *Attitudes/beliefs/opinions *What is the biggest problem facing the nation these days? *Characteristics *What is your age? Do you belong to a union? *Expectations *Do you plan to buy a new car in the next 12 months? *Self-classification *Do you consider yourself to be liberal, moderate, or conservative? *Knowledge *In which state is Barack Obama a U.S. Senator? Types of Surveys *Status surveys *Descriptive survey about the current status of the population sampled *Descriptive information can guide policy and inform policy makers *Survey research *Seeks to identify relationships among the variables studied in the survey The Survey Instrument *Group-administered survey *Written survey with instructions included *Administered in groups, through the mail, or on the Internet
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*Individual survey schedule *Administered in person or over the phone *Can be rather complex, provided there is a clear procedure for the interviewer to
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PSY32 - Lecture 6 - Today Admin Surveys and Sampling Survey...

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