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PSY32 - Lecture 8

PSY32 - Lecture 8 - Today Continuing with Nonexperimental...

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Today *Continuing with Nonexperimental Research: Quasi-Experimental Design *Research designs that lack one or more elements of the true experiment *No random assignment to conditions *No manipulation of antecedent conditions *APA Format: Abstract *But first, more on Correlational Research and the Meta-Analysis… Correlational Research *What do you know about it? *Researchers recruit participants for an electroencephalography (EEG) study. All participants have EEG collected at rest and they also complete a questionnaire designed to measure psychological well-being. Participants with greater left frontal activation report higher levels of well-being. Correlational Research Regression Meta Analysis *Used to integrate and describe large number of studies *Types of Meta-Analytic techniques *Determine if overall significance exists *Determine size of the treatment effect Smyth (1998) *meta analysis of expressive writing *Studies were included if: *experimental manipulation of written emotional disclosure *experimental participants had to write about traumatic topics, whereas control participants bad to write about neutral topics *the study had to contain some outcome measure of health, defined as mental, physical, or general functioning *the study had to contain statistical information necessary to calculate an effect size.
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Smyth (1998) *identified 13 studies *results *expressive writing leads to improvements in physiological functioning, reported health, psychological well-being, and general functioning but not health behaviors *across all outcomes, worked better for students than nonstudents, samples with higher proportions of male participants, and when writing was spaced over longer periods of time Problems with Meta Analysis *File drawer problem *Variable quality of studies included
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PSY32 - Lecture 8 - Today Continuing with Nonexperimental...

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