PSY32 - Lecture 14

PSY32 - Lecture 14 - Today Admin Draft of Paper 3 in...

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Today *Admin *Draft of Paper 3 in lecture on Mon, Mar 24 *Will you miss me next week? *Controlling Extraneous Variables Last Time *Reliability *Test-retest reliability *Interrater reliability *Internal consistency *Construct Validity *Content validity *Criterion-related validity *Predictive *Concurrent *Discriminant Categories of Extraneous Variables *Physical *Social *Personality *Context Internal Validity *Evidence that what you did in the study caused what you observed to happen *Extraneous variable: any variable other than the IV which affects the DV *Confounding variable: any variable which covaries systematically with the IV *Internal validity without construct validity *Something that you did caused an effect (internal validity) *But your variables don’t measure what you intended (lack of construct validity) Extraneous Variables *Participant Effects *Experimenter Effects Participant Effects *participants aren’t passive…they react to the experimental situation *their motives and perceptions may influence their responses Demand Characteristics *any of the cues available in an experiment that participants use to form perceptions about the task required and the purpose of the experiment
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*Example: Berkowitz’ work suggesting that the mere presence of a gun prompts aggressive behavior (more shocking of an annoying confederate) Control of Participant Effects *Anonymity *Blind procedure *Keep participant blind to the experimental conditions
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PSY32 - Lecture 14 - Today Admin Draft of Paper 3 in...

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