PSY71 - Family Therapy

PSY71 - Family Therapy - symptoms Work as a team 2 How...

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1 Mental illness affects the entire family system. “Family members, especially mothers, are often asked to simultaneously be the person’s case manager, psychotherapist, nurse, landlord, cook, janitor, banker, disciplinarian, and best friend” Torrey (1995) p. 293 Schizophrenogenic mother —Fromm- Reichmann 1948 Double bind theory Bateson and colleagues, 1956 Marital schism/ marital skew —Lidz and colleagues, 1965 Historical ideas about sz and family How families can help: Create a low stress supportive environment Reinforce small steps Establish realistic expectations Encourage medication adherence Discourage substance abuse Develop strategies for coping with persistent
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Unformatted text preview: symptoms Work as a team 2 How often are families included in treatment? Lehman, Steinwachs, and the Survey Co-Investigators of the PORT Project, 1998 Information provided to family No information provided to family Does it work? Combined results of family intervention programs on 2 year cumulative relapse rates (12 Studies) 3 Family Psychoeducation Associated with Reduced patient relapse ( Mari and Streiner, 1994) Improved family outcomes (e.g., Abramowitz and Coursey, 1989; Birchwood, Smith,and Cochrane, 1992) Recommended by NIMH best-practice guidelines...
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PSY71 - Family Therapy - symptoms Work as a team 2 How...

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