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PSY71 - Formulation&Prognosis

PSY71 - Formulation&Prognosis - Formulations and...

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1 Formulations and Prognosis Very simple ‘Formulation’ Two orthogonal classifications: BIOLOGICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, SOCIAL PREDISPOSING, PRECIPITATING, MAINTAINING FACTORS The idea of this is to provide a ‘template’ in which you can link an individual client’s problems or disorder with what you know more generally about that disorder. It is NOT a substitute for a more detailed assessment or understanding but acts as a starting point. The idea is to begin a story; the hypotheses can then be examined in more detail (in therapy). BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL Formulation Biological Factors Think about family history - GENETIC PREDISPOSITION Think about any medical factors Think about any drug factors Psychological Early family life and relationships Periods of separation or illness? Early life events Personality Coping strategies and impulse control Cognitive style and avoidances Social Recent life events Current formal and informal social support
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