PSY71 - Insight & Adherence

PSY71 - Insight & Adherence - Insight Medication...

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1 Adherence Consequences of Non- adherence • Incomplete response (pseudo-refractoriness) • Relapse • Family conflict • Loss of friends • Loss of job/career • Death (suicide, homicide, accidental death) 3 Relapse in 1 st Episode Patients Over 1 Year: According to Compliance Novak-Grubic V, Tavcar R. Eur Psychiatry. 2002;17:148-154. Number of Patients n=24 n=30
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2 An aside: Problem in estimating non- adherence MEMS=Medication Event Monitoring System. *Criterion: took al pil s. **Criteria: >70% of days (MEMS cap); score >4 on clinician rating scale. 1. Lam YF, et al. Schizophr Res. 2003;60(1 suppl 1):313. 2. Byerly MJ, et al. Presented at: 156th APA Annual Meeting; May 17-22, 2003; San Francisco, Calif. 2 separate studies found that both patients* 1 and clinicians** 2 overestimate compliance % of Patients Rated as Compliant Rated as Compliant 67.5% 10.3% 94.7% 38.1% ® Insight ADHERENCE Drug Factors 6 Ability to re -label symptoms: ‘The voices aren’t real’; ‘I know there is
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PSY71 - Insight & Adherence - Insight Medication...

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