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PSY71 - Mental State Exam

PSY71 - Mental State Exam - – Direct answers to questions...

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1 Mental State Examination Psy 71 and Psy 181 Mental State Examination: Overview Appearance and Behavior Speech (rate, tone, volume) Mood: objective (affect); subjective Thought: form; content Abnormal Perceptions Cognitive function • Insight Mental State Examination: 1. Appearance and Behavior Appearance How old? Male or female? How dressed? How groomed? Anything else very obvious? Behavior Eye contact throughout interview? Polite? Angry? Withdrawn?
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2 Mental State Examination: 2. Speech Rate Tone Volume Mental State Examination: 3. Mood Objective (= Affect) – How does the patient appear to you? – Range (Flat; expressive?); appropriate? Subjective – Currently (i.e. today): – Screen for depression if have not already under HPC. DON’T FORGET CURRENT SUICIDAL IDEATION, PLANS, INTENT Mental State Examination: 4. Thought Form – The form of speech (formal thought disorder: associations, coherent, tangentiality?)
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Unformatted text preview: – Direct answers to questions? No responses? delayed responses? Circumstantial responses? • Content – Main current preoccupations? – Screen for delusions and passivity experiences if not already done so. 3 Mental State Examination: 5. Abnormal Perceptions • ?Hallucinations –Auditory –Visual –Olfactory Mental State Examination: 6. Cognitive Function • Orientation – Time – Place – Person • Attention • Short term memory • Long term semantic memory (general knowledge) • Other more specific neurocognitive tests 7. Insight • “What do you think is the matter with you?” • Can get more specific – e.g. “Have you ever been afraid that other people would think that you were mad?” • Are you taking your medication? Do you think that it helps? How? • Do you think therapy is helping? How?...
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PSY71 - Mental State Exam - – Direct answers to questions...

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