PSY71 - Mental State Exam

PSY71 - Mental State Exam - Direct answers to questions? No...

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1 Mental State Examination Psy 71 and Psy 181 Mental State Examination: Overview • Appearance and Behavior • Speech (rate, tone, volume) • Mood: objective (affect); subjective • Thought: form; content • Abnormal Perceptions • Cognitive function • Insight Mental State Examination: 1. Appearance and Behavior Appearance • How old? Male or female? • How dressed? • How groomed? • Anything else very obvious? Behavior • Eye contact throughout interview? • Polite? Angry? Withdrawn?
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2 Mental State Examination: 2. Speech Rate Tone Volume Mental State Examination: 3. Mood • Objective (= Affect) – How does the patient appear to you? – Range (Flat; expressive?); appropriate? • Subjective – Currently (i.e. today): – Screen for depression if have not already under HPC. – DON’T FORGET CURRENT SUICIDAL IDEATION, PLANS, INTENT Mental State Examination: 4. Thought • Form – The form of speech (formal thought disorder: associations, coherent, tangentiality?)
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Unformatted text preview: Direct answers to questions? No responses? delayed responses? Circumstantial responses? Content Main current preoccupations? Screen for delusions and passivity experiences if not already done so. 3 Mental State Examination: 5. Abnormal Perceptions ?Hallucinations Auditory Visual Olfactory Mental State Examination: 6. Cognitive Function Orientation Time Place Person Attention Short term memory Long term semantic memory (general knowledge) Other more specific neurocognitive tests 7. Insight What do you think is the matter with you? Can get more specific e.g. Have you ever been afraid that other people would think that you were mad? Are you taking your medication? Do you think that it helps? How? Do you think therapy is helping? How?...
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PSY71 - Mental State Exam - Direct answers to questions? No...

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