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Unformatted text preview: More Records - Penn's undergraduate yearbooks A GLIMPS E OF LIF E AT PENNSYLVANIA ADMINISTRATION FACULTY ORGANIZTS ACTIVES SPORTS EVENTS FRATERNITIES SENIORS BENJAMIN R . PARKS DAVID H . MARION STEPHEN B. FORMAN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MANAGING EDITO R BUSINESS MANAGER THE RECOR D OF 196 0 108th YEARBOOK OF TH E UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA .ANDCOLEGR A college career can be a memorable experience, but , for each of us, this experienc e is unique . TRADITIO N ANTICIPATION EFFORT 4 . . .AS WE SEE IT . . . By many standards, the purpose of a yearbook is to pre sent the events of a school year, with special reference t o the senior class and extra-curricular activities . "The Record" is an attempt to achieve this, but another purpose ha s guided this effort . The spirit of Pennsylvania and the Clas s of 1960 is elusive yet, in the small amount of space avail able, we try to capture it . We are general in our reference, for the major feeling that affects 1960 affects all othe r classes of Pennsylvania . The pictures are fo revyon--thsiua ebnxprcd,isomewayb y every one of us . What we write is our attempt to set dow n a part of ' 60. We hope these pages can mean as much t o '85 as they do to us . 6 For the Class of 1960, four years at Pennsylvania have passed quickly . Events and people that were a part of our freshman year seem to be just passed . But 1960 is not the same class that saw the first football victor y in three years and envisioned a bigger and better "rowbottom" than an y one had ever seen . Since those days in October, 1956, we've seen our ranks diminish, and the Quakers have won more than a few fine footbal l games . Today, the men that make inspired speeches to an awed freshme n class are from our own group . Tomorrow, there will be new freshmen an d new speakers The group that perpetuates the traditions of Pennsylvani a will be strangers to us, but we will know their purpose . Now, as we near the end of our days at Penn, we think of the horrors o f pressure education and the fastest way to get away from Philadelphia . The sigh of relief and the jubilation of graduation will eventually fade as w e recall the pleasant and significant moments of our college career . We will forget the unpleasant after-effects of "pulling an all-nighter" to study fo r an exam, finish a thesis, or complete a section in a ridiculously long year book . But, even now, with the pains of fatigue still present, it is impossibl e to deny that it has been "worth it . " There are many things that have added to the value of our education . We've experienced a few courses that were an inspiration to higher academic pursuits ; we've profited from our experience in "pressure efforts " for extra-curricular or athletic activity . But, we've gained most from ou r associations . Many of us have only a few close friends, having lived wit h the same people for several years, but friendly contacts with our class mates has brought a panorama of opinion . We have a common interes t with the group, as each of us wrestles with problems that appear to all i n some form . And, we have learned to think . We've been fortunate that this period, so important in our development, has been spent with person s of equal intellect . Our mental development depends greatly on exposure ; when we leave we take with us a pattern-- a pattern that has been established during these four short years . 7 . AND REMEMBER . We remember certain distinct places and events about eac h year, even if it's the short walk to Freshman Commons . 8 EACH IN HI S OWN DIRECTION . . . . . AND FROM HIS The autumnal Saturday afternoon is an institution which draws us together . For some, it is to watch, for some t o play, but for all it is a significant event . For 1960, the rise from football mediocrity has established a pattern o f accomplishment in many of our endeavors . OWN PERSONAL VIEWPOINT. WE WATCH WE TOIL . . . Whether it's study, sports, or a part in a Mask and Wig production , most phases of our college caree r demand great personal effort for successful completion of a particula r task . TOWAR D The individual's personal point of view directs hi s approach to the problems facing him . And, as individuals differ, so differ their goals . The greates t variance comes in our approach t orelaxtin--smfeaonthplyigfd,weothr s prefer to be above it all with a jug of cheer . AN END . . . And sometime, for each of us, there is a feeling o f accomplishment, when a personal triumph becomes reality . . . . MOMENT OF TRIUMPH AT NIGHTFALL . . . SEASONS CHANGE As fall becomes winter, th e campus settles into a quiet seriousness, as, in every corner, the struggle to progress becomes a war . The routine grasps us -- registration , exams, rushing -- with an occasiona l pleasant pause as each of us fight s the gloom that the cold, gray sk y brings down around us . WINTER CRYSTALIZES . . .IDEAS ASSUME THEIR FORM . . THE PATTER N OF OUR . . .YEARBOO K . . .THESI S . . .ATHLETIC EFFORT . . . OBSTACLE S IN OUR PATH . Practically every one of our efforts requires us to overcom e difficulties that might otherwise prevent a successfu l completion of the task. 3 SPRIN G START S As the color begins to return to th e campus, life becomes more pleasant, eve n if the work load is not relieved . THE THAW . . . Spring is a young man ' s time, as girl-watching consumes a goo d part of the day . The coeds begin to look like women as the trench coat tents slowly disappear . TH E FANC Y TURNS . . . But the warmth eases our bodies into a quiet state tha t approaches lethargy, making study "a drag" . A LAZY FEVER BRINGS US OUT END I N SIGHT F As we near the end of our career, Commencement looms a s a great, shining lake in the middle of a desert . When it's all over, we have time to think abou t the over-all worth of our years . Though it's been a trying period, a nostalgia creeps in as we see our selves as part of the history of Pennsylvania . A NOBL E EFFORT. DEDICATIO N Each year, the dedication of a yearbook poses a problem to its staff in the consideration of the basis for the nomination . The editors of "The Record" have decided tha t this yearbook should be dedicated to an individual wh o has displayed a great interest in the undergraduate and hi s problems, as well as an active faith in the tradition of Pennsylvania . For us, the choice was not difficult . We consider it an honor to dedicate "The 1960 Record" to Rober t H . Pitt, II . Upon the completion of a distinguished career in the Army Air Corps durin g World War II, Bob Pitt, with many other veterans, decided to come to Pennsylvania for a sincere effort at gaining a college education . He made a mar k in the annals of the Class of 1949 as one of the outstanding scholars in th e Wharton School, evidenced by his election to Beta Gamma Sigma . A membe r of Friars Senior Society, he was one of the leaders in that great class . Afte r his graduation, he decided to stay close to Pennsylvania, holding a series o f positions in the administration . In 1954, he was appointed Dean of Admissions, the youngest man to hold that position in the history of the University . We might add that the Class of 1960 is only the second class to be assemble d under his jurisdiction, and we think we're a pretty good group . Dean Pitt ha s always been interested in every member of the undergraduate body, an d many of us have sought his advice . He has also been particularly concerne d with the fortunes of the University-- administrative, academic, and athletic . We appreciate this interest that marks him as a leading member of a progressive administration . But most of all, in the manner of gentlemen, we ar e grateful for his pleasant greeting . We hope to return it . "Thank you, sir . " 48 We are witnessing a period of rapid change and progress within the University of Pennsylvania . Physical growt h is apparent all around us, and the great advancement i n research and education practices can be felt by all . This renaissance has been born and developed in the minds o f many people, but their ideas have been coordinated by a n enthusiastic and far-sighted administration . This administration has carried out new policies, while continuing th e traditional ones, in a manner that has benefited all members of the University family . Administration 51 Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania include, Inne r Row : Richard M . Marshall, Dr . George A . Coleman, Richard S . Reynolds, Jr ., Roger W . Clipp, William L . Day, Mauric e B . Saul, Leslie M . Cassidy, Henry B . Bryans, H . Nedwil l Ramsey, Joseph Wharton Lippincott, and the Hon . Georg e Wharton Pepper . Outer Row : Clifford J . Backstrand, Orville H . Bullit, Hon . Horace Stern, Thomas, S . Gates, Jr ., Vernon B . Stouffer, Hon . Gerald F . Flood, Dr . Katherine E . McBride, Ralph Morgan, Wilfred D . Gillen, Dr . Gaylord P . Harnwell , President of the University; Dr . Alfred H . Williams, Chair man of the Trustees ; John C . Hetherston, Secretary o f the Corporation ; Sydney E . Martin, Robert T . McCracken , Henry S . Drinker, University general counsel and an associate trustee ; Edward Hopkinson, Jr ., G . Foster Sanford, Jr . , Dr . H . Sherman Oberly, Morris Wolf, Lammot du Pon t Copland, and Windsor F . Cousins, an ex effico member . Board of Trustee s 52 The prime functions of the Board of Trustees are t o formulate the basic policy of the University and t o maintain the affairs of the Corporation . The Boar d must be comprised of men and women from man y diversified fields to accomplish the momentous tas k of administering the University's many facets . In orde r that it might direct its attention in a more minut e manner, the Board is divided into committees concentrating on education, student affairs, public relations, and finance .- Although the Board remains i n the background of administrative activities of th e University, its greatest function is to add the initiativ e and vitality that is so important to a growing educational institution . Dr . Alfred H . Williams, Chairman of the Board Trustees . of 53 Presiden t Gaylord P. Harnwel l Dr . Gaylord P . Harnwell has been presiden t of the University of Pennsylvania since July 1 , 1953 . Among the many roles which Presiden t Harnwell fills are those of author, scientist , and educator . He has edited several technica l magazines and is the author of a number o f books . Dr . Harnwell's most recent publicatio n is Russian Diary, an account of his tour o f Russian educational and research institutions . A nationally known atomic physicist, President Harnwell first became associated with th e University in 1938 as professor of physics and Director of the Randal Morgan Laboratory o f Physics . In recognition of his research wor k on behalf on his country during World War II , he was awarded the Medal of Merit ; and i n 1958, he was the recipient of the Navy Distinguished Public Service Award . President Harnwell possesses a warm personality and a singleness of purpose ; his prim e goal is to encourage greater effort in scholar ship and research . The recipient of numerou s honorary degrees, an outstanding teacher an d scholar, President Harnwell stands for effectiv e leadership and academic progress at the University of Pennsylvania . As occupant of the University's highest administrativ e office, President Gaylord P . Harnwell supervises an d directs the school's educational policies and academi c programs . Even with the pressing duties of administration, the President finds time to teach the tw o courses, Physics 5 and 6, which he instituted whe n he first came to Pennsylvania as a professor of physics . 54 PROVOS T Provost Loren C . Eiseley is the University' s chief educational officer under the President . Associated with the University since 1947, a s professor and chairman of the Department o f Anthropology and curator of "Early Man" i n the University Museum, Dr . Eiseley has participated in several important expeditions, an d has received world recognition for his extensive writings . A number of Vice-Provosts have been appointed to aid the Provost in carrying out hi s duties . Acting at the same level of authorit y as Vice-Presidents, but within the Academic sector of the University, Vice-Provosts Nichols , Bradley, and Winn are responsible for th e graduate, undergraduate, and business an d commerce departments respectively . VICE-PROVOST Dr . Eisely received his A .B . from the University of Nebrask a and his M .A . and Ph .D . from the University of Pennsylvania . Dr . Nichols received his A .B . from Rutgers and his M .A . an d Ph .D . from Columbia University . Dr . Bradley received his A .B . , M .A ., and Ph .D . from the University of Pennsylvania . 55 The Vice-Presidents are appointed to assist President Harnwell in universit y administration . Vice-President and Assistant to the President Donald K . Angell is in charge of fund direction and special phases of alumni relations . As Vice-President for Medical Affairs, Dr . Isidor S . Ravdin is in charge of th e entire medical division of the University including all the graduate and under graduate schools and both of the University hospitals . Donald K . Angell, Vice-President of the Corporation . Dr . Isidor S . Ravdin, Vice-President for Medical Affairs . Chester E . Tucker, Vice-President for Development an d Public Relations . Gene D . Gisburne, Vice-President in charge of Studen t Affairs . VICEPRESIDENTS Vice-President in charge of Development and Public Relations, Chester E . Tucker controls the several fund-raising functions so necessary for the increasingly more modern facilities of the University as well as the News Bureau an d the other organs of the Public Relations Department . One of the most widely known officers is Vice-President in charge of Stu dent Affairs Gene D . Gisburne . Dr . Gisburne's sphere of administration includes the Office of Admissions, The Deans of Men and Women, the Foreig n Students Office, the Counseling Service and the Scholarship Office, as well a s the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Houston Hall, and Irvine Auditorium . 56 John L . Moore is Business Vice-President and the directo r of Pennsylvania's extensive development program . Mr . Moore received his A .B . from Villanova University . He i s responsible for future buildings such as the Ravdin Institute and the Annenberg School and he oversees th e service departments of the University . Henry R . Pemberton has been at Pennsylvania since 1945 . He serves the University as Financial Vice-President an d Trustee of the Moore School of Electrical Engineering . Dr . Carl C . Chambers is Vice-President of the University' s five engineering schools and Director of the Institute fo r Cooperative Research . He received his B .S . from Dickinson College and his Sc .D . from the University of Pennsylvania . Dr . Chambers was an instructor and professor before serving as Dean of the Moore School of Electrical Engineerin g between 1949 and 1953 . 57 Dean . Winn has an A .B . and an LL .D . from Central College and an M .A . and Ph .D . from Penn . Mr . John C . Hetherston received his B .S . degree at the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce . secretary William Richard Gordon received his B .S . in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania . Dr . Willis J . Winn has been Dean of th e Wharton School since 1958 . He is also ViceProvost of the University and Professor o f Finance . Before coming to Pennsylvania h e was a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research . John C . Hetherston is Secretary of the University of Pennsylvania . Mr . Hetherston . i s former Assistant Secretary of the Genera l Alumni Society and of the University . He i s active in a number of community service organizations such as the United Fund and th e Greater Philadelphia Y .M .C .A . treasurer 58 William Richard Gordon has been Treasure r of the University of Pennsylvania since 195 5 and has been associated with the Treasurer' s office at the University since 1936 . Mr . Gordon also serves as treasurer of the Graduat e Hospital and as an instructor in the Wharto n School . registrar Edward G . Harris has served as Chaplai n of the University since 1950 . Under his direction, the University Conference on Religio n was inaugurated last year . During this two day program, theologians of international repute discuss the relationship of theology t o the University and other institutions . Mr . Ernest Whitworth came to the University from the Educational Testing Service . H e was formerly Assistant Director of Administration and Personnel Offices of the State Department of Education of Connecticut and the Registrar of Cornell . Now, as Pennsylvania's Registrar, he has modernized and expedited th e registration process . Robert H . Pitt, II, formerly assistant to th e dean of men and secretary of the University' s scholarship committee, has been the Dean of Admissions since 1954 . That he is one of th e youngest deans in Pennsylvania's history at tests to his ability . chaplai n admission s Chaplain Harris received a B .A . from Harvard University, B .D. from the Episcopal Theological School, and S .T .M . from Union . Mr . Whitworth has a B .A . from Wesleyan and an M .A . fro m New York University . Dean Pitt earned a B .S . in Economics at the Wharton School . 59 dean of me n George B . Peters, formerly director of Houston Hall and Vice-dean of Student Affairs , has been Dean of Men at the University sinc e 1954 . In this position he supervises extra curricular activities, student government, fraternities, men's residence, student discipline , and administration of the eligibility code . Mr . Ralph R . Thornton is Assistant Dean o f Men in charge of publications and activities . Previously an instructor of English at Washington College, he now supervises the Record , Daily Pennsylvanian, Triangle, and Franklin Society . He is also concerned with the operation of various clubs at the University . Dean Peters has a B .S . in Economics from the Wharto n School . Ralph R . Thornton received his A .B . and M .A . degrees at Pen n 60 The selection of Dr . Laura Bornholdt as Dean of Women was announce d shortly after the retirement of Dr . Althea K . Hottel . Before coming to Pennsylvania, Dean Bornholdt served as Dean of Women at Sarah Lawrenc e College . Her duties include the coordination and supervision of non-academi c affairs of the undergraduate women at the University . Miss Anne B . Spiers has been Vice-dean of Women for the past six years . Since assuming this position, Miss Speirs has exemplified the interest of th e administration in student welfare . Her duties include advising and counseling on a non-academic level . Dean Bornholdt received her A .B . and A .M . from Smith College and her Ph .D . from Yale University . Miss Spiers received her B .S . and M .A . degrees at the University of Pennsylvania . dean of women 6I The initial function of a large educational institution i s the enlightenment of inquiring minds . The atmosphere o f "learning" prevails, providing an intellectual stimulus fo r variant avenues of interest . A modem approach to th e ancient disciplines has caused the large universities to be come great centers controlling and enlarging many area s of thinking in our society . Thousands of research projects, coupled with basic educational pursuits, have given Pennsylvania a strong voice in widespread segments of th e academic efforts of the world . Academic The problem of educating a large, incongruous group o f students, from all sorts of ethnic and social backgrounds, i s the major problem encountered by the faculties of a larg e university . For each class presentation, they must spen d long hours preparing and revitalizing the material to b e covered . But even this great task comes second to thei r attempts to organize and present a comprehensive an d constructive curriculum, which will satisfy the needs of th e modern educational processes . Faculty 63 DEAN S Dean Springer studied at the Universities of Berlin, and Uppsala , Sweden and received his Ph .D . from the University of Tuebingen . Dean Winn received his A .B . and his LL .D . from Central Colleg e and his M .A . and Ph .D . from Pennsylvania . Dr . Otto Springer, Acting Dean of the College, has been affiliated with th e university for the past twenty years . He has served as professor of Germanic Languages and as Chairman of the department from 1946 to 1959 . In 1958, Dr . Willis J . Winn assumed the position of Dean of the Wharto n School . In addition, he is a Vice-Provost of the University and a Professor of Finance . Dr . Winn was a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research before coming to Pennsylvania . Dr . R . Jean Brownlee, received her B .S . in Education , M .A ., and Ph .D . degrees at the University of Pennsylvania . Dean Perkins received his M .A . and Master of Architecture from Harvard . Dr . R . Jean Brownlee, Dean of the College fo r Women, has been with the University since 1930 . I n addition to being an administrative officer, she hold s an assistant professorship in political science . Dr . Brownlee served on the Civil Service Commission an d is a member of the American Political Science Associa tion and the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia . Dr . Perkins, Dean of the School of Fine Arts, initiated the Department of City Planning at Pennsylvania . In addition to his administrative functions, Dean Perkins finds time to teach architectural design and super vise the Department of Architecture . 65 deans As Dean of the School of Allied Medical Professions , Dean Hutchinson coordinates the functions of the fou r associated medical schools at Pennsylvania . A spet in the micro-sciences, Dean Hutchinson supervise s and instructs graduate students in the field of micro biology . Dr . Frank E . Stover, Director of the University' s School of Civil Engineering, has distinguished himsel f in the field of hydraulics . Dr . Stover has instituted advanced programs in Sanitary Engineering and wate r supply as well as the addition of the new hydraulic s laboratory under his administration . Dean Hutchinson received his A .B . and M .A s.degrsfomHavUniertydh Ph .D . degree from Pennsylvania . Dr . Stover received his B .S . and degree in Civil Engineering at the University o f Pennsylvania . 66 Dr . Robert Maddin, director of the Schoo l of Metallurgical Engineering since January o f 1957, has demonstrated his ability as an administrator as well as a distinguished educator . He has written numerous articles an d books and is the Research Contract Director fo r the Office of Naval Research and the Atomi c Energy Commission . Dr . Maddin received his B .S . at Purdue University ; an d his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at Yale University . Dr . Paul R . Trumpler, Dean of the School o f Mechanical Engineering, assumed his presen t position in July, 1957 . Although serving i n an administrative capacity, Dean Trumpler instructs students in the complexities of machin e design and advises graduate students in turbo machinery techniques . Dean Trumpler was awarded his B .S . degree from Lafayett e College and his Ph .D . from Yale University . 67 Dr . Melvin C . Molstad received his B .A . at Carleto n College, B .S . at M .I .T ., and Ph .D . at Yale University . Dr . John G . Brainerd received his B .S . and Sc .D . degrees at the University of Pennsylvania and has don e graduate work at M .I .T . Dr . Melvin C . Molstad came to the University as a n Associate Professor, and is now Professor of Chemica l Engineering . As Director of the School of Chemica l Engineering, Dr . Molstad has instituted the new hig h pressure laboratory and is constantly engaged in renovating the curriculum to keep up with technologica l developments in the field . Dr . Molstad has writte n many articles for technical journals and periodicals . Dr . John G . Brainerd became Director of The Moor e School of Electrical Engineering in 1954 . Dr . Brainerd has been active in many government projects : he wa s Project Supervisor of the large scale digital genera l purpose electronic computer, Engineer and Assistan t Director of the Public Works Administration, and ha s been a consultant and research engineer for the Army , Navy, and other government agencies . A noted author, Dr . Brainerd has made great contributions to electromagnetic field analysis and to the study of electrical circuits and networks . 68 deans Dr . Arnold received his A .B . at Kentucky Wesleyan ; M .A . at Columbia University; Ph .D . at Ohio State University . Dr . William E . Arnold, Dean of the School o f Education, has initiated the building of th e school's new social center and completed th e reorganization of the undergraduate curriculum . In his present program Dr . Arnold ha s organized a study of needed changes in th e graduate area . Dr . Theresa I . Lynch, Dean of the School o f Nursing, has been at the University since 1948 . She initiated the Five-Year Program which reorganized the school during the Korean Wa r and is widely recognized as an author and lecturer . Dr . Theresa I . Lynch received her R .N . at the University of Pennsylvania ; B .S . at George Washington University ; M .A . at Columbia University, and her Ph .D . in Education at New York University . navy r .o.t.c. COLONEL ALEXANDER W . GENTLEMAN, leader o f Naval R .O .T .C ., formerl y served as Aide to the Secretary of the Navy and wa s stationed at the N .A .T .O . Defense College in Paris , France . .' MAJOR JAMES R . NEW KIRK, head of Army R .O .T .C ., is Professor of Military Science and Tactics . He previously served at th e U .S .A .F . Air Ground Operation School . The Department of Military Science and Tactics is administered by th e University in cooperation with the United States Government . The Arm y R .O .T .C . unit equips students for officer training in Reserve units upon graduation . Wayne Hall serves as the focal point for the military wing of R .O .T .C . activities . The Department of Naval Science offers a four-year course in officer training leading to a reserve or regular commission in the United States Navy o r Marine Corps . The unit is located at Decatur Hall . arm y r.o .t.c . 70 DAVID R . GODDARD, Professor and Chairman of Biology; A .B ., A .M ., Ph .D ., California . MACEDWARD LEACH, Professor of English ; A .B ., M .A . , Illinois; Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . FACULTY faculty JOSEPH R . ROSE, Professor and Chairman of Transportation an d Public Utilities; J .D ., M .S ., Pennsylvania . CHARLES M . WEBER, Assistant Professor of Business Law ; A .B . , Colgate ; LL .B ., Cornell . ROBERT G . COX, Associate in Accounting ; B .S ., Illinois ; M .B .A . , Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . 72 OTTO POLLACK, Professor of Sociology ; J .D ., Vienna ; Ph .D . , Pennsylvania . FREDERICK G . KEMPIN, Assistant Professor of Busines s Law ; B .S ., Temple ; LL .B ., Pennsylvania . ORIN E . BURLEY, Professor and Chairman of Marketin g and Foreign Commerce ; B .S ., Oklahoma A&M ; M .A . , Ph .D ., Ohio State . 73 RAYMOND T . BYE, Professor of Economics ; A .B ., Swarthmore ; M .A ., Harvard ; Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . PHILIP E . JACOBS, Professor of Political Science ; A .B ., Yale ; M .A ., Pennsylvania ; Ph .D . , Princeton . 74 faculty T . E . McMULLIN, Professor of Education ; Vice-Dean of the School of Education ; A .B ., Kentucky Wesleyan ; M .A . , Columbia University ; Ph .D ., Kentucky . CHESTER B . STOCKER, Assistant Professor of Education ; B .S . , M .A ., Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . JEAN S . STRAUB, Assistant Professor in Education ; Personnel Director of the School of Education ; B .A ., Smith ; M .S ., Pennsylvania ; Ed .D ., Pennsylvania . 75 F . GORDON KEITH, Chairman and Professor of Finance ; B .A ., Amherst ; Ph .D ., Harvard . JOHN P . HORLACHER, Chairman and Professor of Political Science ; A .B ., Ashland College; M .A ., Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . faculty 76 CLYDE M . KAHLER, Professor and Chairman of Insurance ; B .S ., M .A . , Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . C . N . WEYGANDT, Professor of Electrical Engineering ; B .S ., Pennsylvania ; M .S ., Massachusetts Institute of Technology ; Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . C . PRESTON ANDRADE, JR ., Lecturer in Architecture ; A .B ., M .A ., Pennsylvania . HSUAN YEH, Professor of Mechanical Engineering ; B .S . , Chiao-Tung ; Sc .D ., Massachusetts Institute of Technology . 77 faculty IAN L . McHARG, Associate Professor an d Chairman of Landscape Architecture; B .La . , M .La ., M .C .P ., Harvard . ROBERT L . GEDDES, Assistant Profes sor of Architecture ; B .Arch ., Harvard . 78 JESSE L . SCOTT, Assistant Professo r of Music ; M .A ., Columbia ; Ph .D . , Pennsylvania . JAMES F . HAZEL, Professor of Chemistry ; A .B ., Kansas ; Ph .D ., Wisconsin . PAUL SCHRECKER, Professor of Philosophy ; LL .D ., University of Vienna ; Ph .D ., University of Berlin . I 79 faculty WALTER H . GOTTSCHALK, Professo r of Mathematics ; B .S ., M .A ., Ph .D . , Virginia . FROELICH G . RAINEY, Professor of Anthropology and Director of University Museum ; Ph .B ., Chicago; Ph .D ., Yale . 80 EDWARD G . LINNEHAN, Associate Professo r of English ; A .B ., Holy Cross ; M .A ., Columbia ; Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . FRANK B . WOOD, Professor and Chairman o f Astronomy ; Director of the Astronomical Observatories ; B .S ., Florida ; M .A ., Ph .D ., Princeton . JAMES C . DIGGORY, Associate Professor o f Psychology ; A .B ., King's College ; M .A ., Ph .D . , Pennsylvania . 81 CHARLES LEE, Associate Professor of English ; Editor o f Almanac ; B .A ., M .A ., Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . EPHRAIM A . SPEISER, Ellis Professor of Hebrew an d Semitic Languages; M .A ., Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . MATTHEW W . BLACK, Professor of English ; Curator of the Furness Memorial Library ; A .B ., Pennsylvania State ; M .A ., Ph .D . , Pennsylvania . 82 facult y LYNN M . CASE, Professor of History ; A .B ., Hamilton ; Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . WILLIAM T . FONTAINE, Associate Professor o f Philosophy ; A .B ., Lincoln ; Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . 83 faculty CHARLES C . PRICE, Professor and Chairman of Chemistry ; A .B ., Swarthmore ; M .A ., Ph .D ., Harvard . ALFRED SENN, Professor of Germanic and Balto-Slavi c Philology ; M .B ., Carmichael Medical College ; Ph .D . i n Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences . EDGAR L . POTTS, Assistant Professor of English ; A .B . , A .M ., Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . 84 MATTHIAS A . SHAABER, Professor and Chairman o f English ; A .B ., A .M ., Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . FRANCES P . CLARKE, Professor an d Chairman of Philosophy ; A .B ., Color ado ; M .A ., Nebraska ; Ph .D ., Pennsylvania . CARLOS LYNES, JR ., Associate Professor of Romance Languages ; A .B . , Emory ; A .B ., Ph .D ., Princeton . 85 facult y Dr . Francis W . Irwin received his A .B ., M .A ., and Ph .D . from th e University of Pennsylvania . Mr . John M . Stockton received his A .B . from the University o f Alabama, his LL .B . and LL .M . from George Washington University . 86 The foremost function of a university is to stimulate intellectual curiosity and evoke the best efforts of its students . The reputation of the school is boosted, and th e hearts of devoted professors are cheered, by those who , through diligent study and an intense interest in their work , achieve excellence in academic pursuits . These are the individuals who fill the ranks of the scholastic honor societies , who lay the foundations for careers of distinction, and wh o serve as the academic pace-setters for the entire studen t body. Students 87 PHI BETA KAPPA Top Row : Steven Arbittier, Ross Baker, Barbara Babcock , Phillip Beitchman . Second Row : Myra Bernstein, David Blumenthal, Marth a Bohacheusky, Fruma Cohen . Third Row : Richard Cronk, Murray Eisenberg, Vincen t Ferrara, Herbert Fisher . Fourth Row : Stanley Foster, Larry Fryer, Joseph Gelb , Richard Goldhahn . Fifth Row : Janice Goldman, Jane Golubitzky, Marti n Hauser, Ramsey Hill . Sixth Row : Kenneth Jacobson, Arthur Klein, Jerom e Kosoy, Jonathan Kurland . Seventh Row : Judah Labowitz, Eileen Mackevich , Robert Mackowiak, Malcolm Orloff . Eighth Row : Theodore Purnell, David Satinsky, Davi d Saturen, Judith Silve r Bottom Row : Elaine Sweital, Gary Waldo, Sue Weiman , Annette Weinberg, Rosemary Yaecker . Phi Beta Kappa stands for the Greek words whic h mean "Philosophy, the Guide of Life ." The nationa l honor society was established to encourage scholarship and the pursuit of knowledge . To many student s the Phi Beta Kappa key is the goal toward which the y are working throughout their college years . The Delta chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, established a t the University in 1892, elects new members each year . Only those students with outstanding academic records are eligible . Also considered in electing members are these factors : depth and breadth of cultura l studies, promise of creative ability, leadership qualities, and participation in University activities . BETA GAMMA SIGM A Beta Gamma Sigma, the national honorary busines s fraternity, considers for membership the top ten pe r cent of each Wharton School graduating class . Candidates are also judged on character and participation i n campus activities . Honorary memberships are awarde d annually to a distinguished faculty member and a n outstanding leader in the business world . At th e Awards Luncheon each fall, recognition is given to th e top ten freshman and sophomore Wharton students . Top Row : Herbert Anderson . Second Row : William Beninghof, Jr ., president ; David Brunn, Paul Cooperstein, Daniel Davis . Third Row: Donald Kirsch, Harvey Jauvtis, Jame s Korsh, Richard Levin . Fourth Row: James Lower, Robert Moskowitz, Richard Murphy, Robert Secundy . Bottom Row : Allen L . Smith, William Strine, Richar d Swerdlow, vice-president ; David Tseng . Top Row : Robert D . Armstrong, Alan M . Black, treasurer ; Robert J . Euler, Joseph Fazio . Second Row : Dwight Fearins, Richard Fisher, Edward M . Glickman, Jay Goldberg . Third Row : Sanford S . Grossman, vice-president; George Jenner, Arthur S . Karafin, Sheldon R . Lefkowitz, secretary . Fourth Row : David H . Marion, president ; Lance Posner , Gerald Regosin, Henry Y . Stanton . Bottom Row : Kenneth Weatherwax, Paul Wohlmuth , Ralph J . Zola . TAU BETA P I Tau Beta Pi is the national honor society recognize d by every engineer as the symbol of highest proficiency in engineering . The "Bent," the society's distinctive insignia, encourages not only academic attainment but also the breadth of interest necessary i n modern society . The Delta Chapter has sponsored a high school visitation program in which the variou s aspects of engineering are described to high schoo l seniors . 81 STUDENT ADVISORY BOAR D The Student Advisory Board of th e School of Education serves as a lin k between the students and the faculty . Under the guidance of Dean Arnold , Dr . Straub, and Dr . Coleman, the seventeen board members publish th e Newsletter, give a welcoming tea fo r the incoming freshmen, and discuss current problems pertaining to th e school . The Wharton Advisory Council act s as a student advisory body to th e Dean . It also helps to coordinate th e functions and activities of the professional groups within the Wharto n School and it strives to stimulate greater interest in student-faculty relation ships . Seated : M . Perry, secretary ; D . Iffland, president; D . Horowitz . Standing : C . Tilden, C . Mercer, J . Jacobs, M . Carlson, S . Johnson, T . Baker, K . Gray, M . Miyasaki, J . Biddle . J . Herr, president; D . Marion, A . Williams, S . Lefkowitz, S . Ehrenkranz, S . Grossman . WHARTON ADVISORY COUNCI L 90 MOORE AND TOWNE COUNCIL S The Moore Council and the Town e Council constitute the student government of the engineering schools . Members are elected from each class an d from the engineering honor societie s and publications . The Councils serv e as liaison between the administratio n and the student body . Eta Kappa Nu, the national electrica l engineering honor society, recognize s those in this field who have achieved distinction in scholarship and leader ship . Lambda chapter sponsors activities and performs services throughou t the academic year for the students an d faculty of the Moore School . Seated: A . Summers, secretary ; J . Giacoponella, president ; S . Kritzstein, vice-president; J . Kleber, treasurer; W . Gordon . Standing : P . Weinberg, R . Bordon, R . Ostopiak, R . Sherman, A . Malinger, J . Horwitz, R . Shoemaker , C . Kappa, J . Selecky, S . Olson . ETA KAPPA N U Front Row : W . Benninghof, vice-president; R . Kowalchuk, D . Davis, J . Murgo, recording secretary ; R . Levin, treasurer ; D . Tseng, president; P . Cooperstein, bridge correspondent ; R . Swerdlow, corresponding secretary ; H . Anderson, G . Mueller . Back Row : D . Hirsch, S . Kritzstein, H . Blair, L . Malmud, J . Dash, R . Murphy , J . Korsh, R . Moskowitz, B . Kapadia, C . Kapps , H . Jauvtis, R . Ostapiak, D . Bernstein . Front Row : D . R . Talens, secretary ; M . Goldman, vice president; P . Feldman, president ; B . Schuman, corresponding secretary . Second Row : N . Paclin, B . Kramer, I . Oblonsky, C . Snader, C . Cunningham, L . Wright, M . Blizzard, H . Cohen, S . Segal, B . Stein, S . Hoffman . Bac k Row : D . Horowitz, C . Nagan, S . Selby, M . J . Kahle, E . Keltz, S . Cherashore, M . Sobel, S . Rossman, S . Wood ruff, D . Breitenbucher, S . Steinberg . KAPPA DELTA EPSILO N KAPPA PHI KAPPA The Tau Chapter of Kappa Delta Epsilon, th e women's professional educational society, wa s installed at the University in 1952 . K . D . E . aims to inform future teachers of advancements in the profession and to provide an opportunity for service to the community . Thi s year's theme, "Television in Education," wa s carried out by a panel discussion featurin g teachers prominent in educational television . Kappa Phi Kappa is the national professiona l education society for men . The members, wh o have achieved high scholastic standing in th e School of Education, study current educationa l problems and principles and, in addition, discuss new precepts and more advanced educational methods . Lambda Chapter wa s founded at the University in 1924 . Front Row : J . Ludwig, president ; C . E . Stocker, sponsor; M . Uricheck, treasurer . Back Row : M . Schucker, D . Iffland, K . Heidelberger, secretary . PHI LAMBDA UPSILO N Front Row : M . Kramer, president ; F . J . Reynolds, treasurer ; A . M . Grimaldi, vice-president ; C . Kenausis, secretary ; G . V. Levy, W . H . Snyder, G . A . Molina, D . Rosenfeld . Back Row : H . Matrick, B . Chamberland, A . Filbert, J . Herber, A . Marcantonio, J . Salmon, R . Baxter . ALPHA CH I SIGMA The Alpha Epsilon chapter of Phi Lambda Upsilon , the chemistry honorary society, was founded in 1951 . Membership is limited to male faculty, and graduate s and upperclassmen of outstanding aptitude and proficiency in chemistry . The society's goal is to promot e high scholarship and original investigation in al l branches of pure and applied chemistry . Alpha Chi Sigma, the national professional chemical fraternity, is actively represented at Pennsylvani a by the Alpha Iota chapter . Its members are graduat e and undergraduate students whose interests lie in th e field of chemistry or chemical engineering . The organization directs its efforts toward the advancemen t of chemistry as a science and as a profession . Front Row : H . Lee, R . Frost, D . Satinsky, A . Agree, W . Bauer, J . Nebgen, P . Mogul, J . Mullins , B . Chamberland, president . Back Row : T . Beattie, R . Baxter, R . Siekman, A . Craig, B . Stern- bach, J . Kurland, J . Herber, J . Kebelstis, R . Morey . JOH N MARSHAL L R . Milkman, D . . Marion, R . Fischman, secretary - treasurer ; S . Lefkowitz, president . Not pictured: J . Herr , D . Fisher, S . Harmelin, vice president . ALPHA EPSILO N DELTA Outstanding pre-law students are elected to membership in the John Marshall Society, whose purpose i s to encourage scholarship and interest in law . Durin g the year two initiation banquets are held which feature guest speakers on various phases of law . Mr . Frederick Kempin is the group's faculty adviser . Alpha Epsilon Delta is the pre-medical honorar y society . The function of this group is to bring togethe r students who are interested in a career in medicin e and to acquaint them with professional men from th e Philadelphia area . Throughout the year the societ y sponsors guest lecturers in various fields of medicine . Front Row : H . Fisher, J . Kosoy, D . Satinsky, president ; E . Meltzer, C . Geddes . Second Row : J . Harris, M . Pecker, B . Binder, B . Belsky, M . Saifer, P . Herzog . Third Row : R . Levine , J . Harris, R . Goldhahn, L . Fryer . Fourth Row : M . Hauser, M . Aranoff , C . Pinsky, N . Salerno, S . Foster, J . Kibelstis . Back Row : H . Levin, R . Cohen, C . Soifer, V . Ferrara, J . Miller . SIGMA TA U Seated : J . Murgo, treasurer ; J . Lower , vice-president ; W . Strine, president ; R . Furness, Pyramid correspondent . Standing : D . Bernstein, historian ; S . Weber, W . Fenn, R . Becker, secretary ; F . Warren . Seated : G . Kurtz, R . Arlotto . Standing : A . Hartranft, S . Gebhardt, Dea n Lynch . Sigma Tau is an honorary fraternity whic h recognizes high scholastic achievement in th e major branches of engineering . Membershi p in this society comes only after rigorou s screening, and election is based on the scholarship, versatility and sociability of the candidate . Among the many service projects whic h this organization undertakes are tutoring an d orientation of new engineering students . SIGMA THETA TA U Sigma Theta Tau is the national honor society for nursing . This group endeavors to foster high professional standards, encourage cre ative work and promote interest in the advancement of nursing . Membership requirements include scholarship, leadership and capacity for professional growth . 95 Personal, as well as group instruction, plays an integral part in the shaping of a future Army officer . Here a student of higher rank teache s another student during one of th e weekly training periods . ARMY R..OCT . Cadet Colonel Wayne Wagner . Some of the mor e outstanding events were the inauguration of company competition, a weekend of practical exercises at the Indiantown Gap Military Reservation , the Military Ball, the annual inspection, and th e Armed Forces Day Review . The Army R .O .T .C . offers a four year cours e leading to either a regular or reserve commissio n in the Army . In the final two years, instruction i s offered in the Infantry, Quartermaster, or Transportation branches . This year the Corps include d four hundred and ten cadets commanded by Training in the various aspects of military scienc e must certainly include instruction in the use o f firearms . 96 Navigation is a major area in th e training curriculum for the midshipman . All prospective nava l officers must have a complet e understanding of navigatio n principles . NAVY R .O .T.C . Training college men in the science and tactics of naval warfare is accomplished by the Penn N .R .O .T .C . unit . Future ensigns must pass exactexacting tests of physical fitness and mental aptitude before being enrolled in this program . Opportunities offered in each unit include flight trainin g and summer cruises to foreign countries . After fou r years of class and drill, graduates of N .R .O .T .C . receive either a regular or reserve commission i n the Naval Line, the Marine Corps, or the Suppl y Corps . These midshipmen learn the rigors of military discipline in weekly marching sessions . Sharp marching formations help integrate th e naval units into coordinate d bodies . 97 MILITAR Y BAL L In this age of inter-service rivalries, it is encouraging to note that the Army and th e Navy can cooperate in on e area . This year the R .O .T .C . units at Penn sponsored th e annual Military Ball at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel . Althoug h the military significance of th e affair is questionable, it wa s unmistakably a social success . ARME D FORCE S DAY 98 At the climax of each academic year the Naval and Army R .O .T .C . unit s combine their talents in a show of military striking power . The future officer s run through their paces at Franklin Field before visiting dignitaries and military leaders . Outstanding cadets receive awards for special merit durin g their four years of preparation for duty in their selected branch of the arme d services . These awards are based upon excellence in scholarship and leader ship in the respective programs . COMPASS AN D CHAI N Compass and Chain, the honor society o f the University's School of Civil Engineering , is a local organization whose members ar e elected by the entire Civil Engineering studen t body . The society serves the school by actively participating in departmental projects . Front Row : J . Lower, president; Dr . D . T . Harroun, fac- ulty adviser . Back Row : W . B . Strine, vice-president ; R . E . Miller, treasurer ; D . S . Gee, secretary . Cadet officers of R .O .T .C . who have demonstrated excellence in leadership and scholar ship, as well as proficiency in military science , are elected to Scabbard and Blade . The twenty-five man segment of the national honorar y society at the University encourages co-ordination of campus functions with national R .O .T .C . activities . Front Row : W . Blodgett, treasurer ; J . Kreider, president ; W . Wag- ner, vice-president . Back Row : J . Trimble, R . Hefter, D . Tsing , G . Kreider, R . Murphy, B . Callahan, R . Champion, W . Weber, W . Spence, F . Fox, P . Bosworth, E . Smith, S . Stevenson . Not Pictured : D . Calamore, secretary . SCABBARD AND BLADE 99 Douglas R . Dickson, Director o f Scholarships and Student Aid , co-ordinates the highly-varie d facets of student aid with the help of a large and efficien t staff . At the University of Pennsylvania, mor e than one-fourth of the student body receive s direct scholarship aid, and one-half earns a part of their expenses at part-time jobs durin g the school term . Scholarships, which ar e awarded on the basis of need and merit, mak e it possible for many students to attend the University who would not be able financially with out scholarship help . The Office of Scholarships and Student Financial Aid also presents to students a wide choice of part-time jobs, and als o provides information on summer jobs . A great factor in the lives of many students is th e partial relief of a great financial burden . A number of means are available to a studen t to help defray his expenses in the several student service agencies . Many students earn money for the necessary but considerable expenses of college life through jobs which lie outside the immediate sphere of Student Aid . STUDENT AI D !no For those students interested in extending their knowledge in a particular field, many clubs, with academic pursuits as their purpose, have been established at Pennsylvania. These groups enable a student to join with his fellow s to hear lectures by professionals in the field, for discussio n on the subject, or simply to extend a principle brough t forth in the classroom . A significant contribution is mad e by the academic clubs, for they present the material of regular academic effort in a lighter, more informal vei n than can be possible in the classroom . School Clubs 101 Seated: D. Fenmore, treasurer; R . Harrison, vice-president ; R . Winston, president ; J . Gimbel, secretary . Standing : D . Landay, R . Yorks, E . Sheinberg, B . Werner . finance a. i . ch . e . Front Row : F . Wirt, A . Smith, president ; R . T . Wolkowicz, P . Lutz . Second Row : W . Tom, M . B . Albert, F . K . Chan . Third Row : S . Weber, H . Keuchen, W . Griegel, J . B . Goodblatt . Back Row : P . Meier, F . Kleiner , E . Kudla . 102 germa n Seated: M . Leidy, O . Sowiak, vice-president ; S . Arkless . Standing : D . McMullan, W . Beck , president; A . Schmitt, adviser ; C . Lippincott . a .s .m .e. Front Row : J . McCabe, M . Orlowski, treasurer ; M . Miller, president; J . Messerschmidt, secretary . Second Row : R . Becker, F . Harris, D . Kandra . Third Row : C . Paul, B . Kratz, F . Rudnick, R . Adelizzi . Fourth Row : A . Smith, R . Furniss, R . Greene . Back Row : W . Birk, A . Kait, I . Yanus . Seated: R . Rothman, vice-president; J . Drazen, president. Standing : E . Parmacek, secretary . marketing 103 frenc h Front Row : B . Lessing, P . Wood, P . San son, K . Farrel, J . Simons, S . Friedman . Second Row: C . Gates, M . Whitman, R . Feingold, E . Steinhouse, P . Bouillaguet , adviser; E . Polin, president ; D . Campbell , M . Rome, B . Gorney, J . Rinnander . Bac k Row : B . Frass, A . Jacobs, J . Taft, B . Schaffer, B . Forman, J . Leibman . sociology Seated : A . Rabinovitz, Dr . Johnson, adviser; S . Miller, president . Standing : C . Snader, S . Sheller, N . Van Heel, M . Solomon, R . Harrison, R . Winston . architectural Front Row : J . Cook, L . Bornstein, N . Hertzfeld , J . Cohn, D . Lorenzini, P . Alexander . Secon d Row : F . Loving, secretary ; E . Kirkbride, president; J . Malanga, S . Teitelbaum, R . Johnson , N . Waxman, R . Spector . Back Row : L . Biond , J . Foley, vice-president ; K . McGovern, S . Jeffries, treasurer ; I . Bisnow, M . Reider, L . Morrison, S . Wright . 104 Italian Seated: J . Giordano, E . Cajano, president; D . Ignota . Standing : D . Lorenzini, Mr . S . DiBlasi, Mr . Toscani, A . Zunio, D . Wolfe, Dr . A . Gilbert . economics Seated : B . Klein, secretary-treasurer ; Dr . D . Matter, adviser; B . Reeves, vice-president; R . Gabler, president ; A . Charry, S . Balen . Standing : R . Grosser, J . Gelb, D . Heiser, P . Horwitz, R . Fruin, J . Friedlander, J . Villamil , N . Peisach . a . s. c. e. R . Mariani, P . V . MacLaughlin, J . R . Lower, E . M . Howell, president ; E . F . Stover, R . E . Miller , secretary; D . Lorenzini . Back Row : J . Marchiano, W . Kesack, P . Lasky, W . P . Ackart, M . R . Cohen, B . Malick , H . R . Halloran, Jr ., D . R . Gunderson, W . B . Strine, K . L . Zippier, vice-president; P . M . Barletta . Front Row : V . 105 spanish Front Row : O . Mazur, R . Kassis, E . Pauk, M . Hummel, secretary ; R . Nissenbaum, president . Second Row : L . Lave, vice-president ; B . Kaplan, V . Arcay, S . Smith, A . Harik . Back Row : H . Carlton, P . Podol, treasurer ; E . Zuleta, S . Granlan, A . Aboitiz, J . Pujol . insuranc e Seated : R . Harrison, president; Dr . C . Klein , adviser; P . Lichtman, vice-president . Standing : M . Casellas, D . Weinstock, M . Solomon , B . Deutsch, secretary-treasurer ; A . Fisher, R . Balser . a .i .c.e. Seated: J . Giacoponello, publicity chair man ; T . Lindsay and J . Kleber, secretaries ; P . Weinberg, vice-chairman ; S . Kritzstein , chairman ; W . Strine, D . Bernstein, L . Gordon . Standing : R . Silver, G . Shamlain, B . Karafin, R . Gravatt, R . Berkowitz, E . Gurman, program chairman ; W . Gutman, W . Gordon, G . Abrams, H . Mantz . 106 pi sigma alph a Seated: S . Arbittier, A . Rubenstein, advisor ; B . Gorney . Standing : R . Milkman, P . Wegener , A . Surnick, L . Posner, R . Baker, B . Fighera, R . Pomerantz . international affairs Seated : E . Skoczylas, B . Ellis, L . Cooper . Standing : R . Gold, R . Shakespeare, Jr ., L . Posner, M . Singer, H . Lowenthal . s. a . m . Society for the Advancement of Management-- Seated : Georg e Jenner, vice-president; Bruce Pierce, president . Standing : Si d Watts, secretary ; Morley Carl, treasurer . 107 The approach to scholastic problems varies with the individual concerned , but, generally, the common aim is to "grasp the material ." For most of us , this "grasping" can be achieved only through the labor of research, inquiry , and review . The individual attitudes and study habits sometimes shado w the common goal but never obscure it . AN EDUCATED MAN. . . . . . MUST BE IN SOME DEGREE THE FOUNDER . . . Our education is a process full of the evidences of other men's labors . Th e materials that produce a desired, or perhaps undesired, effect in a chemistr y laboratory were prepared in some other lab . The volumes that offer the . thoughts of the ages were set down through the toil of some printer completely disassociated from our own particular problems . But it all provide s the pieces that our minds must fit into the pattern of learning . . . OF A NE W INTELLECTUA L DYNASTY; Preparation for an examination or research for a paper leads u s to realize that the day begins when we leave the classroom . Bu t classes themselves are extremely important . Rare is the student wh o discovers without knowing what he is looking for . Archimede s needed an example before he could shout "Eureka ." But that Archimedes knew that he had found his answer is the measure of hi s greatness : the aim of our education is to teach us to realize what w e must learn, to know how to learn, and to be aware when we hav e learned . FOR EACH NEW THINKE R IS A NEW TYPE MAN . " DAVID STARR JORDAN 113 The popular idea of the "well-rounded" man, when applied to the college student, envisions extra-curricular activity as a healthy supplement to the pursuit of knowledge . The Pennsylvania environment offers an almost bewilderin g variety of such activities, ranging from student governmen t through dramatic groups to service organizations . The y supply an outlet for the student's energies, as he ma y develop creative skills and administrative abilities, and , perhaps most important, an intangible feeling of accomplishment . Extra-Curricular Most of the students who work long hours in extra-curricular activities gain almost no recognition from eithe r faculty or fellow . The only immediate gain is a persona l feeling of accomplishment . For the outstanding individuals , however, a token recognition is conferred by the hono r societies, who select their members on the basis of contribution to the undergraduate body and the University itself . Through their own service projects, these "campus leaders " continue to make a significant contribution. Honors Top Row : William T . Bates, Alan M . Black , Bruce Brenner, Dean W . Brown . Second Row : David M . Brunn, Richard J . Buxbaum, William J . Caldwell, Ronald V . Champion . Third Row : William C . Fenn, Richard T . Fisher, Alan V . Friedman, George R . Gary . Fourth Row : John N . Gilbert, Charles J . Kahn, Donald M . Norbury, Frederick C . Norcross . Fifth Row : Benjamin R . Parks, Peter J . Ryan, Robert W . Siekman, George T . Smith . Sixth Row : John B . Terpak, Jr ., Terry R . Ward, abbot ; Stephen R . Weber, Lee H . Weinstein, clerk . Bottom Row : Frank E . Wilson, Benjamin A . Wright . friars Friars, founded in 1901, is the second oldest senior honor societ y at the University . Devoted primarily to recognizing leadership, character, and achievement of senior male undergraduates, the societ y also participates in numerous service functions . The Friars administer the Christmas Basket Drive for the needy, sponsor the Universit y Blood Drive, present an annual faculty award, and conduct recreational activities for underprivileged children . I16 The Sphinx Senior Honor Society, founded in 1900, has a membership of outstanding male students in the senior class . The oldest senior society at the University, Sphinx selects it s members on the basis of leadership and character . Althoug h not primarily a service society, Sphinx does sponsor Car e Dollar Day, held in December, and a Christmas party for underprivileged children . In addition, the society takes an activ e part in the annual Campus Chest charity drive . sphi nx Top Row: Ronald Davis Balser, Bernard E . Ber- linger, scribe ; David Buten, Joseph Leo Calihan . Second Row : Frederick F . Doelling, Roscoe K . Fawcett, Jr ., Robert D . Friedlander, John W . Hanlon, Jr . Third Row : William B . Hoff, John T . Jerbasi , William J . Kesack, David B . Landry . Fourth Row : Greville L . Munger, Robert G . Reed, Paul R . Rubincam, Jr ., Arthur H . Saxon . Fifth Row : Raymond N . Schroth, chief ; Paul A . Selecky, Alvin V . Shoemaker, Silas H . Shultz , pharisee . Bottom Row : Thomas Twitmeyer, Jan van Amerongen, Charles S . Ward, Paul S . Weinberg . I17 Top Row : Charles J . Beam, William Benninghof, Gregory Bradshaw . Second Row : M . Richard Cohen, recorder ; Lawrence D . Cook, Robert H . Fraser . Third Row : Richard A . Furniss, Jr ., David R . Gunderson , apex ; Edwin M . Howell . Fourth Row : John Marchiano, John J . Mika, Jr ., Josep h P . Murgo, exchequer . Fifth Row : Brian Rowe Percival, Paul R . Purcell, Joh n J . Seksinsky . Bottom Row : William B . Strine, Frederick John Warren , F . Raymond Wolson . hexagon I18 To honor the senior undergraduates of th e "Triangle Schools," which consist of the Schoo l of Fine Arts and the five engineering schools , is the purpose of the Hexagon Senior Society . Membership is based on the criterion of outstanding service to the University through extra-curricular activities . Each year Hexago n sponsors a book drive for the benefit of neigh boring hospitals and the University . The Society presents an annual Sophomore Award t o a second-year fine arts or engineering studen t who has made notable achievement in scholarship and extra-curricular functions . Hexagon also sponsors an award given to the out standing women's fraternity . mortar board Mortar Board, the women's senior honor society, is composed o f twenty outstanding undergraduate women . Candidates are "tapped " on Hey Day of their junior year on the basis of scholarship, service , and leadership . The society's major objective is to recognize an d promote these ideals and to develop responsible and mature women . Among its many activities are the publication of the Mortar Boar d Date Book and the presentation of a tea for the women on the Dean's List . The Mortar Board officers are assisted by three advisors : Mrs . Henderson, Dr . Murphy, and Dr . Loucks . Top Row : Rosemary Arlotto, Barbar a Babcock, Marcia Brodsky . Constance Cameron , Donna DeStefano, historian ; Joa n Fenton, secretary ; Janice Goldman , editor . Second Row : Third Row : Phyllis Lieberman, Nanc y Loev, Eileen Mackevich, Gail Mahan . Sylvia Neuwirth, vice president ; Phyllis Pennypacker, Geraldine Phipps, Beatrice Reeves, president . Fourth Row : Bottom Row : Doreen Rhode, Dian e Ruttenberg, Elizabeth Strekis, Barbara Zellick, treasurer . 119 sphinx and key Sphinx and Key is the society which honors out standing junior women . Members are nominated b y campus organizations on the basis of character, scholastic achievement, and service to the University . Thi s year in pursuance of its goal of service, the societ y proctored election booths and took an active part i n the Women's Freshman Camp . Sheila Auerbach, president ; Diane Breitenbucher, Lois Crandall, Celia Curry, vice-president . Second Row : Fenna Dresden, Judith Francis, Kathryn Gray , Frances Henry . Third Row : Lois Kaplan, Nadine Kell man, Si-Ju Li, Mary Ellen Perry . Bottom Row : Sandr a Rovner, Helen Schoenfeld, Binnie Schuman . Top Row : phi kappa beta The members of Phi Kappa Beta, the Junior Honorary Society, are elected at the end of their sophomore year on the basis of character, service, and scholarship . They organize Dink Week and present th e Unsung Hero Award as well as a trophy at the Pen n Relays . Top Row : Stuart Berton . Second Row : Francis B . Brady, McBee Butcher, Bruce Cummings , treasurer ; Albert Donzanti . Third Row : Harold Gaffiin, John Gillin, John Gonas, Mark W . Kolko, secretary . Fourth Row : Walter Lawson, Robert Lund, Frank Mann, Rober t Mlkvy, vice-president . Bottom Row : Edgar O . Smith, Samuel Stevenson, Ernest A . Tracy , Larry Turns . 120 The largest part of extra-curricular activities at Pennsylvania is a loose group known as "publications ." These publications are almost entirely student-run, providing opportunities in any area from photography to radio engineering . But, for most of the officers, the greatest part of it is layout , writing, and general management of an organization that is really a small business . This is the time-consuming, some times tedious, and usually thankless task that provides an un recognized service for the student body . And yet, throug h it all, there can always be gained a feeling o . facomplishentw roducapes Publications Andrea S . Boxe r Franklin Societ y Secretary-Treasure r THE PENNSYLVANIA NEWS David M . Sweetwood Franklin Society Presiden t THE RECORD Alan S . Honi g Franklin Society Vice-Presiden t THE DAILY PENNSYLVANIA N Stephen R . Chodes Editor-in-Chie f THE PENNSYLVANI A LITERARY REVIEW M . Richard Cohe n Editor-in-Chie f THE TRIANGLE Nancy Mayberry Editor-in-Chie f THE PENNSYLVANIA NEW S Benjamin R . Park s Editor-in-Chie f THE 1960 RECORD David M . Por t Editor-in-Chie f THE HIGHBAL L Paul S . Weinber g Editor-in-Chief THE DAILY PENNSYLVANIA N franklin societ y BOARD OF GOVERNORS The Franklin Society is composed of seniors active in publication s and chosen by the previous members of the society for honorar y recognition . Each member has been active on a publication for a t least two years and has done outstanding work for his organization . In addition to being an honorary group, the society functions as a governing body to approve elections to staffs and policy formulatio n and to help solve operating problems of the member publications . 122 Mr . Ralph Thornton contributes advice an d counsel to the various undergraduate publications in the capacity of graduate manager . Now Vice-Dean of Men, Mr . Thornton act s through the Franklin Society on financial an d organizational matters . Mr. Peter Daly, as assistant graduate manager of the Franklin Society, is directly responsible for the financial operations of ever y publication . A graduate student in the Wharton School, Mr . Daly adds a distinct Australia n flavor to the Franklin Society building . Every student publication, no matte r how often it appears, reflects the attitudes of the editors and staffs . There fore, yearly change of personnel invariably produces change in the tone an d style of the publication . A conservative element must in some way regulate the ingenuity and creativity whic h are manifestations of an editor's efforts . This conservative element is achieved by the presence of the graduate managers, whose interested direction is a n integral part of every Pennsylvani a publication . 123 THE 1960 RECOR D '060 Benjamin R . Parks, Editor-in-Chief of the 1960 Record, is directl y responsible for the mammoth undertaking of recording all phase s of life at Pennsylvania . To produce a successful publication, h e must not only assure adequate coverage of the student's under graduate history, but also design a creative, imaginative boo k which portrays that history in an appealing way . Ben's expenditure of time and energy resulted in a novel cover, increased an d artistic use of color, and a truly memorable yearbook . 1960 Record - EDITOR . IN - C I DITORIAL O F David H . Marion, Managing Editor of the 1960 Record, i . He acts as liaison betwee n second-imatheyrbokxcuivad the editor-in-chief and the several staffs . Responsibility for the organization and policies of the yearbook, as well as its day-to-day operations , are included in his duties as managing editor . Members of the many staffs comprising "The Record" devote much of their free time throughout th e school year to compile and publish the yearbook . A t its issuance and in subsequent years, this book serve s to remind students and alumni of the University of Pennsylvania of the many activities and experience s enjoyed as undergraduates . From September to lat e spring, the staffs strive to ensure that every significan t phase of University life will be represented in th e forthcoming edition . As members of the largest coeducational activity on the campus, staffers participat e in financing the yearbook, planning its layout, sellin g subscriptions, taking pictures, and writing articles . 124 The women's staffs are headed by Leddy Buerklin , Women's Editor . Directing and assisting in the completion of the women's sports, activities, and government sections of the 1960 Record are among her majo r duties . The feminine touch in planning staff parties i s another of Leddy's welcomed contributions . The financial affairs of the 1960 Record are directed b y Stephen Forman, business manager . He is responsibl e not only for book sales, advertising, and publicity, bu t also for budgeting all yearbook expenses . The busines s staff is the largest single staff in the Record organization . Jerry Gilbert, as Associate Managing Editor , works primarily on the photographic aspect s of the yearbook . Associate Business Manager George Abrams has a goo d deal to do in the sale and distribution of the yearbooks . Working closely with the business staff, Abrams helps with advertising and budgeting . Executive Board-- Seated : N . Cohen, B . Parks , D . Marion . Standing : L . Togman, C . Murphy , M . Sulkin, R . Weiss . Sophomore Editorial Board-- B . Follman, H . Brandman, B . Yaffe, R . Fresh , R . Hirschhorn . Nic Cohen and Charles Hansing, aided by the photography staff, are responsible for pictures i . ncludeiTh1960Rcord 126 Sports Staff-- S. Lief, L . Togman, executive editor ; W . McManus . Copy Staff-- I . Oblonsky, S . Bass, D . Director, B . Shear , L . Turner, I . Doppelt . Row : J . Rosenblum, M . SchusBusiness Staff-- Front ter, F . Nelson, A . Finerman, S . Forman, Business Manager ; S . Sidlett, C . Glass, A . Friedlander, R . Isreal . Back Row : T . Adler, F . Halperin, M . Fried , P . Messner, G . Abrams, P . Lawford, R . Kassis, L . Jacobs, D . Weiss . THE 1960 RECOR D Benjamin R . Park s Editor-in-Chie f Managing Edito r David H . Mario n Stephen B . Forma n Business Manage r Leddy S . Buerkli n Women's Edito r Associate Managing Editors Gerald S . Gilbert , Charles E . Hansing Associate Business Manage r George C . Abram s Nelson I . Cohe n Photography Edito r Fraternities and Senior Personnel s Edito r Charles E . Murph y Michael D . Sulki n Activities Edito r Sports Edito r Leonard S . Togma n Ronald W . Weis s Literary Edito r Adele B . Finerman , Associate Women's Editor s Ileane F . Oblonsk y Credit Manage r Laurence W . Jacob s Evelyn R . Keltz , Copy Editor s Bette R . Shea r Laberta E . Ehman n Art Editor Section Editors-- Senior Personnel s Fraternitie s Facult y Feature s Activitie s Music and Drama Harold A . Brandma n Burton S . Yaffie Burton E . Follma n Robert D . Fresh Robert L . Hirschhorn Eric P . Gaul Literary Staff-- Seated : C . Kohn, J . Sidkoff, S . Goldstein, H . Zucker . Standing : F . Halpern, C . Bloom, J . Edelman . Activities Staff-- Seated : J . Goldstein, L . Guth, G . Bloom . Standing : M . Harris, E . Gall, M . Sulkin, executive editor ; R . Hirschhorn . Charles Murphy is the executive editor of the fraternity an d senior personne l sections of the yearbook . With the help of on e of the major staffs, Murphy is responsible for the photographin g of all seniors and depicting the fraternities . Front Row : M . Summers, V . DiNubile, editor ; J . VanderWiele . Back Row : B . Berger , J . Margolies, M . Makinen, R . Friedman . FROSH HANDBOO K In the past year the Freshman Handbook , under the editorship of Victor DiNubile an d the sponsorship of the Undergraduate Council, has been completely revised . The ne w goal of this publication is not only to aid th e freshmen in problems of orientation and adjustment, but also to serve as a helpful guid e for everyone at the University . RED AND BLU E The Red and Blue New Student Handboo k is a University publication designed to serve as a guide to all incoming Pennsylvani a women . It includes school songs and cheers , a description of University activities, and general rules and regulations . Red and Blue annuals are a lasting source of informatio n throughout the coed's undergraduate years . Seated at her desk, Linda Brodsky, editor of the Red and Blue, discusses copy with assistant editor Carol e Shander . 129 THE DAILY PENNSYLVANIA N Paul Weinberg, as Editor-in-Chief of this year's Daily Pennsylvanian, assumed the responsibility for the paper's smooth operation, its editoria l policy, and the coordination of the many boards . The mark of his succes s as editor was seen in the over-all improvement of the publication . He also directed the revamping of the course guide and the introduction of th e "Point Sixty" supplement . At the DP Installation Banquet President Harnwell presented Paul with an unprecedented award for meritorious wor k as edi t or-in-chief and for his contribution to the University . In a year of innovation, the "Daily Pennsylvanian " took major technical and editorial strides as the University's most influential medium of communication . In a series of "spectaculars," the student newspape r presented comprehensive analyses of "Pennsylvani a -1960, an Age of Progress ." The "DP" Lecture Serie s brought noteworthy speakers and timely ideas to th e attention of the student body . After seventy-five year s of publication, departmental changes were enacted t o streamline the tabloid's organizational structure . Richard Siegel, Managing Editor, shares th e duties of daily publication of the campus news paper . Many of the editorials printed during the academic year reflect his outlook or . school and life . One of Dick's major contributions this year was the writing of a technica l manual, which greatly enhanced the uniformity of the paper . 130 Alan S . Honig, Business Manager of the Dail y Pennsylvanian, has the task of supervising th e financial affairs of the newspaper and providing an accurate computation of the expenditures and revenues . All photographs contained in the daily tabloid are the responsibility of Charles Hansing , Photography Editor, and his staff . Serving fo r two years in the capacity as editor, Hansing i s well known for his fine sports photos . As sports editor of the University newspaper, Willia m Bates combines his limitless knowledge of Pennsylvani a athletic achievements with his talents at the typewriter . Executive Editorial Board-- Front Row : W . Link, W . Bates, P . Weinberg, R . Siegel, A . Honig . Back Row : J . Yudelson, R . Frost , R . Kaminsky, C . Hansing, B . Deustch, G . Green . The introduction of an Associated Press news machine, affectionately dubbed "the iron monster," gave news coverage a scope previously unattainable . National, local, and Universit y news provided the reader with comprehensive material for hi s 9 o'clock class . A new Campus Events column supplementin g the daily Notices informed the undergraduate of daily and forth coming events on the University calendar . Sophomore Editorial Board-- Seated : R Kotz, G . Harrison, L . Shufro, R . Hirschhorn , B . Satlow . Standing : R . Pons, E . J . Kosinski, J . Yoseloff, S . Foster, B . Satlow . 132 Senior Business Board-- C . Kleinbaum, R . Kaminsky, J . Yudelson, A . Honig, M . Kohn, L . Cooper . Junior Business Board-- B . Guttman , R . Sussman, R . Yorks, E . Slavitt, G . D . Brumberg . Sophomore Business Board-- Seated : S . Blumin, M . Varet, A . Degen, M . Bernstein . Standing : W . Rubinstein, R . Conesque . 133 THE TRIANGL E Editorial Staff -- Seated : R . Frost, Managing Editor . Standing : R . Jacoby, D . Lorenzini, M . Glass, H . Fisher, Photography Editor . Now in its forty-sixth year of publication, The Pennsylvania Triangle is staffed by engineering and fine arts students . The magazine , which is published six times each year, contains articles of a technica l nature along with creative writing . This year, one of the issues wa s devoted to architecture and received national acclaim . Some of th e more striking characteristics of the magazine are its intricate cover s and excellent photography . 134 The Business Staff -- Seated : C . Abrams, Ac counts Manager . Standing : L . Jacobs, J . Marchiano, Circulation Manager ; R . Furniss, Production Manager . M . Richard Cohen, as Editor-in-Chief of th e Pennsylvania Triangle, is responsible for th e co-ordination of the efforts of several staffs . He has been successful in widening the scop e of the Triangle, particularly in the fine issu e on architecture . Layout Staff -- R . Priess, J . Parish, P . Hoffman . 135 TH E PENNSYLVANI A NEWS Every Friday morning the women's side of University affairs comes to life in the pages of the "Pennsylvania News ." Enhancing the role of the woman o n campus by exploring every facet of women's activities, the PN also contributes editorial and articles of interest to the fair sex . Besides affording coeds th e opportunity to apply their talents to news, feature , and sports writing, the PN makes available experienc e in advertising, circulation, and production . Nancy Mayberry, Editor-in-Chief of the Pennsylvani a News, directs the staff in its coverage of all women's activities and interests . 136 Anne McLaughlin, news staff, prepares copy for Frida y edition . Design and layout receive the woman's touch . After "the pause that refreshes," staff members return to type writer and copy notes . 13 7 WXP N Inside the air waves control booth are chief announcer Bill Mayer and engineer Mike Albert . Th e engineers and technicians render valuable servic e to the organization . Their efforts make WXP N the "Voice of Pennsylvania ." Front Row : J . Tannenbaum, R . Klemas, R . Takiff, B . Gottlieb . Second Row: P . Grossman , J . Kaminsky, M . Winetsky, J . Moliver, R . Paine, J . Cedarbaum . Back Row : G . Veiner , R . Schlossberg, J . Shanman, R . Rossow, business manager ; I . Picard, M . Wirlinsky . WXPN, the student radio station, i s manned by more than one hundred announcers, technicians, and busines s personnel under the direction of Sta n Federman . Campus-wide expansion i s the keynote for the AM and the F M station . One of WXPN's outstandin g services is the fund-raising talkatho n held each year for the Campus Ches t Fund . Row : P . Weinberg, M . Wirlinsky, P . Davidoff, F . Dobisky, B . Mayer, chief an announcer . Second Row : B . Willis, T . Feiman , J . Barrish, B . Kaufman, I . Picard, R . Braun stein, R . Dabrusin, J . Michelson, D . Busser, H . Cohen . Back Row : S . Scher, H . Greenberg , M . Sherman, R . Keller, M . Cohen, A . Rose, R . Nassburg, J . Phelan, S . Perlman, E . Adels, J . Schwab, A . Endy . Front 138 Stan Federman, WXPN manager, has also been named president o f the Ivy Network . The Network, composed of the majority of Iv y League radio stations, has recently established permanent residenc e at Pennsylvania . Working in conjunction with the individual stations , the Network solicits sponsors and coordinates the exchange of pro gram tapes and records . Pictured above, Barry G . Cole, a junior i n the Wharton School, is this year's program coordinator . PENN MIKE CLU B The Penn Mike Club, headed by Stan Federman, serves as an advisor y board to the executive committee of WXPN . Primarily an honorary organization, it sponsors annual heeling smokers and a staff picnic in the spring . Th e Club's twenty members are appointed on the basis of outstanding servic e to the station and the University community . Penn Mike Club -- Seated : S . Federman, president ; A . Rose, B . Cole, J . Silver . Standing : M . Wirlinsky, J . Jacobs, R . Rossow, D . Angell, R . Weinstein, R . Mackowiak, M . Albert, B . Mayer. PENNSYLVANI A LITERAR Y REVIE W Those with a forte for creative writing have an outlet for their talents in the quarterly issues of the Pennsylvania Literary Review . For each edition the literar y staff selects the best short stories, poetry and critique s on contemporary authors from contributions of under graduate and graduate writers . Through its active correspondence with other college literary magazines , the Review serves as a medium for exchange of cur rent thought on the American campus scene . N . Kaplan, literary editor ; S . Chodes, Editor-in-Chief ; E . Druckman, associate editor . R . Sorisio, N . Kaplan, S . Chodes, E . Druckman, A . Kahan, B . Turk . Back Row : M . Massen, R . Steiner, M . Berman , P . Trommer, P . Sansone, R . Fisher, S . Levine, L . Cutler, J . Rinnander, S . Silverman, S . Heller, P . Beitchman, D . Van Nuys, J . C . Smilie, D . Jones, M . Botvin . Front Row : 140 An old proverb says "The only things certain are deat h and taxes ." But, for the college student, there are also rules . The purpose of student government is to make rules accept able to the administration . At Pennsylvania, the student i s rather fortunate that this situation exists, for many of ou r present "rules for behavior" would encroach even more o n what some consider inalienable rights, if an understandin g student group did not have a part in writing them . Government UNDERGRADUATE COUNCI L As chairman of the Undergraduate Council, John Jerbasi . represents mal e undergraduates on the Committee on Student Affairs and the Disciplin e Committee . Representing the more than 5,000 male undergraduate s at the University is the Undergraduate Council, official student governing body . The Council acts as a liaison betwee n the students, faculty, and administration ; it also coordinate s campus elections, fraternity events, and other athletic an d non-athletic affairs . The Committee on Freshmen plans th e activities of Freshmen Week and Activity Night in additio n to publishing the Freshmen Handbook . J . Murgo, G . Munger, R . Friedlander, D . Gunderson , A . Shoemaker, J . Greenawalt, T . Ward, treasurer ; R . Schroth, vice-chairman ; J . Jerbasi, chairman ; R . Menzer , secretary ; M . Seelenfreund, H . Gaffin, W . Slater, E . Furia , A . Roth, P . Weinberg . JUDICIARY BOAR D The Judiciary Board was established in 195 8 to consider all serious infractions of apartment rules, All-Residents' Council policies, an d other regulations which are not under th e jurisdiction of the Dormitory Standards Boards . After cases are heard, changes can b . The Board conercomndtWSGAea sists of a Chief Justice and a commuter an d resident from each class, all of whom are annually elected by the student body . Seated: J . Jacobs, S . Li, R . Yaecker, chief justice ; M . Miyasaki . Standing : B . Seaman, M . Perry, J . Forman, J . Kline . Front Row : K . Hutton, P . Evans, E . Kim, R . Gittlin, D . Horowitz, J . Strong, C . Cox . Second Row : S . Flack, L . Wright, S . Dexter, B . K . Williams, M . Fleischman, C . Trimble, S . Talansky, C . Hawkes, A . Finerman, J . Gomberg . Back Row : G . Stewart, K . Schumacher, M . Os borne, M . Jeffery, L . Buerklin, K . Gray, D . Brewen, P . Whayne, B . Reeves, S . Auerbach, L . Henderson, A . Harrison . W.S .G.A . SENAT E The Senate is the legislativ e branch of the Women's Stu dent Government Association . Working in conjunction wit h the administration, this body i s instrumental in establishing th e policies under which the University is governed . The grou p meets once a week to discus s current problems and conside r the reorganization of thos e regulations that requir e change . The Senate also acts a s general coordinator of all activities in which women participate . MEN Freshman Class Officers -- Seated : W . F . Jacques, Jr . , vice-president ; E . W . Furia, Jr ., president . Standing : G . Carter, treasurer; E . Halvorssen, secretary . Sophomore Class Officers -- W . Slater, president; J . Lyon, vice president . CLASS OFFICER S Senior Class Officers -- A . Friedman, secretary ; B . Berlinger, vice-president; J . Jerbasi, president; H . Scatter good, treasurer . Junior Class Officers -- C . Schlesinger, vice-president ; H . Gaffin , president; S . Greenberg, treasurer; S . Stevenson, secretary . 144 WOME N Sophomore Class -- Bonnie Stein, treasurer; Carol Bloom, vice-president ; Pat Whayne, president; Phyllis Sprecher, secretary . Senior Class -- Seated : Sylvia Neuwirth, vice-president ; Doris Brewen , president . Standing : Sandra Maccarone, secretary ; Mabel Miyasaki, treasurer . Freshman Class -- Jane Kaufman, vice-president ; Jane Sheppard, secretary ; Elaine Kim, president ; Sandra DiGioia . Junior Class -- Sheila Auerbach, secretary ; Kitty Gray, president ; Binnie Schuman, vice-president ; Ileane Oblonsky, treasurer . 145 W.S .G .A . COMMITTEES M . Miysaki, S . Auerbach, L . Henderson, chairman ; P . Seiko , J . Bigelow . National Studen --:Merry Landis, PubFrontRw tAsocian licity Chairman ; LaVerne Wright , Chairman ; Greta Gordon, Treasurer . Back Row : G . Frankel, V . Arcay, J . Pollock, J . Fishman . 146 CAMPUS Front Row : R . Clyman, D . Lavigne, D . Horowitz, J . Rosenbloom, L . Meyer, B . Stein . Second Row : L . Webster, V . Jerrihian, B . Dinsmore, P . Whayne, V . Beller, B . Willis . Third Row : P . Hodges, S . Bergen, L . Freedman, M . Adams, W . Kramer . Bac k Row : M . Day, P . Delia, J . Schmucker, G . Zaner . Front Row : L . Henderson, S . Rovner, Z . Kurtz, S . Auerbach, N . Kellman . Secon d Row : B . Babcock, J . Felgoise, S . Macarone, E . Kopelman, R . Yaecker, L . Buerklin , B . Kramer, M . Fleischman, C . Trimble, N . Mayberry, D . DeStefano . Back Row : J . Hockman, B . Jaffe, M . Taylor, B . Conlin, L . Kaplan, C . Teplitz, S . Egan, H . Huggins, M . Frey,' P . Lynch, H . Schoenfeld, F . Kuhn, S . Byer, J . Pearlstein . ORIENTATION DORMITOR Y COUNCI L The Dormitory Council is the governin g body of the men's dormitories . By the newl y initiated heeling program, three freshmen ar e chosen for membership each year . The Council sponsors athletic, recreational, and socia l activities for the dormitory residents . Thes e activities include intra-dormitory athletic competition, mixers, and jazz concerts . The new dormitory lounge, McClelland Hall, serves a s the center for many of the Council's activities . Front Row : L . Branchflower, secretary-treasurer ; A . Roth , president; D . Buttruff, vice-president. Back Row : E . Zuleta, J . Vordemberge, P . Albert, K . Kramer . FRESHMAN COUNCI L The Freshman Class Council consists of rep resentatives from each dormitory and the officers of the Freshman Class . The Council meet s with its adviser, Mr . Allan A . Brockman, to discuss freshman problems and plan various activities for the class . 148 A . R . C. -- First Row : P . Fleischman, B . Lerner, C . Cox, A . Harrison . Back Row : S . Talansky, R . Cohen, B . Bloom, B . Freedman, J . Gifford, H . Huggins, J . Devlin, J . Smith, H . Hultberg, P . Grossman . ALL RESIDENTS ' COUNCI L . and sign in, Please!" All Residents Council formulates and re vises the regulations which govern the women's fraternities and dormitories . The Counci l is composed of a representative from each o f the residences and is advised by Mrs . Jone s of the Dean of Women's staff . Revisions were made during the past year in order to mak e present policies more applicable to the ne w women's residence . 149 A play rehearsal, a violinist practicing, a half-time ban d show, or a final stage production in Irvine Auditorium : all contribute to the vitality of undergraduate life . For lon g hours the people involved rehearse alone and together be fore their final presentation . Tradition plays a major rol e in all of their efforts, and a certain honor in performin g brings a feeling of fulfilling the example of the past, whil e leaving a part of 1960 for the future . Music and Drama PEN N This year, as in the past, the Pennsylvania Player s provided diversified theatrical entertainment for th e University community . The Club enables talented students with dramatic aspirations to gain valuable experience on the-stage . It also serves as a stimulatin g activity for anyone who enjoys performing or producing . "The Spider's Web" was the season's firs t major effort, a delightful mystery-comedy by Agath a Christie . In addition to numerous one-act plays, work shop productions, and variety shows, the Players produced their sixth annual musical, . "Kismet . " In another scene from "The Spider ' s Web, " Nici Nelson, a s Pippa is baffled by the disappearance of the Ace of Spades, a vital clue in the murder . Kathleen McDevitt delights the audience with her portrayal of Miss Peake, the Gardner(?) . 152 PLAYERS Walter VanThiel and the men's singin g chorus rehearse for the third major production of the year, the musical "Arabia n Night," "Kismet. " A puzzling new bit of evidence bewilders Inspector John Gutberlet . His pretty assistant i s Carol Driggs playing Clarissa . In a scene from "The Spider's Web" Ronald Leeds and Walter VanThiel engage in "A con test of skills . " 154 The second major production of the Penn Players' twenty-third seaso n was the dramatic play "The Heiress, " based on the book Washingto n Square . The play was directed b y Mr . John Muir, assistant to Mis s Quinn . Suzanne Schneider play s Aunt Pennimen, and Carol Holme s appears in the title role as Catherin e Sloper . Kismet Poet, Tony Call, appears wit h his entourage . Carol Grant, Magtil l Laan, and Nancy Bendinek play th e slave girls . Nici Nelson, Ronald Leeds, Walte r VanThiel, and Carol Driggs peek int o the secret drawer as the "Spider' s Web" draws to its climax . 155 MASK AND WI G The annual Mask and Wig production is an in separable part of Pennsylvania tradition . Mask an d Wig is nationally known as the oldest continuou s dramatic organization consisting only of males . Thi s year the club produced its seventy-second show en titled "Wright Side Up," a spoof of the early days of aviation . Each year fifteen freshmen move up fro m their spring production to join the ranks of th e "Wiggers . " Mask and Wig Club -- Seated B . Percival, D . Berman, N . Geller , manager ; P . Selecky, undergraduate chairman ; B . Wright, J . Gilbert, J . Raymond . Standing : L . Turns, B . Burger, S . Berton, B . Holt, E . Irvine, G . Ahrens, T . Tohl . 156 "Flying is sinful," preaches Larry Turns to the mortified townsfolk . "The Fates are against you," warns Fortune Teller Hank Feldma n to mystified Aunt Maude (Fred Kramer) and Funeral Schult z (Stuart Berton) . Cast of Mask and Wig Show -- Front Row : B . Schulman, S . Kay, W . Moscarelli, R . Sweney, P . Eustratiades, R . Holt, J . Vosmek, P . Selecky, H . Feldman, L . Manou, R . Grossman, E . Khouri, S . Goff , M . Merriman, D . Reinauer . Back Row : J . Guthrie, P . Reed, E . Irvine, J . Schupf, S . Goodman, T . Nevaiser, D . Berman, S . Berton , F . Kramer, D . Lukashok, J . Gilbert, L . Turns, D . Fletcher, B . Littel . 157 Nick Barnes, director of "Wright Side Up," demonstrates a fin e point of technique to Dave Lukashok . Nick's highly original direction was a prime factor in the show's success . Stu Berton is a lovable old lady . Steve Goodman as the Sheik of Daweek expounds on the secrets of his magic carpet . "You gotta do what was meant for you," chant Stonewall and hi s sidekick Baldwin (Tom Nevaiser) . 158 BAN D 160 This was a year of encouraging revival for the University of Pennsylvani a Marching Band . Expanded to eighty-five pieces and placed under the dynami c direction of Joseph Colantonio, the Quaker Band showed new spirit an d sharp maneuvers as it performed for the football fans at Franklin Field . A highly successful season was highlighted by the half-time show of the Penn Princeton game . Several million television viewers enjoyed the stirring song s and intricate drills of the red-blazered marchers . Also, as part of the concer t band program, the student-musicians performed at Beaver and Wilson colleges . Several social functions on campus were enhanced by music of th e new concert band . Board of Governors -- Seated : S . McCosker, G . Raymond, P . Lynch, J . Mauzlin . Standing . D . Austern, K . McDevitt, S . Smith . PENNSYLVANIA PLAYERS CLU B The Board of Governors of the Pennsylvani a Players is composed of seven members electe d for a one-year term . The responsibility of runnin g the club and the routine administration is place d in the Board's able hands . The chairman for th e year 1959-1960 was Gerald Raymon . Scales Society is an honorary music organization composed of ten men, all from within th e Glee Club and elected by previous Scales members on the basis of outstanding leadership as a Glee Club member . Musical ability, interest, an d achievement are requirements . Besides this honorary recognition, Scales has a working and socia l function to perform for the Glee Club, includin g the planning of social functions and the operatio n of the Glee Club Booth of Houston Hall Under graduate Activities Night . SCALES SOCIETY B . Montgomery, L . Turns, P . Berg , W . van Thiel, W . Tost, M . Treese, secretary-treasurer ; S . Altman, president . 162 GLEE CLU B Since its beginning in 1862, the Men's Gle e Club, now directed by Mr . Bruce Montgomery, ha s established a reputation for outstanding performances . The group's extensive repertoire was hear d by approximately fifty radio, television, and concert audiences this year, once with opera star, Ris e Stevens . They appeared in many of the large r eastern cities as well as in Puerto Rico . PENN SYNGER S Formerly known as the Women's Glee Club, th e Penn Syngers performed this year during Fresh man Week, at the Dean's Christmas Reception, an d together with the Men's Glee Club at a Universit y chapel . Although Merle Moss and Cecilia Curr y acted as student directors of the group this year , the organization will be under professional guidance in the future . The group, now in its thir d year of existence, boasts of thirty talented members . Reilly, S . Mahoney, M . Meskill, J . Borie, J . Romberger, P . Day, C . Chase, R . Carr, M . Moss , Student Director . Back Row : D . Stratman, C . Curry, J . McLaughlin, B . Bogen, T . Korbelak , R . Swart, R . Altwater . Front Row : J . Smilie, S . McClosker, J . Sheppard, F . Henry, A . Rowland, L . Liem, N . Bendiner , K . McDevitt . Second Row : A . Bender, R . Feingold, C . Cunningham, G . Carss, J . Kittas, P . UNIVERSITY CHOI R Front Row : H . Elson, president ; L . Wright, secretary ; P . Back Row : Metzer, J . Israel, J . Maher, T . DeLatour . Seated : W . Bassett, R . Holt, W . Tost, director ; P . Berg , A . Dash . Standing : B . Percival, K . Nichols, L . Turns , W . Van Thiel, P . Rostenberg . A . Endy, vice-president; G . Levy, J . Anderson, D . Rinald , J . Severeins, R . Deitch, M . Willner . Dr . Barone is conducting . The University Choir provides the chora l effects for chapel each month . Under the direction of Dr . Joseph Barone, the choir presents the fine works of such composers a s Schubert and Handel . The year is climaxed b y an annual Spring Concert . PENN PIPER S A contingent of the Penn Glee Club, th e Penn Pipers complement the Club's rendition s of more complex, serious music with performances of light, predominantly modern arrangements . They perform on television, radio an d at social gatherings . This year the Pipers wer e heard at the Ivy Ball and Vassar College . 164 Dr . Joseph Barone, conductor of the University Symphony Orchestra, expresses emotion during one of th e weekly rehearsals of the orchestra . By virtue of his ex pert direction, Dr . Barone has been able to develop a fine musical group . SYMPHON Y An integral part of the University's cultura l activities is the Symphony Orchestra . Concerned exclusively with classical music, th e orchestra presents bi-annual concerts primaril y for faculty and students . Besides the progra m for the Christmas Chapel and the spring concert, the symphony participates in the presentation of several operas at the Universit y Museum . DELTA OMICRO N PS I Seated: J . Holtham, historian ; S . Kahn, president; J . Israel, secretary; N . Kirschenbaum , treasurer . Standing : T . DeLatour, publicit y manager ; T . Elsom . Delta Omicron, the national women's music honorary fraternity, elects members on the basis of academic average and proficiency in musical presentation . The group sponsors three concerts each year i n conjunction with noted Philadelphia artists, at whic h time they perform original compositions and work s which have rarely been presented on the concer t stage . FANFARE SOCIET Y The Fanfare Society may be a new name to th e University, but it is not a new organization . Formerl y known at Kappa Kappa Psi, the group is the University's Band Honor Society . Throughout the years i t has maintained an active and functioning musical curriculum . Seated: R . Fine, A . Silberman, treasurer ; D . Briggs, president ; K . Carey, vice-president; B . Borodkin . Standing : H . Grabelle, G . Raymon , D . Lorenzini, B . Hirsh, B . Strine, P . Berg, P . Freytag, D . Fuller, D . Lunde, M . Schucker, I . Deutsch, L . Mitchell . 166 The main concrete indication of the student's campu s religious activity is seen in the monthly chapel services an d the activities of the three major religious organizations . The service of these three, combined with the contributio n of other, non-sectarian groups, provide an opportunity fo r Pennsylvanians to help our neighbors in the community an d throughout the world . Contributions to great charities , helping under-privileged children, and teaching fellow students difficult courses are only a few of the areas covered . Religion and Service Ronald D . Baker, Rosco e Fawcett, Richard Fisher, Robert Friedlander . Second Row : William Hoff, president; David Landry, vice-president ; Greville Munger, Peter Ryan . Third Row : Arthur Saxon, secretary ; Silas Shultz, George Smith, Jan va n Amerongen . Bottom Row: Kenneth Weatherwax , Stephen Weber, treasurer . Top Row : kite and key To incoming freshmen and prospective students, the University seem s large and impersonal . Kite and Ke y helps to acquaint the student wit h college life at Penn . The Kite and Key Society answers the need for an organization to act as official greete r for the University . Membership is limited t o fifteen seniors who have qualified by surviving two terms of a rigorous heeling program . The society takes on the extensive task o f acquainting visiting teams, guests, and prospective students with the University and under-graduate life at Pennsylvania . Kite an d Key is often labeled the "handshake of th e University," but this gives only a hint of th e numerous vital services the society perform s for Pennsylvania . 168 a. p. o. Alpha Phi Omega, National Servic e Fraternity, performs a variety of functions for the University . In addition t o its Bookmart and Book Purchase Service, the group provides ushers fo r Chapel and holds a Christmas part y for underprivileged youngsters . Mos t recently, APO instituted the "Ugl y Man on Campus" contest . Other projects include Share the Ride and an annual blood drive . Front Row : J . Lev, sergeant-at-arms ; L . Turns , vice-president ; B . Borodkin, president ; F . Lombardo, corresponding secretary ; D . Kaplavka , recording secretary . Second Row : A . Brown , E . Cheskis, K . Kramer, P . Cheechalk . Third Row: I . Wiesner, H . Kaplan, C . Phillips, A . Rose . Fourth Row: J . Lehman, E . Kunowitz , S . Schwartz, H . Weisz . Back Row: E . Werner , D . Morris, B . Spilker, R . Evans, D . Jones . Front Row : J . Giordano, secretary ; B . Binder , vice-president; J . Kosoy, president ; P . Berinbaum, vice-president ; S . Mazou, heeling chair man ; P . Pecker, historian . The Student Tutor Society wa s created in 1954 to meet a particula r academic need at the University . Th e tutors are a select group of upper class men whose scholastic attainments an d desires to advance general knowledg e qualify them to aid the troubled student . In nearly all cases the difficultie s are resolved, and the pupil consequently benefits from the knowledg e of a superior contemporary who ha s recently taken the course . student tutor society 169 Bennett unio n Bennett Union is the cultural, educational an d recreational center for all University women . I n the quiet atmosphere of Bennett Lounge, an integral part of the Union, the women's organization holds frequent mixers, coffee hours, book re views, jazz seminars and art exhibits . houston hall board Movies, jazz concerts, dances, coffee hours, an d mixers with 'regional girls' schools are among th e myriad of activities organized by the Houston Hal l Board . As the governing body of the University' s student union, the Board is constantly concerne d with the recreational and social well-being of th e undergraduates . A 1960 innovation is a series o f "spectaculars" bringing such luminaries in the entertainment world as Josh White, Carlos Montoya , and Shelley Berman to the Pennsylvania campus . Seated : E . Fallon, adviser ; R . Buxbaum, L . Weinstein, A . Shoemaker, chairman ; A . Friedman, F . Warren, R . Clappier , adviser . Standing : Dr . C . Burnett, adviser; Chaplain Harris , F . Brady, J . Reagan, J . Bradley, E . Irvine, M . Butcher, H . Orr , M . Kolko, J . Vosmek . Front Row : M . McHugh, secretary-treasurer ; R . Eisenberg, S . Maccarone, E . R . Mackevich, vice-president ; P . Michael, president ; R . Baker, L . Janis, L . Plant. Second Row : C . Badder , M . Murgo, G . Faustino, N . Kellman, K . Gray, D . Breitenbucher, C . Rosen, J . Gomberg, T . Brodsky, H . Schoenfeld , E . Steinberg, K . DeCarlo . Back Row : L . Crandall, Z . Kurtz , B . Jaffe, W . Rothfeld, J . Hockman, E . Koppelman, S . White , S . Talian, F . Dresden, H . Gilmore, B . Maly, G . Anderson, C . Hawkes, F . Henry, S . Kruger . 170 campus chest Two of the major features of the Campus Ches t Drive are WXPN's Talkathon and the Campus Ches t Carnival itself . At the left, as a main announcer o n the Talkathon, WXPN's Dave Golding interviews public spirited Julie Gibson, one of the many personalitie s that supported this year's campaign . Below, appearing as a regular favorite at the Carnival is Delta Th u Delta's booth, "Dunk-a-Delt . " A new feature of the Campus Chest Carnival this year was Alpha Ph i Omega's Ugly Man Contest . The first of a new line of great ugly me n is Harvey Berman, a noble member of the Class of 1960 . Campus Chest is Pennsylvania's annual contribution to the United Charities Fund drive o f Philadelphia . Bob Frost, Campus Chest chair man this year, with the aid of Joe Laun an d Chuck Kahn, made this year's program reac h new heights as the drive had one of its greatest years . A main part of the drive is th e Campus Chest Carnival, which managed t o overcome bad weather and fill Hutchison Gy m with hundreds of interested spectators . Th e appearance of Julie Gibson on WXPN's Talkathon caused a stir that shadowed Tony Bennett's casual visit . Miss Sheila Auerbach wa s chosen from a group of campus lovelies a s Queen of the whole affair . 171 christian associatio n The Christian Associatio , --:J.OEpFswroianlgtdeR,M nCabiet K . Nichols, M . Garvin . Second Row : M . Fleischmann, D . Auten, A . Whan . Third Row : S . Li, L . Turns, M . Rice , D . Morton . Fourth Row : P . Corson , S . Goff, R . Menzer, co-president . Fifth Row : R . Kidd, P . Pennypacker, secretary ; E . Graumeyer, M . Osborn, copresident . Sixth Row : A . Severn, B . Tobin, J . Lenn . Back Row: K . Burroughs, A . Wu, A . Snyder, treasurer . The Reverend William Kno x from Marble Falls, Texas, i s in his second year as executive director of the Christian Association . As co-ordinator of the worship an d social committees, he aids i n the staging of such activitie s as the Annual Bazaar . Christian Association officers -- Front Row : P . Penny packer, secretary; M . Os Bac k born, co-president . Row : A . Snyder, treasurer ; R . Menzer, co-president . The Christian Association combines in a centrally organize d structure the religious and social aspects of the lives of Pen n Protestant students . Under the direction of a trained staff o f ministers, the student commissions mobilize C .A . member s by a calendar of events . Highlighting the activities this yea r were the Bazaar in November and the annual "good seed s sown" at the Settlement House . The weekly "All C .A . Night " again has proven its worth in integrating the far reachin g programs of religion and good will . The Green Lane Cam p for under-privileged children is sponsored by the Christia n Association . 172 hillel foundatio n Hillel Student Executive Board -- Front Row : J . Lazarus , R:a;J.Je.xctSuB-ivolhrwbgske, ,excutivexecutive-at-large ; M . Seelenfreund, president; P . Melletz, vice president . Rabbi Berkowitz congratulates the Purim queen and her court . Bonnie Tubin, Sue Wachtel, Purim queen ; Sucha Order, Franci s Aronis . For the past seven years, Rabbi Samuel H . Berkowitz has directed the University Hille l Foundation . Along with his duties to th e University, Rabbi Berkowitz also serves as di rector of the Hillel activities in the Philadelphia metropolitan area . Through its religious, cultural, and social program, the Hillel Foundatio n attempts to serve as a liaison between the Jewish students on the Penn cam pus and their Jewish heritage . Under the direction of Rabbi Samuel H . Berkowitz and with the assistance of the student officers, Hillel sponsors religious services, public lectures, and classes in Bible, history, Hebrew, and Yid dish . 173 newman club Sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church, the Newman Club wa s founded at the University of Pennsylvania more than sixty years ago . Religious, intellectual, and social activities are integrated into a balanced program . Daily Mass and Confessions are held at St . Bede's Chapel, where religious reading material is available . The Clu b sponsors dances, mixers, coffee hours, and weekly classes in all aspects of Catholic life . This year's president, Joseph Murgo, is assisted by an active staf f and the group's inspiring advisor, the Rev . James Murphy, in carryin g out the Newman Club's goals . Father Murphy, the Roman Catholic Chap lain, guides the spiritual activities by leading Daily Mass and Holy Communion a t St . Bede's Chapel . He also aids in promoting the students' social and educational life through the Newman Club' s varied program . Seated : M . Murgo, secretary ; J . Murgo , president ; M . Jeffries, vice-president . Standing : R . Alcorn, R . Gleason, J . Conroy, P . Ryan, treasurer . boys' clu b Seated : B . Keller, director ; B . Kruger , assistant director ; B . Reynolds, F . Stericker, C . Carr, secretary . Standing : H . Kaplan, L . Halperin, M . Larabee , D . Gilman, treasurer; H . Stanton . The twenty-five undergraduates who are members of the University Boys' Club act as counsellors to approximately one hundred youngsters from the Wes t Philadelphia area . Under the direction of Barry Kelle r the students guide and coach these boys in sports an d activities on Sunday afternoons . This year's progra m was highlighted by a Christmas party and an excursion to the Penn Relays . christian scienc e The Christian Science Organization wa s formed to further the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Christia n Science movement . Inspiring services ar e held every Monday evening .and once a month business meetings are held . Frequently prominent people are invited t o lecture to the members of the organization and their guests . At the two informa l receptions held each year questions ma y be asked and topics discussed relating to this organization and its activities . Seated : J . Reichner, Reader ; R . Kuhl, secretary ; C . Curry, president; G . Greapentrog, treasurer . Standing : R . Shaffer, Reader ; W . Clarke, J . Kittas, F . Livezey, adviser ; R . Reed, K . Hall . 175 chapel University Chapel services are held eight time s throughout the academic year under the direction of Chaplain Harris . These periodic services attempt to integrate the spiritual life of the student with his socia l and intellectual experiences at the University . Majo r University activities, such as Junior Week, I .F . Week , and Hey Day, include chapel services . Various campu s organizations and activities not only sponsor their particular chapel service but also participate in it . Ofte n featured in the services are the University Choir, th e Glee Clubs, and the Symphony Orchestra . Guest speakers are often invited to deliver the sermon at the special chape l services presented by various University organizations . Classes are cancelled in order that University faculty and students may attend the chape l services which precede all major vacations . Many college students have special interests or hobbie s which they exploit during leisure hours, without drasticall y cutting into study time . This is accomplished through man y of a large number of clubs that are set up to accommodat e a particular interest. Whether a student is a yachting enthusiast, or concerned about the success of a politica l party, there is a group to satisfy this interest . These club s contribute a valuable part of extra-curricula rendavou--stcnprueaitswhoepru f competition or schedule . Clubs Seated: A . Williams, president . Standing : D . Robinson, secretary ; R . Fisch man, vice-president ; R . Aronson, treasurer . l pre-la w Seated : J . Crawford, secretary ; W . Maddren, vice-president ; R . Rothman, treasurer ; J . Stigaard, president . Standing : P . Scholtes, P . Connolly, W . Seal, G . Bailey . a. 1. m. e. E . Ney, treasurer ; M . Ginsburg, vice-president and R . Fisher , president, find interest in complicated metallurgical equipment . 178 penn folk song A welcome addition to the University's musical activities is the Penn Folk Song Club . Its member s meet to sing, receive instruction, and exchang e folk songs . The club's first year was an active an d ambitious one . Included in the program were a "hoot" held with Swarthmore and a special concer t of songs from around the world . chess The popular game of bridge, fo r many years enjoyed by only a fe w devotees, has staged a full-scale invasion of the Penn campus . Unde r the guidance of the Bridge Club' s experts, new members learned man y of the game's fine points as well a s the fundamentals . The thrill of a finesse or slam was the reward fo r participants in tournaments held during the year . yacht Front Row : V . MacNair, D . Crocker , rear commodore ; R . Ledwith, commodore ; E . Chance, vice-commodore ; R . Levine, treasurer ; M . Stroud . Bac k Row : A . Lingelbach, J . Bryant, A . Bronk, O . Boynton, B . Linthicum, W . Deale, P . Vermilya . young democrats Seated : J . Solomon, secretary ; B . Tollen , vice-president; R . Schreibstein, president ; B . Goldstein, treasurer . Standing : B . Satlow, S . Sokal, J . Yoseloff, E . Gootman . young republicans Front Row : L . Indzel, secretary ; L . Jacobs , vice-president; S . Levine, treasurer, R . Fruin, president . Back Row : D . Nearon , M . Maedler, D . Switzer, C . Reeves, B . Pons, R . F . MacDonald . government Front Row : L . Indzel, R . Alcorn, president ; L . Kern, treasurer ; E . Rourke . Back Row : R . deLuca, S . Rothman, secretary ; W . Seal , J . Mehlman, G . Morganstern . 180 ivy clu b The Ivy Club, a non-fraternity organization composed of 45 members ,provides social, cultural, and athletic activities fo r independents . Headed by Bob Tollen , the Ivy Club highlighted its season by presenting the Independent Ball on March 19 . debate counci l Seated : M . Pedersen, E . Sagor, J . Brown , B . Babcock, president ; T . Feiman, secretary ; M . Unterberger . Standing : K . Gobel , R . Brodie, N . Ginsburg, L . Mishkin, 1 . Plotkin, D . Bernstein, P Melletz, B . Sat low, S . Foster . beta alpha psi Front Row: S . Lefkowitz, vice-president ; S . Ehrenkranz, president ; J . McMichael , faculty vice-president; P . Horwitz, secretary; A . Karofin, treasurer ; J . Wolff . Second Row: J . Reynolds, M . Miller, S . Frankel, L . Dubrow, P . Taubman, B . Borodkin . Back Row : D . Haimes, H . Grabelle , P . Brandt, D . Weiss, A . Paier . 181 Since the dawn of the age of man, part of our philosoph y has rested in the beliefs that physical fitness is importan t and that the mind thrives on competition . But as scienc e replaces men with machines in many areas, new vehicle s must fill the void . In keeping with the modern trend, a wide range of sports, with an equally wide range of competition, is a phase of the Pennsylvania attempt toward producing individuals capable of meeting the physical, psychological, and intellectual demands of our society . Sports FOOTBAL L The 1959 Pennsylvania Varsity Football Team wa s indeed a team of champions . Opening the seaso n as a dark-horse contender for the Ivy Crown, th e Quakers rolled through the "League," stopped momentarily by the inspired play of a spoiling Harvar d eleven . The Red and Blue not only won the fourt h official Ivy League Championship, but performe d convincingly against non-Ivy opposition, smashin g Lafayette in the season opener, and tying powerfu l Navy . They went through three games withou t yielding a score, and it was not until their sixth outin g that they could be beaten . In the Thanksgiving Classic, the Quakers climaxed a thrilling season with a n inspired come-from-behind victory over the rugge d Big Red of Cornell . In coach Steve Sebo's sixth year at Penn, the factors of coaching skill, seasoned players, and a fe w breaks finally appeared together to form a winnin g combination . The team that started the Cornell gam e was the same team that started the first scrimmage a t Hershey, except for the "five man," where John Marchiano replaced Gene Couser, sidelined for the seaso n with a broken heel . For Penn fans, the Red and Blu e was magnificent, and for Berlinger, Purdy, Champion , Wilson, Kesack, and Terpak, and Munger, Seksinsky , Mika, Ward, and Hanlon, and for Coffin, Piscane, an d Doelling, it was magnificent . They formed the nucleus that -brought the Class of '60 its finest hour . Steve Sebo leaves the field on the shoulders of his players after the Lafayette game, an even t that was to occur many times during the 1959 season . Front Row : Drake, MacPherson, Mankus, Scott, Tracy, Hoot stein, Harshaw, Eastwood . Second Row: Doelling, Seksin- sky, Munger, Kesack, Pisacane, Hanlon, Captain Berlinger , Coach Sebo, Terpak, Coffin, Wilson, Wolkowicz . Third Row : Coach King, Campbell, Gillin, Cummings, Spillane, Marchiano, Mika, Goodwin, Dunsmore, Smith, Ward, Couser, Champion, Coach Riblett, Coach Timerario . Back Row : Coach Bateman, Koval, Greco, Deitch, Gray, Ede, Shaw, Velleco , Salem, DeSantis, Earnest, Natale, Schantz, Purdy . IVY LEAGUE CHAMPIONS-1959 PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA 26 13 18 36 22 0 28 24 28 LAFAYETTE DARTMOUTH PRINCETON BROWN NAVY HARVARD YALE COLUMBIA CORN ELL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 0 0 9 22 13 12 6 13 18 5 Guards Couser (64) and Greco (63) try to open a hole as Larr y Purdy (16) fights to the one . Versatile Pete Schantz (18) fades to pass as John Salem (44 ) and John Marchiano (53) offer protection . In the renewal of an old rivalry, Penn gaine d its first opening-day victory since 1953 as th e Lafayette Leopards were swamped 26-0 . Full back Jack Hanlon, one of the Quaker's bi g guns, scored first on a 33-yard burst . Othe r scores by Fred Doelling, on a one-yard plunge , and John Salem, on a twenty-yard aerial fro m Larry Purdy, came as a result of Lafayett e fumbles . The scoring was completed in th e fourth quarter as Grev Munger took Pet e Schantz's pass in the end zone . Ron Champion's pass interception and outstanding lin e play in general gave Quaker fans an indication of the successes ahead . However, th e Quakers were hurt when Gene Couser, a standout at guard, was sidelined by an injur y for the remainder of the season . Fred Doelling (34) cuts to his left to evade the Leopar d defenders . Gene Couser (64) moves in to clear th e way . 186 Grev Munger (84) pulls in the pigskin on a touch down pass from quarterback Pete Schantz . John Salem (44) outdistances the Lafayette secondar y on the way to his first varsity touchdown . Salem score d on a 25-yard pass from Larry Purdy . Quaker Fred Doelling (34) shows the determinatio n that stopped Alan Rozycki (36) and the rest of th e Dartmouth offense . Larry Purdy (16) hands off to John Terpak (24) as Jack Hanlon (17) and John Marchian o (53) lead the offensive blocking . Outstanding play by Hanlon and Marchiano in th e yeoman role was instrumental in the Quakers' march to the championship . George Koval (10) knocks a pass out of th e hands of Princeton's Bruce Sprague as Joh n Salem (44) offers assistance . John Terpak (24), Connie DeSantis (68) and Joh n Mika (72) smash tailback Hugh Scott to stop a Prince ton drive . In the league opener at Franklin Field, the Quaker s upset defending champion Dartmouth 13-0 . Fre d Doelling ran for a touchdown in the second quarte r on a ten-yard sweep, and the score remained 7- 0 until the closing minutes of the game . At that point, a Dartmouth drive was stalled as Ron Champion an d Ralph Greco stopped a Dartmouth plunge on th e Quaker 19 . With three minutes to play Doellin g scored again from the Dartmouth 45, as John Terpa k threw two different blocks to spring him loose . O n basis of his fine performance, Doelling was chose n Ivy Back-of-the-Week . George Koval (10), well protected by Connie DeSantis (68), tosses 2 7 yards to Pete Schantz for a touchdown . Schantz completely outran th e Princeton secondary as Quaker end Terry Ward (89) followed the play . Dave Coffin (41) speeds past Prince ton's Jim Blair (84) to follow th e vicious blocking of Jack Hanlon (17) . A beautiful day and a "Game-of-the-Week" television audience saw Pennsylvania up-end Princeto n for the first time since 1952, by an 18-0 count . A n outstanding team effort enabled the Quakers to re main unscored-upon through the first three games o f the season . Pete Schantz led the scoring with tw o touchdowns, on a twenty-two yard double reverse. that completely fooled the Tigers, and a twenty-seven yard pass from George Koval . A field goal by E d Shaw and a safety accounted for the rest of the scoring . For his all-around play, including a blocked fiel d goal, Bruce Cummings was named to the ECAC tea m of the week . Larry Purdy, Barney Berlinger, and Bil l Kesack were outstanding throughout, but, after a jittery start, it was the Penn team as a unit that too k charge at Palmer Stadium . 189 Jack Hanlon (17) shoulders Paul Choquette (33) , Brown's all-Ivy fullback, a s Bruce Cummings (75) an d Ron Champion (52) cove r the play . Cummings an d Champion were honored a s outstanding Quaker linemen . After the victory over Princeton, th e Quakers returned to Franklin Field wit h a spotless record . In the 185th minut e of play for the Red and Blue, Brow n became the first team to score agains t Pennsylvania . But a Brown victor y was short-lived as the Quakers cam e back strong to crush the hapless Bruins , 36-9 . Sophomores Mike Natale (66) an d John Salem (44) depict the desir e that gave Penn its first official Ivy championship . Fullback Jack Hanlon (17), Penn' s bone-crushing blocker, displays fin e running ability as he sweeps aroun d right end behind Bruce Cumming s (75) toward the Navy goal . Alert Quaker tackle Bob Campbell (77) outraces teammate Pete Schant z (18) and four Middies to recover a Navy fumble . While running back a punt early in the first period, Dav e Coffin was hit in his own end zone for a safety by five Bruins . Touchdowns by Fred Doelling and center John Gillin, on a pass interception, opened the gates for a Penn victory . Touch down passes by George Koval and Larry Purdy provide d other scores in what proved to be the Quakers' easiest triumph through four games of the season . 191 Penn football had its finest hour when th e Quakers tied a heavily-favored Navy team 22-2 2 on Ed Shaw's field goal in the dying moment s of the game . Until the latter part of the thir d period when Navy erupted for tw otuchdwns to go ahead 22-19, it was Penn's game . Navy drew first blood when a Quaker fumble set u p a score by Middie Bob Correll . However, wit h the pin-point passing of George Koval, Pen n roared back late in the first quarter . After tackl e Bob Campbell pounced on a Navy fumble, Kova l connected for three straight passes, the last a n 11-yard flip to Barney Berlinger for the touch down . A few minutes later, Koval spotted hi s favorite target, Pete Schantz, in the clear an d hurled a sixty-yard pass for another . To clima x Penn's brilliant first half, Fred Doelling scored o n a four-yard slant . Pete Schantz (18) avoids the desperate lunge of Nav y defender Jim Honeywell and takes George Koval' s sixty-yard pass for a Quaker touchdown . In the last three minutes of play, sure footed Ed Shaw (45) boots the ball between the uprights to tie the score . George Koval (10) holds the ball, as a disheartened Navy bench looks on . 192 Harvard's Chet Boulris (40) prove d to be the Quaker-killer this year . Thi s is one of several times that Boulri s found a soft spot in the Penn lin e e Red and Blue . Bill Kesack (83) an d Jack Hanlon (17) try to engulf th e elusive Cantab . Halfback Fred Doelling (34) anxiously eyes open territory on a punt run-bac k in one of the few plays that gave Quaker fans hope . An inspired Harvard team and a se a of mud threw the Red and Blue fo r their first and only loss of the season . Chet Boulris was the Harvard star , making one of Harvard's three interceptions and scoring both touchdown s in the 12-0 contest . The Harvard lin e held the Quakers to their lowest tota l yardage, recalling a mud-soaked da y in 1957 when an underdog Harvard team brought gloom to Franklin Field . 193 Captain Barney Berlinger .(81) and Bruce Cummings (75) put the rush on Yali e Tom Singleton (10) as his pass goes incomplete . All-Ivy halfback Fred Doelling (34) becomes the first player in 1959 to penetrate the El i end zone on the ground . John Seksinsky (82), outstanding at end all season, pulls in a touchdown pass fro m George Koval as the Quakers pull ahead of Yale, 20-12 . Led by Fred Doelling and Georg e Koval, Penn came from behind to overpower Yale with an inspired 28-1 2 victory . Taking a 12-0 lead early i n the second quarter on tallies by Bo b Blanchard and Rich Winkler, Yal e seemed sure to tag the Quakers wit h their second defeat in succession . How ever, touchdowns by Doelling an d Dave Coffin gave Penn a 13-12 half time lead which it never relinquished . A recovered fumble led to a Koval John Seksinsky aerial score, and, wit h seconds remaining in the game, Doelling galloped 68 yards on two successive plays for the final touchdown . By the end of the contest, Doelling ha d amassed a total of 1,394 yards rushin g during his collegiate career to brea k Skip Minisi's all-time Penn record . Captain Barney Berlinger leaps to intercept a Columbia pass on the Quakers ' 19-yard line . Ed Shaw (45) breaks through a mud-splattered Columbia line as Steve Zisk (34 ) attempts to stop the smashing fullback . Showing the fans from Morningsid e Heights its tremendous offensive an d defensive power, Penn completel y dominated Columbia, posting a 24- 6 victory at Baker Field . Within 23 minutes from the opening kickoff, th e Quakers had amassed a 21-0 lea d over the Ivy League cellar-dwellers o n a touchdown by Dave Coffin and two by Ed Shaw, one on a pass from Koval . However, the Tom Vassel-Bob Feder spiel passing combination started t o click in the third period, and the Lion s were able to capitalize on three Quake r penalties for a touchdown . Shaw onc e again exhibited his magic toe as h e kicked a field goal in the fourth period . 195 John Salem (44) and Ron Champion (52) bat dow n an aerial intended for Bob Federspiel (81) . Against Penn, Federspiel set a new single game pass-receivin g record . In the Thanksgiving classic, the half-time score was Cornel l 12, Pennsylvania 0, and Quaker hopes for the Ivy Leagu e trophy were dimming . But the Big Red had yet to conten d with the clutch passing of George Koval . On fourth-dow n situations, Koval threw 17 yards to Jack Hanlon and 25 yard s to Barney Berlinger for touchdowns . Berlinger's catch was a leaping effort that amazed the entire crowd . Then, as Joh n Sadusky caught a Dave McKelvy pass, Fred Doelling stol e the ball and ran it back into Cornell territory . Koval starred once more as he threw to Bill Kesack, who went eight yard s for the score . John Terpak, a standout in the Quaker defense , added the finale on a one-yard plunge . Time ran out, an d the Quakers gained undisputed recognition as champions o f the Ivy League . John Terpak (24) plunges from the one-yard line for a touchdown as he and three other seniors scored to dro p Cornell . Halfback Ed Goodwin drives for the hole opened by Marchiano (53) , Greco (63), and Hanlon (17) . 196 Passing wizard George Koval goes to the ground t o pick up a first down deep in Big Red territory . Touchdown, Quakers! Barney Berlinger (81) gives Penn a 13-1 2 lead over Cornell with a circus grab of a George Koval aerial . 197 SOCCE R The 1959 edition of the Pennsylvania varsity socce r team was a well-balanced outfit that suffered a fe w bad breaks and finished second in the Ivy League . The team's overall mark of 7-2-2 shows a 4-3 loss t o powerful Navy and a 2-0 loss to Harvard, ultimat e Ivy champs . Although the Quakers dominated bot h games, they could do no better than tie against Brow n and Yale . Front Row : D . Brown, D . Buten, R . Schroth, J . Jerbasi, captain ; R . Trigg, G . Mueller, J . Kurland . Second Row : Charles Scott, Captain John Jerbasi (right) and Bob Trigg, standout halfbacks, brea k up a Princeton thrust . coach ; D . McKinley, D . Wiener, A . Carter, C . Kalme, C . Mac Pherson, Arthur Binns, assistant coach ; S . Weber, manager . Back Row : S . Schnydman, H . Burg, R . Caldwell, W . Dwyer, R . Keller . Quaker wing Dean Brown dribbles through a tiring Princeton defense . Ray Schroth shows the stride that provided the most powerful shot i n the Penn offense . Harvey Berg proved to be a brilliant goali e when senior Bill Caldwell was injured . John Jerbasi "uses his head" as the Re d and Blue maintained control of the bal l throughout the Princeton contest . 199 Chris MacPherson, a hustling sophomore fullback, stopped many threats at the Quaker goal . Dave Buten, All-Ivy in lacrosse and soccer, was a steady operative in Charlie Scott's line . Charlie Scott's booters opened the season with a n overtime win over Haverford, and continued to wi n with revenge victories over Dartmouth and an over rated Princeton team . They made it four straight be fore the Brown game as Swarthmore succumbed, bu t it was three weeks, two losses, and two ties late r before the Quakers won again . The typical Pen n finish was shown with victories over Columbia, St . Joseph's, and Cornell . Ray Schroth dribbles to position for an attack at the Princeton goal . The junior varsity team is a spawning ground fo r future varsity players . This year's squad, under coac h Art Binns, had a fairly successful season . Harvey Berg , J .V . goalie at the start of the season, played a major rol e in several varsity victories after Bill Caldwell was injured . Captain McBee Butcher, Sam Schnydman, and Frank Man n were outstanding and should see much action wit h Charlie Scott's varsity next season . J .V. SOCCER Charlie Kalme, an important figure in the Quaker defense, "heads" the ball to halt a Brown drive . Front Row: C . Kindelberger, K . Farrell, E . Sol-Meza . M . Butcher, A . Saxon, D . Weiner , R . Keller . Second Row : Arthur Binns (coach), J . Mitchell, W . Purcell, B . Dwyer, H . Burg , A . Carter, F . Mann, S . Stonall, R . Cohen (manager) . Back Row : S . Schnydman, T . Segal , J . Keeley, A . Lingelbach, E . Milner . Front Row : Gipe, Stevenson, Ashburner, DaPonte, Ward, co-captain ; Berkowitz, Kupper, Shein, Greco, Gill . Second Row : MacMullen , Gamba, Egoville, Lawson, Smith, Speizman, DeLuca, Feinman, Witmer, Lerner, Gonas, Rice, Scully . Back Row : Drigan, assistant coach ; Abraham, Reynolds, Christman, Reagan, Snow, Marian, Aughey , Snyder, Carpenter, Carmone, Ostapiak, Clappier, assistant coach ; Harter, head coach . End Ted Aughey (86) takes a pass into the end zon e for a touchdown . Quaker quarterback John Gamba (20) passes complet e to Steve Kates . 150 lb . FOOTBALL 202 After two winless seasons, a spirited lightweight footbal l team emerged as a first-division club in the E .I .L . Althoug h they lost to Cornell, Army, and Navy, the Quakers over powered Princeton, Rutgers, and Columbia to show the grea t improvement in the squad . Coach Dick Harter's eleven wa s led by co-captains Chark Ward and Steve Kates . Ward was a regular guard for three seasons, and Kates was all-E .I .L . a t halfback . The large number of sophomores and juniors o n the club foretells success in future years . CROSS-COUNTR Y Boo Morcom, coach ; P . Clark, R . Scholnick, R : Friedlander, R . Reisinger, E . Tracy, captain ; H . Hochman , R . Harper, W . Shergalis, M . Golden , manager . The varsity cross-country team completed a winning season wit h a record of five victories in eight outings . Led by Captain Erni e Tracy, Roy Reisinger, Bob Friedlander, and Pete Clark, the team als o placed second in two triangular meets . The most decisive triump h was a spirited upset over previously unbeaten Lafayette . A fittin g climax to a successful season was the meet against Temple which sa w Friedlander, Tracy, and Reisinger finish in a dead heat for first place , setting a new course record . Coach "Boo" Morcom has cause to b e optimistic about the future, for sophomores Bob Scholnick and Ro y Reisinger and junior Ernie Tracy will see action again next year . FRESHMAN SOCCE R The class of 1963 added to future hopes of Penn socce r fans, as the Freshman soccer team was undefeated . The onl y blemish on the Quakers' record was a 1-1 tie in the last gam e of the season against the Columbia Freshmen . Arne Wit t was the team's high scorer, teaming with wing Jean Arroue t on many exciting plays . The yearling booters scored twent y goals during the season, while allowing their opponents onl y six as they compiled a 6-0-1 over-all record . Front Row : J . Looby, G . Gentsch, G . Tyler, R . Kaminsky , T . Jensen, J . Arrouet, A . Witt, D . Bruce, G . Aboitiz , E . Halversen . Second Row : Al Didrikson, coach, T . Live, D . Scott, N . Riegg, D . Harper, A . Colby, N . Bierman, V. Oakey, G . Perfeckey, J . Faigle, B . Quinn, C . Preusse, F . Barlow, E . Voris, manager . Back Row: P . Vermilya, P . Meier, J . Butcher, B . Callahan, S . Waud , L . Buck, S . Berthe, A . Weissbrode, J . Cantrill . England's addition to the freshman Soccer team, Norman Bierman, fight s for the ball against Columbia . Gaetor Aboitiz finds tough opposition in the gam e with Haverford . 204 Front Row: J . Zurwaski, W . N.JRLoauvMgelin,rt , J . Stump, R . Aronoff, G . Edelstein, P . Denkonics, C . Lombard, V . Roth . Second Row : L . Leone, trainer; M . Branca , M . Parker, R . Cackowski, G . Moschetti, J . Grunto, F . Smith , P . McCarthy, R . Stranix, B . Weeks, C . Jodoin . Third Row : P . Laskaway, manager ; G . Robinson, assistant coach ; B . Joyner, M . Zetler, G . Miller, P . Faherty, W . Hardaker, R . Harris, M . Brown, F . Stoicheff, C . Lombard, D . Kollock, B . Graham, freshman coach . Back Row : J . Castle, assistan t coach ; R . Broderick, R . Panfil, J . Beckly, R . Allshouse, W . Clarke, J . Arthur, J . Sticklorius, W . Bradley, G . Cassidy , R . Richardson, H . Lyzcak, H . Musick, assistant coach . FRESHMAN FOOTBALL CROSS COUNTR Y Bob Mortenson, coach ; R . Astor, A . Dommerich, R . Fausett, D . Radcliffe, B . Ritchie , S . Daniels . Captain Joe Cook (44) drives for the basket against Yale . BASKETBAL L When basketball drills began in November, prospects of even a fair season for the Quaker varsity were dim . Pre-season polls picke d Penn to finish last in the Ivy League and to go without a win in th e City Series . A handful of lettermen, most with little experience, fe w sophomore prospects, and the perennial lack of height seemed in surmountable problems for Jack McCloskey's cagers . But the maturation of several players and the usual Penn ingredients of "hustle" and "desire" gave the Quakers a 14-11 over-all record, a third place finish in the Ivy League, City Series victories over LaSalle an d Temple, and the most satisfactory campaign for the cagers in severa l years . Ron Reagan (33) fights for a rebound as Stew Greenleaf watches . Bob Mlkvy, Penn's All-Ivy forward, takes a jump shot . 207 Joe Cook gets two as the Quakers down La Salle . Ron Reagan goes up against La Salle . Stew Greenleaf, Hugh Aberman, and Joe Cook tie up a Middle . Roger Colley drives against the Big Red . 208 J . Gamba, D . Kwiat, R . Mlkvy, J . Cook, captain ; H . Aberman , S . Greenleaf, R . Reagan . Back Row : J . McClosky, coach ; J . Day, K . Doug lass, J . Cardasis, R . Zajac, M . McLoughlin, trainer . Front Row : Jack McCloskey, colorful Quaker coach, yells instructions fro m the bench . Stew Greenleaf rebounds against Cornell . 209 When Captain-elect "Herky" Rubincam wa s declared ineligible, Joe Cook was elected t o handle the leadership chores . His spirit nette d the Penn senior the "Food Fair Award" fo r the "ideal" city cager . Bob Mlkvy lived up to his reputation, as he was selected to the all Ivy and all-City teams and scored 472 points , second in Penn annals only to the performanc e of Ernie Beck . The steady play of these tw o and great performances on different occasion s by Stew Greenleaf, Dave Kwiat, John Gamba , Ron Reagan, John Canzano and Hugh Aber man, the team's spirit man, led Penn to a highly successful season . Among the high lights of the campaign were the Palestra upse t victories over Temple, La Salle, and Dart mouth and a near upset (28 minutes worth ) over highly touted Villanova . The Quaker s conquered every team in the Ivy League a t least once and, in the first encounter wit h Princeton, completely throttled the eventua l champions . The Quakers won eight of thei r last twelve starts and proved to their credit , and to the credit of the University, that effor t goes a long way in the sports world . John Gamba (20), a late-season star i n the backcourt, has his shot blocked, bu t Cornell could not block the Quaker victory at the Palestra . Bob "Moose" Mlkvy reaches for a re bound, as a hustling Penn team upsets L a Salle for the third year in a row . 210 A scramble under the basket as Dic k Kauffman tries to add two points . Ron Allshouse (24) moves in for a possible rebound . Don Burt reaches high to tap in a re bound against Penn State Ogontz a s Bill Engelsbe (10) watches the action from the floor . FRESHMAN BASKETBAL L This year, the Penn Freshman basketball team posted a n 18-3 record, won the Plebe Tournament at West Point ove r five of the best yearling squads in the East, and gave hope to Penn basketball fans . The freshmen added victories ove r their counterparts from St . Joseph's, Villanova, and La Sall e to lend an air of anticipation to the future results of the City Series . John Wideman set a new freshman season record , as he scored 583 points, to emerge as a potential great i n Penn basketball . Playmaker Sid Amira, Bob Purdy, and J . D . Graham should also make Jack McCloskey's job more pleasan t next year . Front Row : J . Doherty, R . Kauffman, D . Burt, D . Robinson , J . Graham, J . Sturm, R . Allshouse, W . Englesbe . Back Row : G . Schmidt, assistant coach ; M . Goldman, R . Murray, J . Wide man, R . Purdy, S . Amira, R . Biborosch, L . Schaefer, R . Harter, coach . Front Row : R . Harkins, L . Cook, T . Wright, A . Black, captain ; W . Hamilton, G . Carr, Z . Tankel . Back Row : Charles Ridenour, coach ; G . Miller, P . Eichorn, P . Schantz, E . Smith, A . Donzanti, J . Doubman, T . Harkins, I . Dubinsky, C . Beam, manager . WRESTLIN G A hard-luck Pennsylvania wrestling varsity lost several very close matches, posting a 4-6 season log . Th e team experienced a serious loss when captain Al Blac k suffered broken ribs and was forced to sit out most o f the season . AI Donzanti lost once by default whe n he wrenched his knee on his way to an 8-2 record i n the 177-pound class . In several displays of their potential, the Quakers beat Lafayette 24-6 and Templ e 23-13 . Perhaps the high point of the season came a s the matmen almost upset nationally-ranked Cornell i n a meet that was not decided until the final match . Th e outlook for the future is bright, since coach Charli e Ridenour loses only four men from a large and talented squad . Pete Schantz, a steady performer all season, attempts to thro w his Yale opponent in the 167-pound bout . 212 Penn's Al Donzanti flips his opponent to the mat whil e winning one of his many matches of the current season . Heavyweight Frank Traendly faces his Cornell opponent in a battl e of behemoths . In one of the season's early matches Larry Cook is on the delivering en d as the judge moves in for a closer look . 213 Quaker captain Fred Norcross, a butterfly standout, also figured heavil y in Quaker successes in his freestyle efforts . SWIMMING Sophomore star Bill Slate r moves into the turn in th e 440-yard freestyle rac e against Yale . Fred Norcros s counts laps-to-go as Slate r continued to win in his specialty . Fred Fox shows the for m that carried him to man y victories in the dive ove r an outstanding three-yea r career . 214 Front Row : F . Fox, J . Ledwith, R . Rice, F . Norcross, captain ; K . Kramer, J . Sieck, J . Luchsinger , R . Fogler . Back Row : Coach Jim Campbell, S . Batzer, W . Slater, M . Makofshy, J . Atkins, L . Mitchell, J . Eichelberger, W . Hindman, C . Lippincott, B . Rambo, diving coach . Long the doormat of Eastern collegiate swimming circles, the 1959-60 edition of Pennsylvania's varsity swimming team struggle d its way to an improved 6-10 record . Losin g several meets by close scores, and trouncin g Lafayette 66-29, the Quakers gave indicatio n that Penn may soon emerge as a swimmin g power . Captain Fred Norcross and Canadia n Olympian Bill Slater were outstanding as the y performed in a wide range of events . Fred Fox, Penn's outstanding diver, and breaststroker Jon Sieck added other points to Quake r totals . Slater, who accounted for more tha n one-fourth of Penn scoring, and sprinter Dic k Rice are sophomores who should play a bi g part in the plans of coach Jim Campbell as h e looks to the future . 215 Jean Arrouet, who led the team in total points . Dean Brown, captain of the 1960 Pennsylvani a Hockey Club . G . Tyler, T . Nevaiser, D . Brown, captain ; R . Billingsly, J . Bright, P . Jackson, D . Harper, R . Schwarz, H . Orr, E . Terry, T . Towl, manager . Not pictured: J . Arrouet , D . Merriman, S . Waud, D . Harper, W . Russell, R . Fawcett, J . Cleveland, coach . The University of Pennsylvania hocke y club, coached by Jack Cleveland, capped the season with a 7-5 win over Cornell , for their first Ivy League victory . Led b y Dean Brown, Bob Billingsley and goali e Dick Schwarz the team fought its way bac k from early seasons defeats . Freshman Wil l Russell led the team in goals with nine an d Doug Bruce and Jean Arrouet brighten th e squads future as the frosh line led the clu b in scoring honors . The hockey club ended the season with a 4-9 season as it vied fo r team recognition by the University . Goalie Dave Harper watches Dave Merriman clear the puck from behin d the nets . HOCKE Y Penn defensemen surround the goal crease as goalie Dave Harper makes the save . 217 SQUAS H Beset by injuries, and lacking the experience show n by many of their opponents, Penn's varsity squas h team could fare little better than last year as the y compiled an 2-8 record . Coach Al Malloy, in his first year at Penn, saw his captain and number one man , Bill Caldwell, sidelined tor the season with a recurren t soccer injury, and McBee Butcher, returning from las t year's squad, hurt until after midseason . However , the presence of Ken Lehman, Bert Berkwich and To m Patzau gave the Quakers hope, as Pennsylvania for tunes in squash continue to rise . Bill Reynolds smashes a forehand in a match against a fierce Dartmout h squad . Front Row : W . Reynolds, K . Lehman, B . Berkwich, P . Wicks, M . Cohen . Back Row : A . Molloy (coach), J . Kent, L . Patzau, H . Colehower, M . Butcher, A . Severe n (manager) . Not Pictured : W . Caldwell (captain) . 218 FRESHMA N Front Row : R . Dubin, J . Butcher, M . Boren, C . Haniford, D . Kollock . Bac k Row : Molloy, R . Carlson, R . Robin son, L . Colmpre, A . Severen . No t Pictured : T . Elserood, P . Ferrebee . SQUASH FENCIN G Front Row : F . Halperin, P . Dillinger , J . Hertzfeld, G . Mills, J . Brennan . Back Row : R . Schneider, J . Lavy, L . Levin, captain ; L . S . Csiszar, coach ; D . Bauchner, D . Lane . Front Row : K . Heyman, P . Peringi, R . Machler, H . Kaplan . Back Row : Ar t McCall, coach ; M . Baker, C . Lombard , J . Frankfurt, W . Bradley . WRESTLIN G 220 CREW One of the oldest and most interesting inter-collegiat e sports at Pennsylvania is crew . But for those who participate , crew is a year-round struggle against the temptations of appetite and social enjoyment . Members of the crew practic e from September to June, so that they may do well in a limite d number of races ; but the enthusiasm generated in a struggl e to gain endurance, strength and teamwork has made "th e crew" an almost elite group in the athletic picture at Penn . 221 Standing : A . Palms, F . Thompson, W . Fischer, J . Fitzgerald, J . Borowski, P . Hamblett, A . Wachlin, T . String . Kneeling : F . Miller , coxswain . VARSIT Y The 1960 Pennsylvania Varsity Crew, by pre season observations, is performing as well as th e best eights in Penn history . Working with last year's powerful J .V . as a nucleus, Coach Joe Bur k has molded a smooth-stroking, powerful outfi t that should produce fine results . Competition wil l be stiff, as the hope of reaching the Olympics i n Rome is driving oarsmen all over the country t o top effort . The Quaker Junior Varsity has a very strong boat again this year and should lead t o double victories for Penn in the spring regattas . The Lightweight Crew, after two years of disappointing showings, has a group of strong veteran s and should be able to do almost as well as th e heavies . At this point, it appears that Quake r rowers will gain many outstanding triumphs o n the calm waters of the world . A Quaker eight carries its shell to the wate r before a practice session, a scene that take s place almost every day of the school year . LIGHTWEIGHT Standing : D . MacMahon, C . Hulick, C . Shibue, B . Castle , D . Van Winkle, R . Bobowick, D . Goeringer, T . Hoshan . Kneeling : J . Fridkin, coxswain . Standing : E . Stockham, A . Snyder, A . Doering, J . Connelly, P . Wegener, J . Harris, C . Salambier, R . Siekman . Kneeling : H . Rowland, coxswain . JUNIOR VARSIT Y 223 TENNI S Under the coaching of AI Malloy, the Penn varsit y tennis team looks forward to another fine season, afte r last year ' s winning record . Captain Jan VanAmerongen leads a team stacked with great junior talent i n the persons of Ken Lehman, Burt Berkwich, Orre n Knauer, and Russ Cleveland . Last year's freshman sensation Bill Reynolds has moved up into the secon d singles spot in the line-up and looks ready for anothe r fine year . The team's schedule includes both Ivy an d non-league opponents, as Penn meets the best o f eastern tennis competition . Front Row : J . Kent, B . Berkwich, K . Lehman, W . Reynolds . Back Row : J . Bourne, assistan t manager ; R . Cleveland, J . Van Amerongen, captain ; R . Harrison, O . Knauer, A . Molloy , coach . Not Pictured: M . Belafsky, head manager . 224 GOLF Although this year will witness the graduation of five members of Penn' s golf team, the effectiveness of these five will long be remembered . Beginning in their junior year, they formed the base of one of the most successfu l athletic teams Penn has had in recent years . This year the team, led by th e brilliant Don Norbury, hopes to fulfill the expectations of coach Bob Hay s and extend their string of twenty-one consecutive victories . R . Goldsampt, D . Nor bury and J . Calihan, co-captains ; J . Graybill . Back Row : Robert Hays , coach ; M . Miles, K . Kleimon, W . Johnson, C . Kling, J . Gilbert, manager . Front Row : Don Norbury, one of the winningest golfers in Penn's history . 225 Front Row : C . Kahn, D . McKay, E . Zeller, W . Kesack, L . Purdy, captain ; G . Gary, E . Shaw, D . McKinley, R . Leahy . Second Row : T . McGrady, R . Zajac, B . Katz, W . Curtis, S . Stevenson, D . Roache, M . McCloskey . Bac k Row: L . Cello, R . Macintyre, M . Padersky, S . Heymann, G . Powell, W . Whitaker, T . Huf, J . McCloskey, coach . BASEBAL L Penn's baseball team, with only four returning letterme n has shown early season promise of compiling a fine recor d this year . The squad is led by captain Larry Purdy, who, wit h sophomore Grover Powell, contributes the pitching punch o f the team . Anchoring the infield at third and first are two me n who did not play last year -- Bill Kesack and Ed Shaw, while u p the middle the Penn nine has the lightning-quick combinatio n of Dave McKinley and Ed Coller . Bob Zajac and George Gar y share the catching duties . Contributing heavily to the offensive power of the team is right fielder Charley Kahn . All-Ivy outfielder Charlie Kahn belts a triple to right . 226 George Gary, regular catcher on the Quaker nine for three years , is not only an outstanding defensive player but a capable powe r hitter . Penn's Ed Shaw is thrown out at the plate in an attempted stea l of home in the Colgate game . Grover Powell scores ahead of a Penn State throw, but it was not enough, as the Quakers dropped a 4-3 contest . 227 LACROSS E The new success of lacrosse at Pennsylvania is the wor k of Coach Avery Blake, one of the "greats," who has com e to Penn after 29 years at Swarthmore College . At thi s writing, the Quakers stand 3-2 in regular season play , after compiling a 5-2 record in exhibition games . A ne w zone defense, led by captain Dave Buten, an All-Americ a selection goalie, features veterans Terry Ward and Phi l McCleery and sophomore sensation John Doubleman . A potent offense, with last year's high scorer Frank Man n setting the pace, has been a singular factor in a well balanced team . The Quaker defenses close in on Marylan d Lacrosse Club's Corrigan, but the clubber s triumphed in the exhibition game . The white-jersied "defensive" mid field, Duane Gill (15), Tom Drak e (32) and Pete Goldsmith (20) , played an important part in Quake r triumphs . Front Row : J . McConnell, D . Gill, T . Drake, N . Helfrich, C . Martein, F . Mann, P . Goldsmith , D . Buten, captain ; D . Brodie, F . Fayle, T . Ward, P . McCleery, C . Foster, E . Jacobs . Back Row : S . Schnydman, W . McManus, M . Harris, M . Reilly, E . Terry, B . Freedlander, V . leradi, T . Loughery, S . Davis, F . Harshaw, J . Doubman, B . Parks, J . Bright, Coach Blake . Not Pictured : D . Brunn, manager . Sam Schnydman (42) scores against Drexel . A ver y strong runner, Schnydman and Ed Terry (15), sophomores, were regular midfielders . Crosby Foster (49) attempts to hit the nets against th e Maryland Lacrosse Club, as Ben Parks (11) follows th e play . Foster, a junior at crease attack, and Parks, at mid field, were steady performers . Tom Loughrey (62) drives for one of his four goal s against Drexel . A broken collarbone stopped Loughre y early in the season, but not before he proved himsel f a definite scoring threat . 229 TRACK This year's edition of the Penn Varsity Track team i s stacked with outstanding individual performers but lack s the depth which provides a team with point-getting ability . Co-captains Barney Berlinger and Bob Reed hav e continually raised standards in their specialties, pol e vaulting and broad jumping . Other top performance s have been turned in by distance men Ernie Tracy an d Roy Reisinger, hurdler Rick Cuthbert, and weightma n Bob Batdorf . Even with the lack of outstanding suppor t behind these men, coach "Boo" Morcum is looking to wards a fine showing in eastern collegiate competitio n for the 1960 season . Sophomore weightman Bob Batdorf , an outstanding performer in the sho t put and javelin, captured first place in the discus at the 1960 Penn Re lays . Front Row : M . Golden, manager ; G . Munger, E . Tracy, A . Saxon, R . Reed and B . Berlinger , co-captains ; J . Jerbasi, H . Scattergood, R . Cuthbert . Second Row : B . Morcom, coach ; R . Scholnick, L . Wright, E . Smith, D . Stevens, D . Bridwell, S . Diamessis, S . Bladdeman, R . Batdorf, L . Leone, trainer . Back Row : J . Hanlon, D . Goldber, L . Rizzo, R . Reisinger, A . Thomas , J . Bradshaw, L . Rheingut, J . Ackerman, K . Dougherty . Rick Cuthbert, senior hurdler, and the versatil e Bob Reed race against West Chester . Pete Clark leaves the rest of the field far behind in the half-mile victory against West Chester . Holder of the University indoor broad jum p standard, Bob Reed has cleared 24 feet several times this spring . Barney Berlinger shows the form that carried him to a new University record . The sixty-fifth renewal of the annual Pennsylvania Relay Carnival was "bigger and bet ter than ever ." The two-day carnival feature d outstanding relay teams and individual star s from all over the United States . It was a goo d weekend for host Penn, as Carl Shine and Dav e Sikarsky took shotput championships, and re lay victories in the Heptagonal Mile and College Sprint Medley Championship of Americ a finals went to the Quakers as fifty thousan d fans witnessed the gala affair . George Kattermann finishes far ahead of second place Navy as the Quakers captured the sprint medley championship . Dave Coffin, Bob Reed, an d Walt Shaw preceded Kattermann to give Penn it s second gold medal of the relay carnival . Speedster Bill Woodhouse brings Abilen e Christian College an easy victory in the colleg e quarter-mile relay championship . PENN RELAY S Penn State and Michigan make it a two-team con test in the two-mile relay championship, as al l other entrants lag far behind . 233 FRESHMAN CRE W Standing : J . Henderson, C . Eddy, J . Clark, E . Johnson , E . Shields, R . Senn, S . Jacques, R . Zunnio . Kneeling : O . Thorpe, coxswain . TRACK Front Row : S . Goudy, D . Radcliffe, L . Edelson, R . Astor, B . Richie, R . Frueman, R . Fausett, S . Daniels, P . Hoffman, E . Coxe, J . Ozolins . Back Row : B . Morcom, coach ; R . Mortenson, freshman coach ; J . Kirkbright, G . Chalfin , M . Brown, G . Snerson, A . Dommerich, D . Long, C . Johnson . 234 LACROSSE Front Row : R . Friedenthal, S . Taft, H . Oldick, J . Butcher, J . Gold smith, M . Fried . Back Row : J . Arthur, R . Piccola, L . Glotfelty, D . Burtis, M . Roberts, P . Ferrebee, J . Contrill, H . Ford, coach . J . Ingersell, H . Boynynge, W . Snodgrass, P . Kuper, E . Thorpe , D . Phelps, L . Miller, D . Lehnhardt . Kneeling : S . Cappel, coxswain . LIGHTWEIGHT CRE W 235 Front Row : J . Eberts, F . MacDougald , R . Achenbach, J . Mandible, K . Farrell , J . Regan, R . Cullum, R . Hinkle . Back Row : R . Sands, J . Gilbert, K . Carney, M . Winaker, R . Faherty, M . Shane, P . Daley, W . Krasnovicki, J . Quaso, J . Loud, M . Sabel . Not i n picture : F . Pittit, B . Butler, P . Faherty . RUGBY CLU B For the first time in the history of the inter collegiate bowling, an eastern bowling tea m has traveled throughout the Mid-West to mee t the nation's top teams . On their highly publicized western tour, the Quakers encountere d formidable opponents including Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan State, and entere d the ABC Tournament in Toledo . Coach Jule s Roden and President Bernie Elser feel that nex t year the Club will have an even tougher schedule when they join the New Jersey Division o f the Eastern Collegiate Bowling Conference . This year, for the first time in Penn's history , a Rugby team was organized at the University . The team is, at present, independent of University sponsorship . Matches for the twenty two man squad have been scheduled with college and independent rugby clubs through out the east . Although this is a relativel y unfamiliar sport to most of the student body , the team is composed of both graduates an d undergraduates who have played rugby i n Japan and Australia with American footbal l players to round out the line-up . The tea m expects an increased following in the futur e as the sport picks up momentum and interest . BOWLING TEA M Front Row : J . Narozny, J . Sena, E . Siskin, D . Brody, A . Reber, M . Posnick, captain . Back Row: Jules Roden, coach ; S . Stuart, S . Bookspan, J . Tepper, B . Weiss, B . Elser, president . INTRAMURALS During 1959-1960, Penn undergraduate s engaged in a variety of intramural activities . The intramural athletic league sponsors various tournaments, among these being footbal l won by Phi Gamma Delta, basketball won b y Phi Delta Theta, bowling won by Theta Rh o and Tau Epsilon Phi, and wrestling won by Phi Kappa Sigma . But, beyond this limited lis t of champions, is the idea that hundreds of students compete in intramural athletics, fighting , for a while, the imminent scourge of th e "middle-aged spread . " Two students engage in the manly sport of wrestling . The intramural league is divided into fraternity an d dormitory teams . At the climax of the season, the winners from each of these divisions meet in a champion ship contest . Attired in unorthodox dress, a member of an intramural squa d blasts a homer . The intramural leagues enable students to compete against each other in sportsmanlike combat . "He's out," exclaims the umpire, as the catcher prepares to complete th e double play . VARSITY CLU B The Varsity Club, open to letter-winners from al l sports, experienced a fine year in 1959-60 . With a large end enthusiastic membership, the club presented several interesting programs . Bob Friedlander , the club president, arranged the first appearance o f recently-appointed football coach John Steigman t o an undergraduate group . The Varsity Drag, a high light of Varsity Week, was a showplace, as varsit y athletes proved they could be as nimble on a danc e floor as on the playing fields . The club's annual awar d to the outstanding athlete in the senior class was presented to David Buten . Varsity Club president Bob Friedlander (left) presents Athlete-of-the Month awards to Bob Mlkvy, Joe Cook, and Bill Slater . Front Row : C . Shibue, H . Burg, D . McKinley, I . Yanus, J . Cook, Kuhl, W . Shaw, E . Tracy, B . Trigg, J . VanAmerongen, P . Ham B . Castle, B . Scholnick, B . Mlkvy . Second Row : F . Witmer, F . Norblett, D . Brown, B . Siekman, T . String, C . DeSantis . Back Row : J . cross, J . Canzano, A . Saxon, treasurer ; B . Friedlander, president; J . Hanlon, secretary ; A . Doering, A . Wachlin, C . Kowle . Third Row : D . Wolkowicz, H . Berkowitz, F . Carmone, B . Speizman, R . Jerbasi, W . Derby, S . Greenburg, D . Brunn, B . Parks, B . Caldwell , B . Reed, E . Parmacek, G . Bradshaw, P . Scattergood, J . Kirkland , B . Berlinger, J . McGrail . ATHLETIC MANAGERIAL BOAR D The Athletic Managerial Board is composed of the head manager and the assistant manager o f every varsity men's team . The Board functions a s a coordinating link among the major teams . A t their annual banquet, Ronald Balsar, Board president, presented Jack McCloskey with the "Coac h of the Year" award . The continuance of school spirit in the form o f cheers and rallying is the charge of the six cheer leaders . Headed by Jan vanAmerongen, the combined cheerleaders-spirit committee start at fresh man camp to instill this spirit in the students . The y are especially active during the football seaso n which this year was made that much more successful and enjoyable by the cheerleaders . CHEERLEADER S J . Rosenblum, R . Sawyer, N . Salerno , J . Van Amerongen, Head Cheer leader; J . Vosmek, J . Edelman . CLASS OF 191 5 AWAR D The Class of 1915 Award is presented annuall y to that member of the senior class who "most closely approaches the ideal University of Pennsylvania athlete ." The award is based upon athletic accomplishment, sportsmanship, and scholarship . The membe r of the Class of 1960 so honored was the captain o f the Ivy League Champion football team, Bernard E . Berlinger, Jr. Barney Berlinger was a regular end for three sea sons on the Pennsylvania football team, and, excep t for periods when he was hampered by injuries, h e played as much as any other man on the squad . His last two years saw him gain a position on the All-Iv y first team, as a great blocker on offense and a soli d anchor man in the defensive line . As co-captain o f the track team, Barney was a fine performer in several events, but late developed into a great one. He set a University and Heptagonal Games recor d in the pole vault this past winter with a vault o f 14'4 1/2 ", good enough to win the Olympics a fe w years back . He ranks among the top decathlon per formers in the country, and, at this writing, it seem s he will go even higher. As a "good" student in engineering, he has made a name for himself in th e classroom . As captain of football and track, he i s recognized as an outstanding team leader, both fo r his personal example and his gentle prodding of hi s teammates . It is difficult to imagine an individua l who could better satisfy the qualifications for th e award than Barney Berlinger . 240 VARSITY CLUB AWAR D For several years, the Varsity Club has presente d an award to a member of the senior class who ha s shown excellence in athletics . Because of the natur e of this award, the recipient has been outstanding i n more than one sport . This year, on the basis of a fine record in soccer and lacrosse, the club selecte d David Buten . As a sophomore, playing halfback on the varsit y soccer team, Buten began an outstanding varsit y career as he proved himself a more-than-capabl e member of the squad . Using speed and co-ordination to "beat" larger opponents, Buten " hustled " his way to All-Ivy, second team, an honor rarely ac corded to sophomores . In the spring of 1958, sophomore Buten, captain of the freshman lacrosse tea m the preceding spring, started in the goal for th e varsity ten . During that short season he stoppe d more enemy shots than any other goalie in th e country . An unknown until that point, he was electe d honorable mention, All America . Since then, h e has become one of a few athletes to be chosen All Ivy in two sports . But his greatest single contribution toward extending the name of the Universit y is to put Pennsylvania on the map of lacrosse team s of the East . 241 COACH OF THE YEAR . . . The Athletic Managerial Board at their annua l banquet presents the "Coach of the Year" Awar d to that member of the University coaching staff who has achieved a great success with his team . This year, for the second time in three years, th e award was presented to Jack McCloskey, coac h of the varsity basketball team . Pre-season polls of those "in the know" picke d Penn to finish last in the Ivy League and the Cit y Series . From past records it seemed that Penn ha d almost no fine basketball talent and no seasoned players to be a steadying influence on newcomers . As it turned out, however, a typical McCloskey tea m "hustled" to several significant victories, made a serious challenge to the Ivy leaders, and placed thir d in the "Big Five," with well-earned victories ove r Temple and La Salle . Most of the success of thi s team has been credited directly to McCloskey , whose own gritty determination has passed on t o the players . When he addressed the Varsity Clu b late in the basketball season, he mentioned that the team "has to win at least one" of a pair of Iv y games to finish with a winning mark . They proceede d to win both of them, as Penn had one of its mos t rewarding seasons in recent years . Jack McCloskey congratulates his floor leader , Joe Cook, as the latter won the Food Fai r Award . 242 Women's sports, on the whole, attract a small but enthusiastic group of coeds . Under the supervision of Mrs . Hildegarde Farquhar, the women's athletic departmen t provides, in addition to guidance in regular physical education courses, a full program of inter-collegiate and intramural sports. This complete athletic program contribute s to the acquisition of skills, the development of good sportsmanship, and the maintenance of top physical condition . Although playing a minor role in the coed's life, women' s sports are quite significant to those who avail themselves o f the opportunity to participate . Women's Sports Front Row : C . Perkins, J . Shepard, E. Moore, L . Webster, A . Trowbridge . Back Row : B . Goldman, M . Perry , J . Dooley, J . Schmucker, P . Hodges, B . Keller . hockey C . Tilden, M . Schuster, B . Foster, J . Biddle, S . Johnson, C . Hawkes, M . Woll, J . Rosenblum, I . Leyasmeyer . The women's field hockey team, coached b y Miss Ann McKennan and Mrs . Hildegarde Farquhar, more than compensated for last year' s winless season by defeating Immaculata, Bry n Mawr, and Chestnut Hill . They also playe d Temple, Drexel, and Swarthmore to post a solid 3-2-1 record, demonstrating great improvement over last year . badminton The women's badminton team, whose members were led by Captain Ilga Leyasmeyer , competed with clubs from five local college s this year . The girls gained valuable experience as a result of the coaching of Mrs . Su e Johnson and the many hours of practice i n preparation for their matches . 244 Led by Captain Sally Dreyfus and sparked by scoring stand-ou t Kay Schumacher, Penn's co-ed hoopsters battled successfully throug h eight games this year . The great enthusiasm and talent displayed b y the team reflected much credit upon their coach, Miss Elizabeth Bur dick, as the girls recorded a satisfactory and highly competitive sea son . basketbal l B . Goldman, K . Schumacher, S . Dreyfus, C . Teplitz, R . Hartsough . Second Row : M . Griffin , J . Rowe, S . Maguire, P . Hodges, V . Hudak, S . Carns, P . Whayne . Bac k Row : J . Reichner, B . Chase, P . Goss , M . Appel, J . Fogg, M . Greene, P . Sprecher . Front Row : 245 swimming N . Nelson, J . Crume, S . Goldstein, G . Stewart , B . Chesneau, S . Allen, T . Lord . modern danc e The highly capable Modern Dance group, led b y Captain Jackie Zahn and directed by Mrs . Malvin a Taiz, gave their main performance in November a t the Academy of Music in collaboration with the Philadelphia Orchestra under Assistant Conductor Willia m Smith . Plans were also made for a Dance Worksho p with Bryn Mawr, Temple, and Swarthmore . Continuing in the winning tradition which the women's swimming team has established over the pas t several seasons, this year's team finished with a recor d of 3-4 . With the return of WAAU Diving Champio n and captain Marion Park and breast stroke recor d holder Barbara Chesneau, the outlook for next yea r is very bright . Front Row : S . Goldstein, N . Neff, S . Hurlong , H . Lowenthal . Back Row : H . Cohen, J . Tasson e S . Order . This formation was only one of many that were produced with precisio n and grace . The smooth rhythm of the aquamaids was pleasing to all . penguinnettes The Pennquinette show was held in Hutchinson poo l where the waves were not so choppy . The mermaids deftly carry through a difficult swim sequenc e without the use of their fins . A highlight of the winter season was the presentation of the "Rainbow Fantasy," this year's edition of the annual Pennquinette aquacade . Unde r the skilled guidance of Mrs . Doris Dannenhirsch , coach, and Merle Lipshutz, captain, the girl s planned, produced, and presented a colorful sho w of eleven sparkling compositions set to music . 247 volleyball Although fielding a relatively green tea m this year, the women's volleyball squad stil l managed to compile a respectable record o f 1-2 . Prospects for next year are even bette r due to the return of three of the squad's main stays and to the fine coaching of Miss Burdick . lacrosse Directed by Miss Ann McKernan and Mrs . Sue Warner, an all-American lacrosse player , the women's lacrosse team has just complete d its second year on the spring athletic roster . After a successful opening season as a re established varsity sport, the team has benefited greatly from increased participation . Opponents this year include West Chester Stat e Teachers College, Ursinus, Beaver, Bryn Mawr , Swarthmore, Drexel, and Temple . T . Rappaport, B . Stein, R . Eletzky, M . Greene . Front Row : M . Barber, C . Arzio, B . Goldman , S . Johnson . Back Row : A . McKennan, coach ; B . Foster, V . Knight, J . Hesse, P . Brooks, A . Greenwald, S . Warner, coach . 248 bowling Penn's women bowlers, led by Captain Anna Leferovich and coached by Mrs . Jean Scott, compiled a satisfactory record of three wins and three losses this year . The hard-working and skillful team displayed thei r talent by drubbing Drexel twice, winning one an d losing one to New York University, and bowing twic e to Temple . Kneeling : W . Rothfeld, B . Eyler; Standing : A . Leferovich , S . Randall, N . Eilender . archery Mrs . Farquhar, coach of women's archery, is looking forward to this spring with high hopes for a winning season . Six returning veterans, led by Captain Myrtle Rice, will compete for the eight availabl e positions along with an excellent group of newcomers . Outstanding returnees are Ellen Moore and Julie Ma her, who is back after a year's absence . Sandy Balen, Ellen Moore, Myrtle Rice, Pa t Schwager, Julie Maher, and Judy Miller . 249 w. a. a. Among the many accomplishments o f the Women's Athletic Association for th e past year was the writing of a stronge r constitution . Their major objective at th e present time is the establishment of socia l sports in which both male and female students will participate competitively . Th e Annual Awards Banquet in May to hono r outstanding women athletes featured Mr . George Munger as guest speaker . Row : J . Zahn, J . Taylor, M . Perry , Women ' s Athletic Association -- Front M . Rice . Back Row : B . Zellick, S . Dreyfus, K . Schumacher, President ; G . Stewart, Secretary, E . Moore . athlon Athlon is the honor association for the wome n athletes of Pennsylvania . The members are electe d into this association after earning twenty point s through participation in sports, either by servin g as captain of one of the teams, as a member o f WAA, or as a team manager . Election to Athlo n is announced during the Hey Day festivities a t which time the Athlon Award to the outstandin g woman freshman athlete is also presented . Si Ju Li and Kay Schumacher represent the outstandin g women athletes who have been honored by electio n to Athlon . 251 Though many people on the outside picture colleges a s overgrown playgrounds, life at Pennsylvania is often unpleasant under the rising pressures of academic efforts . But sometimes we do "have fun" -- a large-scale weeken d "blowout," or a "rowbottom," allows the dispersion of frustrations . Yet, to the student, the most significant contribution of any social event is the satisfaction of his nee d to join with his fellows in the light-hearted pursuit of an in tangible happiness . Socials The thought of Junior Week brings to mind a long line o f Pennmen with skimmer hats and walking canes steppin g briskly from the Junior Balcony through the winding walk s around College Hall to chapel ceremonies in Irvine Auditorium . The social highlight of the week's attractions is th e Junior Prom on Friday night, featuring the crowning of th e queen who will reign over the remainder of the weeken d activities . This year, however, the week's most memorabl e event came on Saturday afternoon, when a screaming, unbelieving crowd witnessed the most exciting game of th e season as Penn confronted powerful Navy with its greates t football performance in recent years . President Harnwell addresses the men o f '61 before their trek to Irvine Auditorium . JuniorWek The celebrated Junior Class Cane March brings many a forgotten Junio r out of hibernation . 254 In keeping with the rousing mood of th e Junior Prom, the high-spirite duperclasmn jump to their feet with a toast for our footballers . Obviously, she thinks for herself . George Koval calls the signals as the opposing lines menace each other . Policemen gang up on Pennsylvania' s replica of the Navy goat . The goa t was ticketed for double-parking o n the Penn bench . Candidates and their escorts gather on the bandstand for th e announcement of the Junior Week Queen . The long blue line thunders into Franklin Field as th e "advance-men" for the Blue and Gold . The cheerleaders whip up the crowd in a rousing versio n of "Drink a Highball" in three-quarter time . 257 One of the contest entrants is presented to the line of judges as th e candidates vie for a berth on the ballot . Ben Parks, editor of the 1960 Record, imparts wisdo m to a group of candidates . Queen Contest Each year, the great contest, held under the supervision of the Record , provides an outlet for beautiful Penn co-eds to vie for the title of Mis s University of Pennsylvania . The contestants were whittled down in th e selection of ten finalists from the ranks of lovelies . The original selectio n was made by four members of the University faculty . Acting in this judgin g capacity for the event were Dr . Albert Hobbs, Mrs . Anne Lenox, Mr . Rober t Pitt, and Mr . Charles . Scott . After the initial selection, the student bod y elected the Queen and her court . The Queen was formerly presented to th e University at the annual Pledges on Parade ball . The task of selecting a queen may be difficult, but the work is enjoyable . The judges had an arduous task i n selecting ten finalists from the beautiful group of entrants . 258 The judges had the singular task of selecting ten final candidates from this group of twenty one semi-finalists . A quiet chat with Dean Pitt i s enough to bring out the personalities of the contestants . The Queen and her court : Beverly Keller, Charit y Bishop, Susan Alexander, Monika Schwager, an d Gretchen Mensch . Miss University ofSusan Alexander Pennsylvania Susan Alexander was presented as Miss University o f Pennsylvania by Mr . Robert Pitt at Pledges on Parade . Various expressions of happiness can be viewed on th e faces of the finalists as the Queen is announced i n Houston Hall . 260 Miss Charity Bishop Miss Beverly Keller 263 Miss Gretchen Mensch Miss Monika Schwager Frosh Hop The annual dance given in honor of the ne w Freshman Class was held this year on Octobe r 17 . The " Frosh Hop, " as the dance is traditionally termed, serves as the annual kickof f for the social season of the Freshman Class . This big fall social affair, held annually i n Houston Hall, not only affords the newly oriented freshman an opportunity to meet mor e of his fellow classmates, but gives him hi s first sampling of social events at Penn . Soft music, dim lights, and the enchanting atmosphere of Houston Hall . 266 On December 11, 1959, Delta Phi Epsilo n sponsored its fourth annual Pledges on Parad e Ball . The dance, which took place in th e Grand Ballroom of the Broadwood Hotel, honored those girls pledging the eleven differen t women's fraternities on the Penn campus . Th e master of ceremonies, Dean Pitt, had the pleasure of presenting Miss University and he r Court to each pledge class, while Jules Helzner and his band provided an appropriat e musical backdrop for the array of lovelies . The young gentlemen jump to their chairs and cran e their necks to cheer on the local favorites . P OP The parade of pledges into the ballroom climaxes a torturous evening of trying to fin d one's date from amongst the multitude . Ronald Weiss, co-chairman of the University Quee n Contest, presents Miss University, Susan Alexander , to Dean Robert Pitt and the assembled pledges . "Did anyone ever tell you that yo u dance like an elephant? " As the band strikes up " The Star s o a"cnodSutripelsFvy pick up the beat . 267 ek .W .F I Chapel ceremonies in Irvine Auditorium start I .F . Wee k on a solemn note . The Fraternity Presidents' Banquet gathers together th e really big men on campus for an evening of speeche s and handshaking . A Pennsylvania tradition that not only has a beneficial effect on the fraternity system but creates an unusually enjoy able array of social events is Interfraternity Week . The primary purpose of this program, held between rushing an d spring vacation, is to create a unifying force between th e campus fraternities . The festivities begin with Chapel ceremonies held in Irvine Auditorium under the direction o f Chaplain Harris . The events that follow range from coffe e hours, exchange luncheons, fraternity parties, and the President's Dinner to discussion groups beneficial to fraternit y stewards and treasurers . Although Interfraternity Week i s sponsored by the fraternities, the diversified social activitie s are scheduled for the enjoyment of the entire student body . The week's activities are climaxed by the annual I .F . Ball hel d in one of the downtown Philadelphia hotels . Candidates for the title of I .F . Queen gathe r at the annual cocktail party for the final selections . 268 One week during each school year is set aside for the promotion of brothe r hood between fraternities . The houses vie with various underhanded tactic s for awards and general goodwill citations . With warm hearts, full cups of e demitas,ngrdealofch,rteniymfadoth sunset . The climax and highlight of the weekend i s the I .F . Ball . Each fraternity sends a representative delegation of tuxedoed youths . 269 By the end of the evening everyone is either sober, happy, or completely oblivious to it all . Some people just don't know when to go home . The most wonderful thing about a n evening out is the interesting peopl e you meet . 270 Bathtubs were restored to their original use at this typical Penn Prohibitio n party . Bathing is not recommended while the gin is being brewed . "Set 'em up, Joe" was the familiar cry a t this Wild West party . Maverick neve r had it so good ! This party turned out to be more than a "Sing Sing ." Don't be misled by th e pyjamas ; these jail birds are far fro m tired . The big spring weekend at the University of Pennsylvania has undergon e tremendous change over the past fifteen years . Shortly after the end of th e war, Callow Day became one of the eastern colleges' leading attractions . The event, named in honor of Rusty Callow, then Penn crew coach, brough t to Philadelphia outstanding collegiate crews from all over the United States . This was the beginning of the modern history of Spring Weekend at Pennsylvania . Callow Day was changed to Skimmer Day in 1951 . An immediate success , it soon became an established tradition at Pennsylvania . But the "tradition " was to be short-lived . Because of repeated pleas by the city fathers pertainin g to the site of the event, it was necessary for the University to dispose of Skim mer Day and allow the student body to search for an appropriate substitute . The annual honor societies raft race, the women's poster contest, and man y other activities connected with the event passed with it . For 1960 the University replaced Skimmer with an enormously contrived extravaganza to b e held within the hallowed confines of Franklin Field . Skimmer Day may be remembered by few of the present classes, but it s place in University life has yet to be filled in the hearts of those who kne w it as a part of their undergraduate days at Pennsylvania . Ivy Weekend ha s also succumbed to the ever-changing college scheme . At the tail end of eac h academic year the University social scene had its climax in the Ivy Ball . I n the past the ball and the weekend's activities had been open to the entir e student body . In 1959, the weekend became exclusive to the graduatin g senior class . A boat ride and Senior Dinner Dance proved to be a complet e change in the traditional spring weekend . 272 No phase of life at the University has been subject t o greater attack and vilification than the fraternity system , and perhaps this is justifiable . However, stressing only th e defects distorts the total picture . The fraternities them selves are making efforts to correct the faults, while maintaining the ideals behind the original Greek-letter societies . It is difficult to imagine a substitute that could presentl y make a more meaningful addition to the college experienc e than does membership in a mature fraternal organization . Fraternities i.f. council The Inter-Fraternity Council is composed of th e presidents of the thirty-seven men's fraternities an d members of I .F . committees . This organization take s active leadership in improving the fraternity system , with special emphasis placed on rushing rules an d regulations, academic studies, service projects, hazing, and social affairs . Intramural sports, Daisy Day , and I .F . Week are a few of the many activities sponthe sored by the Council . By working directly wit h fraternities, assisting them in finding solutions t o problems and advising them on procedures, the Council helps the fraternities to function smoothly an d effectively . Interfraternity Council -- Front Row : R . V . Champion, secretary ; A . W . Ricker, vice-president; G . L . Munger, president; H . H . Colehower, III, treasurer . Second Row : S . Peary, W . Mallery, R . Nakamura, M . Weintraub, E . Tracy, W . Schawbel, D . Weil, E . Meltzer, E . Riesenbach, R . Akel, J . Wolff, R . Brown, M . Armellino, J . Murray, J . Lynch, W . Wickes, R . Scott . Third Row : D . Lan dry, W . Harsh, A . Blythe, R . Shank, D . Brodie, R . Gleason, A . Donzanti, R . DelCastillo, R . Balser, G . Schiffman, R . Study, B . Metzler , W . Muller, P . O ' Malley, F . Fleischer, B . DiNubile . Back Row : E . Swick, J . Bright, G . Smith, R . Busser, P . Clark, M . Solomon, D . Crump, W . Fenn, D . Calamore, S . Ehrenkranz, G . Lasiewski, J . Nolan, J . Spitzer . Greville L . Munger, president of the Inter-Fraternity Council, i s responsible for co-ordinating a vast number of fraternity projects . He also represents the fraternities on the Undergraduate Council . 2 78 Seated: K . Sayre, R . Gittlin, M . Laan, J . Riblett, C . Cohen, vice-president ; K . Hutton, president ; P . Evans, secretary ; J . Kline, B . Goldman, S . Goldstein, J . Cohen . Standing : A . Friedlander, R . Rosenzweig, A . Rowland, R . Cummings, D . Darenzo, E . Brady . junior pan-hellenic counci l The Junior Pan-Hellenic Council serves as th e training ground for future Senior Pan-Hel delegates . Each sorority is represented by tw o pledges who coordinate the women's pledge pro gram . The Council took part in Daisy-Day, soliciting funds for the Crippled Children's Hospital . I t also initiated an an Annual Service Worksho p where all pledges participated in making bea n bags for distribution to juvenile patients in variou s local hospitals. pan-hellenic association As the co-ordinating body of women's fraternit y activities, the Pan-Hellenic Association has broadened its scope considerably during the past year . An Easter party for orphans and the aged wa s added to augment its extensive charity work . Fraternity membership was also increased by a revised rush program, and, as in former years , projects sponsored by Pan-Hel have stimulated interest in scholarship and interfraternity socia l events . Front Row : S . Storm, P . Sprecher, C . Cameron, H . Schoenfeld, R . Clyman . Second Row : J . Tritz, secretary ; J . Fenton, second vice-president ; J . Strong, president; D . Ruttenberg, firs t vice-president ; N . Loev, treasurer . Third Row : N . Peden, M . Goodman, V . Jerrehian, J . Chrysler, S . Rovner, J . Swift, J . Jacobs, L . Buerklin, J . Francis . Back Row : N . Dowdy, C . Knight, G . Clark, L . Yardley, M . Weisman, J . Daroff . 2 79 acacia OFFICER S PRESIDEN T VICE-PRESIDEN T SECRETAR Y TREASURE R Bruce Pierc e Gordon Malic k Gary Smit h Morley Car l 196 0 Morley Carl, Maier F . Freedman, J . William Milne , Bruce J . Pierce, Clinton C . Schafer, William C . Speidel . 196 1 Harvey T . Forman, Gordon Malick, David L . Paper master, Gary Smith . 196 2 Robert B . McLean, Edward T . Salvato, Jr ., Robert J . Shank, David L . Weil, Lynn S . Wilson . The brotherhood of Acacia fraternity , has changed it s originally masonic character toward that of a social fraternity . To maintain the prestige of Acacia, the Frankli n chapter actively participated in many University functions . The main event of the fall semester was the annual Christma s Formal and Alumni Banquet held just prior to the Christma s vacation . The spring semester was highlighted by the Frenc h Cafe Party in February at which the brothers and their date s captured a bit of the atmosphere of Paris' Left Bank . 280 Front Row : M . Freedman, G . Malick, B . Pierce, G . Smith, M . Carl . Back Row : C . Schafer, R . Wilson, R . Shank, D . Papermaster, H . Forman, W . Milne, J . Strock , R . McLean, E . Salvato, D . Weil . 281 Front Row : R . Busser, J . Seksinsky, J . Burns, A . Lyle, B . Oehlert . Back Row: J . Benjamin, J . Faiss, L . Winter, R . Mansfield, P . Hesbacher, O . Cherniahivsky , R . D ' Alonzo, J . Nara . 282 OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER . . . . . . . . . . . . Joseph D . Burn s John J . Seksinsk y Anthony A . Lyl e . Robert A . Busse r alpha chi rh o 196 0 Robert A . Busser, Fred F . Lombardo, John J . Seksinsky, Lloyd H . Winter, II . 196 1 Joseph D . Burns, Douglas R . Butturff, Anthony A . Lyle, Benjamin H . Oehlert, III, William H . Wallgren . 196 2 James L . Benjamin, Ollie Cherniahivsky, Robert A . D 'Alonzo, John J . Faiss, Jr ., John M . Nara, Raymond Zabel, Jr . As part of their charitable work for the year, the brother s of Alpha Chi Rho gave a Christmas party for a group of under privileged children from the local Philadelphia area . Th e Feast of the Neophytes Banquet was held again this year a t the Barclay Hotel at which the brotherhood made thei r annual presentation of awards to the outstanding men i n attendance . In the spring the brothers and alumni strengthened their brotherhood ties by testing their athletic abilitie s during a field day called the "Phi Olympics ." 283 alpha epsilon V OFFICERS MASTER LIEUTENANT MASTER SCRIBE pi EXCHEQUER Gene N . Schiffma n Charles Asarnow Errol L. Ston e Victor Ringe l 196 0 Charles Asarnow, Michael Bartell, William Golden berg, David Marion, Bernard Pemstein, Edwar d Rose, Eugene Schiffman, Edward Shrager, Richard Stollman, Peter Wolf . 196 1 Melvin Botvin, Robert Charney, Steven Cozen , Abraham Fingerhut, Lawrence Foster, Jerry Friedlander, David Kaufelt, Martin Richter, Victo r Ringel, Ronald Rosenfeld, Rodman Rosenberger , Richard Rynes, William Salkover, Paul Sarno, Gordon Simonds, Errol Stone, Michael Sulkin, Jac k Vitenson, Michael Weintraub . 196 2 Michael Blum, Larry Cole, William Fried, Sanfor d Fried, Marshall Glasser, Sam Gould, Michael Harris, Jeremy Heymsfeld, Barton Hodes, Jerry Kessler, Milton Klein, Benjamin Levine, Jay Ruskin , Robert Romanow, William Schwartz, Bruce Senzel , Paul Shapiro, Irwin Steinman, James Vogel, Ben nett Weinstock . The brothers of the Gamma chapter of Alpha Epsilon P i completed another year well-balanced with activities . The house held a party for orphans during the Christmas seaso n so that this time of year would be just a little happier fo r these unfortunate few . The fall social calendar was high lighted by the annual Shipwreck Party, held on Junior Week end, which was attended by many Middies who found them selves in their native habitat. In the spring the social chair man provided the house with a Beer-Garden Party and th e Prohibition Party of I . F. Weekend . 284 Front Row : W . Fried, L . Cole, P . Wolf, B . Pemstein, S . Fried, M . Harris . Second Row : M . Klein, J . Vogel, J . Friedlander, P . Shapiro, I . Steinman, W . Goldenberg , W . G . Schwartz, D . Marion, R . Rosenberger, J . Kessler . Third Row : J . Heymsfeld, S . Gould, M . Blum, P . Sarno, M . Sulkin, E . Stone, G . Schiffman , C . Asarnow, V . Ringel, R . Rynes, M . Weintraub, M . Glasser, B . Weinstock, J . E . Rivkin , B . Hodes . Back Row : M . Botvin, R . Rosenfeld, E . Rose, M . Bartell, A . Fingerhut, H . Fiebach, B . Senzel , R . Charney, B . Levine, R . Romanow . 285 Front Row : J . Weidner, A . Mascena, D . Haines, E . Tracy, R . Nakamura, R . Bergey, L . H . Liem . Second Row : J . Marquiss, G . Poon, W . Gulliver, D . Stevens, W . Mallery, F . Bennett, F . Hawke, R . Harper . Back Row: W . Pepperman, C . Shibue, R . Usher, S . Stevenson, R . Kreider, K . Farrell, J . Potoski, P . Scholtes . 286 OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Ernest A . Tracy Ronald M . Nakamur a Richard L . Berge y Dean S . Haines alpha sigma ph i 196 0 Fred H . Bennett, William B . Gulliver, Richard W . Hooven, William J . Maddren, . William H . Mallery , Paul J . Scholtes, John J . Ward, Jr . 196 1 Donald M . Brown, Dean S . Haines, Robert C . Harper, Robert E . Kreider, James R . Marquiss , Anthony J . Mascena, Ronald M . Nakamura, Danie l G . Patsko, Walter L . Pepperman, Charles T . Shibue , David G . Stevens, Samuel J . Stevenson, Ernest A . Tracy . 196 2 Richard L . Bergey, Kevin J . Farrell, Franklin R . Hawke, Liong H . Liem, Godfrey Poon, Joh n Potoski, Robert Usher, James Weidner . In addition to participating in the annual Campus Ches t Carnival, Alpha Sigma Phi kept busy this year by sponsorin g formals at Christmas and in the spring . Their ninety-fift h annual Homecoming Party in the fall proved a great succes s for the brothers and recalled fond reminiscences for th e returning grads . Adding to the list of many informal soirees , the Alpha Sig's made a late spring pilgrimage to Ocean City , New Jersey, the Mecca of collegiate mayhem, for a souse d and sandy beach party with their dates . 287 alpha ta u OFFICER S WORTHY MASTER WORTHY CHAPLAIN WORTHY KEEPER OF EXCHEQUER Paul S . Lazoric k Stephen K . Peary Wm . B . Hopkin s William Smit h Thomas Gehma n omega WORTHY KEEPER OF ANNALS WORTHY SCRIBE 196 0 Jerry Arnold, Peyton H . Bray, Philip Freytag , Richard A . Furniss, Thomas Gehman, Peter W . Gehris, Raymond Greinke, William B . Hopkins , Edwin M . Howell, Paul S . Lazorick, Philip E . Mac key, Roger C . Manning, James Markley, George K . Marshall, Murray Miles, M . Bruce Miner, Paul W . Moog, Stephen Peary, Brian R . Percival, Paul A . Purcell, Nicholas Salerno, William Smith, Willia m Stewart, Joel Todino, Fredrick Warren, Keith Wilcox . 196 1 Daniel Briggs, Mark T . Dowd, John Doyle, Adolp h Edwards, Randal Higinbotham, Gary Jacopian , Robert Kintner, Martin Loughlin, David McGlynn , Robert Mervine, Kurt Petrie, Benjamin Turner , Edward T . Williams, Kenneth Yates . 196 2 Carlos Asturias, Michael C . Barlerin, Prescott H . Blatterman, James E . Day, Robert Earnest, Joh n Guzy, Charles Haines, Howard Hall, A . Hoyt Hobbs , Geoffrey Holmes, William Hostler, Benjamin F . King, David Lapp, Frank Maresca, T . Jerome Narozny, Michael Natale, William Shergalis, Gavi n Speirs, Robert Tetro . To the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega, this past year ha s been a memorable one . Their social program has provide d the ATO's with many enjoyable moments . Navy Weeken d found the house decorated as a Mississippi riverboat wit h various games of chance conducted in the dining room, wher e the guests were able to win huge sums of play money . Th e party was, as a result, a great success with the " Maverick " set . A Beatnik Party and Shipwreck Party supplemented a tremendous social season . 288 Front Row : F . Maresca, K . Petrie, M . Miles . Second Row : C . Haines, J . Markley, S . Peary, P . Lazorick, W . Hopkins, W . Smith, R . Manning, G . Jacopian . Third Row : J . Guzy, R . Furniss, D . Lapp, R . Higinbotham, B . Percival, M . Laughlin, M . Miner, N . Salerno, D . McGlynn, D . Edwards, P . Mackey, J . Day . Back Row : G . Marshall, R . Tetro, J . Doyle, W . Hostler, C . Asturias, M . Barlerin, F . Warren , E . Williams, W . Shergalis, D . Briggs, G . Holmes . 289 Front Row : Z . Tankel, A . Veiss, G . Donshik, J . Gordman, M . King . Second Row : N . Geller, D . Brumberg, G . Robbins, R . Sussman, R . Fishman, G . Reisenbach, J . Wolff, I . Cohen, R . Kaminsky, S . Koppman . Third Row: B . Woolner, R . Kerstein, M . Furst, A . Jacobs, V . Greene, D . Pearlman, H . Aber man, P . Stutman, T . Benditt, S . Sokol, R . Schuldenfrei, M . Bernstein, J . Weisman, B . Karmiel, C . Pontz, D . Cooper, P . Heischuber, R . Benedek, H . Sonnabend, H . Shapiro, R . Hefter , B . Greenspon . Back Row : W . Edelson, R . Yorks, E . Slavitt, I . Sharlip, R . Dabrusin, G . Green, S . Odell, M . Segal, H . Burg, R . Cohen, B . Shankroff, S . Frankel, R . Birnbaum, H . Berman, J . Eisenberg , S . Shapiro, M . Taubin, A . Honig . 290 OFFICER S CHANCELLOR VICE-CHANCELLOR WARDEN AUDITOR RECORDER . . . E . Gerald Reisenbac h Joel A . Wolf f Irby M . Cohe n . Richard Fishma n Henry I . Sonnaben d beta sigm a rho 196 0 Hugh M . Aberman, Kenneth A . Baer, Richard Benedek, Harvey C . Berman, Ronald Birnbaum, Arthu r Blyden, Ronald H . Cohen, Warren M . Edelson, Richard Fishman, Norman Geller, Jerome P . Gordman , Gerald D . Green, Robert J . Hefter, Alan S . Honig , Robert L . Kaminsky, J . Michael King, Stephen M . Koppman, E . Gerald Riesenbach, Benjamin B . Shankroff, Joel J . Sigalove, James L . Weisman . 196 1 Michael Belman, G . David Brumberg, Bruce A . Co hen, Irby M . Cohen, Darrell M . Cooper, Richard A . Dabrusin, Steven R . Frankel, Victor Greene, Barr y M . Greenspon, Paul I . Heischuber, Burt M . Karmiel , James P . Kartell, Stuart Odell, Natan Peisach, Curtis M . Pontz, Gordon Robbins, Howard Shapiro , Ira Sharlip, Earl Slavitt, Stephen M . Sokol, Richard M . Sussman, Matthew Taubin, Allan J . Viess, Joe l A . Wolff, Richard A . Yorks . 196 2 Theodore M . Benditt, Michael H . Bernstein, Harve y M . Burg, Gary R . Donshik, James W . Eisenberg , Michael L . Furst, Alan N . Jacobs, Robert M . Kerstein, Marc Levin, Daniel Pearlman, Richard Schuldenfrei, Mark Segal, Steven G . Shapiro, Henry A . Sonnabend, Paul A . Stutman, Zane Tankel, Herber t Weinstein, Bernard J . Woolner . 3914 Spruce Street was bristling with activity when th e Beta Sig's rolled back into action . The Penn chapter hoste d the recent convention of their national, held at Atlantic City , where a wild time was had by all . Exemplifying their rousing Penn spirit, the fraters, sixty strong, traveled to Princeto n to cheer the Red and Blue on to victory . The Exchang e Weekend, held in conjunction with their Penn State chapter , turned out to be the most talked about event of the sprin g semester . 291 beta theta pi OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Joseph L . Caliha n Raymond Kelley Charles S . War d John J . Doyl e 1960 C . Richard Arenschield, John M . Bay, Paul R . Bosworth, Joseph L . Calihan, Laird C . Cleaver, John J . Doyle, Joseph J . Gibison, Raymond Kelley, Christian G . Kling, C . Nelson Lallathin, Julian V . Miraglia, Michael Papanikolas, James D . Phelan, John M . Phelan, George H . Schmidt, William Smythe , Charles S . Ward, John Way . 196 1 Norman H . Beck, Peter Derks, J . Roger Faherty , Ralph Greco . 196 2 Alan Campbell, Beech Carre, Joseph Fidanque , Gerald L . Gaudette, Barry W . Littel, Richard Moyer , Harry E . Reagan, Franklyn Robbins, David Spillane , William T . Tomicki, Richard Wammock . The Beta's instituted a new tradition at their house thi s year with the first annual Beta Theta Pi Parents' Day . Th e success of this event can be measured by the fact that parent s from as far away as Utah were in attendance at the festivities . The Interfraternity Weekend was celebrated with a Shipwreck Party for which the house was decorated in a nautical vein . The social events of the house were greatl y improved by the new furnishings donated through the generosity of the alumni . 292 Front Row : J . J . Doyle, C . Ward, J . Callahan, R . Kelley, J . Miragli a Second Row : G . Gaudette, A . Campbell, B . Hazelton, J . Reagan, R . Greco, F . Romnitz, L . Cleaver, J . Gibison . Third Row : R . Henkle, P . Bosworth, J . Bay, R . Wammock, M . Phelan, D . Spillane . Back Row : J . Fidanque, R . Faherty, M . Papanikolas, J . Way, R . Arenschield . 293 Front Row : R . Loughran, D . Brown, F . Ollison, R. Salman . Second Row : R . Berdow, J . Gillin, R . Akel, J . Newcomb, H . Van Schaack, H . Colehower . Third Row : P . Prezzano, D . Lake, T . Ward, A . Carter, L . Campbell, R . Billingsley, W . Lanning , J . Smith, J . Dunsmore, P . Hamblett, I . Jackson, W . Tracy . Back Row : P . McKenna, R . Marks, P . Yeakel, B . Metzler, C . Martien, K . Kirby, J . Carter , H . Halloran, H . Krider, D . Shields, W . Caldwell . OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT CORRESPONDING SECRETARY RECORDING SECRETARY TREASURER Ronald M . Ake l John Newcom b Robert H . Berdow John Gilli n Henry Van Schaac k delta kappa epsilon 196 0 Ronald M . Akel, Robert W . Billingsley, Dean W . Brown, John Bower, William W . Caldwell, Charle s Clayton, Harry H . Colehower, Clarke H . Ivins , Howard T . Lambert, Peter J . McKenna, Fredric k O.WlisaYordn,PTeuyMRk . 196 1 Robert H . Berdow, James D . Dunsmore, John T . Gillin, William B . C . Hahnebach, Harry R . Halloran , Peter Hamblett, Irving W . Jackson, William G . Lanning, Robert J . Marks, Charles B . Metzler , John C . Newcomb, Edward P . Prezzano, Rodger A . Salman, Thomas M . Thistle, Robert B . Thompson , Henry C . Van Schaack . 196 2 Robert A . Batdorf, Thomas H . Becker, Leas Camp bell, Alexander H . Carter, James P . Carter, John J . Heins, Robert G . Kelly, Terrence F . Kelly, Harol d H . Krider, J . Douglas Lake, Richard G . Lougheran , Thomas J . Neviser, David W . Shields, John H . Smith, John J . Smith, William D . Tracy . The Dekes' fabulous parties are as much a part of Penn' s history as is Ben Franklin himself . This year being no exception, the Dekes had one rousing success after another . Th e highlight affair of the Deke social season was the wild Roaring Twenties Party held in the late spring . Other socia l affairs included the post-game cocktail parties, Saturday nigh t affairs, the house formal, and several mammoth weeken d blowouts . The brothers participated actively in such University activities as the Campus Chest Carnival and I . F . athletic leagues . 295 delta phi OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Walter F . Wickes, II I Fred Marzull o Albrecht Saalfiel d F . Wood Fische r 196 0 Robert Davis, Edwardo Llach-Hill, Mark Lombardini, Fred Marzullo, Harold Paumgarten, Walter F . Wickes, III . 196 1 Peter Alexander, Phillip Jackson, Carter Leidy , Donald Nicholson, Albrecht Saalfield . 196 2 Steven B . Brown, Robert Creskoff, F . Wood Fischer , Roberto Llach-Hill, James Lyon, James V . McConnel, John Morgan, Robert Roak, Henry Sears , Fargo Thompson . Delta Phi fraternity, the oldest house on the Penn campus , moved into its new building at One McAlpin Street this pas t February . In this new location, the brotherhood's year wa s more enjoyable than ever . Their social affairs consisted o f informal parties celebrating the Quaker's victorious footbal l season in the fall and their new edifice in the spring . Th e brothers joined the Tri-Delts for a fabulous Christmas celebration long to be remembered by those in attendance . Th e fraternity is well-represented on the crew, lacrosse, squash , and soccer teams . 296 Front Row : J . Morgan, F . Thompson, S . Brown, H . Sears, N . Agubie, P . Alexander . Back Row : W . Wickes, F . Fischer, J . McConnell, H . Daugherty . 297 Front Row : E . Sands, H . Orr, J . Vordemberge, J . O'Shielves, F . Sands, Jr ., R . Chapman, E . M . Davis, W . G . Reynolds, A . Daub, H . Taylor . Second Row : A . Call, G . Bailey, J . Bright, B . Walsh, F . Allen, W . Hoff, G . T . Smith, T . Twitmyer, J . Dilks, J . F . Mitchell, G . M . Moffett, W . A . Patty, J . D . Laverell, II . Back Row: D . J . Colfelt, C . Kindleberger, J . Weed, K . Goossens, P . Hodgson, J . Tranchin , L . Glenn, T . Muller, J . Romer, R . Schaeffer, J . Goodrich, L . Andrew, R . Dodge, L . Redway , J . Wurts . 298 OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER George T . Smit h William B . Hoff Franklin Sands, Jr . Thomas M . Twitmye r delta ps i 196 0 Frederick S . Allen, Jr ., Eugene M . Cheston, Jr . , Lawrence R . Glenn, William B . Hoff, James F . Mitchell, III, Frederick L . Muller, Richard J . Romer , Franklin McF . Sands, Jr ., George T . Smith, Jame s W . Tranchin, Thomas M . Twitmyer, Joseph W . Weed . 196 1 Jonathan Bright, Robert D . Chapman, David J . Colfelt, E . Morris Davis, John H . Dilks, Jr ., John A . Goodrich, Judson D . Laverell, James F . L . O'Shields , Theodore W . Towl, Basil S . Walsh, III, John W . Wurts, Jr . 196 2 Lucius Andrew, Gage Bailey, Jr ., Anthony D . Call , Louis A . Daub, Robert G . Dodge, II, Karel E . Goossens, Patrick W . E . Hodgson, Charles Kindleberger , George Moffet, Henry S . Orr, II, William A . Patty , Jr ., Laurance M . Redway, William G . Reynolds , Charles D . E . Sands, Hugh R . Taylor, John L . Vordemberge . Delta Psi fraternity, more familiarly known as St . Anthon y Hall, has climaxed another enjoyable year . The brotherhoo d has participated actively in many University organizations , charitable events, athletic activities, and social affairs . Th e Hall's charitable activities included participation in the Cam pus Chest Drive and the Interfraternity Council's Help Week . The St . A's social activities in the fall centered around partie s celebrating the victorious football season . The year was high lighted by the traditional fall and spring Hall weekends . 299 delta ta u delta OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT RECORDING SECRETARY CORRESPONDING SECRETARY TREASURER David B . Landr y Richard W . Brettl e W . L . Derb y Albert Doerin g Peter W . Reed 196 0 John Anderson, Robert Atterbury, Bernard Berlinger, Richard Brettle, Charles Broadhead, Stuar t Bruder, Vincent Colianni, Frederick Guest, Davi d Gunderson, John Hanlon, David B . Landry, Jame s Leathers, Jack Moorman, Peter Reed, Peter Ryan . 196 1 Frederick Bittner, Bruce Cummings, Thomas Dennison, W . L . Derby, Edward Dever, Albert Doering , Peter Eustratiades, Robert Farquhar, Robert Garrison, L . W . Gray, Robert Holt, Edmund Irvine , Andrew Leo, David Lunde, Warren McPherson , Anthony Palms, David Robinson, Peter Schantz , Edgar Smith, Timothy String, Larry Turns, Richard Welham . 196 2 Julio Avendano, Harry Bruder, Michael Cruge , Conrad DeSantis, Frank Dobson, John Doubman , Robert Eastwood, John Gruninger, James Guthrie , Richard Harkins, Robert LeFebvre, Douglas McKay , Edward Morris, Thomas Wright. During the year the Delts turned some of their energie s toward charitable endeavors with a Christmas party for underprivileged children . The brotherhood and their date s spent a terrific weekend at the Split Rock Lodge in the Poconos . Greenwich Village and the members of the "beat " generation moved into the dark, intimate atmosphere of a coffee house when the brothers had their Beatnik Party . Another infamous party was the Caveman Party for whic h the house was decorated in an Old Stone Age decor . 300 Front Row : A . Leo, R . LeFebvre, T . Wright, P . Garrison, R . Harkins, E . Deber . Second Row : S . Bruder, T . Dennison, A . Doering, P . Reed, D . Landry, R . Brettle, W . Derby , D . Robinson, R . Welham . Third Row : P . Schantz, L . Gray, V . Colianni, L . Turns, J . Leathers, P . Ryan, W . McPherson , J . Hanlon, C . DeSantis, D . McKay, F . Dobson, E . Morris . Back Row : B . Cummings, R . Eastwood, P . Eustratiades, H . Bruder, J . Avendano, R . Atterbury , J . Gruninger, T . String, B . Berlinger, A . J . Palms, J . Anderson, J . R . Guthrie, J . R . Doubman, D . Lunde, M . Krug, F . Bittner, R . Farquhar . 301 Front Row : J . Beach, R . Gerwig, P . Ricco, E . McVay, J . Spitzer, E . Borer, E . Kosinski, R . A . Protzmann . Second Row : T . Ludlow, R . Reisinger, R . Canfield, C . Pearson, O . Knauer, G . Brandau, R . Lowder, P . Ryker, R . Pons, R . L . Protzmann, A . Paler, K . Lehman . Back Row: R . Gale, A . Rose, J . McGrath, C . Smith, J . Brouillette, G . Kime, J . Austin, D . Unsworth, J . Brownley, S . Mauvais, M . Metcalfe, R . Cleveland, A . Marshall . 302 OFFICER S PRESIDENT . . VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER James M . Spitze r Edward J . McVa y Edward T . Bore r Philip A . Ricco delta upsilo n 196 0 William E . Blodgett, Edward T . Borer, A . Gordo n Brandau, Jr ., Richard M . Gale, Marion S . Hansen , Richard B . Lowder, John A . McCloskey, Jr ., Adolp h A . Paier, Jr ., Philip A . Ricco, James M . Spitzer . 196 1 Jean T . Brouillette, Richard M . Canfield, G . Russell Cleveland, William J . Klepczynski, III, Orren F . Knauer, Kenneth E . Lehman, Thomas J . Ludlow , John C . McGrath, Jr ., Edward J . McVay, Alexande r Marshall, III, Maurice F . Metcalfe, Charles C . Pear son, Albert E . Rose, Peter J . Ryker, Floyd C . Schwartz, M . Clifford Smith, Ill, David W. Unsworth . 196 2 John J . Austin, John H . Beach, Leon W . Brownley , Jr ., J . Dexter Fletcher, George B . Garlick, Jr . , Robert E . Gerwig, Gary G . Kime, Edmund J . Kosinski, Steven H . Mauvais, Robert W . Pons, Richard A . Protzmann, Robert L . Protzmann, Roy D . Reisinger . The DU ' s participated actively in the many I .F . and University functions, including intramural athletics and the Houston Hall Variety Show . The fall semester consisted of th e usual football weekends which included post-game cocktai l parties, buffet dinners, and Saturday night band dances . Th e Christmas Formal was the outstanding event of the season . This event was preceded by dinner and cocktails . The annual Delta Upsilon picnic and the Spring Formal highlighte d the spring social activities . All these events contributed t o the successful completion of another enjoyable year . 303 kappa alpha OFFICER S PRESIDENT FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Robert B . Ashe r Edward J . Arnd t Robert B . McIntos h Francis D . Donagh y Charles H . Van Auke n 196 0 Edward J . Arndt, Robert B . Asher, James W . Car roll, Robert A . Greene, Charles H . Van Auken . 196 1 Frank J . Bartl, Francis D . Donaghy, Robert B ., Harry L . Shaw, Jr ., Ronald E . Strine , .McIntosh,Jr Walter A . Tighe . 196 2 Murray Abowitz, Robert J . Familetti, Zane W . Gordy, Daniel J . Miglio, Adam R . Siemienski . The brothers of Kappa Alpha, the oldest Greek letter fraternity in the country, completed another highly successful year . At their annual Alumni Weekend, the brothers presented th e "Philadelphia Bowl" to John C . Hetherston '47 for devotio n to Kappa Alpha . The fraters traveled to the Princeton gam e with their dates to cheer Penn on to victory, followed by a dinner at New Hope, Pennsylvania . They also escorted a group of orphans to the Dartmouth-Penn football tussle i n the fall and to a baseball thriller in the spring . 304 Front Row : D . Miglow, R . Strine, H . Shaw, F . Donaghy, Z . Gordy . Back Row : W . deVore, E . Arndt, R . Greene, C . Van Auken, M . Abowitz, R . McIntosh, Jr . , A . Siemienski, R . Familetti . 305 Front Row : S . Hecht, E . Grossman, M . Jaffe, M . Braude, A . D . Meltzer, J . Benson, I . Billman , R . Hatz . Second Row : A . Silverman, H . Cantor, R . Frost, R . Korn, E . Abrutyn, E . Meltzer, M . Saffer , L . Becker, M . Kovarsky . Third Row: L . F . Kaplan, M . Gertner, E . Lande, R . Hyman, R . Feldman, C . Halperin, R . Ruchamkin, M . Bell, L . Nierman . Fourth Row : J . Schultz, H . Gaffin, D . Gilman, N . Ruchamkin, B . Miller, G . Viener, I . Deutsch , J . Press, M . Rosen, B . Lief, S . Jaffe, R . Lifshey, R . Schwarz, L . Golenwald, J . Regosin, B . Berkwich, N . Coplon, G . Jacobs, J . Weisenfeld . Back Row : M . Wolpou, H . Levine, C . Binder, B . Levine, P . Struhl, M . Lerman, A . Levine, P . Sarna, A . Haber, B . Side!, S . Federman, E . Koster, M . Bihari, M . Belafsky, M . Rappaport , E . Rosen, S . Oppenheim . 306 OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Eli O . Meltze r Ronald J . Kor n Elias Abruty n Lawrence Becke r kappa n u 196 0 Elias Abrutyn, Mark L . Belafsky, Charles A . S . Binder, Howard P . Cantor, Norman Cubell, Stan ley P . Federman, Robert L . Frost, Michael J . Gertner, Richard A . Hatz, Ralph E . Heyman, George M . Jacobs, Jerome Kosoy, A . Donald Meltzer, Eli O . Meltzer, Stanton Meltzer, Stephen Oppenheim , David M . Port, Gerald S . Regosin, Joel Schultz , Arthur H . Silverman, Joseph J . Weisenfeld . 196 1 Larry G . Becker, Berthold T . Berkwich, Martin J . Cohen, Ira Deutsch, Harold L . Gaffin, David D . Gilman, Theodore E . Greenstein, Alfred Haber , Ronald J . Korn, Edward M . Koster, Michael E . Kovarsky, Eric P . Lande, Howard M . Levine, Robert M . Lifshey, Lewis G . Nierman, Jeffrey J . Press , Norman E . Ruchamkin, Michael D . Saffer, Philip E . Sarna, Richard M . Schwarz, Alan Steinberg, Pau l M . Struhl, George P . Viener, Robert M . Weiss , Michael R . Wolpov . 196 2 Michael S . Bell, Jeffrey L . Benson, Michael Bihari , Irwin E . Billman, Michael E . Braude, Robert Feld man, Theodore Grossman, Lyle S . Halperin, Mar k Jaffe, Stanley R . Jaffe, L . Fred Kaplan, Marvin S . Lerman, Allwyn J . Levine, Barry B . Levine, Bruce A . Lief, Melvin B . Miller, Michael Rappaport, Eugene Rosen, Matthew J . Rosen, Robert Ruchamkin , Barrett Sidel . Having started the year off with a wild T .G .I .F ., the Kapp a Nu's continued to show a high spirit throughout the year . The philanthropic endeavors of the brotherhood were applie d toward aiding the Cancer Drive and entertaining underprivileged children at a Christmas Party in conjunction with Delt a Phi Epsilon . The highlights of the social season included Nav y Weekend with a party featuring the Carroll Brothers, a Mont e Carlo Party for which the house was decorated as a gamblin g casino, and the usual House Formal . 307 kappa sigma OFFICER S GRAN D MASTER GRAN D PROCURATOR GRAN D MASTER OF CEREMONIES GRAN D SCRIBE GRAN D TREASURER Richard DelCastill o Albert Donzant i Robert Dal e Walter Lawso n William Hamilto n 196 0 G . Jeremy Cummin, Roger Ehle, John Oakill, Edwi n Neu . 196 1 Werner Beck, Charles Carr, Robert Dale, Richar d DelCastillo, Steve Deleyiannis, Albert Donzanti , Charles Egoville, Richard Fruin, Benjamin Gale , Paul Germani, William Hamilton, William Hind man, Ronald Knabb, Walter Lawson, Philip Mc Laughlin, Robert Millham, Charles Murphy, Edwar d Paige, Rolf Sartorius . 196 2 John Aronian, Roger Bobowick, James Boland , George Christmas, Russ Fogler, Rudolf Fuchs , James Hennessey, John Houriet, Alfred Houston , Charles Hulick, Joseph Kates, Thomas Miller, Stan ley Mosler, Cliff Reeves, Louis Rizzo, Joseph Sugden, William Sutton, Arthur Wolfe, Dennis Wooley . Kappa Sigma ranked sixth scholastically among the fraternities on campus, having raised themselves from fifteenth i n the previous year . Their teams in the various interfraternit y leagues had successful seasons, while social affairs include d the Shipwreck and cocktail parties of Junior Weekend, th e Spanish Wine Party, and the Hay Ride and Barn Dance . An other distinction worthy of mention was their first place poste r in the Navy Weekend Poster Contest . The Alpha Epsilo n chapter was the host for the district conclave of the nationa l fraternity . 308 Front Row : W . Beck, E . Paige, R . Christmas, W . Hamilton, Rebel, R . Dale, W . Lawson, J . Hennessey, J . Kates, C . Carr . Second Row : C . Egoville, R . Ehle, W . Sutton, S . Deleyiannis, R . A . Knabb, C . Hulick, G . J . Cummin, C . Neu, A . D . Houston, L . R . Rizzo, W . J . Hindman, D . R . Woolley, P . Germani , R . Sartorius, J . Houriet, C . E . Murphy . Back Row : T . Miller, R . Fuchs, B . Gale, C . A . Reeves, J . H . Sugden, A . R . Bobowick, J . Aronian, R . Millham, P . V . McLaughlin, S . Mosler, A . L . Wolfe, H . Fogler . 309 Front Row : D . Gee, L . Manou, D . Nearon, B . Shipp, F . Harshaw, R . Chance, J . Parker . Second Row: R . Rodi, J . Cleminshaw, W . Fenn, W . Weber, T . Aughey, M . Sakele, R . Huntington, C . Lande, R . Zeccola, E . Benson . Third Row : V . Ingraham, J . Harley, C . Westwood, F . Doelling, J . Callahan, C . Salembier , J . Mika, D . Madden, R . Preston, P . Wellener . Back Row : R . Morton, J . Murray, C . Snyder, V . lerardi, R . Dudley, G . Snyder, S . Watts . 310 OFFICER S PRESIDENT TREASURER REPORTER SECRETARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . William C . Fen n Theodore Aughe y John Cleminsha w Warren G . Weber phi delta thet a 196 0 Theodore Aughey, Edward L . Benson, James F . Callahan, Roland D . Chance, Jr ., John G . Cleminshaw, Frederick F . Doelling, William C . Fenn, Gustave R . Fox, John W . Harley, John Joseph Mika , Jr ., Clarence C . Prevost, Michael R . Sakele, Paul A . Selecky, Benjamin Robert Shipp, Edward D . Stubblebine, G . Gorden Snyder, III, Warren Georg e Weber . 196 1 Richard A . Dudley, Daniel S . Gee, Jay J . Murray , Sidney B . Watts, Paul L . Wellener, Richard A . Zeccola . 196 2 Robert M . Burke, Jr ., John Frederick Harshaw , Vincent J . lerardi, Charles Lande, Richard E . Mad den, Laurence L . Manou, II, Roger S . Morton , David Arthur Nearon, John E . Parker, Ross Sturgeon Preston, Robert A . Rodi, Walter C . Salembier , Craig L . Snyder, Robert W . Swaney, Charles E . Westwood . The Phi Delt's started the year off with the usual footbal l weekend parties highlighted by Homecoming and Nav y Weekends . During the winter season, the Phi Delt's enjoyed their Christmas Formal with their dates, but also shared th e Christmas spirit with the more unfortunate at a party fo r orphans . The second semester was highlighted by the Sprin g Formal, but much time was also devoted to their servic e project . In order to strengthen ties within the fraternity th e Zeta chapter competed against several eastern chapters o f Phi Delt in basketball . 3 II phi epsilon pi OFFICER S SUPERIOR VICE-SUPERIOR SECRETARY TREASURER Sanford Ehrenkran z Elliot Halper n Ivan Popki n Sanford Grossma n 196 0 Bruce Brenner, Carl Covitz, Sanford Ehrenkranz , Stanley Feiler, Paul Feller, Alan Friedman, Nelso n Gold, Richard Goldberg, Edward Gordon, Sanfor d Grossman, Donald Hootstein, Bruce Kosman , Thomas Mann, Alan Marks, Harry Montague, Richard Seitchik, Lawrence Weber, Stanley Zwirn . m 1 196 1 Robert Davison, Kenneth Elias, Neal Feinstein , James Fox, Leon Goldstein, Robert Greenberg , Jack Greenman, Elliot Halpern, Gary Hoffman , David Paul, Ivan Popkin, Maury Povich, John Roller, Norman Rosen, Richard Segal, Stephen Sidel , Milton Stern, David Weiner. 196 2 Michael Ades, William Arnowich, James Ash, Ellio t Ashkenazi, Monroe Berkman, Steven Eisen, Henry Feldman, Peter Grad, Robert Jacobs, Steven Kosloff, Michael Lieberman, Neal Parnes, Michae l Sandler, Stephen Schiffer, Samuel Schnydman , Michael Stool, Murray Yost, William Zolbert . Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity was founded at the City Colleg e of New York in November, 1904, and at the present tim e has thirty-five active chapters in the United States . The Et a chapter was established on the Pennsylvania campus in 1914 . The brothers of the house are active participants in many o f the University's leading activities . They attended many o f the all-University social functions such as the Junior Weekend festivities, the Interfraternity Ball, and Ivy Weekend . Their philanthropic endeavors have included contribution s to the Campus Chest and various Hillel Foundation drives . 312 Front Row : M . Yost, M . Povich, J . Ash, S . Schnydman, D . Paul . Second Row: S . Schiffer, R . Jacobs, E . Halperin, S . Ehrenkranz, S . Grossman, I . Popkin, D . Hootstein, D . Peachin . Third Row : S . Zwirn, P . Feller, M . Stern, M . Stool, S . Eisen, K . Elias, M . Lieberman, S . Fox , N . Rosen, N . Finestein, R . Segal, B . Brenner, R . Greenberg, C . Covitz, R . Davidson, W . Arnowich, E . Ashkenazi, R . Goldberg, A . Friedman, M . Sandler, M . Ades, N . Parnes, M . Berkman . Back Row: T . Mann, B . Kosman, I . Gordon, S . Feiler, G . Hoffman, J . Roller, A . Marks, S . Sidel, H . Feldman, N . Gold, P . Grad, J . Greenman, R . Seitchik . 313 Kneeling : G . Cramer, S . Janetta, F . Emry, S . Hetherington . Front Row : E . Couser, B . Parks, S . Ransom, L . Lawrence, P . O'Malley, G . Munger, R . Jack son, R . Willis, M . Butcher . Second Row : P . Malloy, J . Collins, D . Judkins, P . Wegener, W . Craugh, J . Gilbert, P . Rubin cam, R . Fawcett, R . Williamson, J . Cleary, J . Borowski, T . Loughrey, J . Fitzgerald, J . Mankus, C . Barclay, W . Hallenbeck . Back Row: R . Ledwith, P . Steer, D . Shaw, C . Johnson, J . Connelly, R . Davis, F . MacDougald , J . Kane, J . Apostle, B . Burkett, J . Salem, B . Lynch, A . Valldejuly, L . Hobert, D . Angell . 314 OFFICERS PRESIDENT RECORDING SECRETARY . . . . . . . CORRESPONDING SECRETARY TREASURER HISTORIAN Peter F . O' Malle y . Stephen Ranso m Lloyd Lawrenc e Greville L . Munge r MacRoy Jackso n phi gamma delta 196 0 James O . Beaver, Claude A . Beer, Edwin Carey , Roger Colley, Eugene A . Couser, II, William Coo per, William Craugh, Roscoe K . Fawcett, George R . Gary, John N . Gilbert, John E . Gilda, L . C . Hobert , Mac Roy Jackson, Charles J . Kahn, Joseph C . Laun , Lloyd Lawrence, Greville Munger, Peter F . O'Malley, Benjamin R . Parks, Louis J . Petrie, Stephe n Ransom, III, Paul Rubincam, Russell R . Williamson . 196 1 Donald K . Angell, Jr ., Charles Barclay, McBe e Butcher, Robert W . Button, F . James Collins, Rober t J . Davis, II, Jeffrey O . Donahue, Frederic G . Emry , II, H . Crosby Foster, William J . Hallenbeck, Michae l J . Hartnett, Seth Hetherington, David M . Judkins , Richard W . Ledwith, Frank A . MacDougald, Pete r Malloy, Raymond A . Munder, Douglas R . Shaw , Peter M . Steer, Arturo E . Valldejuly, Peter H . Wegener, Robert L . Willis, Michael E . Zahm . 196 2 James J . Apostle, John T . Borowski, Donald W . Burkett, John G . Cleary, Joseph J . Connolly, Georg e F . Cramer, Kent Douglas, James J . Fitzgerald , Steven Houghton, Samuel Jannetta, Craig R . John son, John J . Kane, Thomas L . Loughrey, J . Bren t Lynch, Christian MacPherson, Joseph J . Mankus , John B . Salem, Frederick Stericker . With the brothers active in all University organizations an d events, the Fiji's had an exceptionally active year on campus . One of the most famous parties on the campus was the Fij i Island Party . The house was decorated as an island in th e southern Pacific for this annual event, which was as enjoy able as ever . The annual Christmas Formal was the high light of the fall semester . The atmosphere of a Paris Caf e was captured by the Phi Gam's when they held their Attach e Party . 315 phi kappa psi OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY CORRESPONDING SECRETARY W . Webb Wad e James R . Bal l Donald W . Yager, Jr . Carl Hultze n 196 0 Francis V . Anderson, Robert Bateman, Jr ., A . Albert Carabelli, Eugene C . Ged, Carl Hultzen, James S . Lacava, John J . McCarron, Theodore L . Purnell , Joseph A . Roach, Richard C . Snyder, Myung S . Song, James A . Trimble, W . Webb Wade . 196 1 James R . Ball, Adrian Bronk, John F . Byrne, Jr . , James J . Hinton, David Lemper, Berkeley Lewis , David Lorenzini, Raymond L . Osborne, Robert A . Prince, Charles H . Quackenbush, Paul J . Winarski , Donald W . Yager, Jr . 196 2 Peter Cranston, Julien F . Devereux, Robert Foster , James S . Halota, Marshal H . Larrabee, Louis S . Off, Verne Skjonsby, Jr ., Martin Wilcox, Gordon E . Zaks . Memories of Phi Psi's big T .G .I .F ., attended by five hundred Penn students, still linger around campus . More sedate , but equally important was the Christmas Formal . The sprin g social season included the Roman Toga Party and the Hawaiian Party where the atmosphere of the country's fiftiet h state was re-created at the Phi Psi's house . Other efforts o f the house included participation in the Campus Chest Driv e and other charitable events as well as competition by th e chapter 's teams in the I . F . leagues . 316 Front Row : E . Ged, J . Lacava, J . Hinton, J . Ball, W . Wade, D . Yager, J . Scholderer, J . Halota . Back Row : M . Larrabee, R . Prince, C . Hultzen, V . Skjonsby, P . Petersen, F . Anderson, P . Win - arski, M . Wilcox, J . Devereux, M . Song, R . Snyder, A . Roach, R . Foster, L . Purnell . 317 Front Row: J . Gamba, J . Wobensmith, J . Jerbasi, T . Rehwald, D . Calamore, C . Yowell, M . Asdorian, W . Shaw, S . Welch . Second Row : J . Louderback, K . Hall, R . Trigg, H . Slick, G . Lasiewski, D . Queen, A . Saxon , J . Johnson . Third Row: W . Guerrero, P . Keenan, F . Brady, J . Bruno, A . Davis, F . Fayle, D . Cangi, J . Diefenderfer, W . Jackson, J . Keeley . Back Row : D . McKinley, M . Pschorr, R . Mainardi, S . Stovall, H . MacMullan . 318 OFFICER S WORTHY ALPHA BETA SIGMA TAU Raymond N . Schroth David J . Calamor e Floyd S . Rudnic k Thomas R . Rehwald phi kappa sigm a 196 0 Martin Asdorian, David J . Calamore, Davis S . Cangalosi, Benjamin Castle, Robert A . Davis, Joh n Diefenderfer, Frederic W . Fayle, Robert H . Fraser , John T . Jerbasi, Douglas Queen, Thomas R . Rehwald, Charles Roselle, Floyd S . Rudnick, Arthur H . Saxon, Raymond N . Schroth, Walter C . Shaw , Robert E . O . Smith, Robert C . Trigg, Steven L . Welch, John C . Wobensmith, Zachary Wobensmith , Harry S . Yates . 196 1 Francis B . Brady, James F . Bruno, David Coffin , Frank Desort, Edward Deitch, John F . Gamba, Kenneth L . Hall, Richard H . Hall, Matthew B . Kearny , James H . Keeley, Philip B . Keenan, Gerald Lasiewski, Joseph Louderback, Hugh MacMullen, Roma n Ostapiak, Michael Pschorr, Robert B . Snowden , Calvin O . Yowell . 196 2 Cooper Chapman, Wladimir Guerrero, Rowland M . Hill, Paul Husson, Joseph W . Johnson, J . Willia m Johnson, John Kent, David W . McKinley, Richard Mainardi, Kurt Smith, Stephen Stovall, Kenneth C . Vedder. The activities of Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity were threefol d --athletic, charitable, and social . The brothers participate d in the Campus Chest Drive and the Interfraternity Council' s Help Week . They also sponsored a Christmas Party for a group of underprivileged children from a local orphanage . The social affairs of the year were highlighted by the blast s of Navy and Homecoming Weekends, and a number of mixers with several of the women's fraternities on the cam pus . The brothers also sponsored teams in the various I . F . athletic leagues . 319 phi sigma delta OFFICER S MASTER FRATER Ronald S . Fiedelma n Leon J . Bogart z VICE-MASTER FRATER Frederick B . Lovitc h SECRETARY Roger Loeb, Leonard Messinge r Co-TREASURERS 196 0 Edward L . Barad, Robert A . Bloom, Leon J . Bogartz , George Brode, Jr ., James J . Brown, Stanley Cinnamon, Lawrence Cooper, Leonard A . Denner , Peter H . Eliel, Ronald S . Fiedelman, Martin Fine , Stephen B . Forman, David W . Funt, Ronald Glaser , Donald E . Heiser, Howard L . Kaye, Charles Kleinbaum, Joseph I . Krall, George Kronenberg, Armand Levy, Richard D . Margolis, David Meyerson , David Roe, Albert Sanders, Stephen Shuster, Stan ley Singer, Kenneth Steinhouse, Robert Subin , Jerry Sufrin, Jay Tepper, Eliot Weisman . 196 1 Barry M . Baiman, Mark L . Bishoff, John Block , Robert Blumberg, Maurice R . Brog, Ronald L . Daniels, Martin H . Elrad, Donald Geffner, Stuar t Gottdenker, Stanley Greenberg, Barney C . Guttman, Edward Jacobs, Jr ., Richard L . Jacoby, Raymond S . Kaplan, John S . Klein, Martin Levinson , Jeffry Lipschutz, Roger Loeb, Marshall Macofsky , Daniel K . Marks, Leonard Messinger, Samuel H . Nelson, J . Mark Riefer, Barry Sand, Jay D . Savitz , Arthur Scheinholz, Paul G . Shaffer, Richard A . Silverberg, Mark L . Sirulnick, Robert Slutsky, Alle n T . Statler, Joseph B . Witz . 196 2 Philip Ablove, Stephen Berk, Stuart M . Blumin , Allan Bortel, Edward Brown, Howard Gidez , Robert Goldfarb, Jonathan Goldstein, Marvi n Goodfriend, Richard Grinberg, Stephen Heyman , Joel Kagan, Frederick L . Kramer, Stephen Kovel , Lawrence Levite, Richard Liebman, Sheldon Liebman, Frederick B . Lovitch, Edward Margolis, Jeffrey Milwe, Elliot Mittler, Melvin Morgenstein , Jack Nusbaum, Nathan Ostroff, Stanley Pasternack , Mark S . Poster, William Rubenstein, Roger Schwartz, Louis Sernoff, Howard Shapiro, Michael A . Varet, Michael Weinstock, Ronald Weiss, Stephe n Weiss, Burton S . Yaffie, Michael Zimetbaum, Richard Zimmerman, Howard Zwibel . The new Phi Sigma Delta fraternity (union of Phi Alph a and Phi Sigma Delta fraternities) completed a very successfu l and enjoyable year . The brothers ranked fourth scholastically among the fraternities on the campus . Their charitabl e endeavors included a gambling booth in the Campus Chest Carnival and participation in the Help Week activities sponsored by the I . F . Council . Navy Weekend was highlighte d by the brothers' placing second in the annual Navy Weeken d Poster Contest . The spring semester included the Sprin g Formal and the fraternity's Parents' Weekend activities . 320 Front Row : M . Poster, E . Margolis, J . Goldstein, B . Yaffie . Second Row : D . Heiser, L . Cooper, R . Liebman, R . Daniels, F . Lovitch, R . Fiedelman, S . Greenberg, L . Messinger, B . Guttman, J . J . Brown, R . Kaplan . Third Row : N . Ostroff, S . Heyman, F . Kramer, R . Slutsky, M . Morgenstein, R . Zimmerman , D . Marks, E . Barad, L . Levite, J . H . Kagan, S . Weiss, M . R . Fine, D . Roe . Back Row : S . Liebman, J . M . Reifer, W . Rubenstein, A . Scheinholz, C . Kleinbaum, A . Bortel , R . H . Blumberg, H . Shapiro . Front Row : A . Schuler, M . Strong, H . Fisher, W . Harsh, W . McManus, D . Mulvey, E . Bellen . Back Row : C . Hundertmark, G . Lepnew, J . Kratz, P . McCleery, H . Karte, J . Lynch, J . Ruske , R . Pelikan, R . Champion, J . Rowland, K . Vogelsberg, R . Pierce, T . Drake, W . Reepmeyer . 322 OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER William W . Hars h Phillip E . McCleer y John M . Ros e Edward J . Bellen phi sigm a kapp a 1960 Edward J . Bellen, Ronald V . Champion, Willia m W . Harsh, William J . Kesack, Joseph E . Lynch , Paul A . Miles, Dennis M . Mulvey, Richard E . Pelikan, John M . Rose, Joseph W . Rowland, Lance A . Solaroli, William B . Strine, John Terpak, Fran k H . Traendly . 196 1 Thomas R . Drake, Harold Fisher, Harold W . Grausam, James Kratz, George T . Lepnew, Phillip E . McCleery, Larry Purdy, James Rusk, Karl G . Vogelsberg . 196 2 Charles Hundertmark, Charles D . Karte, William F . McManus, Robert S . Pierce, Richard Potts, Willia m Reepmeyer, Leroy T . Reinhart, Alvin Scholir , Michael F . Strong . Originality marked Phi Sigma Kappa's year . The brother s and their dates spent many scintillating evenings at such parties as the Christmas Party, featuring the music of Bil l Haley and the Comets ; the Hay Party, for which the playroo m was filled with bales of hay taking on a barn atmosphere ; and the Sand Party, for which this same playroom was fille d with sand for an indoor beach effect . The annual Founder' s Day Banquet featured Jim Dikes, Penn's former basebal l coach, as guest speaker . 323 pi kapp a alpha PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER OFFICER S Maurice L . Moskowit z Carl E . Breye r David C . Irvin g 1960 Benigo Trigo . 196 1 Carl E . Breyer, Stephen M . Creskoff, Willia m Gipe, David C . Irving, Maurice L . Moskowitz , Howard Myers . The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha participated in the annua l Campus Chest Drive and the I . F . bowling and basketbal l leagues this year, while maintaining fifth place in the inter fraternity scholastic ratings . Among the highlights of th e fall season were numerous parties in celebration of the victorious Quaker team and a joint party on campus with thei r Penn State chapter . Spring saw the crowning of the Drea m Girl at the Spring Formal, and Valentine's and Founder's Da y were accorded due recognition by all . 324 Front Row : D . Irving, M . Moskowitz, C . Breyer . Back Row : H . Myers, B . Trigo, M . Rittmann, H . Lang, W . Gipe . 325 Front Row : H . Korsh, P . Boiarsky, S . Cooper, D . Lechtman, R . Harrison, E . Parmacek, M . Posnick, G . Raymon . Second Row : J . Gimbel, L . Allinson, R . Rothman, M . Halper, M . Solomon, E . Epstein, M . Berger, A . Robinson, S . Levine . Third Row : P . Wilson, C . Cohen, D . Fenmore, P . Kades, R . Winston, J . Lerner, J . Edelman , J . Miller, A . Fisher, T . Manne, S . Miller, D . Richman, G . Sitrin, M . Kobak, B . Bloomgarden , S . Weitzman, R . Bieder . Back Row : R . Werner, W . Kulok, T . G . Donovan, D . Slaff, D . Katz, T . Diamond, B . Baker , R . Friedman, M . Stoll, J . Drazen, S . Colton, T . Kadin, S . Buchman . 326 OFFICER S REX ARCHON SCRIBE KEEPER Mark I . Solomo n Edward N . Epstei n Robert Rothma n . Michael I . Berge r . . pi lambda ph i OF THE EXCHEQUER 196 0 Lewis Allinson, Barry Bloomgarden, John Boiarsky , James Drazen, Richard Harrison, Paul Liberman , Stephen Miller, Edward Parmacek, Gerald Raymond, Steven Ritz, Arvin Robinson, Robert Roth man, Gerald Sitrin, Mark Solomon, Roger Winston . 196 1 Michael Berger, David Brody, Charles Cohen , Ralph Deutch, Edward Epstein, Donald Fenmore , Michael Frankel, J . William Gimbel, Melvyn Halper , Martin Kobak, David Landay, Lloyd Landow , Stephen Lebowitz, Arnold Levitt, Mark Posnick , David Richman, Stephen Weitzman . 196 2 Arnold Baker, Richard Bieder, Steven Buchman , Stewart Colton, Stephen Cooper, Thomas Diamond , Thomas Donovan, Gerald Edelman, Alexande r Fisher, Richard Friedman, Laurence Kades, Thoma s Kadin, Donald Katz, Harold R . Korsh, Willia m Kulok, Richard Lavin, Benjamin Lechtman, Julia n Lerner, Stephen A . Manne, John Miller, Davi d Slaff, Robert Werner, Paul Wilson . The brothers of the Zeta Chapter of Pi Lambda Phi finishe d another enjoyable year . Among the social events enthusiastically received by the fraters and their dates were the activities of Navy Weekend, when the brothers moved en mass e to the Philmont Country Club for their annual formal, followed by the Angels at Home at which they were hosts t o the Middies . Another memorable event was the weeken d spent at a camp . In the charitable vein, the brothers held a party for orphans and also contributed to the support of a foreign child . 327 psi upsilon OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER . Daniel E . Crum p Richard J . Labowski e David L . Eyle s Frederick G . Ree d 1960 Kevin E . Carey, Daniel E . Crump, III, Richard M . Gibson, Jack E . Hunter, Jr ., Robert J . Kearn , Richard J . Labowskie, John F . Ledwith, IV, Georg e E . Lukens, John H . Notman, Edward G . A . West , II, Michael A . Wurtz, Jr . 196 1 Harold L . Corletta, David L . Eyles, Karl J . Helwig , Frederick G . Reed, V, Robert Rice, II, Martin J . Spinelli, Michael E . Stickney, Octavian J . Ruttle , IV, Palmer A . Wentworth . 196 2 Philip S . Auchincloss, Robert M . Beecroft, Jame s S . Bradley, Paul Kitchen, George L . Mack, Willia m R . Miller, Donald C . Moore, William E . Muller, VI , David P . Norcross, James W . Olmsted, Josep h P . Stevens, III, Amos A . Van Renseleer . This year the castle-dwelling brothers of Psi Upsilon sallie d forth into the whirlpool of campus activity . After a dizzy round of post-game Open Houses, which were followed b y cocktails and dinner for the members and their dates, the fal l social season reached its apex as the brothers and their guest s danced to the smooth tempo of Lester Lanin's orchestras . Be sides participating in I . F . athletics and various campus activities, Psi U initiated the gay holiday season with their annua l Christmas Formal . 328 Front Row : J . Kavanagh, E . West, D . Crump, D . Eyles, J . Notman . Back Row : W . Muller, P . S . Auchincloss, F . G . Reed, G . L . Mack, J . S . Bradley, R . W . Miller , Jr ., D . C . Moore, J . Olmsted, M . J . Spinelli . 329 Front Row : C . Carter, W . Slater, J . Vosmek, Jr ., J . Neal, Jr ., G . Lohf, R . Crawford, R . Fresh , D . Whittaker, E . Serrano . Second Row : V . Castelluccio, B . Simon, J . Murgo, K . Pipher, J . Nolan, R . Larrabee, J . Pace , B . Tobin, J . Cobb, R . Vogel . Third Row : F . J . Carmone, Jr ., R . D . Sawyer, X . McGeady, D . Fick, J . Kyle, W . Dwyer, P . Arnold, J . van Amerongen, G . Pine, S . Goff, B . Whitaker, J . Espino, J . J . LaFemina, Jr . , A . Figel . Back Row : A . DaPonte, J . P . Fazio, C . E . Hansing, F . C . Norcross, D . Brunn, J . Eichelberger , W . Rumble, J . Vander Wiele, P . Bodine, T . Sloan, R . Kuhl, J . McConnell, R . E . Ditz, J . Murrell . 330 OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER James A . Nola n Byron E . Tobi n Richard H . Larrabe e John E . Pace sigma alph a epsilo n 196 0 Paul H . Arnold, William Beninghof, Paul W . Bodine, Jr ., David M . Brunn, J . Cannon Carter , III, Vincent Castelluccio, Roy E . Crawford, Josep h P . Fazio, Charles E . Hansing, Ronald W . Kuhl , Joseph P . Murgo, Frederick Norcross, Raymond K . Peil, Gordon C . Pine, Byron E . Tobin, Peter J . Tutulis, Jan Van Amerongen, Regis C . Vogel, Jr . 196 1 James T . Cobb, Anthony J . DaPonte, William C . Dwyer, John A . Eichelberger, David S . Fick, A . Alan Figel, John S . Kyle, Richard H . Larrabee , Robert M . Leahy, Gerald W . Lohf, Marvin W . Makinen, James A . Nolan, Kenneth A . Pipher , William R . Rumble, Richard D . Sawyer, L . Bon n Simon, Todd M . Sloan, William P . Whitaker, Davi d N . Whittaker . 196 2 Lyle Branchflower, Frank J . Carmone, Ronald E . Ditz, Robert D . Fresh, Stephen Goff, Charles R . Henry, James J . LaFemina, D . Jeffrey Lenn, Joh n H . McConnell, Francis X . McGready, James W . Murrell, Jack D . Neal, John E . Pace, Ernest E . Serrano, William G . Slater, John Vander Wiele . During the winter months of the past year, the social lif e of Sigma Alpha Epsilon reached its apex in its annual Christmas Formal . Later in the year the fraternity brothers decorated their house in the style of a southern mansion for thei r Old South Ball . In the spring a Bacchanalian night was re created when the brothers and their dates came Roman-styl e to the SAE Toga Party . The house participated in the Campu s Chest Carnival and other philanthropic endeavors, whil e ranking twelfth scholastically in the I . F . ratings . 33 1 sigma mu alpha OFFICERS PRIO R VICE-PRIO R EXCHEQUE R RECORDER Ronald Balse r Charles Schlesinger, Jr . . Charles Wol f Stephen Madur o 196 0 Ronald D . Balser, Gerald I . Brown, Joel S . Cuba , Sanford Director, Charles Driben, David Feldman , Richard Feldman, Barry L . Goldin, Robert B . Gould , Stephen Hess, Morton S . Hirsh, Kenneth S . Jacob son, Paul Lichtman, Jerry A . Magnin, Andrew B . Oseroff, Martin H . Rose, Daniel R . Saxon, Davi d A . Seidenfeld, Norman Y . Stein, David Sweetwood, Max Tenenbaum, Jason E . Treisman, Kenneth H . Volk, Stephen R . Weber, Paul S . Weinberg, Dennis Weinstock, Charles S . Wolf, Julia n E . Yudelson . 196 1 Steven J . Allen, David R . Andleman, Edward M . Coplon, Charles J . First, Gary M . Green, Jeffrey S. Kauffman, Mark W . Kolko, Paul I . Kullman , Philip Laskawy, Franklin N . Mann, Paul Nusgart , Charles Schlesinger, Jr ., Leon S . Shoag, Steven J . Silver, Lewis Silverman, Gerald Taube, Lawrence Weinbach, James Winer, Ronald Weiss . 196 2 Edward C . Abramson, Martin K . Alloy, Lawrence J . Ansin, Jay C . Bear, Stephen Brett, Thoma s Carver, Nathan Danziger, Stephen Dickler, Murra y D . Friedman, Stephen M . Goodman, Thoma s Haber, Stephen R . Heller, Richard D . Isroff , Stephen P . Lappin, Bertram B . Leopold, Stephe n T. Maduro, Paul L . Rathblott, Joel Rosenblum , Michael Singer, James A . Tarica . The charitable activities of Sigma Alpha Mu included tw o booths at the Campus Chest Carnival which were the Punch-a-Pup booth and a modified game of ring toss . Their socia l season included a joint party with Delta Tau Delta and wa s rounded out with two big weekends which were the Winte r Weekend in March and a Spring Weekend in May . Th e brothers also contributed to the A .J .A . campaign sponsore d by the Hillel Foundation and entered a bowling team whic h fared well in the I . F . league . 3 32 Front Row : L . Ansin, S . Dickler, M . Friedman, T . Carver, S . Goodman, M . Alloy . Second Row : S . Allen, S . Maduro, C . Schlesinger, R . Balser, A . Oseroff, J . Treisman, E . Coplon . Third Row : S . Weber, P . Laskawy, J . Rosenblum, J . C . Bear, M . Kolko, L . Silverman, C . First . Fourth Row : S . Director, N . Danziger, J . Winer, D . Andelman, S . Heller, J . Cuba, B . Leopold , J . Tarica, E . Abramson, S . Silver, J . Yudelson, L . Weinbach, P . Kullman, R . Shein . Back Row : R . Feldman, R . Weiss, D . Weinstock, P . Nusgart, L . Shoag, C . Driben, D .Seidnfl , G . Green, P . Lichtman, P . Rathblott, T . Haber . 333 Front Row : E . Voris, D . Bassett, H . McClaren, J . Holliday, H . Roland . Second Row : L . Faldi, W . Kenny, L . Van Dusen, R . Gleason, P . Feller, F . Carpenter, E . Gor- don, R . Haig, S . McKinley . Third Row : B . Parker, R . Davis, P . Goldsmith, E . Preate, R . Danish, M . Tate, B . Sadlier, J . At - wood, P . Kelley, T . Hobbins, K . McLoughlin, R . Demir, L . Heinl, E . Higgenbotham . Back Row : R . Everingham, F . Schmidt, R . Cuthbert, S . Shultz, R . Parsons, B . Wright, J . Green awalt, A . Shoemaker, C . Currier, T . Hoshaw, J . Slattery . 334 OFFICER S CONSUL PRO-CONSUL ANNOTATOR QUAESTOR . . . . Peter B . Felle r sigma ch i Robert A . Gleason, Jr . Fred A . Carpenter, Jr . Lawrence R . Van Deuse n 196 0 Richard I . Cuthbert, Ramsey Demir, Roger J . Everingham, C . Leigh Faldi, Peter B . Feller, Davi d W . Hauck, C . James Kavle, C . Scott McKinley, Jr . . Thomas M . Prytherch, William S . Rockett, Alvin V . Shoemaker, W . Richard Shope, Silas H . Shultz, Ken neth E . Shutler, W . John Sieck, Jr ., Clark R . Smith , Ben A . Wright . 196 1 David W . Bassett, Clifford D . Currier, Robert W . Davis, Robert A . Gleason, Jr ., Peter N . Goldsmith , John S . Gonas, Jr., Jon L . Greenawalt, Thomas E . Hobbins, John M . Holliday, Thomas C . Hoshaw , Donald W . Jacobsen, Howard C . McLaren, Jack S . McKinley, Kenneth E . McLaughlin, David F . Riker , Joseph A . Slattery, II, James E . Voris . 196 2 James T . Atwood, Fred A . Carpenter, Jr ., Rober t K . Danish, Edward W . Gordon, Robert B . Haig, Jr . , Joseph L . Heinl, III, Edmund B . Higginbotham, Pau l K . Kelley, William H . Kenney, III, Bradford O . Parker, Jr ., Frederick A . Parsons, Ill, Ernest D . Preate, Jr ., Harry H . Rowland, Jr ., William G . Sadlier, Frank B . Schmidt, Michael J . Tate, Lawrence R . Van Deusen . Sigma Chi fraternity, located in the former Drexel Tow n House, is proud of its blocked secret tunnel to the Kapp a house next door . The social season for the brotherhood included a Decorating Party with the Kappa's and a mornin g Eggnog Party with the Theta's ; both of these events were hel d during the Christmas season . In addition to these mixer s with Penn sororities, the brothers held several big weekends . Among these were their Homecoming, Junior, Pledge, an d I . F . Weekends . The brothers also donated their efforts t o the Sigma Chi Foundation . 335 sigma nu OFFICER S COMMANDER LIEUTENANT COMMANDER RECORDER TREASURER Richard H . Stud y Michael R . Armellin o William C . Harve y George C . Besse y 196 0 Charles Beam, Daniel Bills, Albert E . Bremser, Robert Dakin, Frederick Fox, John Gutberlet, Willia m Murray, Arthur Ricker, Richard Study . 196 1 Michael Armellino, David Austern, Richard Barry , George Bessey, Norman Harkins, John Negrey , John Niccollai, David Prescott, Michael Schermer horn, Brian Shaughnessy . 196 2 Anthony Adams, Carl Deutsch, Stephen Emery , Conrad Foa, Donald French, William Harvey , Daniel Letsch, Kenric Love, Barry Mack, Andre w Mozino, Louis Ricker, Ronald Shafer, Paul Soroka , Sigma Nu began the fall semester with four transfer students who have proven to be a terrific asset to the house . These four brothers, who have a great deal of musical ability , have formed their own band to supply the music for th e house parties . The affair of the year was the combined Alumni and Parents' Weekend held in conjunction with the University's ow n Homecoming Weekend . Fifty alumni couples and the parents of twenty of the brothers celebrated Penn's victory ove r Yale with a banquet and Saturday night party . 336 Front Row : C . Beam, C . Foa, D . Austern, D . Mozino, J . Niccollai . Second Row : B . Harvey, T . Harkins, G . Bessey, R . Study, M . Armillino, D . Prescott, R . Schafer . Back Row : W . Murray, J . Negry, C . Deutsch, F . Fox, S . Emery, A . Ricker, M . Schermerhorn , J . Gutberlet, K . Love . 337 Front Row : G . Oswald, C . Abbatemarco, R . Brown, J . Curran, F . Macero, Jr . Second Row : J . Bryson, W . Goehring, C . Cowan, J . Luther, B . Traina, H . Guckes, R . Tasca , E . Gall, R . Reed . Back Row : H . Jellander, C . Kapps, D . Callahan, J . McGrail, J . Birch, B . Partridge, G . d e Aguiar . 338 OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT COMPTROLLER SECRETARY HISTORIAN Robert D . Brow n Charles G . Abbatemarc o J . Stephen Curra n Ward H . Anthon y W . John Oswal d sigma ph i epsilo n 196 0 Charles G . Abbatemarco, Ward H . Anthony, Joh n P . Birch, Robert D . Brown, David E . Callahan , J . Stephen Curran, Walter G . Goehring, Herbert R . Jellander, Frank J . Macero, John H . McGrail , Bruce A . Patridge, Robert G . Reed, Donald F . Roberts, Donald R . J . Stemmer . 196 1 John A . Bryson, Henry F . Guckes, Charles A . Kapps, W . John Oswald, Benjamin E . Traina . 1962 Charles B . Cowan, Gerald M . de Aguiar, Eric P . Gall, Richard P . Guess, James L . Luther, Danie l H . Van Winkle . Starting the year off with a mammoth Navy Weekend featuring a Shipwreck Party, the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilo n progressed through another exciting year . The annua l Christmas Formal was enthusiastically received by the entir e brotherhood . In keeping with the Christmas spirit, they hel d a party for underprivileged children . In February, the frater s had their District Dime Dance and completed their sprin g social season with the annual Spring Formal . The frater s supplemented their regular party schedule with mixers i n conjunction with many of the women's fraternities . 339 tau delta phi OFFICER S CONSUL VICE-CONSUL QUAESTOR SCRIBE . . . Paul H . Feinber g William L . Mac k . Louis Horowit z Myron G . Ekstei n 196 0 Robert G . Abrams, Robert Berghash, Alan M . Black, Alan B . Cohen, David J . Feinberg, Pau l H . Feinberg, Milton J . Finklestein, Gerald S . Gilbert, Michael W . Jarvis, Arthur D . Kramer, Sheldo n Lefkowitz, Harold R . Leventhal, Stuart Z . Liberman, James M . Orman, Carl M . Pinsky, Lanc e Posner, Leonard Rutkin, Jerome S . Sanschuck , Michael D . Tepper . 196 1 Geoffrey M . Alprin, Bruce Berger, Howard E . Berman, Robert B . Friedman, Robert J . Halpern , Louis Horowitz, Jay Jacobson, Melvin S . Jaffe , Herbert I . Krauss, Barry B . Levin, William L . Mack , Gary J . Rosner, Barry M . Shulman, Stephen G . Sklar, Gary Tabak, Jeffrey M . Tolk, Jay A . Vine burg, Stephen J . Weiss, Lawrence Wolpin, Ala n M . Zalbowitz, Arthur Zilberstein, Edward F . Zwick . 196 2 Larry S . Berger, Harold A . Brandman, Robert J . Chait, Jay B . Colin, Jerrold T . Doros, Myron G . Ekstein, Elliot M . Finkle, Joseph H . Friedman , Jerry P . Gettinger, Norman N . Gevanthor, Michae l Glass, Maurice L . Hirsch, Jr ., Michael Linder, Burton J . Lipsky, Martin J . Rapoport, Thomas D . Tepper . The brotherhood of Tau Delta Phi fraternity fared wel l this year in the three phases of their activities -- athletic, social, and scholastic . The house parties, running from th e three-day blasts of Navy, I . F ., and Ivy Weekends to the subdued but equally enjoyable band parties, continued almos t weekly . The atmosphere of Dogpatch, U .S .A ., was re-created for the Li l l Abner party of Homecoming Weekend . Nav y Weekend found the Tau Delt's at a Hawaiian Party and I . F . was the wildest of all with a pajama party . 340 Front Row : N . Gevanthor, A . Zalbowitz, Pandora, M . Rapoport, M . Glass, M . Hirsch . Second Row : T . Tepper, L . Wolpin, R . Halperin, W . Mack, E . Zwick, P . Feinberg, L . Horowitz , R . G . Abrams, M . Tepper, H . Krauss, H . Brandman . Third Row : R . Burns, H . Berman, M . Jarvis, A . Cohen, J . Doros, E . Lipsky, S . Sklar, B . Shul- man, J . Friedman, D . Feinberg, B . Berger, J . Jacobson . Back Row: N . Agin, A . Black, L . Posner, M . Linder, R . Chait, J . Geetinger, J . Sanshuck, J . Tolk, L . Berger, E . Finkle . 34 1 Front Row : E. Sachs, J . Weinstein, Tammy, J . Rose, B . Elser, D . Bakst, F . Fleischer, R . Plach- ter, E . Farman . Second Row: D . Weiser, B . Rosenbaum, B . Haims, S . Strouch, D . Goldberg, S . Gunther, P . Rubner, R . Chaikin, R . Abel . Third Row : S . Stein, R . Hirschhorn, M . Broff, G . Borod, W . Presson, S . Turkus, L . Shufro . Back Row : J . Popkin, D . Offen, S . Manes, B . Vinocur, W . Goldstein, M . Brown . 342 OFFICER S P RESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SCRIBE BURSAR . . . . . . . Frank N . Fleische r Robert M . Plachte r Edward Farma n Robert E . Miller tau epsilo n ph i 196 0 Sylvan M . Duchovnay, Frank N . Fleischer, Rober t Friedlander, Stephen J . Harmelin, Walter W . Kaplan, Steven Kates, Howard J . Levy, Robert M . Plachter, Arnold J . Pritsker, Warren K . Rich, Gar y L . Roeberg, Jonathan Rose, Andrew Roth, Davi d Satinsky, Morton Seelenfreund, Lawrence Simon , Norman I . Singer, Charles S . Soifer, Warren S . Stieglitz . 196 1 David A . Bakst, Bruce S . Blechman, Gerard I . Borod, Myron D . Broff, Bernard I . Elser, Edwar d Farman, James L . Feldesman, Samuel P . Gunther , Burton Katz, Arthur L . Klein, David P . Kwait, Stephen Manes, Robert E . Miller, Arthur Morgenstern, Edward S . Sacks, David M . Sapiro, Sanford A . Stein, Bruce T . Vinocur, David L . Weiser . 196 2 Ronald M . Abel, Steven Batzer, Robert M . Chaiken , David J . Einhorn, Robert A . Freidus, David Gold berg, Bruce Haims, Robert L . Hirschhorn, Harr y Kramer, James L . Miller, Daniel J . Offen, Warre n L . Presson, William Rosenbaum, Paul Rubner , Robert J . Scholnick, Lester Shufro, Stanley I . Strouch, Samuel Turkus, II, Jack Weinstein . In addition to participating in the Campus Chest and various Hillel charitable drives, the house supported teams i n the various I . F . leagues and fared quite well in bowling . Th e scholastic rating of the brotherhood has been rising for th e past few years, 1959-60 being no exception . Formal weekend affairs, a New Year ' s Eve Party just prio r to the Christmas recess, and the Ivy Weekend Formal Dinne r Dance capped a highly successful social season for the brothers of Tau Epsilon Phi . 343 theta rho OFFICER S GRAND REGENT VICEROY GRAND BURSAR KEEPER OF THE MANUSCRIPTS William Schawbe l Herbert Lazero w Harvey Stei n Leonard Boga n 196 0 Eugene Berman, Harold Bulan, Arthur Coleman , Barry Deutsch, Robert Gersten, Edward Goldberg , Herbert Lazerow, Richard Levine, Howard Pastroff , William Platt, David Pressner, Robert Rosenthal , Steven Silverman, Elliott Tressan, Albert Zwirn . 196 1 Leonard Bogan, Alan Goldberg, Peter Gross, Mervin Kroop, Martin Ostrow, Arnold Pinsley, Arthu r Reber, William Schawbel, Milton Spett, Kennet h Stearn, Harvey Stein, Michael Thaler, Herber t Wallack . 196 2 Howard Braude, John Devine, Herbert Gintis , Harry Hochman, David Rosenglick . Theta Rho, the University's only local fraternity, has jus t finished its third year . Each year since its founding in 1957 , the fraternity has raised its scholastic rating and this yea r was no exception . The brotherhood has had a very activ e social season . The big affairs of the year included the Cabi n Party in the woods, the Navy Weekend Open House, th e Pledge Formal featuring the Ferko String Band, and th e Spring Formal held on I . F . Weekend . The charitable endeavors of the fraters included the various pledge project s and participation in the Campus Chest and Hillel fund raising drives . 344 Front Row : M . Spett, L . Bogan, W . Schawbel, H . Stein, H . Wallack, B . Deutsch, R . Rosenthal . Second Row : M . Ostrow, S . Silverman, R . Levine, K . Stearn, D . Pressner, E . Goldberg, D . Rosenglick, J . Siegel, A . Goldberg, H . Gintis . Back Row : R . Gersten, W . Platt, M . Kroop, A . Zwirn, A . Pinsley, P . Gross, B . Lazerow, A . Coleman, M . Braude . 345 Front Row : W . Britton, Ill, D . Cresson, H . C . Smith, Jr ., R . Menzer, M . Summers, R . Wagner , G . Mebus . Second Row : A . Severn, A . Vozeh, W . Blakeslee, G . W . Michel, Jr ., H . Scattergood, K . Bur roughs, D . Fuller, W . Cane, D . Gault, W . Peterson, E . Wiesner, R . Camp, W . Truitt . Back Row : A . Emery, R . Bryan, W . Black, M . Merriman, J . Sinkevich, R . Hammond, K .Nichols, G . Kreider, R . Montheard, J . Zoll, E . Fadero . 346 OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER . . . . . Victor J . DiNubil e Robert E . Menze r Kenneth E . Nichol s Henry L . Smith, Jr . theta xi 196 0 David C . Auten, Walter A . Black, Winchester P . Britton, Richard G . Bryan, Keith J . Burroughs , David V . Cresson, Victor J . DiNubile, David C . Gault, Joseph Giacoponello, Edwin R . Keller , Glenn S . Kreider, Robert E . Menzer, G . Willia m Michel, Richard S . Morey, David N . Morton, J . Monroe Pendleton, Hudson B . Scattergood, Ala n K . Severn, Eugene M . Smith, Richard A . Stuart . 196 1 H . Alden Blyth, Jr ., Allan R . Emery, Edward L . Fadero, Douglas B . Fuller, James J . Foley, Rober t G. Hammond, Barry R . Hilmer, Kenneth E . Nichols , Henry L . Smith, Jr ., Wesley B . Truitt, Robert R . Vance . 1962 H. William Blakeslee, Richard A . Camp, Willia m R . Cane, George W . Mebus, Michael A . Merriman , Robert J . Montheard, Warren E . Peterson, John C . Simkevich, Mark L . Summers, Frederick J . Stefany , Richard R . Turner, Albert G . Vozeh, III, E . Edwi n Wiesner, Jr ., Joseph C . Zoll . September, 1959, marked the beginning of a very successful year for the brothers of Theta Xi fraternity . The frater s participated actively in many social, athletic, charitable, an d scholastic events . Their charitable endeavors included th e Campus Chest Drive, the Help Week program of the I . F . Council, and various money-raising functions occurring o n the campus . The brotherhood attended such all-Universit y social events as the Junior Prom, the Interfraternity Ball, an d the Ivy Ball . Theta Xi fraternity is well represented on th e membership rolls of many of the University's leading organizations . 347 zeta beta tau OFFICER S PRESIDEN T VICE-PRESIDEN T SECRETAR Y TREASURER Jeffrey M . Her r Lee H . Weinstei n Allan J . Schea r Thomas H . Sega l 196 0 Michael Albert, Dolph Berman, Peter Elting, Richard Fisher, Edward Gold, Gilbert Gold, Alfre d Goldman, Paul Heller, Jeffrey Herr, Murrel Kohn , Gerald Lerner, Murray Newman, Robert Nuell , Steven Rucker, Floyd Silver, Lee Weinstein, Raymond Wolson . 196 1 Richard Aronson, Stuart Berton, Richard Brand , Kenneth Dettlebach, Ira Dubinsky, Peter Eichorn , Mervyn Epsman, William Frankel, Irving Gerstein , David Halpern, Richard Jacobson, Joseph Kavanau , Donald Kunian, Robert Lund, Nelson Mendell, Robert Rhodes, Edward Rosenfeld, James Schear , Thomas Segal, Stuart Sholiton, Michael Sigel , Richard Silverman . 196 2 Howard Berkowitz, Steven Berkowitz, Arnol d Blair, Lawrence Cutler, Steven Davis, Rober t Doochin, Burton Follman, Barrett Freedlander , Peter Haspel, Stanley Kay, Stuart Lewis, Davi d Reinauer, Richard Rice, Lee Schlanger, Davi d Shuffler, Robert Speizman, John Wilner . The Zebes enjoyed a fine year participating in such philanthropic endeavors as the Allied Jewish Appeal and a boot h at the Campus Chest Carnival in conjunction with Sigm a Delta Tau women's fraternity . The famous Zebe social affairs of the fall semester were highlighted by the Navy Week end festivities . Friday night featured a hayride for the sophomore and senior classes while the juniors danced at the Junior Prom . The Saturday night event was a Charles Adam s Party for which the house was appropriately decorated wit h pictures of famous comic strip characters . 348 Front Row : D . Berman, R . Speizman, B . Freedlander, L . Cutler, P . Heller, B . Follman, D . Reinauer, A . Blair, S . Lewis . Second Row : S . M . Rucker, G . Gold, P . Elting, J . Lerner, J . Schear, L . Weinstein, J . Herr, M . Kohn, T . Segal, A . Williams, R . Wolson, E . Gold, I . Dubinsky . Third Row : D . Shuffler, K . Ness, S . Berton, K . Dettelbach, A . Goldman, R . Nuell, R . Rice , W . Frankel, I . Gerstein, R . Aronson, E . Rosenfeld, M . Epsman, S . Sholiton, R . Silverman , D . Kunian, R . Lund, R . Jacobson, D . Halpern, S . R . Brand . Back Row : F . Silver, J . Kavanau, N . Mendell, R . Rhodes, P . Haspel, S . Berkowitz, P . Eichorn , J . Wilner, H . Berkowitz, L . Schlanger, S . Kay, J . M . Sigel, R . Doochin, S . Davis . 349 Front Row : A . Zantzinger, P . Pakadooni, J . DuPont, D . Brodie, W . Van Thiel, R . Leeds . Second Row : J . Ashburner, A . Ross, P . Berg, D . Crocker, W . Chew, P . Arfaa, C . Lippincott , S . Shanley, D . Thomson, H . Armistead, P . Tracey . Back Row : J . Torrey, T . Jenkins, R . Finch, R . Wagner, F . Grant, P . Rostenberg, A . Vincent , V . Mather, J . Hill, G . d'Agostino . 350 OFFICER S PRESIDENT . VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Donald G . Brodi e John McA . Harri s Walter H . van Thie l John E . Dupon t zeta psi 196 0 Peter F . Arfaa, Peter C . Berg, Donald G . Brodie , William D . M . Chew, Davenport B . Crocker, Donal d M . Thomson, John M . Torrey, William C . Tost, Jr . , Walter H . van Thiel, Alfred Zantzinger . 196 1 Gilbert P . Ahrens, John E . Dupont, John McA . Harris, James K . Hill, Victor C . Mather, Peter B . Pakadooni, Stenton Shanley, Felipe Silen, Patric k A . Tracey, Anthony T . Vincent . 196 2 Henry T . Armistead, John Ashburner, Gaetan o D'Agostino, Robert M . Finch, Frederick Grant , Thomas P . Jeuhins, Ronald P . E . Leeds, William D . Lewis, Franz C . Lippincott, Alonzo J . Ross, Jr . , Peter Rostenberg . The brothers of Zeta Psi have just completed another enjoyable year . The fall social season consisted of the man y enjoyable football weekends . Each home game the brother s and elders gathered at the house for a luncheon prior to th e game and for cocktails afterward to celebrate Penn's victorious season . Several of the fall parties, which were held a t the University Barge Club, featured the music of Howar d Lanin and Charley Gresh . The main events of the seaso n were the Christmas and Spring Formals . 351 Front Row : A . Norton, B . Bloom, R . Morrison, P . Lynch, R . Squillace, G . Zehner . Second Row : M . Murgo, E . Santowasso, J . Jones, J . Kadel, D . DeStefano, M . Goodman, V . Ford, L . Plant . Third Row : M . Callagan, S . Miner, J . Smilie, P . Evans, M . Alexander, C . White, P . Selko . Back Row : T . DiGioia , .McAfe,K J . Shure, E . Strekis, M . Ward, S . Talian, . D . Brewen, B . Maly, B . Yaskin, M . McCandless, E . Collins, B . Boyens . OFFICER S PRESIDENT FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT CORRESPONDING SECRETARY RECORDING SECRETARY TREASURER . . . . Donna DeStefan o Jean Kade l Joan Fento n Elizabeth Santowasso Virginia Ford Martha Goodma n alpha chi omeg a 1960 is the Diamond Jubilee Year for Alpha Ch i Omega's national fraternity . In commemoration o f this historic anniversary, the sisters of Alpha Ch i Omega dedicated a bell tower at DePauw University , the site of their founding chapter . The sisters' charitable work included the donatio n of a number of toys for children afflicted with Cerebral Palsy to speed the progress of their rehabilitation . Among the social events was a party given b y the sisters for the pledges of all the men's and women's fraternities on campus . 352 Alpha Epsilon Phi women ' s fraternity has just completed its second year on the Penn campus . The sisters actively participated in many charitable and University events . One of the philanthropic endeavor s of the house was the Christmas party for underprivileged children given by them in conjunction wit h Kappa Sigma fraternity . The sisters also participate d in the Campus Chest Carnival and served as nurses ' aides at the Will's Eye Hospital . The Campus Ches t Beauty Contest also had finalists from among th e sisterhood of AEPhi . alpha epsilon ph i OFFICER S PRESIDEN T VICE-PRESIDEN T CORRESPONDING SECRETAR Y RECORDING SECRETAR Y TREASURER ASSISTANT TREASURE R Jane Darof f Ruthie Leibowit z Beth Freema n Maxine Weisma n Rosanne Fischma n Isa Doppelt Front Row : B . Forman, C . Goldman, B . Tubin, J . Drasin, P . Cohen , J . Berman, L . Indzel, J . Weinberg, B . Shaffer . Second Row : J . Rosenblum, M . Weisman, R . Fischman, J . Abrahams, R . Leibowitz, B . Freeman, I . Doppelt . Third Row : M . Axelrod, G . Kimmel, B . Gottlieb, S . Kittner, C . Spector, B . Sanders, L . Koolpe , C . Backer, M . Adams, B . Emas, R . Barol, C . Kohn, N . Shepp . Back Row: C . Bloom, R . Gittlin, E . Taft, B . Silverman, N . Schuman, A . Jaffe, M . Pincus, S . Goldberg, C . Agin, J . Liebman, R . Takiff, C . Cohen . 353 alpha xi delta The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta sorority finished an other eventful year in which they participated actively in many charitable, social, and Universit y events . The fall social season was highlighted by th e house Christmas party held just prior to the Christma s recess . Among their charitable endeavors were a party held for a group of children from one of th e local orphanages during the spring semester an d their national project, which was the "Save the Children" campaign . Athletically, the girls won th e intramural bowling championship and participated in several other intramural leagues . OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT CORRESPONDING SECRETARY RECORDING SECRETARY TREASURER Judy Franci s Ann Leferovic h Dawn Barne s Roberta Yenchk o Gail Mille r Front Row : M . Morrison, N . Pratt, T . Stehman, E . Howard, L . Boland, L . Hoffman, C . Arzio, L . McWilliams, M . Bair, P . Perot . Second Row : M . Sudo, J . Rinehart, D . Barnes, G . Miller, J . Francis, A . Leferovich, R . Yenchko, D . Breitenbucher, R . Swart . Back Row : N . Dowdy, S . Bergman, C . Herrick, J . Chrysler, L . Wilt, F . Wirt, J . Dickenson, M . Jeffery, J . Conroy, M . McHugh , M . J . Orloski . 354 Front Row : L . Turner, S . Mahoney, C . Cunningham, M . Meskill , M . Helweg, M . Schmidt, J . Kittas . Second Row : B . Foster, G . Stewart, E . Borz, E . Boggs, I . Schuster, K . Schumacher, P . Palmer . Third Row : R . Miller, P . Gallogly, J . Sharp, C . Hawkes, J . Gifford, M . J . Vorro, P . Hodgens, M . Shatas, J . Marinick, V . Anderson, R . Cummins, C . Phelps, P . Milburn, P . Michael . Back Row : A . Johnson, K . Mohr, M . Leidy, K . Fritchey, K . Ward, T . Lord, M . Earley, K . Sayre, P . Brown, J . Fogg . OFFICERS PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER VICE-PRESIDENT Elizabeth Bogg s Inga Schuste r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Helen Bor z . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gail Stewart The sisters of Chi Omega women's fraternity hav e just completed another successful and enjoyable sea son . The sisterhood acquired several distinctiv e scholastic awards, such as the National Achievemen t Award and the Political Science Award . Their charitable endeavors included contributions to the Servic e Fund Studies and caroling at the Old Folks Home . Th e sisters had teams participating in the intramural basketball and volleyball leagues, while their main social events were the Winter and Spring Formals . chi omega 35 5 Front Row : G . Mapes, L . Janis, N . Glanding, F . Gallagher, S . Kruger, L . Webster . Second Row : W . Foley, S . Egen, P . Cook , B . Stevens, N . Peden, S . Shoop, M . Lomazzo . Third Row : G . Vandenbergh, F . Dresden, H . Huggins, A . Kent . Fourth Row : B. Conlan, C . Hagedorn, B . Morrow, B . Dinsmore, M . Schwager , J . Rowe, T . Jefferis, S . Decker, C . Bishop, D . Peltz, E . Bready , G . Rhein, T . Arena . Back Row : D . Adshead, J . Tritz, D . La-Vigne , C. Cantono, J . Sheppard, J . Price . OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT CORRESPONDING SECRETARY RECORDING SECRETARY TREASURER Fenna Dresde n Helen Huggin s Jane Maxwel l Annette Ken t Gretchen Vandenberg h delta delta delta 356 The Tri-Delt women ' s fraternity participated actively in many campus events . The house had two members of the Queen's court in the annual Miss University Queen Contest, sponsored by the 1960 Record . The annual Spring Formal held by the hous e was a memorable event for the sisters . At the annual Tri-Delt Carnival, which was held during th e spring semester, the sisters raised a sum of mone y for the Delta Delta Delta Scholarship from which a n award is presented to a deserving woman on th e Penn Campus . The sisters of D Phi E won the national sorority' s award for participation in campus activities at thei r international convention held during the Christma s recess and have retained the Scholarship Cup for th e last two years . The sisterhood held a Christmas part y for underprivileged children in conjunction wit h Kappa Nu fraternity . They also donated the proceeds of their Pledges on Parade Dance, held at th e Broadwood Hotel, to the Campus Chest Drive . Thei r main social affairs were the Formal Initiation Danc e in March and the Bermuda Blast in the Spring . delta phi epsilon OFFICER S PRESIDENT FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT CORRESPONDING SECRETARY RECORDING SECRETARY TREASURER Frances Karabe l Sylvia Neuwirt h Eileen Mackevic h Ann Meislic h Rochelle Kauffma n Wilma Rothflel d Front Row : P . Grossman, J . Cohen, R . Farkas, J . Tennenbaum, L . Schwartz, B . Kravitz, S . Order . Second Row : N . Loev, E . Mache- vich, S . Neuwirth, F . Karabel, W . Rothfeld, A . Meislich, J . Levitt . Third Row : S . Goldstein, M . Mintz, M . Crausman, J . Pollock, J . Brown, S . Weintraub, H . Harrison, M . Kahn, M . Cohen, R . Fein gold, M . Wexelblatt, R . Marinoff . Back Row : F . Abrahamer, H . Cohen, H . Krangel, J . Hockman, S . Fein, G . Loomar, C . Frankel , A . Gruenberg, R . Waldman, B . Goldman . 357 kappa alpha theta With the initiation of their pledge class the sister s of Kappa Alpha Theta began another active year o n the Penn campus . After this event the sisters hel d their annual Initiation Formal Dance . The Theta' s national charitable project is the support of the children's wing of the Institute of Logopedics in Wichita , Kansas . During the Christmas season a party wa s held at one of the local hospitals for the confine d children . The sisters received the Intramural Cup fo r attaining the most points in intramural competition . OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT CORRESPONDING SECRETARY RECORDING SECRETARY TREASURER Rosemary Yaecke r Letitia Henderso n Jane Krumrin e Lynn Gas s Beatrice Reeves Front Row : S . Flack, C . Grant, D . Thompson, M . Arlotto, B . Mul- kern, L . Hutchison, G . Mensch . Second Row : K . Morrissey, B . Hennessey, P . Whayne, B . Reeves, B . Yaecker, L . Henderson, H . Storey, L . Buerklin, M . S . Frey . Third Row : J . Car p s, G . Clark , J . McLaughlin, K . Hutton, J . Schmucker, J . Dooley, P . Hodge , A . Harrison, B . Lewry, P . McGhee, M . Reilly . Back Row : P . Sprecher, M . G . Johnson, S . Kelly, B . Babcock, M . Laffey, J . Riblett, S . Hansmeier, C . Arndt . 358 Front Row : C . Knight, J . Giordano, M . Hummel, A . Jordan, S . Miller, M . Pintavalle . Second Row : V . Knight, J . Kahle, J . Davis , C. Cameron, M . Barber, G . Faustino, L . Budzinski . Back Row: M . McConnell, M . Kerrisk, B . Korns, B . Seaman, I . Sloss, S . Randall, D . Whan, C . Hill, L . Townsend, J . Marano, S . Wells , D. Dorenzo, B . Chase, J . Militello, I . Garozzo . OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Constance Camero n Jane Davi s Mary Jane Kahl e Marion Barbe r The sisters of Kappa Delta women ' s fraternity jus t completed another active year . The charitable efforts of the sisters were directed toward the support of th e Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia , through the purchase of Christmas Seals . The socia l affairs of the house were highlighted by the annua l Spring Formal and mixers with many of the mal e fraternities on the campus . The pledges of Kapp a Delta, who were presented at the annual Pledges o n Parade held at the Broadwood Hotel, also held a Christmas tea for the other women's fraternities . kappa delta 359 Front Row : J . Schade, K . Rose, N . Files, J . Crume, S . Richards , S . Foster . Second Row : N . Hewitt, C . Palermo, J . Strong, C . Trimble, C . Cox, J . Brandon, S . Schneider, J . Hartsough . Third Row : P . Brooks, L . Newton, M . Laan, C . Driggs, V . MacNair , S . Storm, S . McInnes, J . Lloyd, M . Voss, J . Carty, J . Strahm, J . Devlin, K . Stroud . Back Row : A . Hollingsworth, J . Hesse, S . Clothier, J . McGill, A . Rowland, P . Prewitt, M . L . Smith, L . Twining, C . Quarrier, E . Chance, A . MacAfee . OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Carol Ann Trimbl e Judy Stron g Connie Cox Nancy Hewit t kappa kapp a gamma 360 The sisters of Kappa Kappa Gamma continued thei r active participation in the many University and Pa n Hellenic social, athletic, scholastic, and charitable activities . The Kappa's social season included mixer s with several of the male fraternities on campus an d participation in the Pledges on Parade Dance . I n order to become more familiar with members of th e University community, the sorority held several tea s for them . The three main social affairs of the seaso n were the Christmas Open House, the Initiation Formal, and the Spring Open House . Among the highlights of a very memorable yea r for the Phi Sigma Sigmas was a party for the "attached" sisters of the sorority -- those engaged, pinned , or going steady . In addition, the sorority had a Pre Pledges on Parade Party and an Open House whic h were held in their refurbished living room . Durin g both semesters mixers were held with the variou s fraternities and the medical and dental schools . Th e sisters also conducted a Charity Ball for the Hear t Association along with their Winter and Spring Formals . phi sigma sigma OFFICER S PRESIDENT FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT SCRIBE BURSAR Jeanine Jacob s Dianna Zbarsk y Nadine Nicholso n Elaine Steinberg Marlene Osca r Front Row : S . Goldstein, B . Stein, N . Jacobs, H . Cohen, J . Solomon, L . Kupperstein, C . Rosen, R . Braunstein . Second Row : M . Lipshutz, S . Segal, N . Nicholson, J . Jacobs, D . Zbarsky, E . Stein berg, M . Malen . Third Row: J . Silver, J . Seltzer, F . Nelson, J . Dunn, L . Freedman, J . Lahr, G . Schneider, S . Wachtel, H . Altman , C . Baron, A . Freedlander, S . Miller, M . Winitsky . Back Row : M . Sobel, J . Kaplan, P . Melman, J . Forman, B . Ruche, B . Gross, J . Penn, J . Kahn, R . Weiss, J . Rosensweig, M . Kadish, J . Maliner, P . Laner . 361 sigma delta ta u Among the various honors won by the sisters o f Sigma Delta Tau women's fraternity were first place in the Pan Hellenic Song Fest, Campus Chest Queen , and the Frederick R . Mann award for philanthropi c work . The sisters sponsored a party for a group o f orphans at a local orphanage . The pledges' carnival , "Satan Place," and a shoe shine were held for th e purpose of raising money for the new women's dormitories . The sorority sponsored various socials , inter-sorority get-togethers, and teas . The Fall an d Spring Dances highlighted the year . OFFICER S PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT CORRESPONDING SECRETARY RECORDING SECRETARY TREASURER Carole Abramso n Marcia Brodsk y Diane Ruttenberg Anita Goldma n Adele Finerma n Front Row : J . Weintraub, E . Cohen, M . Cartoff, B . Schuman, C . Brustein . Second Row : S . Talansky, D . Goldman, C . Kaplan, C . Abramson, D . Ruttenberg, S . Roazen, A . Finerman . Third Row : S . Ostroff, M . Moss, H . Salomon, D . Weiss, C . Meyer, M . Gross , S . Byer, R . Schneider, B . Kramer, H . Zucker, N . Schiff, D . Acker man, M . Dzick . Back Row : S . Goldstein, J . Kline, S . Rossman , .1 . Kaufelt, Z . Kurtz, D . Horowitz, S . Auerback, P . Sarlin, N . Salkind, E . Meltzer, B . Willis, F . Aronis, P . Lasher . 362 PERSPECTIVE VIEW SEES THE CHANG E The changing campus scene is viewed from many angles, with a perspective that displays the contrast of sizes, shapes, and attitudes . A feel of that which lies within can be gained only through imagination . 366 A new glass wall reflects an aging brick facade -- a pictorial record o f the perennial change . We are watching a new campus emerge, risin g above the landmarks that are a memorable part of Pennsylvania . While we are here, the old is passing -- it should be studied, evaluated, an d remembered, before it is gone . 370 THE CAMPUS SHIFTS LET SPIRIT REMAI N An evaluation of the old is a process of selection that gives u s a memory to hold. . Certainly it is easier to recall the arches o f Franklin Field than a brick box with modern beauty in function . The function is important, we must progress -- but the tradition ca n remain . A far-reaching plan will alter the campus, yet only alter it , leaving the vestiges of the atmosphere that is Pennsylvania . 373 PHILADELPHIA For three hundred years one of the major cities of th e United States, Philadelphia and its surroundings offer a wealth of recreational and cultural facilities to the students at Pennsylvania . From Valley Forge to Independence Hall , the American heritage is deeply entrenched in Philadelphia . The city supports excellent museums, a zoo, and fo r "sports," several professional athletic teams . For us, Philadelphia is a great metropolis with a distinct personality, lying just beyond the edges of our campus . . . .THE CITY . . . AT NIGH T At night, the city takes on a new aspect, a s millions of lights sparkle in the darkness . Fe w cities in the world are able to support the nigh t diversions that are available to residents o f Philadelphia . For students seeking entertainment, Philadelphia has a fine orchestra, several theaters, hundreds of night clubs an d "flick" houses -- only a part of the great activit y that begins to appear as the sun goes down . 376 "I am pleased to inform you that the Committee on Ad missions" "regulations shall apply" . DEFEAT SOPH S IN DINK WEEK "answer three out of four" Unless an improvement is made" "were elected to the Junio r Board" "Department of Intercollegiate Athletics ha s awarded" "student in the College, a member of Ph i Kappa" "CORNELL TO TAKE THE IVY" "This Fifteenth Day of June" "Hark! ye Penn men proud an d true: Sixty leads the Red and Blue ." Seniors Hey Day On Hey Day, outstanding Seniors are recog nized for their achievement and leadershi p contributions to university life . The forma l festivities are held in Irvine Auditorium an d include the reading of the class history an d prophecy . At this time the traditional bowl , cane, spade, and spoon awards are presente d to the four senior honor men . The permanen t class officers are announced, and the senio r honor societies, Sphinx, Hexagon, and Friars , name their new members . The Day is concluded with the colorful Pennsylvania ritual , the planting of the class ivy . At the traditional Hey Day ceremonies in Irvine Auditorium, Jon Huntsman helps John Jerbasi, his successo r as Senior Class President, into the President's robe . The presentation of class awards and traditional iv y planting ceremonies were held in front of newl y erected McClelland Hall . 380 Women's ey Day Dr . Althea K . Hottel, retiring as Dean o f Women, is presented with the first copy o f the 1959 Record by Leroy Levinson, Editor-in Chief, at the women's Hey Day ceremonies . Class officers and honor women of the Senior class plant the symbolic ivy branch at the site of the new women's dormitories . Th e ivy branch must be symbolic of something because ivy seems to b e springing up all over campus . The Ivy Planting Ceremonies, on the site of the ne w women's dormitories at Thirty-third and Walnut Streets , is culminated by an address delivered by Gaylord P . Harnwell, President of the University . Women's Hey Day rewards the outstanding women of th e Senior class for . achievements in scholarship and activities . The traditional ivy branch was planted at the site of the ne w women's dormitories where President Harnwell addressed th e faculty and members of the class . The formal ceremonie s are climaxed with the presentation of awards in Irvine Auditorium . 381 PRESIDEN T BERNARD E . BERLINGE R Delta Tau Delta Wyncote, Penna . VICE-PRESIDEN T JOHN T. JERBAS I Phi Kappa Sigma Verona, New Jersey men's ALUMN I SECRETAR Y DAVID B . LANDRY Delta Tau Delta Bethesda, Maryland TREASURE R TERRY R . WARD Altoona, Penna . Delta Kappa Epsilon 382 PRESIDENT CAROL ANN TRIMBL E Kappa Kappa Gamma Chevy Chase, Maryland VICE-PRESIDEN T CONSTANCE E . COX Kappa Kappa Gamma Wynnewood, Penna . CLASS OFFICERS women's TREASURE R MARGARET ALICE FLEISCHMAN N Wyomissing, Penna . SECRETAR Y NANCY ANN MAYBERR Y Philadelphia, Penna. Alpha Omicron Pi 383 HONOR ME N Spoon BERNARD E . BERLINGE R Delta Tau Delt a Wyncote, Penna . JOHN T. JERBAS I Phi Kappa Sigma Verona, New Jerse y Howl 384 Cane RAYMOND N . SCHROT H Phi Kappa Sigma Chatham, New Jersey Spade ALVIN V. SHOEMAKE R Sigma Ch i Somerset, Penna. 385 The June Commencement is held in Convention Hall, where a throng that can barely see th e distant stage swelters in the Philadelphia heat . But no amount of discomfort can dislodg e the feeling of relieved pride that grows within the graduate and his parents . COMMENCEMEN T Commencement marks the realization of a great goal for hundreds o f prospective graduates . Experiencing by and relief at this long-awaited event , the senior may relive the anxieties and frustrations of a long collegiate career . In an atmosphere of centuries-old tradition, the student is presented wit h the degree that represents a faculty's confidence in his ability . From this point he must go forth to prove the merit of this confidence -- and earn a living . 386 The return to the campus from Convention Hall is a pleasant walk, as contemplation of the day's successe s breeds contentment . A last view of Houston Hall, a warm sun, and pleasant companionship only add to an already joyous occasion . The memorable event is recorded fo r the family album . Joviality is part o f the scene, since the family is as surprised as the graduate . 387 With gallant cries of "The next round's on me," old grads wither in the sunshine . 388 As the power of alcohol began to take effect upon the minds of Penn's alumni, tales of th e infamous college weekends began to flow . Mugs in hand, the "boys" boasted of thei r future plans . A famous string band helps set a nostalgic moo d during the riotous festivities . GENERA L ALUMN I DA Y Each year, Alumni Day lures a grea t number of Pennsylvania's old grads bac k to the scene of their college days . Ag e and time seem to improve the surroundings as the group huddles behind the protective walls of Franklin Field for the day s festivities . Twenty-seven classes and ove r three thousand alumni gathered to hono r the historic university . Nineteen Pennsylvania olympians were honored and onl y a light drizzle could dampen the festivities . Reliving old traditions and accomplishments, with an occasional drink t o wash down the tears, the gallant three thousand gentlemen left the campus wit h a few empty bottles and the cheer that the y came with . 389 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A CHARLES G . ABBATEMARCO Lodi, N . J . WHARTON Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Marketing Society ; Mask and Wig Show 1, 2 . HUGH M . ABERMAN Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Beta Sigm a Rho ; Varsity Club ; Baseball 1 ; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Omicron Ch i Epsilon . SHERMAN S . ABRAHAMSON Dayton, Ohio WHARTON Sigma Alpha Mu ; Daily Pennsylvanian; Crew 1 ; Society for Advancement of Management; Pre-Law Society . ROBERT GEORGE ABRAMS Philadelphia, Pa . MOORE Ta u Delta Phi ; Franklin Society ; Institute of Radio Engineers ; Record , Associate Business Manager 4 ; Pennsylvania Triangle, Account s Manager 4 ; Sophomore Annals ; Bridge Club ; Hillel Foundation . CAROLE ABRAMSON Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOME N Sigma Delta Tau, President 4 ; Pennsylvania News, Advertisin g Manager 2, Business Manager 3 ; Orientation Leader 3, 4 . ELIAS ABRUTYN Jersey City, N . J . COLLEGE Kappa Nu , Treasurer 2, Secretary 4 ; WXPN ; Psychological Society . RICHARD N . ADELIZZI Philadelphia, Pa . MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pennsylvania Triangle . ALAN M . AGREE Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Alpha Ch i Sigma ; Young Democrats ; American Chemical Society . RONALD M . AKEL Binghamton, N . Y . WHARTON Delta Kapp a Epsilon, Treasurer 2, 3, President 4 ; Marketing Society ; Inter fraternity Council . MICHAEL BENNETT ALBERT Penn Valley, Pa . CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Penn Mike Club ; WXPN ; American Institute o f Chemical Engineers . ROBERT D . ALCORN Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Wharto n Advisory Council ; Government Club, President ; Newman Club . FREDERICK STEVENS ALLEN, JR . Ross, Calif . COLLEGE Delta Psi, Secretary 3 ; Daily Pennsylvanian, Associate Editor 4 ; Quarterdeck Society ; Young Republicans . LEWIS I . ALLINSON New Haven, Conn . WHARTON P i Lambda Phi ; Sophomore Annals ; Marketing Society ; Finance Society . ALFRED STANTON ALTMAN Margate City, N . J . COLLEGE Tau Epsilon Phi ; Scales Society, Vice-President 3, President 4 ; Glee Club . FRANCIS VINCENT ANDERSON, JR . Glen Ridge, N . J . COLLEGE Phi Kappa Psi . HERBERT H . ANDERSON, JR . Philadelphia, Pa . MOORE Tau Beta Pi ; Eta Kappa Nu . WARD HASTINGS ANTHONY Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary 3, 4 . MARION BAER APPEL Wynnewood, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Hockey 4 ; Basketball . 1960 RECOR D STEVEN ARBITTIER Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Phi Beta Kappa ; Pi Sigma Alpha, President; Pi Gamma Mu ; Mask an d Wig Show 2, 3 . CHARLES R . ARENSCHIELD Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Beta Theta Pi ; Football 1 . ROSEMARY ARLOTTO Hazleton, Pa . NURSING Kappa Alph a Theta ; Sigma Theta Tau, President 4 ; Mortar Board ; Record; New man Club ; National Student Association ; Student-Faculty Committee for the School of Nursing ; Student Nurses Association o f Pennsylvania . ROBERT DONNELL ARMSTRONG Little Rock, Ark . WHARTON . EDWARD J . ARNDT Philadelphia, Pa . METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha, Vice-President ; Alpha Sigma Mu ; Swimming 2 . JERRY SIDNEY ARNOLD Kansas City, Mo . WHARTON Alph a Tau Omega ; Finance Society; Chess Club ; Marketing Society . PAUL HERBERT ARNOLD Pittsburgh, Pa . WHARTON Sigm a Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer 2 ; Mask and Wig Show 1 ; Universit y Band ; Finance Society . ADELE JOAN ARON Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION Kappa Delta Epsilon ; Red and Blue ; Record . RICHARD A . ARONS Brooklyn, N . Y . WHARTON Veteran s Organization . CHARLES M . ASARNOW Maplewood, N . J . COLLEGE Alph a Epsilon Pi, Vice-President 4 ; Interfraternity Council ; Pi Sigm a Alpha, Vice-President 4 ; International Affairs Association ; Pre Law Society ; Hillel Foundation . MARTIN ASDORIAN Levittown, N . Y . WHARTON Phi Kapp a Sigma ; Christian Association ; Wrestling 1, 2, 3 ; Crew 1 . BRENDA LEE ASHER Reading, Pa . NURSING Phi Sigm a Sigma ; Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania . ROBERT BRUCE ASHER Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Kapp a Alpha, President ; Young Republicans ; Christian Association . WILLIAM H . ATTIAS Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON . THEODORE AUGHEY Arden, Del . WHARTON Phi Delta Theta ; 150 Lb . Football 3, 4 . BARBARA ALLEN BABCOCK Hyattsville, Md . COLLEGE FO R Kappa Alpha Theta; Pi Gamma Mu ; Mortar Board ; Delta Sigma Rho ; Sphinx and Key ; Sophomore Class, President ; Debate Council, President 4 ; Orientation Leader 3, 4 . HENRY IRVING BABITT Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE German Club ; Pennsylvania Commuters Association . CAROL BACKER Ventnor, N . J . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Alpha Epsilon Phi ; Pi Sigma Alpha . WOMEN s 391 CORINNE ELLEN BADDER Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION Bennett Student Union ; Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Hillel Foundation . KENNETH A . BAER Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Beta Sigm a Rho ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Glee Club . ROSS K . BAKER Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Philomathea n Society ; Pi Sigma Alpha ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Sigma Tau Sigma ; Highball . RUTH BAKER Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Chi Omega ; English Honorary Society ; Bennett Student Union . RONALD D . BALSER Atlanta, Ga . WHARTON Sigma Alph a Mu, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President 4 ; Sphinx ; Kite an d Key ; Sophomore Annals; Junior Annals, Business Manager; Cros s Country, Head Manager ; Track, Associate Manager ; Record; Athletic Managerial Board, President; University Boys' Club ; Spike d Shoe Club ; Varsity Club ; Interfraternity Council ; Hillel Foundation . LUCILLE BALUKJIAN Upper Darby, Pa . EDUCATION Studen t Advisory Board for School of Education ; Campus Committee ; Pennsyngers ; Pennsylvania News, Copy Editor 3, 4 ; Choral Society ; Pi Lambda Theta ; Penn Christian Fellowship . EDWARD LEWIS BARAD West Hempstead, N . Y . WHARTO N Phi Sigma Delta ; WXPN . JOAN CAROL BARENKOPF Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN . DAVID J . BARISH New York, N . Y . WHARTON . JOAN RENEE BARITZ Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION Kapp a Delta Epsilon ; English Honorary Society ; Record ; Pennsylvani a Players ; Orientation Leader 3, 4 . JOHN F . BARNES Merion, Pa . ALLIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONS . RICHARD C . BARRY Quincy, Mass . WHARTON Sigma Nu ; Newman Club . MICHAEL BARTELL San Diego, Calif . WHARTON Alpha Epsilon Pi ; Franklin Society ; Daily Pennsylvanian, Executive Editor 4 . ROBERT H . BATEMAN, JR . San Francisco, Calif . COLLEGE Phi Kappa Psi; Newman Club . WILLIAM THOMAS BATES Folsom, Pa . ALLIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONS Friars ; Franklin Society; Daily Pennsylvanian, Sport s Editor . JOHN BAY Flushing, N . Y . COLLEGE Beta Theta Pi, Secretary 2 ; Swimming 1, 2, 3 . CHARLES J . BEAM Baltimore, Md. MOORE Sigma Nu ; Hexagon ; Wrestling, Head Manager ; Athletic Managerial Board ; Varsity Club; Christian Association . ROBERT N . BECKER Huntingdon Valley, Pa . MECHANICA L ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi ; Sigma Tau ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers . UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A 392 PHILIP BEITCHMAN Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Philomathean Society; Pennsylvania Literary Review . MARK LEWIS BELAFSKY Woodbridge, N . J . COLLEGE Kappa Nu ; Sigma Tau Sigma ; Tennis, Head Manager 4 ; Squash , Associate Manager 4 ; Varsity Club ; Athletic Managerial Board , Vice-President 4 . BURTON LEE BELSKY Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Alph a Epsilon Delta ; Pi Delta Phi . t A . RICHARD BENEDEK New York, N . Y . WHARTON Bet a Sigma Rho ; Daily Pennsylvanian; Record ; The Highball; Pre-La w Society ; Finance Society . WILLIAM J . BENINGHOF, JR . Rosindale, Mass . MOORE Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Tau Beta Pi, President ; Hexagon ; Eta Kapp a Nu, Vice-President; Pi Mu Epsilon ; 150 Lb . Football 2, 3 ; Sigm a Tau Sigma . EDWARD LARS BENSON Kansas City, Mo . WHARTON Ph i Delta Theta . GERTRUDE BENTZEL Thomasville, Pa . NURSING . PETER CARLANDER BERG Buenos Aires, Argentina WHARTON . DANIEL STEPHENS BERGER Elizabeth, N . J . COLLEGE Ph i Sigma Delta ; Italian Club ; Mask and Wig Show 1 . PHIL BERINBAUM Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Sigma Ta u Sigma, Vice-President 4 ; Ivy Club ; Hillel Foundation ; Pre-La w Society . SHARON BERKOWITZ Montreal, Canada WHARTON . ARTHUR JOEL BERLIN Bala-Cynwyd, Pa . WHARTON Pennsylvania Commuters Association, Treasurer 3, 4 . BERNARD E . BERLINGER, JR . Wyncote, Pa . MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta ; Phi Kappa Beta ; Sphinx ; Track 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4 ; Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 4 ; Senior Class , Vice-President . DOLPH LOUIS BERMAN Cincinnati, Ohio WHARTON Zeta Beta Tau ; Mask and Wig Club, Board of Governors 4 ; Mask an d Wig Show 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Pennsylvania Players ; Golf 1 . EUGENE BARRY BERMAN Trenton, N . . J . WHARTON Thet a Rho ; Scabbard and Blade; 150 Lb . Football 2 ; R .O .T .C . ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers . HARVEY CHARLES BERMAN Cedarhurst, N . Y. WHARTON Beta Sigma Rho ; Daily Pennsylvanian ; Baseball 2, 3 . SANFORD S . BERMAN Pittsburgh, Pa . WHARTON Phi Epsilon Pi . DANIEL BERNSTEIN New York, N . Y . MOORE Sigma Tau , Historian ; Eta Kappa Nu ; Institute of Radio Engineers . 1960RECORD 393 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A MYRA SELENA BERNSTEIN Philadelphia, Pa . WOMEN Phi Beta Kappa ; Sigma Tau Sigma . CAROL BETHUNE Scotch Plains, N . J . ALLIED FESSIONS . COLLEGE FO R MEDICAL PRO- BARRETT FRANKLIN BINDER Elberon, N . J . COLLEGE Alpha Epsilon Delta ; English Honorary Society ; Sigma Tau Sigma , Vice-President 4 ; Hillel Foundation ; Dormitory Council ; Philomathean Society ; Sociology Club, Vice-President ; Crew . CHARLES BINDER Huntington, N . Y . COLLEGE . JOHN PAUL BIRCH Lyndhurst, N . J . WHARTON Sigma Ph i Epsilon; Crew 1 ; Newman Club ; Society for Advancement o f Management; Pre-Law Society . WILLIAM H . BIRK Frenchtown, N . J . MECHANICAL ENGINEER ING Newman Club ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers . RONALD I . BIRNBAUM Wilkes-Barre, Pa . MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Beta Sigma Rho . ROY P . BJORNSON Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON . ALAN MILES BLACK Bethlehem, Pa . WHARTON Tau Delta Phi, Treasurer 3 ; Beta Gamma Sigma, Treasurer 4 ; Beta Alph a Psi ; Friars ; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Captain 4 ; Hillel Foundation ; Sigm a Tau Sigma ; Pre-Law Society . DOROTHY S . BLACK Philadelphia, Pa . NURSING . WALTER BLACK Seattle, Wash . WHARTON Theta Xi ; Dail y Pennsylvanian, Associate Editor ; Finance Society, Vice-President ; Interfraternity Council ; Mask and Wig Show 3 ; Dormitory Council ; WXPN ; Society for Advancement of Management ; Economica ; Christian Association . WILLIAM E . BLODGETT Hartford, Conn . COLLEGE Delt a Upsilon ; Soccer, Associate Manager ; Track 1 ; Scabbard an d Blade, Treasurer . FEDERICO BLOHM Caracas, Venezuela WHARTON Golf 1 ; Swimming 1 . BRENDA BLOOM Milton, Mass . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Alpha Chi Omega ; Pennguinettes ; Campus Committee ; Psychological Society . ROBERT S . BLOOM Newton, Mass . WHARTON . BARRY H . BLOOMGARDEN Great Neck, N . Y . WHARTON Pi Lambda Phi . AARON DAVID BLUMBERG Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON . DAVID REUBEN BLUMENTHAL Mount Vernon, N . Y . COLLEG E Hillel Foundation, Executive-at-Large 2, 3 . 1 96 0 RECOR D ROBERT JOEL BLUMENTHAL White Plains, N . Y . WHARTON Record; Daily Pennsylvanian ; Dormitory Council . ARTHUR BLYDEN Elkins Park, Pa . CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Beta Sigma Rho; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Baseball 1, 2, 3 ; Pennsylvani a Triangle . LEON J . BOGARTZ New York, N . Y . COLLEGE Phi Sigm a Delta, President 3, 4 ; Interfraternity Council ; Swimming 1 ; Base ball 1, 2 . WILLIAM L . BOGER Norristown, Pa . COLLEGE Glee Club . MARTHA INGRID BOHACHEVSKY Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEG E FOR WOMEN Phi Beta Kappa ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Newman Club ; German Club . FRANCIS J . BONINI Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Italia n Club . EDWARD T . BORER Swarthmore, Pa . WHARTON Delta Upsilon, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4 ; Daily Pennsylvanian ; Sophomore Annals, Photography Editor ; Junior Annals, Photography Editor ; Photographic Society . HARRY OLIVER BORETH Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON R .O .T .C . ALAN STANLEY BORNSTEIN Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON . BARRY PETER BORODKIN Hewlett, N . Y . WHARTON Iv y Club; Beta Alpha Psi, Treasurer 4 ; Alpha Phi Omega, Presiden t 4 ; Hillel Foundation ; University Band, Head Manager 4 . HELEN KATHERINE BORZ Merchantville, N . J . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Chi Omega, Secretary 4 . PAUL R . BOSWORTH Philadelphia, Pa . MOORE Beta Thet a Pi ; Scabbard and Blade ; N .R .O .T .C . JOHN BOWER Fernwood, Pa . WHARTON Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Society for Advancement of Management ; Christian Association . ANDREA SALZMANN BOXER Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Franklin Society, Secretary ; Pennsylvania News, Business Manager . GREGORY BRADSHAW Nyack, N . Y . CHEMICAL ENGINEERIN G Hexagon ; Fencing 1, 2, Captain 3, 4 ; Varsity Club ; Gladiu s Society ; Dormitory Council . A . GORDON BRANDAU, JR . Baltimore, Md . COLLEGE Delt a Upsilon, Vice-President 3 ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Lacrosse 1, 2 ; Swimming 1, 2 ; University Boys' Club . JANE ANNE BRANDON Hartford, Conn . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer 3 ; Yacht Club; Christian Association ; Junior Pan Hellenic Association . DONALD F . BRANNON Riverside, Calif . COLLEGE Ph i Gamma Delta; Philomathean Society . PEYTON H . BRAY, JR . La Jolla, Calif . COLLEGE Alpha Ta u Omega ; Daily Pennsylvanian ; Mask and Wig Show 3 . HOWARD BREINDEL Lakewood, N . J . WHARTON Pre-La w Society ; Insurance Society . BRUCE BRENNER Roanoke, Va . WHARTON Phi Epsilon Pi; Friars ; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Varsity Club ; Junior Class, Secretary . JANET REGINA BRESSLER Pottstown, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Hockey 1 . DORIS A . BREWEN Wormleysburg, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOME N Alpha Chi Omega ; Senior Class, President ; Women's Studen t Government Association ; Campus Committee ; Christian Association ; Pennsylvania Players, Advisory Board 4 . WINCHESTER BRITTON, III Cranford, N . J . WHARTON Theta Xi . GEORGE BRODE, JR . Glencoe, III . WHARTON Phi Sigm a Delta ; Mask and Wig Club ; R .O .T .C . DONALD GIBBS BRODIE Plandome, N . Y . WHARTON Zeta Psi, President 4 ; Pennsylvania Players ; Interfraternity Council ; Soccer 1 ; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Varsity Club . MARC H . BRODSKY Coral Gables, Fla . COLLEGE WXPN ; Lightweight Crew 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Pennsylvania Society of Physics ; Varsity Boat Club . MARCIA BRODSKY Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Sigm a Delta Tau ; Mortar Board ; Omicron Chi Epsilon ; WXPN . MAUREEN DEE BRODY Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary ; Pennsylvania News, Cop y Editor 1, 2 ; Bowling 1 ; Pennguinettes ; German Club ; Slavic Club . JOAN LAURA BROSKI Philadelphia, Pa . NURSING University Graduate Nurses Association, Executive Officer 4 . ALAN RICHARD BROWN New York, N . Y . COLLEGE Hille l Foundation ; Outing Club ; Alpha Phi Omega, Correspondin g Secretary 2, 3 . DEAN W . BROWN Lakeville, Conn . WHARTON Delta Kapp a Epsilon ; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Hockey, Captain 4 ; Varsity Club . DONALD BROWN Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Beta Gamm a Sigma ; Pi Gamma Mu . JAMES JAY BROWN Shaker Heights, Ohio WHARTON Ph i Sigma Delta ; Debate Council, Secretary 3 ; Hillel Foundation . ROBERT D . BROWN Drexel Hill, Pa . COLLEGE Sigma Ph i Epsilon, President 4 ; Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Photographic Society . DAVID BRUNN Kansas City, Mo . MECHANICAL ENGINEERIN G Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary 3 ; Friars ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pennsylvania Triangle, Literary Editor 3 ; Junior Annals ; Lacrosse, Hea d Manager 4 ; Franklin Society; Athletic Managerial Board ; Varsit y Club . UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A 396 RICHARD G . BRYAN Richmond, Va . WHARTON Theta Xi , Secretary, President; Baseball 1 ; Basketball 1 ; Finance Society ; Christian Association . JOHN KENT BRYANT Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Ph i Gamma Delta ; Society for Advancement of Management; Yach t Club . LEDDY BUERKLIN Cranford, N . J . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Kappa Alpha Theta ; Orientation Leader 3, Chairman 4 ; Pan Hellenic Association ; Record, Women's Editor 4 ; Franklin Society ; Archery 1, 2 ; Hockey 2 . HAROLD PAUL BULAN New York, N . Y . WHARTON Thet a Rho ; Sigma Tau Sigma ; Finance Society . KEITH J . BURROUGHS Caldwell, N . J . WHARTON Theta Xi ; Christian Association . ROBERT A . BUSSER Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Alpha Ch i Rho, Treasurer, President ; Philomathean Society; Christian Association . DAVID BUTEN Merion Station, Pa . WHARTON Sphinx ; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, Captain 4 ; Junior Class, Vice President ; Dormitory Council . RICHARD JOEL BUXBAUM Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Alpha Epsilon Pi ; Friars ; Houston Hall Board, Treasurer 4 ; Inter fraternity Council ; Debate Council ; Student Symphony Orchestra ; Pennsylvania Players . THOMAS E . BYRNE, III Merion, Pa . COLLEGE . DAVID JAMES CALAMORE West Hartford, Conn . WHARTO N Phi Kappa Sigma ; Scabbard and Blade; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Campus Chest, Carnival Chairman 4 . WILLIAM WEBSTER CALDWELL, JR . Fort Lauderdale, Fla . WHARTON Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Tennis 1 ; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Squash 2, 3, Captain 4 ; Varsity Club ; Friars . JOSEPH L . CALIHAN Rochester, N . Y . WHARTON Beta Thet a Pi, President 4 ; Sphinx ; Varsity Club ; Golf 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4 ; Newman Club . DAVID EDGEMOND CALLAHAN Hyattsville, Md . MOORE Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President 3 ; Scabbard and Blade ; Christian Association ; Institute of Radio Engineers . JAMES FREDRICK CALLAHAN Swedesboro, N . J . CiviL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta ; American Society of Civil Engineers ; Newman Club . CONSTANCE JOYCE CAMERON Somers Point, N . J . WHARTO N Kappa Delta, President; Mortar Board ; Christian Association ; Junior Pan Hellenic Association ; Pan Hellenic Association . DAVIS CANGALOSI Arlington, Va . WHARTON Phi Kapp a Sigma, Secretary 2 ; Daily Pennsylvanian ; Society for Advancement of Management ; Christian Association . HOWARD PAUL CANTOR Jersey City, N . J . WHARTON Kappa Nu, Treasurer 3 ; Young Democrats ; WXPN . NICHOLAS EDWARD CAPALDI Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Philomathean Society . 1 96 0 RECORD 397 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A EDWIN JOSEPH CAREY, JR . Ardmore, Pa . WHARTON Ph i Gamma Delta ; Football 1, 2 ; Lacrosse 2, 3 ; Newman Club . KEVIN EDWARD CAREY Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Ps i Upsilon ; Kappa Kappa Psi ; Newman Club ; Crew 1 ; Universit y Band . MORLEY J . CARL Niagara Falls, N . Y . WHARTON Acacia , Treasurer 3, 4 ; Hillel Foundation ; Track ; Society for Advancement of Management, Treasurer 4 . LORETTA CARMICKLE Eugene, Ore . EDUCATION Lambd a Theta . JEROME D . CARREL Buffalo, N . Y . WHARTON Daily Pennsylvanian ; Swimming 1 ; Hillel Foundation ; Pre-Law Society . J . CANNON CARTER, III Memphis, Tenn . WHARTON Sigm a Alpha Epsilon ; Football 1 . MARGARET ELIZABETH CARTER Northfield, III . WHARTON Delta Gamma, Treasurer 2 ; Pan Hellenic Association ; Record ; Dorm, President 4 . MARJORIE LOUISE CARTOOF Brookline, Mass . EDUCATION Sigma Delta Tau ; Pennsylvania Players ; Pennguinettes ; Modern Dance Group . JUDITH SCHRADER CARTY Glenside, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Basketball 4 ; WXPN ; International Affairs Association . MIGUEL ANGEL CASELLAS, JR . San Juan, Puerto Rico WHARTON Newman Club; Insurance Society ; Yacht Club . VINCENT A . CASTELLUCCIO Roslyn Heights, N . Y . WHARTO N Sigma Alpha Epsilon . BEN T . CASTLE Santa Fe, N . M . COLLEGE Phi Kappa Sigma ; Newman Club ; Swimming 1 ; Lightweight Crew 1, 2, 3, Captai n 4 ; Varsity Club ; Varsity Boat Club, Vice-Commodore 2, 3, 4 . RONALD VAUGHAN CHAMPION Southport, Conn . CIVI L ENGINEERING Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice-President 3 ; Friars ; Scab bard and Blade ; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Interfraternity Council , Secretary 4 ; American Society of Civil Engineers ; Christia n Association . ELEANOR KENT CHANCE Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Pennsylvania Players ; Hocke y 1, 4 ; Lacrosse 3 ; Badminton 1, 3 ; Yacht Club, Vice-Commodore 4 ; Italian Club . ROLAND DAVIS CHANCE, JR . Atlanta, Ga . COLLEGE Ph i Delta Theta ; Crew 1 . PAUL J . J . CHEECHALK Binghamton, N . Y . FINE ARTS Alph a Phi Omega ; Newman Club ; Yacht Club ; Pennsylvania Players ; Track 2, 3 ; Fencing 1, 2 ; A Cappella Choir . EUGENE CHESKIS Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Alpha Ph i Omega ; Pennsylvania Society of Physics . STEPHEN ROSS CHODES Baltimore, Md . COLLEGE Ph i Sigma Delta ; Franklin Society; Pennsylvania Literary Review , Associate Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4 ; Sophomore Annals . 1 96 0 RECOR D JUNE LOUISE CHRYSLER Merchanlville, N . J . EDUCATION Alpha Xi Delta ; English Honorary Society ; Kappa Delta Epsilon ; Pan Hellenic Association ; Transylvanians . MORTON VICTOR CHWATSKY Rockville Centre, N . Y . WHARTON Hillel Foundation . PETER T . CLARK Bryn Mawr, Pa . COLLEGE Delta Kapp a Epsilon ; Track 4 ; Cross Country 1 . PHILIP A . CLARK East Orange, N . J . WHARTON Theta Chi , President 4 ; Veterans Organization, Vice-President 2, Presiden t 3 ; Interfraternity Council . EDWARD P . CLAYMAN Bala-Cynwyd, Pa . COLLEGE Alph a Epsilon Pi; Sophomore Annals ; Pre-Law Society; Hillel Foundation . CHARLES CLAYTON, JR . Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON . LAIRD C . CLEAVER Milwaukee, Wis . WHARTON Beta Theta Pi ; Quarterdeck Society . JOHN G . CLEMINSHAW Short Hills, N . J . COLLEGE Ph i Delta Theta, Vice-President 4 ; Crew 1 . ALAN B . COHEN Forest Hills, N . Y . WHARTON Tau Delta Phi ; Society for Advancement of Management ; Marketing Society ; Finance Society ; Soccer 2 ; Daily Pennsylvanian ; Record; Pre-La w Society . FRUMA DEBORAH COHEN Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FO R Pi Delta Phi ; English Honorary Society ; Modern Danc e Group; Sigma Tau Sigma . MATTHEW RICHARD COHEN Elkins Park, Pa . CIVIL ENGINEERING Hexagon, Recorder ; Franklin Society, Board o f Governors 3, 4 ; Pennsylvania Triangle, News Editor 2, Managing Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4 ; Track 1 ; Hillel Foundation ; American Society of Civil Engineers ; Photographic Society, Secretar y 1, 2, Vice-President 3, 4 . MILTON COHEN Harrisburg, Pa . COLLEGE Governmen t Club ; Hillel Foundation . WOMEN RONALD HERSHEL COHEN Lewistown, Pa . COLLEGE Bet a Sigma Rho; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Glee Club ; Hillel Foundation . SHEILA G . COHEN Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION Kapp a Delta Epsilon . ARTHUR HAROLD COLEMAN Rockville Centre, N . Y . WHARTON Theta Rho, Treasurer 3 ; Soccer 1, 2 ; Bowling 3 . VINCENT A . COLIANNI Avonmore, Pa . COLLEGE Delt a Tau Delta, Secretary ; English Honorary Society, Secretary ; 15 0 Lb . Football 2 ; University Band ; Newman Club ; Pre-Law Society . ROGER J . COLLEY Broomall, Pa . WHARTON Phi Gamma Delta ; Basketball 3, 4 . DAVID RICHARDS CONNOR Lansdowne, Pa . COLLEGE Glee Club . 399 JOSEPH JAMES COOK Elizabeth, N . J . EDUCATION Bet a Theta Pi; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Track 1 ; Lacrosse 3 ; Varsity Club ; Newman Club; German Club ; American Chemical Society . PENNY COOK Sandwich, Mass . WHARTON Delta Delt a Delta, Historian ; Basketball 1, 2 ; Tennis 1, 2 . LAWRENCE COOPER Wynnewood, Pa . COLLEGE Phi Sigm a Delta ; Pi Sigma Alpha ; Daily Pennsylvanian ; Lightweight Cre w 1 ; Mask and Wig Show 1 ; International Affairs Association , President . MARY G . COOPER Hazleton, Pa . WHARTON . STEPHEN D . COOPER Indianapolis, Ind . COLLEGE Pi Delta Phi ; Phi Sigma Alpha ; Lightweight Crew, Manager ; Athleti c Managerial Board ; Varsity Boat Club ; Varsity Club . PAUL LEONARD COOPERSTEIN Philadelphia, Pa . MOORE Eta Kappa Nu ; Tau Beta Pi ; Track 1 . MICHAEL COPLIN Elizabeth, N . J . COLLEGE Sigma Ta u Sigma . RICHARD A . CORDERO Guatemala City, Guatemala WHARTO N PETER B . CORSON Baltimore, Md . MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Philatelic Society, President ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers ; Christian Association . CAROLE JOY COULSON Ardmore, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN . EUGENE ALLEN COUSER, II Teaneck, N . J . COLLEGE Ph i Gamma Delta ; Varsity Club ; Sociology Club ; Newman Club ; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Track 1 . CARL D . COVITZ Brookline, Mass . WHARTON Phi Epsilon Pi ; Interfraternity Council ; Marketing Society . ANDRA OLMSTEAD COWLES Lincoln, Mass . ALLIED MEDICA L PROFESSIONS Basketball 1, 2 ; Hockey 1 ; Tennis 1 ; Pen n Christian Fellowship, Secretary 3 . CONSTANCE E . COX Wynnewood, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Kappa Kappa Gamma, Secretary 4 ; Newman Club ; Transylvanians ; Senate ; All Residents Council, President 4 . WILLIAM S . CRAUGH Maplewood, N . J . WHARTON Ph i Gamma Delta ; Society for Advancement of Management ; New man Club . ROY EDGINGTON CRAWFORD, III Boise, Idaho WHARTON Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Christian Association . WALTER G . CREED Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE . DAVENPORT BROWN CROCKER Cohasset, Mass . COLLEGE Zeta Psi ; Soccer, Manager 2 ; N . R . O . T . C . ; Penn Christian Fellowship, Treasurer 2 ; Yacht Club, Rear Commodore 4 ; Quarter deck Society . UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A 400 RICHARD VINCENT CRONK St . Petersburg, Fla . COLLEGE Delta Tau Delta ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; 150 Lb . Football 3 ; Dormitory Council ; Interfraternity Council ; Germa n Club ; Christian Association ; Sigma Tau Sigma ; Varsity Club . MARIAN H . CROSBY Philadelphia, Pa . NURSING . DANIEL EVANS CRUMP Scranton, Pa . WHARTON Psi Upsilon , Vice-President 3, President 4 ; Finance Society ; Young Democrats ; Yacht Club ; Interfraternity Council . JOEL SAMUEL CUBA New Rochelle, N . Y . WHARTON Sigm a Alpha Mu ; Society for Advancement of Management ; Hille l Foundation . NORMAN CUBELL Brookline, Mass . WHARTON Kappa No . JOHN STEPHEN CURRAN West Hartford, Conn . WHARTON Sigma Phi Epsilon . RICHARD I . CUTHBERT Colmar, Pa . COLLEGE Sigma Chi , Historian 2 ; Track 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Cross Country 1 ; Spiked Shoe Club , Secretary 2, 3, President 4 ; German Club ; Spanish Club . JOHN PAUL DALSIMER Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON . JANE LINDA ABRAHAMS DAROFF Nashville, Tenn . COLLEG E FOR WOMEN Alpha Epsilon Phi, President 3 ; Transylvanians ; Pan Hellenic Association . DANIEL JAY DAVIS Philadelphia, Pa . MOORE Eta Kapp a Nu ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Moore School Council . ELLA JANE DAVIS Charlotte, N . C . ALLIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONS Kappa Delta, Vice-President 4 ; Transylvanians ; Christian Association . ROBERT A . DAVIS Bennington, Vt . WHARTON Phi Kapp a Sigma . FERDINAND A . DE ANTONIS Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Alpha Chi Sigma ; Newman Club . RICHARD JOSEPH DELUCA Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON 150 Lb . Football 3, 4 ; Varsity Club ; Newman Club ; Governmen t Club . RAMSEY DEMIR Waterbury, Conn . COLLEGE Sigma Chi; Track 3, 4 ; Skimmer Day Committee; Spiked Shoe Club ; Ivy Bal l Committee . LEONARD A . DENNER New Haven, Conn . WHARTON Ph i Sigma Delta ; Society for Advancement of Management ; Marketing Society . DONNA LEE DESTEFANO Newport News, Va . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Alpha Chi Omega, President 4 ; Mortar Board ; Pennguinettes; Orientation Leader ; Women's Judiciary Board ; Pennsylvania Players . BARRY I . DEUTSCH Brooklyn, N . Y . WHARTON Theta Rho , President 3 ; Daily Pennsylvanian, Executive Editor 4 ; Highball; Insurance Society, Secretary-Treasurer 4 ; Interfraternity Council ; Hillel Foundation . 1 96 0 RECORD 401 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A LELAND C . DEWOLF Philadelphia, Pa . ALLIED MEDICA L PROFESSIONS . JANE DICKINSON Anna Maria, Fla . ALLIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONS Alpha Xi Delta, Treasurer 2, 3 ; Junior Pan Helleni c Association . ALFRED T . DIMARINO Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Philomathean Society, First Censor and Second Censor ;Pensylvai Literary Review, Editor-in-Chief 3 ; French Club ; Italian Club . VICTOR J . DINUBILE, JR . Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Thet a Xi, President ; WXPN ; Newman Club ; Record ; Freshman Handbook, Editor . SANFORD DIRECTOR Portland, Ore . WHARTON Sigm a Alpha Mu . FRED DOELLING Valparaiso, Ind . COLLEGE Phi Delta Theta ; Phi Kappa Beta ; Sphinx ; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Basketball 1, 2 ; Baseball 1 . AVROM ISAAC DOFT Lawrence, N . Y . WHARTON Financ e Society ; Junior Annals ; Daily Pennsylvanian ; Student Symphon y Orchestra ; Hillel Foundation . SUSAN DOLL Malverne, N . Y . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Pennguinettes ; Basketball 1, 3 ; National Student Association ; Dorm, President 4 . MARSHA ZEIGLER DOLLINGER Havertown, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Spanish Club . JOSEPH F . DOUGHERTY, JR . Upper Darby, Pa . WHARTON Newman Club ; Propeller Club . JOHN JOSEPH DOYLE, JR . Hamden, Conn . WHARTON Beta Theta Pi, Treasurer; Football 1, 2, 3 ; Baseball 1 . JAMES ALAN DRAZEN New Haven, Conn . WHARTON Pi Lambda Phi ; Marketing Society, Treasurer 3, President 4 ; Wharton Advisory Council ; Hillel Foundation ; Unarmed Defens e Society . MARIE MONTONE DRAZEN Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN . SALLY DREYFUS Melrose Park, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Basketball 3, Captain 4 ; Softball 3, 4 . CHARLES JOSEPH DRIBEN Great Neck, N . Y . COLLEGE Sigma Alpha Mu ; Sophomore Annals, Advertising Editor; Crew 1 ; Baseball 1, 2, 4 ; WXPN . LOWELL H . DUBROW Wyncote, Pa . WHARTON Beta Alph a Psi . LOIS E . ECKHART Jim Thorpe, Pa . NURSING Student Nurse s Association of Pennsylvania, Corresponding Secretary . WARREN MARC EDELSON Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Beta Sigma Rho . 1 96 0 RECOR D MARY CAROLYN EDMUNDS New Kensington, Pa . ALLIE D MEDICAL PROFESSIONS Women's Athletic Association ; Archer y 2, Captain 3 ; Dorm, President 4 . JO ANN THREADGILL EDSON Rockford, III . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Delta Delta Delta . ROGER ERNEST EHLE Cleveland, Ohio WHARTON Kappa Sigma ; Record; University Band; Christian Association . SANFORD B . EHRENKRANZ South Orange, N . J . WHARTO N Phi Epsilon Pi, Vice-President, President ; Beta Alpha Psi, Vice President, President ; Daily Pennsylvanian . HARVEY C . EISENBERG Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Iv y Club; Alpha Epsilon Delta . MURRAY EISENBERG Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Pi M u Epsilon, President 4 ; Philomathean Society, Second Censor 3 , Moderator 4 . RUTH EISENBERG South Orange, N . J . COLLEGE FOR WOME N Phi Sigma Sigma ; Bennett Student Union ; Hillel Foundation . GAIL EISENSTAT New Rochelle, N . Y . COLLEGE FOR WOME N Pennsylvania Players ; Pennsylvania News . LEWIS ROBERT ELIN Chicago, Ill . WHARTON Daily Pennsylvanian ; Hillel Foundation ; Outing Club . ESTELLE ELLENBERG Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION Kapp a Delta Epsilon ; International Affairs Association ; Hillel Foundation ; English Honorary Society . PETER V . ELTING Scarsdale, N . Y . WHARTON Zeta Beta Tau ; Daily Pennsylvanian ; Pennsylvania Literary Review; Dormitor y Council . EDWARD ERNEST EMANUEL Brooklyn, N . Y . WHARTON . ALLAN MARK ENDY Coatesville, Pa . COLLEGE WPXN ; Gle e Club ; Choral Society ; Hillel Foundation ; Student Symphony Orchestra . ERNEST EPSTEIN Kingston, Pa . COLLEGE Debate Council . ROBERT J . EULER St. Petersburg, Fla . WHARTON Bet a Gamma Sigma ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Finance Society . C . LEIGH FALDI Manhasset, N . Y . WHARTON Sigma Chi , Secretary 2, Vice-President 3 ; Crew 2, 3, 4 ; Varsity Boat Club , Purser 4 ; Varsity Club ; Mask and Wig Show 2 . LOUIS B . FARACCHIO Philadelphia, Pa . FINE ARTS . ROSCOE KENT FAWCETT, JR . Radnor, Pa . COLLEGE Ph i Gamma Delta ; Kite and Key ; Sphinx ; Hockey 1, 2, 4, Captain 3 ; Canterbury Club ; Pre-Law Society . 403 JOSEPH P . FAZIO Fall River, Mass . WHARTON Sigma Alph a Epsilon ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Sophomore Annals ; Junior Annals ; Dormitory Council . DWIGHT ROBERT FEARINS Aldan, Pa . WHARTON Omicro n Chi Epsilon . STANLEY P . FEDERMAN Brooklyn, N . Y . WHARTON Kappa Nu, Secretary 2 ; WXPN, Business Manager 3, Station Manager 4 ; Penn Mike Club, Secretary 3, President 4 ; Choral Society ; Marketing Society . STANLEY W . FEILER Savannah, Ga . WHARTON Phi Epsilo n Pi ; Record. MARVIN FEIN Pittsburgh, Pa . WHARTON Daily Pennsylvanian ; Pre-Law Society ; Bridge Club . PAUL HERER FEINBERG Shaker Heights, Ohio COLLEGE Tau Delta Phi, Vice-President 3, President 4 ; Pi Sigma Alpha ; Daily Pennsylvanian, Associate Editor 4 ; Sophomore Annals ; Junior Annals, Sports Editor ; Hillel Foundation ; Interfraternit y Council ; Pre-Law Society; Swimming, Assistant Manager 2 . ROBERT A . FEINGLASS Rochester, N . Y . WHARTON Marketing Society, Secretary 4 ; Society for Advancement of Management . STANLEY FEINMAN Brooklyn, N . Y . COLLEGE Varsity Club ; Track 2, 3, 4 ; 150 Lb . Football 4 ; Spiked Shoe Club ; Outing Club . LOIS SANDRA FELDMAN Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Record; Basketball 2, 3 ; Modern Dance Group ; Pennsylvania Players ; Hillel Foundation . RICHARD M . FELDMAN New Rochelle, N . Y . WHARTON Sigma Alpha Mu ; Crew 1 ; Society for Advancement of Management . AILEENR . FELLER Brooklyn, N . Y . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN . WILLIAM CHARLES FENN DeWitt, N . Y . CHEMICAL ENGINEER ING Phi Delta Theta ; Sigma Tau ; Friars ; Football 1, 2 ; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Varsity Club . BRUCE H . FERKAUF New York, N . Y . WHARTON . MARTIN HARVEY FERN Bronx, N . Y . WHARTON Daily Pennsylvanian ; Hillel Foundation . VINCENT L . FERRARA Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Alph a Epsilon Delta ; Newman Club ; German Club . RONALD S . FIEDELMAN Denver, Colo . WHARTON Phi Sigm a Delta, Treasurer 3, President 4 ; Hillel Foundation ; Interfraternity Council ; Mask and Wig Show 1 . MARTIN FINE Brooklyn, N . Y . COLLEGE Phi Alpha ; American Chemical Society ; Crew 1 ; Bridge Club . MILTON M . FINKELSTEIN Somerville, N . J . MooRE Ta u Delta Phi, Vice-President 3, 4 ; Quarterdeck Society ; Institute of Radio Engineers ; Track 1 ; Hillel Foundation ; Bridge Club, Vice President 3 . UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A 404 IDAJANE FISCHMAN Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION Sigm a Delta Tau ; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Secretary 3 ; Pennsylvani a Players . ROSANNE FISCHMAN New York, N . Y . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Alpha Epsilon Phi, Treasurer ; John Marshall Society , Secretary-Treasurer ; Pre-Law Society, Vice-President ; Transylvanians . HERBERT M . FISHER Elkins Park, Pa . COLLEGE Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Pennsylvania Triangle, Photography Editor ; Photo graphic Society, Treasurer . RICHARD THOMAS FISHER St . Louis, Mo . WHARTON Zet a Beta Tau ; Kite and Key; John Marshall Society ; Scabbard an d Blade . ROBERT D . FISHER Lansdale, Pa . METALLURGICAL ENGINEER ING Quarterdeck Society ; N .R .O .T .C . ; Towne Council ; America n Society of Mechanical Engineers, Vice-President 3, President 4 . DAVID L . FISHMAN Philadelphia, Pa COLLEGE Highball , Advertising Editor 2 ; Sophomore Annals ; Basketball, Manager 2 ; Hillel Foundation ; Pre-Law Society ; WXPN . RICHARD LEONARD FISHMAN Brookline, Mass . WHARTON Beta Sigma Rho, Auditor 4 . PAUL A . FITTINGOFF Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Pi Delta Phi . KENYON BAILEY FITZGERALD, JR . New York, N . Y . COLLEG E Phi Sigma Delta ; Record; Fencing 3 . FRANK NEIL FLEISCHER Portland, Me . WHARTON Tau Epsilo n Phi, President 4 ; Marketing Society ; Hillel Foundation ; Interfraternity Council . MARGARET ALICE FLEISCHMANN Wyomissing, Pa . COLLEG E FOR WOMEN Sphinx and Key, Vice-President ; Women's Studen t Government Association, Vice-President 4 ; Orientation Leader; All Residents Council ; Campus Committee, Secretary-Treasurer; Christian Association ; Dorm, Treasurer 3 . VIRGINIA LOUISE FORD Havertown, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Alpha Chi Omega, Treasurer, Secretary ; Pennguinettes . WENDY BUNTING FORD Glen Riddle, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Transylvanians ; Yacht Club . STEPHEN BRADLEY FORMAN Newton, Mass . WHARTON Phi Sigma Delta ; Franklin Society ; Record, Business Manager 4 ; Dormitory Council ; Wharton Advisory Council . STANLEY C . FOSTER Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Pi M u Epsilon ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Sigma Tau Sigma ; Ivy Club ; Track 3, 4 . FREDERICK MARSHALL FOX White Plains, N . Y . WHARTON Sigma Nu ; Scabbard and Blade ; Quarterdeck Society; Varsity Club ; Football 1, 3 ; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 ; N .R .O .T .C . EDWARD AUGUSTINE FRANCE, JR . Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Football 1 . J . DAVID FRANTZ Enid, Okla . WHARTON . 1 96 0 RECORD 405 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A ROBERT HOWARD FRASER, JR . Battle Creek, Mich . CIVIL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Sigma ; Hexagon ; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Varsity Club ; American Society of Civil Engineers, Treasurer . GWENDOLYN ANN FREED New Oxford, Pa . NURSING Basketball 1 ; Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania ; Christia n Association . LINDA ROSENBERG FREED Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION Ph i Sigma Sigma, Treasurer 2, 3 . SUZANNE NEWMAN FREEDBERG Elkins Park, Pa . COLLEG E FOR WOMEN Highball; Pennsyngers; Choral Society . MAIER FINN FREEDMAN Brookline, Mass . COLLEGE Acacia ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Hillel Foundation ; Society for Advancemen t of Management ; Crew 1 . NEAL LEONARD FREEDMAN Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Swimming 1 . WILLIAM JEFFREY FREZEL Philadelphia, Pa . MOORE Ivy Club ; Young Democrats ; Moore School Record, Production Manager 3 ; AIEE-IRE ; Amateur Radio Club, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, 4 ; Pennsylvania Commuters Association . JEROME HERBERT FRIDKIN Merion, Pa . WHARTON Varsit y Boat Club ; Varsity Club ; Lightweight Crew 2, 3, 4 . ROBERT D . FRIEDLANDER Great Neck, N . Y . COLLEGE Ta u Epsilon Phi ; Sphinx ; Kite and Key ; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Track 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Varsity Club, President 4 ; Spiked Shoe Club , Vice-President 4 ; Undergraduate Council . ALAN VICTOR FRIEDMAN Akron, Ohio COLLEGE Phi Epsilon Pi, Secretary 3 ; Friars ; Houston Hall Board, Secretary 4 ; Senior Class, Secretary ; University Boys' Club, Treasurer 2 . HARVEY M . FRIEDMAN Brooklyn, N . Y . COLLEGE Ph i Alpha ; University Band ; Bridge Club . INEZ FRIEDMAN Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION Pi Lambd a Theta, Secretary 4 ; Kappa Delta Epsilon ; Pennsylvania News , Office Manager . IVAN BARRY FRIEDMAN Erdenheim, Pa . COLLEGE Track 2 . MARY LOUISE FRIEND Swarthmore, Pa . NURSING Ch i Omega ; Lacrosse 1 ; Student Symphony Orchestra ; Student Nurse s Association of Pennsylvania . ROBERT L . FROST Bronxville, N . Y . COLLEGE Kappa Nu ; Franklin Society ; Scabbard and Blade ; Daily Pennsylvanian, Cit y Editor 4 ; Sophomore Annals, Associate Editor ; Campus Chest , Chairman 4 ; Interfraternity Council . LARRY ANTON FRYER Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Alph a Epsilon Delta, Historian 4 ; German Club ; Sigma Tau Sigma . DAVID W . FUNT Rockville Centre, N . Y . COLLEGE Ph i Sigma Delta . EDWARD PHILIP FURIA Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON . 1 9 6 0 RECOR D ELLIOT JOSEPH FURMAN Philadelphia, Pa . MOORE Moore School Record ; AIEE-IRE . RICHARD ALBERT FURNISS, JR . Penn Valley, Pa . MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega ; Sigma Tau ; Hexagon ; Pennsylvania Triangle, Business Manager ; Franklin Society ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers ; Towne Council, Vice-President . LOUIS RICHARD GABLER Bayonne, N . J . WHARTON Alph a Epsilon Pi; Wharton Advisory Council ; Economica, Chairman 4 . RICHARD M . GALE Brattleboro, Vt . COLLEGE Delta Upsilon . ELEANOR K . GALLAGHER Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Delta Delta Delta ; Lacrosse 3 ; Transylvanians . GWENDOLYN M . GALLOWAY Feasterville, Pa . NURSING . ALBERTO GALOFRE Bogota, Columbia WHARTON Ivy Club . KENNY A . GARBER Havertown, Pa . WHARTON Pennsylvani a Commuters Association ; Mask and Wig Show 2 . PHYLLIS GARBER Bala-Cynwyd, Pa . EDUCATION Kappa Delta Epsilon ; Record; Student Advisory Board for School of Education . MAX J . GARELICK Woonsocket, R . I . WHARTON Mask an d Wig Show 2 ; Marketing Society . GEORGE R . GARY Pontiac, Mich . COLLEGE Phi Gamm a Delta ; Friars ; Baseball 1, 2 , 3, 4 . LYNN GASS Severna Park, Md. ALLIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONS Kappa Alpha Theta ; Swimming 3, 4 ; Diving 3, 4; Transylvanians . ARNOLD GAVURIN Levittown, Pa . WHARTON WXPN . CYRIL M . G . GAYDOS Broomall, Pa . ELECTRICAL ENGINEER ING Institute of Electrical Engineers, Secretary ; AIEE-IRE, Treasurer . EUGENE GED Paterson, N . J . COLLEGE Phi Kappa Psi, Secretary 3 ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Newman Club . CYNTHIA GEDDES Garden City, N . Y . COLLEGE FOR WOME N Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Spanish Club; Christian Association . THOMAS E . GEHMAN Woodbridge, N . J . MooRE Alpha Ta u Omega, Secretary 3, 4 . PETER W . GEHRIS West Hartford, Conn . WHARTON Alph a Tau Omega ; Insurance Society ; Christian Association ; Daily Pennsylvanian . 407 JOSEPH W . GELB Stamford, Conn . COLLEGE Pi Gamma Mu ; Lightweight Crew 2, 3, 4 ; Sigma Tau Sigma ; Economica . NORMAN R . GELLER Jamaica Estates, N . Y . WHARTON Beta Sigma Rho ; Mask and Wig Show 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Mask and Wig Club , Business Manager 4 ; Sports Car Club ; Hillel Foundation . MARIA E . GEORGIANA Gibbstown, N . J . NURSING University Graduate Nurses Association, Secretary 2 . MICHAEL GERTNER Brooklyn, N . Y . WHARTON Kappa Nu ; Soccer 1 ; Track 1 ; University Boys' Club ; Sports Car Club ; Hille l Foundation . JOSEPH ANTHONY GIACOPONELLO Springfield, Pa . MOOR E Theta Xi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Moore School Record, Editor ; Moore School Council, President ; AIEE-IRE . JOSEPH FRANKLIN GIBISON, JR . Montclair, N . J . WHARTO N Beta Theta Pi . RICHARD M . GIBSON Rockford, Ill . WHARTON Psi Upsilon ; Mask and Wig Show ; Newman Club ; Slavic Club, President ; Yacht Club . DEBORAH EISENBERG GILBERT Maplewood, N . J . NURSING Sigma Theta Tau ; Pennsylvania Players . GERALD S . GILBERT Cleveland, Ohio WHARTON Tau Delt a Phi ; Record, Photography Editor 3 ; Golf, Head Manager 4 ; Athletic Managerial Board ; Varsity Club ; Hillel Foundation . JOHN N . GILBERT, JR . Stamford, Conn . WHARTON Ph i Gamma Delta ; Friars ; Crew 1 ; Mask and Wig Show 2, 3, 4 ; Mas k and Wig Club . JOHN E . GILDA Chambersburg, Pa . COLLEGE Phi Gamm a Delta ; Soccer 1 . BRUCE G . GILFILLAN Collingswood, N . J . COLLEGE . GEORGE EDGAR GILMER Brooklyn, N . Y . COLLEGE Track 3 ; Spiked Shoe Club; French Club . JUNE FRIDY GINAND Palmyra, Pa . NURSING . MARTHA GINKINGER Allentown, Pa . NURSING Studen t Nurses Association of Pennsylvania . MICHAEL J . GINSBERG Philadelphia, Pa . METALLURGICA L ENGINEERING Pi Mu Epsilon ; Alpha Sigma Mu ; Pennsylvani a Commuters Association, Treasurer 3 . NATHAN G . GINSBURG Camden, N . J . WHARTON Ivy Club ; . Pi Sigma Alpha ; Pre-Law Society ; Government Club ; Debat e Council . LOUIS S . GLASS Newton, N . J . WHARTON Finance Society . UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A 408 RONALD L . GLAZER Cleveland, Ohio WHARTON Phi Sigm a Delta ; Football 1, 3 ; Baseball 1, 3 . LAWRENCE R . GLENN Syosset, N . Y . WHARTON Delta Psi . EDWARD M . GLICKMAN Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Pennsylvania Commuters Association, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4 ; Beta Gamma Sigma . JEROME LEE GLICKMAN Philadelphia, Pa . MECHANICAL ENGINEERING American Society of Mechanical Engineers . WALTER GRIMM GOEHRING, II Greenville, Pa . WHARTON Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Society for Advancement of Management . RONALD BARRY GOFFMAN Newark, N . J . WHARTON Society for Advancement of Management; Ivy Club . EDWARD GOLD Forest Hills, N . Y . WHARTON Zeta Beta Tau . GILBERT GOLD Forest Hills, N . Y . WHARTON Zeta Beta Tau . JOAN GOLD Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION Pi Delta Phi . NELSON JASON GOLD Cedarhurst, N . Y . WHARTON Ph i Epsilon Pi . DEBORAH JUDITH GOLDBERG Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEG E FOR WOMEN English Honorary Society ; French Club ; International Affairs Association ; Psychological Society . EDWARD B . GOLDBERG Alexandria, Va . WHARTON Thet a Rho ; Hillel Foundation . JAY GOLDBERG Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Beta Alph a Psi ; Lightweight Crew 1, 2 . RICHARD GOLDBERG Perth Amboy, N . J . WHARTON Ph i Epsilon Pi; Daily Pennsylvanian ; Finance Society . WILLIAM S . GOLDENBERG St . Paul, Minn . COLLEGE Alph a Epsilon Pi; Hockey ; Hillel Foundation ; University Boys' Club . RICHARD THOMAS GOLDHAHN, JR . Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Ivy Club ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; French Club . MARSHALL J . GOLDIN Hartford, Conn . COLLEGE Track , Head Manager 4 ; Varsity Club ; University Band ; Spiked Sho e Club; University Boys' Club . DAVID FREDERICK GOLDING New York, N . Y . COLLEGE WXPN . 1960 RECORD 409 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A ALFRED D . GOLDMAN Oklahoma City, Okla . WHARTON Zeta Beta Tau . ANITA DALE GOLDMAN Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION Sigma Delta Tau ; Kappa Delta Epsilon ; Red and Blue; Hillel Foundation ; National Student Association . JANICE GOLDIN GOLDMAN Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Phi Beta Kappa ; Mortar Board ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Pennsylvania Literary Review ; Orientation Leader 3, 4 ; Sigma Ta u Sigma . MARILYN JANE MARGOLIS GOLDMAN Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Kappa Delta Epsilon, Vice-President 4 ; WXPN ; Bowling 2 . ROBERT GOLDSAMT Rockville Centre, N . Y . WHARTON Ph i Sigma Delta ; Golf 2, 3, 4 ; Bowling 3, 4 . CARL GOLDSTEIN Wilmington, Del . COLLEGE Ivy Club . DEBORAH ANN GOLDSTEIN Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION . JACK DAVID GOLDSTRICH Miami Beach, Fla . WHARTON . JANE GOLUBITSKY Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOME N Pi Mu Epsilon ; Sigma Tau Sigma ; Philmathean Society ; Record ; Highball ; Hillel Foundation . JONATHAN B . GOODBLATT Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE P i Mu Epsilon ; Hillel Foundation . PAUL GOODRITZ Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE WXPN . JEROME PELL GORDMAN Omaha, Neb . WHARTON Beta Sigma Rho ; Record ; Hillel Foundation ; Tennis, Alternate Manage r 2 ; R .O .T .C . BARBARA KELMAN GORDON Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION Delta Phi Epsilon ; Pennsylvania News ; Volleyball 2 ; Basketball 2 . I . EDWARD GORDON Stamford, Conn . WHARTON Phi Epsilon Pi ; Pi Sigma Alpha ; Pre-Law Society ; Finance Society . LEE GORDON Huntingdon Valley, Pa . MOORE Institute of Radio Engineers ; Amateur Radio Club . WILLIAM L . GORDON Philadelphia , Pa . MOORE Institut e of Radio Engineers ; Moore School Record, Assistant Productio n Manager 3 ; Moore School Council ; Amateur Radio Club, Technical Director 4 . ZALMAN GORDON Bala-Cynwyd, Pa . COLLEGE Hillel Foundation . ROBERT B . GOULD Roslyn, N . Y . WHARTON Sigma Alph a Mu ; Basketball 1 . 1960 RECOR D DAVID STANLEY GRABEL Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Penn sylvania Commuters Association ; R .O .T .C . ; Wharton Advisory Council . HAROLD GRAUSAM Fords, N . J . COLLEGE Phi Sigma Kappa . ELISE GRAWEMEYER Bryn Mawr, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOME N Christian Association . GERALD DOCKSER GREEN Newton, Mass . WHARTON Bet a Sigma Rho ; Finance Society ; Pre-Law Society ; Daily Pennsylvanian, National Advertising Manager . ROBERT A . GREENE Fort Washington, Pa . MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha ; Baseball 1, 2, 4 ; American Society o f Mechanical Engineers . THEODORE ELLIOT GREENSTEIN Suffern, N . Y . WHARTON Kappa Nu ; University Band . RAYMOND R . GREINKE Haddon Heights, N . J . WHARTON Alpha Tau Omega ; Baseball 1 ; 150 Lb . Football 2 ; Varsity Club . WAYNE BRUNO GRIEGEL Philadelphia, Pa . CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Glee Club ; American Institute of Chemical Engineers . CAROL F . GRIFFENHAGEN Little Rock, Ark . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN All Residents Council ; Transylvanians, Secretary; Psychological Society, Vice-President 4 . RICHARD C . GROSSER Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Economica ; Amateur Radio Club . SANFORD STANLEY GROSSMAN South Orange, N . J . WHAR TON Phi Epsilon Pi, Treasurer ; Pi Gamma Mu ; Beta Gamm a Sigma, Vice-President ; Finance Society; Pre-Law Society . MELVIN SAUL GRUBER Levittown, Pa . COLLEGE Crew 1 ; Fencing 1 ; German Club . ANN GRUENBERG New York, N . Y . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Delta Phi Epsilon; All Residents Council . DAVID R . GUNDERSON Pikesville, Md . CIVIL ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta ; Hexagon, President ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Basebal l 1, 3, 4 ; American Society of Civil Engineers; Undergraduat e Council ; Varsity Club ; Scabbard and Blade ; R .O .T .C . ; Town e Council . BARBARA G . GUTKIN Maplewood, N . J . EDUCATION . WILLIAM GUTMAN Philadelphia, Pa . MOORE Moore Schoo l Record; Fencing 1, 2 ; WXPN . JERRY G . GUTTMAN Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON . ELIZABETH TOURIGIAN HAEBERER Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Archery 2 ; German Club . 411 CHRISTEL HAGEDORN Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Delta Delta Delta ; Athlon ; Hockey 2, 3 ; Swimming 1, 2, 3 ; Pennguinettes . WILLIAM GEORGE HAGERBAUMER Westfield, N . J . MOOR E Phi Kappa Sigma ; Institute of Radio Engineers . JOHN WILLIAM HANLON, JR . Yonkers, N . Y . WHARTON Delta Tau Delta ; Sphinx ; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Track 1, 2, 4 ; Lacrosse 3 ; Varsity Club, Secretary 4 ; Newman Club . CHARLES EARL HANSING Manhattan, Kan . COLLEGE Sigm a Alpha Epsilon ; Franklin Society ; Daily Pennsylvanian, Photography Editor 3, 4 ; Record, Photo Co-ordinator 3, 4 ; University Band ; German Club ; Sophomore Annals; Junior Annals . OLEITA HARLAN Churchville, Md . ALLIED MEDICAL PROFES SIONS Penn Christian Fellowship ; Basketball 1, 2 ; Tennis 1 ; Softball 3 ; Women's Athletic Association . ANN HARLEY Willow Grove, Pa . NURSING . STEPHEN HARMELIN Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Tau Epsilon Phi, Secretary ; John Marshall Society, Vice-President ; Undergraduate Council ; Sophomore Annals ; Sophomore Class, President . MARY ELIZABETH HARPER Shirleysburg, Pa . NURSING University Graduate Nurses Association . ANNE HOLMAN HARRISON Denver, Colo . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Kappa Alpha Theta ; All Residents Council, Vice-President 4 ; Transylvanians, Chairman 4 . RICHARD M . HARRISON Kearny, N . J . WHARTON Pi Lambda Phi; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Hillel Foundation ; Finance Society, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4 ; Insurance Society, Secretary-Treasure r 3, President 4 ; Wharton Advisory Council, Vice-President 4 . WILLIAM W . HARSH Greencastle, Pa . WHARTON Phi Sigm a Kappa, President 3, 4 ; Lacrosse, Assistant Manager ; Lacrosse 1 ; Interfraternity Council ; Finance Society ; Christian Association . RICHARD ALAN HATZ New York, N . Y . WHARTON Kapp a Nu ; Finance Society . MARTIN HAUSER Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Sigma Ta u Sigma . GEORGE HAZENFUSS Philadelphia, Pa . MOORE Chess Club . HELEN HAZENFUSS Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN . BERNARDINE HEFFERNAN Philadelphia, Pa . NURSING . ROBERT JAY HEFTER Riverhead, N . Y . COLLEGE Beta Sigm a Rho ; Scabbard and Blade . DONALD HEISER Cleveland Heights, Ohio WHARTON Ph i Sigma Delta ; Record ; Economica ; Pre-Law Society ; Hillel Foundation ; Government Club; Mask and Wig Show 1 . UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A 412 PAUL A . HELLER Willimantic, Conn . WHARTON Zeta Beta Tau ; Crew 1 ; Mask and Wig Show 3 . LETITIA HENDERSON Lansdowne, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOME N Kappa Alpha Theta ; Sphinx and Key ; Tennis 1 ; Badminton 1, 2 ; WSGA Elections Committee, Chairman 4 ; Orientation Leader 3, 4 ; Pennsyngers . ROBERT M . HENDRICKSON Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE Psychological Society, Treasurer . EDITH HERMAN Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Delta Omicron ; Pennsylvania Players ; Pennsyngers ; Choral Society . NORMAN P . HERNBERG Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE . JEFFRY MARC HERR De Kalb, Ill . WHARTON . NANCY JANE HERTZFELD Elkins Park, Pa . FINE ARTS Architectural Society . PAUL A . HERZOG Hewlett, N . Y . COLLEGE Alpha Epsilo n Delta . STEPHEN R . HESS New York, N . Y . WHARTON Sigma Alph a Mu . HANS R . HESSE Ortley Beach, N . J . FINE ARTS Penn Christian Fellowship, President 3 ; Yacht Club . NANCY HEWITT Pennsauken, N . J . COLLGE FOR WOMEN Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer; Swimming, Manager ; Orientation Leader 3, 4 ; Newman Club ; A Cappella Choir . RALPH EDWARD HEYMAN South Orange, N . J . EDUCATION Kappa Nu, Vice-President 2 ; Daily Pennsylvanian ; Sophomor e Annals ; Junior Annals ; Crew 1 . Transylvanians ALYCE F . HILD West Hartford, Conn . EDUCATION . CONSTANCE LOUISE HILL Philadelphia, Pa . NURSING . JAIME ALBERTO HILL San Salvador, El Salvador WHARTON . Soccer 1, 2, 4 . JOSEPH EARL HILL, III Huntingdon Valley, Pa . COLLEGE Mask and Wig Show 1, 2, 3 ; Christian Association ; Glee Club . RAMSEY HILL Aberdeen, Wash . COLLEGE Pi Gamma Mu ; Swimming 1, 2, 3 ; Dean's Advisory Committee ; Varsity Club ; Ph i Beta Kappa . DANIEL HIRSCH Belle Harbor, N . Y . WHARTON Lacrosse 2 ; Mask and Wig Show 1 . 1960 RECORD 413 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANI A DONALD HIRSCH Millburn, N . J . MOORE Kappa Nu ; Ta u Beta Pi ; Eta Kappa Nu ; National Jazz Fraternity, Treasurer 1 ; University Band . LEONARD C . HOBART, JR . Milwaukee, Wis . WHARTON Ph i Gamma Delta . WILLIAM B . HOFF St . James, N . Y . COLLEGE Delta Psi, Vice President ; Sphinx ; Crew 1 ; Kite and Key, President; Campu s Chest, Solicitations Chairman ; Sophomore Annals, Advertisin g Manager . BARBARA HOFFMAN Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Psychological Society ; Highball ; Bennett Student Union ; Hillel Foundation . CAROLE WEST HOFFMAN Margate, N . J . COLLEGE FO R WOMEN Red and Blue . JEAN HOLTHAM Ithaca, N . Y . COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Delt a Omicron ; Christian Association . ALAN S . HONIG Brooklyn, N . Y . WHARTON Beta Sigm a Rho ; Franklin Society, Vice-President ; Daily Pennsylvanian, Business Manager ; Pre-Law Society ; Hillel Foundation . RUTH HANNA HOOD Folcroft, Pa . EDUCATION Franklin Society ; Pennsylvania News, Make-Up Editor, News Editor ; Pennsyngers . WILLIAM B . HOPKINS Bloomfield, N . J . WHARTON Alph a Tau Omega, Treasurer 4 ; Newman Club . PHILIP H . HORWITZ New York, N . Y . WHARTON Beta Alph a Psi, Secretary ; Pre-Law Society ; Economica . CHARLES W . HOSEY Haddonfield, N . J . WHARTON Societ y for Advancement of Management ; Newman Club ; Ivy Club ; Sports Car Club . EDSON J . HOWARD Flushing, N . Y . MOORE Sigma Ta u Sigma, Parliamentarian ; Amateur Radio Club ; Christian Association . EDWIN MOODY HOWELL Rumford, R . I . CIVIL ENGINEERIN G Alpha Tau Omega ; Hexagon ; Quarterdeck Society; Town e Council ; N .R .O .T .C . ; American Society of Civil Engineers, President 4 ; Hockey 2 . JAMES HOWELL Lititz, Pa . CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Amer ican Society of Chemical Engineers . JOAN M . HULSIZER Lock Haven, Pa . NURSING Universit y Graduate Nurses Association . HELEN R . HULTBERG Orange, N . J . ALLIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONS Pennguinettes ; All Residents Council . CARL HULTZEN Urbana, Ill . COLLEGE Phi Kappa Psi . JACK E . HUNTER, JR . Philadelphia, Pa . WHARTON Ps i UpsiIon;VarsityBoClub . ;Crew1,23 1 96 0 RECOR D PAUL STUART HUYFFER Malden, Mass . COLLEGE Highball ; Lightweight Crew 1 ; Sociology Club . RICHARD HYKES Haverford, Pa . WHARTON . INA INGWERSEN Folcroft, Pa . NURSING Sigma Theta Tau . JUDITH ISRAEL Jamaica, N . Y . FINE ARTS Delta Omicron , Secretary ; Transylvanians ; Choral Society . CLARKE HOWELL IVINS Abington, Pa . . WHARTON Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Society for Advancement of Management ; Varsity Club ; Football 1, 2 . GEORGE M . JACOBS Brooklyn, N . Y . WHARTON Kappa Nu , Treasurer 3 ; Highball, Literary Editor 4 ; WXPN, Program Director 3 ; Penn Mike Club, Vice-Chairman 3 . JEANINE JACOBS Bala-Cynwyd, Pa . EDUCATION Phi Sigm a Sigma, Vice-President 3, President 4 ; Sphinx and Key ; Kapp a Delta Epsilon ; Pi Delta Phi ; Sigma Tau Sigma ; Pi Lambda Theta ; Penn Mike Club ; WXPN ; Record; Judiciary Board ; Senate; Pa n Hellenic Association ; Philomathean Society ; Hillel Foundation , Executive-at-Large 4 ; Slavic Club ; Philatelic Society, Secretar y 2, 3 . RONALD JACOBS Englewood Cliffs, N . J . COLLEGE Frenc h Club . KENNETH S . JACOBSON Maplewood, N . J . COLLEGE Sigm a Alpha Mu ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Debate Council ; Bridge Club . LORETTA ANN JANIS Philadelphia, Pa . EDUCATION Delt a Delta Delta ; Campus Committee ; Bennet Student Union ; Newma n Club . MICHAEL WILLIAM JARVIS Elizabeth, N . J . MOORE Ta u Delta Phi; Moore School Council . HARVEY I . JAUVTIS Roslyn, N . Y . MOORE Tau Beta Pi ; Eta Kappa Nu ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; WXPN . HERBERT JELLANDER Queens Village, N . Y . WHARTO N Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Society for Advancement of Management . GEORGE MALCOLM JENNER Brooklyn, N . Y . WHARTON P i Gamma Mu ; Wharton Advisory Council ; Propellor Club ; Society for Advancement of Management, Treasurer, Vice-President ; Iv y Club, Corresponding Secretary ; Spanish Club, Secretary . JOHN T . JERBASI Verona, N . J . MECHANICAL ENGINEERIN G Phi Kappa Sigma ; Sphinx ; Phi Kappa Beta ; Soccer 1, 2, 3 , Captain 4 ; Track 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Varsity Club ; Spiked Shoe Club , Treasurer 2, 3, 4 ; Senior Class, President ; Undergraduate Council, Chairman 4 ; Interfraternity Council ; Committee on Studen t Affairs . ARLENE G . JOHNSON Philadelphia, Pa . COLLEGE FOR WOME N Chi Omega ; Choral Society ; Spanish Club . MORRIS CARTER JOHNSON Norristown, Pa . COLLEGE German Club . ROLLIN P . JOHNSON, JR . Wheeling, W . Va . WHARTON Gl...

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