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PSY71 - OCD Questions

PSY71 - OCD Questions - Obsessive compulsive disorder...

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Obsessive compulsive disorder HISTORY [Nature of thoughts: intrusive, resisted, ego-dystonic but experienced as from within oneself; ? images, impulses] Do the thoughts go round and round in your head so you can’t think about anything else? What exactly are those thoughts? Is it just thoughts or is it also impulses to do things or images? How do you feel about these thoughts? Do you try to resist the thoughts? Do you feel that these thoughts are coming from within you or do you feel that something else could be putting the thoughts inside your head? Compulsions Some people, when they have these types of thoughts, try to neutralize them by doing certain rituals physical or mental. Does that happen to you? Do you ever have to wash hands over and over? Count? Avoidances Reassurances Anxiety symptoms Ppte: Effect on life Medication & treatment Diagnosis PMH Tics? Review of systems Depression?
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PRESENTATION Mrs x is a x year old married woman who is an out-patient seen because of her fear of sexually abusing her young son. This results in multiple persistent thoughts that she tries
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