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PSY71 - Panic & Agoraphobia Questions

PSY71 - Panic & Agoraphobia Questions - last for...

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Agoraphobia & panic disorder Anxiety Can you explain exactly what you mean by anxiety? Do you worry a lot? What do you worry about? In specific situations; When does it happen? Cognitive: Feel frightened? What do you think is going on? What is happening to you? What happens? Physical: Feel your heart racing? Chest tightness? Nausea? Choking? Dizziness? Feel as if not real? Tingling? Shaking? Sweating? How long does it last for? What makes it go away? How many times has this happened? When you’re away from these situations, do you worry that it might happen again? Tend to avoid such situations? Do you ask for reassurance? B. Ppte & Effect on life (2) 1. What do you think brought this on? What was going on in your life at the time this started? 2. And how is this affecting your life? Case summary example Mrs x is a x year old married woman who is an out-patient seen because of episodes when her heart races, she starts to shake and she feels as if she might die. These episodes
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Unformatted text preview: last for approximately half an hour and come out of the blue. She has had x in the last month. They also seem to occur at night when she feels particularly agitated and restless and then cannot return to sleep. As a result of these episodes, she avoids certain places and activities such as bridges and buildings and tunnels. She implied that these places bring on the episodes. She also asks for reassurance from her husband. Her symptoms have had a devastating impact on social and occupational functioning. She now hardly has any friends, rarely leaves the house and, at work, cannot perform at the level of functioning that she used to. She did note that the increase in severity and intensity of her symptoms coincided with increasing pressure and stress at work. On direct questioning, I could not elicit evidence of obsessions or compulsions, feelings of sadness or abnormal thoughts or perceptions....
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