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PSY71 - Presentation - are leaving one part of the history...

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1 Psy 71 and Psy 181 Presentation and Summary • Remember to summarize • The HPC should be in clients’ own words; otherwise your job is to structure it into a coherent and organized presentation! • Use the tried and trusted headings and ‘slot’ information as appropriate under these headings Format of Presentation Start off with a description of what you are going to do • I will present the salient features of the history and the mental state Start clearly and succinctly with the basic information • Mr x. is a 25-year-old single unemployed carpenter from Scotland. • Mr X’s chief complains are (1) “feeling sad and confused” (2) “hearing voices telling [him] to curse” (note this should be listed in client’s own words; never say “the patient complained of auditory hallucinations”!)
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2 Then…. Proceed through presentation, making it clear when you
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Unformatted text preview: are leaving one part of the history and going on to the other. When you want to make it clear that you are screening for something specific or that you ran through a list of relevant questions, you can say “On direct questioning…”. Think about clusters of symptoms! Don’t get bogged down. Summarize! Tell the story Never complain about your patient! You can make it clear if the patient was not cooperative or unclear in the Mental State Examination! Then…. I would now like to describe the Mental State. Again run through categories, making it clear that you have covered them all. When normal, say so! e.g. The speech was of normal rate, tone and volume. Make it clear what you have screened for and, if you only remember later, say “I would have liked to ask him x, y, z”. Once again, NEVER forget to screen for suicide....
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PSY71 - Presentation - are leaving one part of the history...

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