PSY71 - Systems Review

PSY71 - Systems Review - Systems review MAPSS Mood,...

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MAPSS Mood, anxiety, psychosis, substances, safety (3: self, others, law) I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions that we ask everyone just to check that there’s nothing important that I’ve missed: Sometimes when people have problems like the ones you’ve been telling me about, they have other problems too. I’m just going to run through a checklist to see if you’ve had any of these other problems. Mood: Depression and elation Depression: 3 group: Sad (3: sad, guilt, anhedonia); Cognitive (3: self, future, suicide), biological (5: eat, sleep, sex, energy, concentration: EC) Sad 3 (sadness, anhedonia, guilt; SAG) Have you felt sad? Every day? For how long? Is this a change from your normal self? Is it worse at any particular time of day? Do you cry? Have you lost interest in things you normally enjoy doing? Are there things that you feel you have done wrong? Do you feel guilty about anything? Do you feel that you deserve punishment? Cognitive: 3 (self, future; death: suicide) How do you see the future? Do you see any hope for the future? What do you think about yourself as a person compared with other people? Do you ever think that life isn’t worth living?/ Have things ever felt so bad that you wish life would come to an end? Have you ever felt like harming yourself? Have you ever felt like taking your own life? How often do you have such thoughts? Have you made any plans? When? How? Worked out details? Are you able to resist such ideas? What stopped you from doing so far? What kinds of circumstances do you think would make things worse? Who would you turn to for help in case of a crisis? Have you told anyone? Biological symptoms (3) Eating; lost weight? Do you have problems with your sleep? What time do you wake up in the morning?
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PSY71 - Systems Review - Systems review MAPSS Mood,...

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