SPN3 - Pedir vs. Preguntar

SPN3 - Pedir vs. Preguntar - 5. Vivo en una choza. No la...

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Practice: Pedir vs Preguntar A. Write the correct verb form, based upon the context of the sentence. 1. los cuadros de Picasso. Nos gustan. We are familiar with Picasso's paintings. We like them. 2. Ud. y Humberto no bien Acapulco. Es su primera vez en México. You and Humberto aren't familiar with Acapulco. It's your first time to Mexico. 3. Ella es una amiga suya. Ud. que es una señorita inteligente. She is your friend. You know she's an intelligent young lady. 4. Son bilingües. hablar español e inglés. They are bilingual. They know how to speak Spanish and English.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Vivo en una choza. No la msica moderna. I live in a shack. I'm not familiar with modern music. 6. Vamos a el dinero. We are going to ask for the money. 7. Juan ms comida. Juan asks for more food. 8. Voy a a qu hora cierran las puertas. I'm going to ask what time they close the doors. 9. Los nios siempre regalos. The children always ask for presents. 10. Mara cundo empieza la fiesta. Maria asks when the party begins. 11. El chico a la chica cul es su nmero de telfono. The boy asks the girl for her telephone number....
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