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TUFTS UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ROMANCE LANGUAGES SPANISH 003 (BLOCK F) Spring 2008 TEXTS: Atando Cabos, 3a edition, Rosso-O’Laughlin & González Aguilar WORKBOOK / LAB MANUAL FOR Atando Cabos, 3a edition, HERITAGE LAROUSSE SPANISH DICTIONARY, or equivalent, is recommended AIMS: The principal aim of the course is to utilize those skills already acquired by the student in the elementary level courses in order to expand comprehension, speaking, reading and writing of Spanish. In order to achieve this aim, the course will consist of a review of Spanish grammar, cultural readings on Latin American and Spanish customs, class discussion of topics involving practical communicative vocabulary, films and videos, and the composition of papers. Attendance and participation in all class sessions are required. Each student is expected to actively participate in class discussions, having the homework ready and being alert in class. Class will be in Spanish and students are expected to speak Spanish to each other in the classroom. Since as much exposure to the target language as possible is essential to success, attendance at all class sessions is mandatory. Success in the course and the grade will be affected by absences. After more than two (2) absences the final grade will be lowered. For each absence (1.5) one-and-a half-point will be deducted from your grade. For example, if you are absent 5 times, your grade may drop one full letter grade (A- to B). After six (6) unexcused absences in the semester, it is highly recommended that a student consider repeating this course in a future semester. NOTE: Class starts on time. Late arrivals will be recorded in the instructor’s book. Two late arrivals count as one absence. STUDENT ACTIVITIES MANUAL: Students will have to complete and self-correct in different color ink both the written and oral activities in the Student Activities Manual. Students should complete the assigned written and oral activities for each chapter covered in class on their own (See Blackboard>Homework>Assignments: Student Activities Manual). The audio files for the oral activities are available both in the language lab (Olin 007) and on Blackboard>Spanish - Language Instruction Media. The answer key to correct these exercises can also be downloaded from Blackboard>Course Documents. FILMS : We will be viewing the two films that appear in the syllabus. They are related to the cultural topics presented in Atando cabos . Students are responsible for viewing them at the times established by the Department (See Blackboard>Film/Video Questionnaries & Schedules). The questionnaires serve as study guides and will be used in class discussions and activities. VIDEOS:
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