holmes and holmes

holmes and holmes - A Self-reliance B Religious freedom C...

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America. True False Question 2    1 / 1 point True or False: According to the authors, Americans' belief in the importance of education is  reflected in their admiration for intellectuals. True False Question 3    1 / 1 point True or False: The authors argue that Americans tend to put family first--ahead of individual  self-interest. True False Question 4    1 / 1 point Citing Francis Hsu, the authors assert that this core value is at the root of what is both best and worst in American culture:
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Unformatted text preview: A) Self-reliance B) Religious freedom C) Egalitarianism D) Respect for authority Question 5 0 / 1 point As an example of the "fine line" presidential candidates must walk in order to convince voters of their "common man" or "common woman" credentials, the authors say that it is: A) "permissible to attend NASCAR events, but not Formula One races" B) "permissible to attend expensive schools, but not to speak with a cultivated accent" C) "permissible to own a large estate, but only if you call it a 'ranch'" D) "permissible to sport a cigarette holder, but not to a monocle"...
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holmes and holmes - A Self-reliance B Religious freedom C...

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