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1 Find your Roots, Find your Home For many years, people of different cultures, backgrounds, and religions have travelled to America in search of the “American dream.” These immigrants, by bringing their own cultures and traditions, have greatly contributed to the development of a multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan American society. However, people often fail to notice that the creation of this cultural melting pot is oftentimes accompanied by the immigrant’s constant struggle to maintain a cultural identity or a sense of self while adapting to new cultural environments. The two short stories “The Americanization of Shadrach Cohen” by Bruno Lessing and “Las Papas” by Julio Ortega exemplify the struggles associated with the immigrant experience of moving to an alien country as well as the constant efforts of these individuals to adapt to their new life in America. These stories portray the stress and frustration of two immigrants after they move to America and their ability to ease the Americanization process by adhering to their cultural heritage. In “The Americanization of Shadrach Cohen,” Bruno Lessing depicts the struggle of the immigrant experience through the main character of the story, Shadrach Cohen. Shadrach is a traditional and conservative Jewish father who immigrates to New York to be with his two sons, Abel and Gottlieb, who have been living in the city for over five years. When he arrives in America, Shadrach realizes that his sons are “Americanized” since they have adopted the American culture by ignoring the Jewish traditions that he had taught them. He cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the whole situation. “He [Shadrach] realized immediately that there was a wall between him and his sons; some change had occurred. He was distressed and puzzled” (63). Shadrach’s sons also feel detached from his newly arrived father who portrays the “perfect type
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Essay#1-Revised - 1 Find your Roots, Find your Home For...

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