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Spring 2008 – Department of Chemistry, Medical Technology, and Physics Monmouth University CE 112 – General Chemistry II - Syllabus and Course Outline Faculty Dr. Bradley J. Ingebrethsen Office Edison 162 Phone (732) 263-5442 Email [email protected] Office Hours Monday 3:00-4:00, Wednesday 10:00-11:00, 1:00-2:00, Thursday11:30-12:30 The purpose of this very important document is to inform you of certain regulations to be followed and the topics to be covered and their relative weight in determining your grade. Please read it carefully. TIME MANAGEMENT: The pace of CE 112 is set so that the average freshman or sophomore college science major can master the appropriate amount of material in one semester. The amount of material to be mastered is typical for this course and follows American Chemical Society guidelines. Topics not explicitly examined during class periods must be completed outside of class time. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to examine all parts of every learning unit in class. Nevertheless you are still responsible for them for the homework assignments, quizzes and exams. The course schedule is designed to help you to do your best and for you to achieve a reasonable degree of success with six to eight hours per week of highly focused study each week outside of class , including focused reading and independent problem-solving practice. If you have deficiencies in your study habits or prerequisite skills, or other difficulties such as frequent interruptions to your studying, etc., then more hours of study will be needed. Remember that at the college level every hour in class requires a minimum of 2 hours of study. Jobs and other extracurricular activities are not good excuses for failure to study and being prepared for class. Your studies come first, and how much you achieve is up to you. It is extremely important stay caught up, to not miss any classes, and to keep up with all homework assignments. Poor attendance in class, whether or not the absences are excused, will most likely result in a poor course grade. The faculty are ready and available to help you during regular office hours or at other times by appointment. There is also limited tutoring available through the LCAC, as well as peer tutoring provided by one or more of our chemistry majors on a limited basis (subject to our ability to staff; times will be announced). Please note that the Department is not responsible for providing you with a tutor in this course and if you require one you will need to make your own arrangements. PLEASE NOTE: You must have either earned a 3 or better on the Mathematics Placement Exam or have taken one of the following mathematics courses or their equivalent: MA 101, 109, 115, 116, 117, 118 or 125. If you have not taken a mathematics class in some time, you may have great difficulty with general chemistry. You must have earned a passing grade in CE 111 (D- or better) in order to
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This note was uploaded on 03/26/2008 for the course CE 112H taught by Professor Ingebrethsen during the Spring '08 term at Monmouth University-West Long Branch.

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CE112HSpring2008Syllabus-Ingebrethsen - Spring 2008...

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