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Sheet1 Page 1 Spring 2008 Section 01 Monmouth University CE 112L 03 General Chemistry Laboratory II Syllabus and Course Outline Faculty Dr. T. Tongesayi Office Edison 149A Phone (732) 263-5627 Email ttongesa@monmouth.edu Office Hours appointment TEXTS: 1. Selected experiments from the Modular Laboratory Program in Chemistry, Brooks/Cole-Thomson Learning and Chemical Education Resources, Inc. 2. MU: Monmouth University Experiments for General Chemistry II Lab 3. Laboratory notebook (available in the campus bookstore). The purpose of this document is to inform you of certain course requirements, the schedule of experiments, the topics to be covered, and the method of determining your grade. Please do not lose this document. You are expected to look at the schedule and read the experimental description for each experiment before coming to class so that you will have ample time to read and be prepared for the laboratory work you are to do. A copy of this document will be placed on your eCampus page. Be sure you can access the eCampus page and obtain specific instruction for each lab and news of updates or other changes in the course schedule. The eCampus page will contain an outline of key points needed for success in the lab, sample calculations for you to practice, and a homework assignment to help you prepare for your work in the lab. Using the eCampus pages will help you succeed and get a good grade in this course. CLASS MEETINGS: Section Days / Times Instructor Pre-Lab Meeting Room (but see below) CE-112L-01 T 10:00 AM -12:45 PM Dr. Szwajkajzer E114 CE-112L-04 T 2:30 PM -5:20 PM Dr. Szwajkajzer E126 CE-112L-05 Th 2:30 PM -5:20 PM Dr. Schreiber E114 Please note that class location may be changed for some laboratory periods. Your instructor will advise you as to where class will be held. Check your eCampus page for updates and news from you instructor. Page 1 of 5 Tuesday 2:00 h 3:00 pm, Wednesday 10:00 amh 12:00 pm, or by CE-112L-02 Th 10:00 AM h 12:45 PM Dr. Tongesayi E126 CE-112L-03 M 2:30 PM h 5:20 PM Dr. Tongesayi E114 CE-112L-50 M 6:00 PM h 8:45 PM Dr. Zielinski E127 CE-112L-51 Th 6:00 PM h 8:45 PM Dr. Mudalige E126 CE-112L-H1 F 11:30 PM h 14: 15 AM Dr. Schreiber E240
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Sheet1 Page 2 CE 112L Spring 2007 ATTENDANCE: It is very important that you attend all class meetings. Attendance is mandatory, and unexcused absences will lower your grade in the course. Absences are generally only excused due to unexpected illness or injury, or University-approved student activities which are specifically discussed with the instructor in advance of the absence and documented in writing by the University. If it is possible for you to know in advance that you will not be able come to a class, you must make arrangements ahead of time with your instructor to make up the lab, or the absence will not be excused regardless of its nature. An absence due to illness or injury or other valid reason must be documented in writing
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This note was uploaded on 03/26/2008 for the course CE 112L taught by Professor Tongesayi during the Spring '08 term at Monmouth University-West Long Branch.

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CE112L%2003%20Spr08%20Syllabus[1] - Spring 2008 Section 01...

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