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Religion and Tradition What is a Tradition? a. Inherited, not created by individuals. b. Provides established ways of: –Acting *Believing *Reasoning *Speaking –Organizing c. Arbitrary, but essential. Hmm. d. Normative. e. United by Story. The “past” of tradition is not dead. It lives by “emplotting” us in its drama. Religion as Tradition o None of us has created our own religions. Rather, we have inherited religions from our ancestors. What do we inherit from a religion? a. Practices, rituals, patterns of action b. Beliefs, teachings, doctrines c. Institutions, social structures, rules d. Myths: Sacred stories that give each aspect of the tradition their meaning and give each of us our roles in life’s great drama. Myths are Us o From the beginning of our lives, and in many essential ways, religions give us ourselves through stories. Judaism *Judaism is meaningless without its history, the history of the covenant.
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Christianity *Human existence is defined by its history. We were created good, we fell in the garden, we were/are slaves to sin, God has entered history to save us, and we now have a choice between sin and salvation. Islam *The story of human life is the story of communities responding to God’s commands. The core drama at the heart of Islam is each community’s struggle to become the “beloved community,” to live out God’s will on earth. Secular Myths of Progress –from primitive to advanced cultures *from tyranny to democracy *from superstition to science In each case, religion defines us by placing us within a sacred story *In accepting a religion, we identify ourselves as characters in a sacred drama. *We understand our own lives in terms of the plot of this drama.
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x 1 - Religion and Tradition What is a Tradition 1...

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