X3 short - Malcolm X, Tradition, and Religion, Part 2 What...

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What Changed Malcolm’s Life so Dramatically? The Nation of Islam’s sacred story: *Offered a sacred story of black people as the original race, with whites as a race of devils bred by a mad scientist. The appeal of this story a. Reinterpretation of the familiar Christian/Western narrative. b. Supplies an identity rooted in history. c. Explains the reasons behind the enslavement of black people. d. Hope, Promise. e. Reverses the moral positions of blacks and whites. Myth and Religion On one hand, we might argue that the story Fard taught is mere fiction. It was constructed, perhaps sincerely, for specific purposes, i.e., to inspire black pride and power. On the other hand, don’t we use our own religious stories in the same way? *We do not read scriptures, listen to sermons, or study parables to obtain historical facts. We use these stories to inform our own lives, to answer profound questions we have. How should we assess Fard’s story? *Although it is self-serving, many of its criticisms are based on very real problems. It clearly “serves” blacks’ interests, but… isn’t that exactly what a victimized group needs? So what is the most important aspect of a myth: its historical accuracy, or its power to express our needs and ultimate concerns? a. Many (most) historical facts are irrelevant to our lives. Furthermore, all (hi)stories select events for a specific purposes.
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X3 short - Malcolm X, Tradition, and Religion, Part 2 What...

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