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Tufts University – Chem 1 – Fall 2007 Practice Exam 1A I. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS _______________/24 II. REACTIONS _______________/6 III. STOICHIOMETRY _______________/12 IV. MOLECULAR WEIGHT _______________/6 V. ISOTOPES _______________/9 VI. COMBUSTION ANALYSIS _______________/8 VII. MIXTURE _______________/6 VIII. ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS _______________/4 TOTAL _______________/75 I. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (24 points, 16 questions, 1.5 points each) Only one answer is assumed correct in each question. 1. If matter is uniform throughout, cannot be separated into other substances by physical processes, but can be decomposed into other substances by chemical processes, it is called a (an) __________. A) heterogeneous mixture B) element C) homogeneous mixture D) compound E) mixture of elements 2. A temperature of 400. K is the same as __________°F. A) 261 B) 286 C) 88 D) 103 E) 127 3. One gallon (1.00 gal) of a certain liquid weighs 9.67 lb. The density of the liquid is ______ g cm -3 . A) 1.00 B) 1.16 C) 1160 D) 9.67 E) 0.967
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2 4. The correct result of the precise molecular mass calculation for H 2 SO 4 is ________. 4 × 15.9994 + 32.066 + 2 × 1.0079 A) 98.08 B) 98.079 C) 98.0794 D) 98.1 E) 98 5. Which statement below correctly describes the responses of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation to an electric field? A) Both beta and gamma are deflected in the same direction, while alpha shows no response.
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PracticeExam1a_Chem1_Fall07 - Tufts University Chem 1 Fall...

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