People - People- BIO 110 Minkowski dog, pancreas, diabetes...

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People- BIO 110 Minkowski – dog, pancreas, diabetes Fleming – studied staphylococcus and discovered penicillum Cannon – cats and flight or fight, digestion Harvey – pump was a muscle, blood circulated throughout body and did not come just from the food we ate Salk and Sabin – polio virus vaccine (weak strand) Wimmer – synthetic polio virus Redi – no spontaneous generation (placing meat in a container w muslin and there were no maggots) Needham – boiled chicken broth and stoppered it and found microbes grew, supporting spontaneous generation Spallanzani – boil it MORE and there are no microbes Pasteur – swan shaped flasks, must be properly sterilized and airborne contaminants excluded, then there is no spontaneous generation Arrhenius – panspermia (seeds everywhere) Occam – his razor making the fewest # of hypotheses Schleiden – life originated from earth’s chemicals Calvin – mixed carbon dioxide and water in a closed chamber with a helium ion beam from the cyclotron, forming the organic molecules formic acid and formaldehyde Urey – thought that early Earth was more like Jupiter Miller – created an apparatus to mimic early Earth; combined gases and water to a flask of boiling water and simulated lightning and left a deep red solution. Formed formic acid, formaldehyde, and amino acids Hooke – looked at cork and discovered cells because it looked like where monks lived Dutrochet – discovered that all living things have cells, even animals who have a thinner cell Miescher – isolated hereditary material of pus cells’ nucleus and called it nuclein and had a lot of phosphorus; later called nucleic acid and then DNA Lind – cured scurvy with vitamin C Liebing – proposed that proteins were necessary for energy, while carbs and fats were needed for heat Fick and Wislicensus – compared protein utilization by measuring nitrogen content, climbed a mountain, content was the same whether climbing or resting and concluded that all foods are capable of providing energy Atwater – determined “fuel value” of foods to see how many calories a person needed each day, saw that meat/carbs had more “energy (calories)” than fruit so people ate more of that Lunin, Socin, and Pekelharing – mice couldn’t live on just meat, carbs, fat, and salt, but they could w milk too. . Lunin thought milk had all the essential ingredients to life Hopkins – redid the study, realized that there were “accessory” factors necessary, doesn’t
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People - People- BIO 110 Minkowski dog, pancreas, diabetes...

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