inclass review p1 - 1. What is life? -atoms and...

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1. What is life? -atoms and electromagnetic forces (materialist) -that plus a soul, etc (vitalist) -living things move, take in food, transform bodily material, regenerate electricity, reproduce, move on their own volition -cell is the basic unit of living things 2. What is science? -exploring the frontiers of the unknown, can be very uncomfortable -most of the greatest discoveries were accidents, but you have to have a prepared mind -minkowski, flemming, cannon 3. Where did life come from? -origin of the universe from the big bang, it expanded and cooled down- that energy was converted to electrons and protons which formed helium and hydrogen atoms. Gravity brought them together and they pushed together to form light (stars) and then more (hotter) til star exploded. Helium and hydrogen and formed C, N, O, etc. then they formed the dust and more stars (redid everything). When THEY exploded, they made heavier metals. If you put them in a flask, you can get amino acids, or proteins if you add clay -RNA was the original molecule of life? Act as a catalyst? Store information but not so well because it has extra oxygen -DNA is more stable, missing the oxygen -proteins are better catalysts bc they have more space -how simple it is to make complicated molecules in the lab 4. What is a cell? plasma membrane: separate inside from outside, preventing things from moving but allowing others to move. . differentially permeable lipid: has a bilayer that keeps everything together (holds ATP and sugar in, bad
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inclass review p1 - 1. What is life? -atoms and...

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