mgmt 211 chapter 2 terms

mgmt 211 chapter 2 terms - Chapter 2- Vocabulary...

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Chapter 2- Vocabulary Administrative Warrants Anti-Federalists : those who opposed the constitution (led by Thomas Jefferson) Articles of Confederation : an idealistic and dysfunctional document that organized the states after the revolutionary war. Called for domination by the states and a very weak central government- states were viewed as independent nations that had joined together as a federation Bill of Rights : the first 10 amendments to the constitution, which guarantee personal rights and freedoms, as well as state’s rights Blue Laws Checks and Balances : the use of separation of powers to guarantee that no single branch is able to attain absolute power Civil Rights Movement : the third major event in the struggle between state’s rights and the national government. Movement against racial discrimination. Commerce Clause : Congress’ power to regulate Commerce with foreign nations, among the several states and with Indians. (the most significant power to regulate business) Commercial Speech Compelling State Interest Concurrent Power Constitutional Convention of 1787 : when James Madison and others created the constitution Due Process Elastic Clause Eminent Domain Equal Protection Establishment Clause Exclusionary Rule Executive Law Executive Order : an independent method to create law by the president Federalism : the Constitution separates governing power among the various branches of the federal government and the states. Federalist Papers
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mgmt 211 chapter 2 terms - Chapter 2- Vocabulary...

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