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Chapter 2 Notes - Chapter 2: Foundations of Individual...

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Chapter 2: Foundations of Individual Behavior (p.42-53 only) Ability : an individual’s capacity to perform the various tasks in a job; current assessment of what one can do. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses in terms of ability that make him or her relatively superior or inferior to others in performing certain tasks or activities. Overall abilities are essentially made up of two factors: o Intellectual Abilities : those needed to perform mental activities for thinking, reasoning, and problem solving; play a larger role in complex jobs with demanding information-processing requirements. Seven frequently cited dimensions: Number Aptitude : ability to do speedy and accurate arithmetic Verbal Comprehension : ability to understand what is read or heard and the relationship of words to each other Perceptual Speed : ability to identify visual similarities and differences quickly and accurately Inductive Reasoning : ability to identify a logical sequence in a problem and then solve the problem Deductive Reasoning : ability to use logic and assess the implications of an argument Spatial Visualization : ability to imagine how an object would look if its position in space were changed Memory : ability to retain and recall past experiences o Physical Abilities : the capacity to do tasks demanding stamina, dexterity, strength, and similar characteristics; less skilled, more standardized jobs. Nine basic abilities: Strength Factors : Dynamic strength
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Chapter 2 Notes - Chapter 2: Foundations of Individual...

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