agro 302 test #3

agro 302 test #3 - Agronomy Test #3 Summary Cultivation...

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Agronomy Test #3 Summary Cultivation Vertical Mowing Trues the surface by removing grain New shoot development Removes thatch Light, frequent mowing Aerification: reduction of compaction Layering: creation of a non-uniform soil profile with boundaries that restrict water and air movement and root growth Core Aerification Removal of small soil cores or plugs from turf areas Disruptive to surface Deep Tine Aerification Mostly for renovation Solid Tine Aerification, Slicing, Spiking Slicing a hole or slit in the soil Less surface disruption High Velocity Water Injection Very little surface disruption Topdressing Spreading a thin layer of soil or soil mix over a turf Smoothes the playing surface Brushing Reduce grain Rolling Smoothes and firms turf surface Southern Weeds Summer Annual Grassy Crabgrass Germinates early in the summer Warm and moist conditions Needs light Spreads well Wavy leaves Blend w/ St. Augustine Goosegrass Darker than crabgrass High traffic Extensive roots Hard to control Winter Annual Grassy Annual Bluegrass
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Moisture and compacted soil Yellowish-white seedheads Perennial Grassy Dallisgrass
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agro 302 test #3 - Agronomy Test #3 Summary Cultivation...

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