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Case Study 2 - Role 1 Chapter 7 contains a lot of...

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Role 1: Chapter 7 contains a lot of information about Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). Use the textbook and do your own research on the Internet to write a paper on how a hard drive works. First read the sections on hard disks in your textbook to get an idea of what to write, then go online for any additional information you might require. Your paper should explain the different parts of a hard drive and how they work together as a complete unit to make the drive work. Feel free to use as many web sources as you want. If you use online sources, please cite them. Role 2: Find two major hard drive manufacturers (some examples are Maxtor, Seagate and Western Digital). Where are their headquarters located? Go to their websites and see if you can find any information on the facilities they use to make the drives. Go online and find the most expensive hard drive each company makes. What sort of features does it have? How fast can it access data? How much data can it store? Is it internal or external? Finally, what are the differences between Serial ATA, Ultra ATA and SCSI
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