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descriptive para - it was my friend not another hungry...

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Descriptive Paragraph As I scurried around Aunt B’s Kitchen, the greasy smelling restaurant at 7:45p.m., I hoped that no one would shuffle through the giant glass door. It was 7:50, and no one came in yet. I turned around and began to finish cleaning the very gross kitchen. I heard a click and sighed. It was the annoying door that had a clicker on it. I went out, and luckily,
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Unformatted text preview: it was my friend, not another hungry customer. By then, it was 7:55, and I was counting down the minutes until closing time. Finally, I heard the chirping of the bird clock, which was thoroughly annoying. I ran to the front of the empty store, locked the giant door, printed the Z report on the cash register, and darted to the back door, getting in my car to go home....
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