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ES 2 Introduction to Computing in Engineering – Syllabus Tufts University - School of Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Spring 2008 CLASS DATE LECTURE TOPICS Assignment Week 1 1 Th 1/17 Course and Mathcad introduction. None Week 2 2 Tu 1/22 Mathcad units and simple calculations. #1 Mathcad Introduction 3 Th 1/24 Mathcad equation editing fundamentals. Week 3 4 Tu 1/29 Worksheet layout for engineering problem solving. Mathcad text and index subscripts. #2 Mathcad Fundamentals 5 Th 1/31 Mathcad matrices. Solving simultaneous equations. Custom functions. Basic graphing. Week 4 6 Tu 2/5 Custom functions and graphing continued. #3 Mathcad Matrices 7 Th 2/7 Symbolic math with Mathcad . Week 5 8 Tu 2/12 More on symbolic math. Lines and planes in 3D. #4 Mathcad Symbolic Math 9 Th 2/14 Review of matrices. Week 6 10 Tu 2/19 Numerical Methods concepts and Mathcad implementation. No lab No Th Week 7 11 Tu 2/26 The Mathcad Solve Block. Use of Excel’s Goal seek. Review for exam. #5 Mathcad and Numerical Methods 12 Th 2/28 Excel basics review - navigating a large Excel spreadsheet, absolute vs. relative cell reference, using intrinsic functions, cell formatting, equations vs. text, trigonometry in Excel. Exam M 3/3 ES 2 Exam 1 ES 2 Exam 1 Week 8 13 Tu 3/4 Simultaneous equation solving with Excel and calculator. Excel curve fitting. Random numbers. #6 Excel Basics 14 Th 3/6 Excel macros. Excel/VBA Overview Custom functions with Excel/VBA Week 9 15 Tu 3/11 Equation writing in Excel #7 Macros and Custom VBA Functions 16 Th 3/13 Variable data typing and scope. Checking for valid data.
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This note was uploaded on 03/26/2008 for the course ES 2 taught by Professor Minardi during the Spring '08 term at Tufts.

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ES2_08_Syllabus_v1 - ES 2 Introduction to Computing in...

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