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Media Violence Essay - Kyle Goro Health for Living November...

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Kyle Goro Health for Living November 24, 2007 Media Violence Essay The children of today are surrounded by technology and entertainment that is full of violence. With all of that exposure, one might wonder the effects it could have on young people. Obviously media has a great deal of influence on children and their behavior. We can see it in the way they attempt to emulate their favorite celebrities and characters. Whether it be dressing similar, talking alike or acting the same way; children are drawn to those that they see on the television screen. Older people can be influenced as well. Sometimes people are raised watching shows in which they perceive acts of violence to be normal, and this belief is carried with them as they grow older. I decided to take a closer examination of the effects of media violence on people by breaking down the hit television show Twenty-Four starring Kiefer Sutherland and the popular children’s show Pokémon , which is based off of a hit video game. The violence in each of the two shows differed, but was very apparent. They both could very easily be perceived in the wrong way by viewers in certain situations as well. In The episode of Twenty-Four the producer’s motives seem quite obvious. Since the television series is based on defending the country from terrorism, action is a large part of every episode. Sometimes it involves the use of guns by main characters in order to defend themselves in certain situations. Often, explosions take place as well in these action packed scenes. There are also several scenes that show interrogation by means of physical abuse in order to get information from the character. These are just some of the basic acts that take place on this
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television show and they are apart of the show because it make for a more suspenseful and entertaining story. While watching an episode of the hit TV show Pokémon it seemed that the motives for using violence were similar to Twenty-Four ’s, but to a lesser extent. Pokémon is a show that is based off of a video game where you attempt to catch animal-like species called Pokémon and use them to battle against other Pokémon. The ultimate goal is to collect every type of Pokémon that there is available across the fantasy world of the Pokémon species. Since collecting them involves battling, it is obvious that a good amount of physical fighting takes place over the course of a 30 minute program. Although collecting these animals seems to be a sport within the Pokémon community and therefore promotes competitiveness, it is the fact that it promotes it through physically battling that makes the program violent. The fact that violence can be found in both
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Media Violence Essay - Kyle Goro Health for Living November...

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