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Kyle Goro 00577697 Introduction to Social Work April 26, 2007 Volunteer Project Paper Over the course of the semester I completed my 45 hours of volunteer work with the Mayflower Community. MayCo is the resident student organization for Mayflower Residence Hall at The University of Iowa. This organization basically assists students who reside in the Mayflower Residence Hall by essentially helping them cope with the stresses and struggles of college life. Also, MayCo runs the various centers in the Mayflower building, which includes the fitness center, marketplace, study rooms, game room, and front desk managements. MayCo’s ultimate purpose is to meet the everyday needs of students in college. When I joined the MayCo team I was very excited to say the least. Being that it is my first year at The University of Iowa I was particularly interested in helping others who are coping with their adjustments to college life. Initially, I met with the Mayflower Community Coordinator, Gretchen Lyon, where I was given some possible opportunities to serve my 45 hours. At the time, Gretchen did not have an overwhelming amount of work to give me. I started out working with the front desk manager. Their job is to basically assist students by answering questions, filing paper work, distributing mail, and taking phone calls. At some points of the day their jobs become somewhat overwhelming, which is where I came in. I assisted the front desk employee by answering the phone and answering questions of those who were calling. Mainly, these calls were concerned students who had questions about maintenance issues,
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directions, and general questions; among other things. As time went on I got the chance to do a variety of different tasks for the organization. During the weeks where mid semester exams are most common, I had the chance to sit downstairs in the lobby and talk with people who were attempting to cram their studies in. Some people seemed stressed and some were just tired of the rigorously focusing on their notes. I had the wonderful opportunity of sitting down with my fellow students and getting into conversations with them. It was nice to know that I was successful in getting their minds off of their studies for a brief moment just to take a break and relax. It was rewarding because it was obvious that after our conversations ended, these students looked reenergized and were able to focus better. I felt that I would have benefited equally from similar exercises if I were the one studying. One particular weekend I had the opportunity to speak with a group of high school students who were coming to The University of
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Social Work Essay - Kyle Goro 00577697 Introduction to...

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