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Process Analysis-- How To Play Raquetball

Process Analysis-- How To Play Raquetball - Playing...

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Playing Raquetball Insanity is one of the many words that can be used to describe racquetball. It is a very fun and fast paced game that requires little skill. The only skill needed is the ability to hit a ball. Materials needed for this quick and crazy sport are an official racquet that is specifically made for racquetball, a racquetball(a small blue ball that is very bouncy), a racquetball court(this can be found at the YMCA), safety glasses(these are optional but are recommended to ensure a higher safety level), and two or four people. All of these things can be rented out at the YMCA, and all that is needed are the people. Racquetball is a sport that does not take much skill, but it keeps you moving, and lets you have fun at the same time. The first thing that you need to do is learn how to play racquetball. This begins with knowing where everything is on the court. When I walked in to the YMCA, I sat and watched people who obviously knew what they were doing with my friend. After about ten minutes, a lady came out and told us that we should learn how to play. I didn’t think
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