civic virtue - Philosophy 1310 Civic virtue is what makes...

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Philosophy 1310 Civic virtue is what makes America the greatest country in the world, and what gives it its true character. Civic virtues, sometimes called civic values have many different facets. Some characteristics of civic values are individual rights, self government, truth, and patriotism. This has long been a political philosophy in the Western civilization. Civic virtue is a summary of what the United States constitution is saying. Certain standards of behavior help set the bar for what a responsible citizen must do for his country. I know that not everybody in America believes in every single component of civic virtue, but the majority believe in one or more. There will always be citizens who don’t agree with everything the government stands for, and that it is okay, because America was founded as a country who respects the majority as well as the minority. Some people think that Americans think they are a superior country and that is why certain countries or groups dislike us. That is not true, most American just feel really blessed and lucky to be an American, and other people interpret that in the wrong way. What the American constitution is trying to do is to get all citizens to believe in all of these components, trying to create a stronger citizenry. Civic virtue has long been a part of Western Civilization, dating back to the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. The oldest republics of Athens and Rome were the first to start in the Western world. The first philosophers to conceive exactly what civic virtues were and what they needed to consist of were Socrates and Plato. It was in arguments over civic virtues that Socrates started his conflict with the
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civic virtue - Philosophy 1310 Civic virtue is what makes...

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