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Speech 1- My Belief - Growing up on a farm with my brother...

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Growing up on a farm with my brother as my companion was always an adventure. There were no local parks or YMCA’s and the closest neighbors were more than a mile away. So we had to entertain ourselves. We would always tromp through the trees and explore the pastures, finding new games to play and creating new ways to get into trouble. Playing with the animals that we came across was one of our favorite pastimes. We would usually bring them home and ask our parents if we could keep them as pets, most of the time they would say no but every once in a while they would give in. Over the years our farm became something of a shelter for wild animals. We had everything from bunnies and ducks to snakes and lightning bugs. After a few years of this my parents got sick of cleaning up our messes and started telling us reasons why we shouldn’t be playing with certain creatures. This is where my story begins.
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