HW 1 - Lab Section 30_5 Name Partner Homework#1 Due Feb 2nd...

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Lab#__________ Name___________________ Section 30__5____ Partner: _______________ Homework #1 Due Feb. 2nd or 3rd. BE SURE YOU READ THE HOMEWORK INFORMATION HANDOUT!! You must have the header information at the top of YOUR homework. Even though you may have a partner, each of you must turn in a separate, NOT a Xerox copy, of this assignment. NOTE: there is no reason for you not to do well on this assignment, you just have to ask for help. The graders and instructors are willing to explain any and all of the answers. REMEMBER, however, a copy of the existing solutions turned in as homework will be given a ZERO. 2 nd Note: you should ALWAYS read the solutions (they will be posted by Friday mornings) because there will be extra comments and maybe problems that are not part of the assignment. This will help you to understand the material which will help you on your exams. You will be using the F04survey.sav for most of this homework. The link takes you to the Class Notes page. Please RIGHT click on the dataset name and save it on your machine. You may use the Summaries and Graphs handout on the Class Notes pages if you don’t know what to do SPSS. Please open Word and SPSS. In SPSS, open F04survey.sav. You must copy the SPSS output using Copy Objects into your Word document. 1. Run Graphs Interactive Bar. Click on class and move it into the X-axis box, then click Percent and move it into the Y-axis box. Click Ok . What is the shape of this distribution? Why? Describe the variable class . 2. In this problem we will be looking at the learning variable. What type of variable (data) is learning ? What summary number(s) and graphs would you use to describe learning ? Run Analyze Descriptive Statistics Frequencies , click learning and to move it into the Variable box . Click Charts, Bar, Percentages, Continue then Ok and describe the variable learning . 3. Run Analyze Descriptive Statistics Frequencies . Click age and to move the variable into the ‘Dependent List’. Click Statistics, Quartiles, Mean, Median, Std. deviations, Variance, Range, Minimum, and Maximum then Continue. Click
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HW 1 - Lab Section 30_5 Name Partner Homework#1 Due Feb 2nd...

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