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Philosophy 1 st Review Sheet Dr. Graham 1. "Truth is in the judgment rather than in the act of apprehension." Explain. What is Truth? 2. Compare/contrast knowledge and appetition. How are they related? 3. What is Will and how is it related to the intellect? 4. Will vs. Choice - distinguish 5. Argue that Will is free. 6. Are we ever completely free? Discuss. 7. Freud, Marx, Skinner -> show why materialist philosophers deny human freedom 8. Compare/contrast sense and intellectual appetite 9. Conscupiscilbe and Irascible emotions 10. How is #9 interrelated and how do they differ 11. Compare/contrast Will and Emotions 12. Why is it necessary that the Intellect and Will control Emotions? 13. Define Habit 14. What is a Virtue 15. Intellectual virtues - list and explain 16. Why is Wisdom the highest virtue 17. Moral virtues - list and explain; why are they necessary 18. How do moral virtues relate to the Will and Emotions? Discuss Art and Prudence.
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Unformatted text preview: 19. Define Person and how did it come to mean a being of great nobility and worth 20. What legal significance does this definition of the human person entail? 21. Human being vs. human person 22. Define soul. How do we know it exists? 23. Argue that the soul is a non-material actually existing substance 24. How do we know through reason that the human soul is immortal 25. Why is it necessary that God specifically and uniquely create each human soul 26. How does our understanding of intellect and will contribute to our understanding of the uniqueness of the human person over all other beings in nature 27. "Man is the highest being in nature and the lowest of the spiritual creatures." Explain 28. Was the Supreme Court correct when it asserted that human personhood begins only at live birth. Explain 29. "The human body is a space probe designed for the planet earth." Explain...
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