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Chapter 8 1. Can you list the seven categories of supporting material (six, if description and explanation are combined)? - Illustrations, Description and ecplanation, definitions, analogies, statistics, opinions 2. What is the essence of illustrations? 3. List five skills essential to using illustrations effectively. - Illustrations are relevant to the idea, Represent trend, vivid and specific, listeners can identify, best illustrations are personal ones. 4. How do descriptions and explanations work? In other words, what is done for the audience? - they tell the audience what it is and how it is done 5. Can you list three principles for using descriptions and explanations effectively? -keep them brief, language that is specific and concrete, avoid to much of it
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What two types of definition are favored in the textbook?-by classification and operational definition. 7. How can definitions be most effectively used in speeches?- use it only when needed, make is understandable, and your definition and use of a term is consistent. 8. What are the two basic types of analogies?-figurative, literal 9. What cautions are in order for each type of analogy?-10. Why are statistics useful to a speaker? 11. List five important principles for effective speaker use of statistics. 12. Describe two basic opinion types. 13. List, and elaborate on, six pieces of advice for effective opinion usage....
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