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1. List input devices and briefly describe one of them (for example keyboard). Input devices: keyboard, mouse, scanner, touch screen, device that has a touch screen, PC video camera, digital camera and microphone. Keyboard: is an input device that contains keys you press to enter data into a computer. All keyboards have a typing area used to type letters of the alphabet, numbers, punctuation marks, and other basic characters. 2. What is a light pen and how does it work? It’s a device that is used for detecting light. Some pens work with regular monitors and others work only with special designed monitors. To use one, a user presses it on a screen and then presses a button on the pen. How does a computer recognize voice input? With speaker-dependent software, the computer makes a profile of your voice, which
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Unformatted text preview: means you have to train the computer to recognize your voice. With speaker-independent software, the computer has a built-in set of word patterns and does not have to be trained to recognize your voice. 3. What equipment do you need to participate in a video conference? To participate in a video conference you need: a video camera, microphone, speakers, and video conferencing software. 4. Briefly list and describe the three kinds of terminals. A dumb terminal: has no processing power and cannot function as an independent device. Smart terminals: have a processor giving it some performance capabilities. Special-purpose terminals: perform specific tasks for use in a particular industry....
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