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Chapter 9 - past and present o Clergy educated enough to...

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Ch.9 - Charlemagne's ascendancy to throne and his alliance with the Roman  Church; p.133-135 Alliances (anglo-saxon, spain, italy) Cooperstion of the papacy (needed support of church to forge alliances) - the significance of the "Carolingian" empire for Christianity Empire protected church from east church in Constantinople  (greeks), and from attacks from the north  134 -the Romanization of the Carolingian empire; p.135-136 Romanize (standardize) religious life with powerful bishops Roman liturgical book - the features of the "Carolingian Renaissance"; p.136 (bottom paragraph)  - p.137 Education o Proper latin, quality so more anciet text could be read (both 
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Unformatted text preview: past and present) o Clergy educated enough to lead people- the book as an art form in the Carolingian culture; p.140 (bottom paragraph) – 141 • CAROLINGIAN MINUSCULE (accurate text translation) • ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT (picture books) • Books highly adorned like art. Jewels goldsmithing, just really overdone.- lay spirituality and the material artifacts as the sensory expression of popular religiosity p.138-140 • West – intricate bible became tangible divine power • Vs. tangible divine power through artifacts....
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