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Chapter 12 - • John Duns Scotus – only thing certain is...

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Ch.12 -who were the mendicants and what was distinctive about mendicant  orders? p.165-167 They were wandering lowly preachers With a message of penance and hope in salvation. Differed by doing most their work in secular world. And depended on donations (latin mendicare ‘beg’) - Who were St. Francis and St.Dominic, and what are the distinguishing  features of the Franciscan and the Dominican orders; p.167-169, p.171- 173 Both recognized value of women St. Francis – lived carefree wealthy life and then stole from dad to fix  church. Then disowned and gave life to help the poor. (never a  priest) Fransican Theology – IMMANENT (god exist within natural realm)
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Unformatted text preview: • John Duns Scotus – only thing certain is that something exists. God is more impulse, this explained black death better so more liked. • St. Dominic – STIGMATISM five wounds like jesus and then died. Allowed to experiece pains of martyrdom. Was priest and no dramatic episode. But started peaceful conquest. Peace over power. • Dominic Theology – Neo-Thomism, but too different REALISM and NOMINALISM • Thomas aqunias sees world in a very ordered way- the mendicant order and the role of women; p.170 • Women prayed for men; helped friars through life of pray and penance.- who were Beghards and Beguines? What was Devotio Moderna?...
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