Chapter 12 - John Duns Scotus only thing certain is that...

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Ch.12 -who were the mendicants and what was distinctive about mendicant  orders? p.165-167 They were wandering lowly preachers With a message of penance and hope in salvation. Differed by doing most their work in secular world. And depended on donations (latin mendicare ‘beg’) - Who were St. Francis and St.Dominic, and what are the distinguishing  features of the Franciscan and the Dominican orders; p.167-169, p.171- 173 Both recognized value of women St. Francis – lived carefree wealthy life and then stole from dad to fix  church. Then disowned and gave life to help the poor. (never a  priest) Fransican Theology – IMMANENT (god exist within natural realm)
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Unformatted text preview: John Duns Scotus only thing certain is that something exists. God is more impulse, this explained black death better so more liked. St. Dominic STIGMATISM five wounds like jesus and then died. Allowed to experiece pains of martyrdom. Was priest and no dramatic episode. But started peaceful conquest. Peace over power. Dominic Theology Neo-Thomism, but too different REALISM and NOMINALISM Thomas aqunias sees world in a very ordered way- the mendicant order and the role of women; p.170 Women prayed for men; helped friars through life of pray and penance.- who were Beghards and Beguines? What was Devotio Moderna?...
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