measurement - Conceptualization & Operationalization A....

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Conceptualization & Operationalization A. Terminology 1. Concepts – mental image that summarizes a set of similar observations, feelings, ideas Mental constructs, a way of grouping similar things 2. Conceptualization – Process of specifying/defining what we mean by a term Must be defined because not all people share a particular definition What observations, behaviors, and images do you associate with said concepts? How do we know it when we see it? 3. Dimensions – unique elements of a concept Examples: Substance abuse Weapons of mass destruction 4. Operation – a sign of the presence or absence of the concept we are studying Also known as indicators or variables 5. Operationalization – process of specifying the observations that will indicate the concept in empirical reality Examples: Concept Operations Education ? Religiosity ? Poverty ? C. Moving from Conceptualization to Operationalization Example: Terrorism 1. What is terrorism? (conceptualization) 2. Are there different types of terrorism? (dimensionality) 3. How do we measure terrorism? (operationalization) D. General Guidelines for Constructing Questions 1. Clarity a) Questions need to be clearly understood by all respondents. b) Idiosyncratic variation
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measurement - Conceptualization & Operationalization A....

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