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BioBM432 Survey of Cell Biology - Quiz #1 - January 31, 2007 Your name printed ______________________ Your signature ____________________ 1. Number the subcellular fraction contents below in the order they would be produced by differential centrifugation. __3__ Ribosomal Subunits __1__ Nuclei __4__ Cytosol __2__ Mitochondria 2. Answer True or False for the following questions regarding techniques: __F__ Of the common phospholipids, only the head group of phosphotydylserine is positively charged. __F__ Confocal fluorescence microscopy images a single plane because the laser beam only excites flourophores in one plane. __T__ Antibodies to a protein of interest are not usually labelled for direct detection, but secondary antibodies labeled with fluorophores or enzymes are used for fluorescence microscopy or western blotting, respectively. __F__ Disulfide bonds stabilize the folding of proteins in the cytoplasm.
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