Chapter 14 part 1 - To understand God, one needed to negate...

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Ch.14 - what is mysticism?  Sensation of oneness with the divine Certain gifted people took spirituality much further, entering  dimension of mysticism. - What is 'via negativa' and 'via positiva'?  Two ways to attain knowledge or god VIA POSITIVA: writing describes God by applying attributes; god is  to a degree knowable. VIA NEGATIVA: writing that emphasizes the unknowability of God. 
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Unformatted text preview: To understand God, one needed to negate tradition.- What is the allegorical method of exegesis? p.187-189 Interpreting literal sense as symbolic of a deeper hidden meaning- St. Bernard and role of love in his theology 189 True knowledge of God is love of god But Love is empirical...
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