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BioBM432 Survey of Cell Biology - Quiz #1 - Feb. 1, 2006 Your name printed ______________________ Your signature ____________________ 1. Match the application to the correct microscopy technique. One correct answer for each. a. Determine the localization of Protein X that has been indirectly tagged with gold particles. b. Look for co-localization of three different proteins in a cell. c. Characterize the external morphology of epidermal cells. d. Quickly observe live kidney cells growing in culture. e. Determine the 3D structure of a novel, symmetrical virus particle. _c_ SEM _d__ Nomarski/DIC microscopy _e__ Cyro-EM _b__ Laser scanning confocal microscopy _a__ Immuno-EM 2. Answer True or False for the following questions regarding techniques: __F_ Disulfide bonds stabilize the folding of proteins in the cytoplasm. __T_ In fluorescence microscopy, the dye absorbs light of a certain wavelength and then re-emits light at a longer wavelength. __F_
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