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BioBM432 Survey of Cell Biology - Quiz #2 - February 14, 2007 Your name printed ______________________ Your signature ____________________ 1a) Draw a line or arrow indicating the critical micelle concentration on the graph below. 1b) The lipid part of the cell’s membrane is dissolved in what part of the graph? (Circle one: below cmc, above cmc , both) 2) The concentration of Ca++ in the medium of growing mammalian cells is about 1 mM. Approximately what is the concentration of Ca++ in the cytoplasm? (Circle one: 10, 1, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001 mM ) 3) Match actin-binding protein to its description. a. Severing protein and (+) end capping. __D_ cofilin b. Sequesters ATP-G-Actin in cytosol. __C_ formin c. Nucleates assembly of unbranched actin. __A_ gelsolin d. Promotes dissociation from (-) end. __B_ thymosin 4) The leading edge of a migrating cell, containing a dynamic actin meshwork, is referred to as the __ lamellipodia ____. Answer True or False for the following:
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Unformatted text preview: __T__ The Na/K ATPase uses ATP as an energy source to pump K into the cell and Na out of the cell, so that both ions form gradients across the membrane. __T__ Under physiological conditions, the glucose uniporter can lead to the export of glucose from some cells. __F__ All myosins are double headed (not all double) molecules that ‘walk’ on actin filaments, using ATP as an energy source. __T__ Microtubules are composed of thirteen protofilaments arranged to make a hollow tube. __F__ Microtubules undergo dynamic instability when the ATP (GTP) at the plus end is hydrolyzed to ADP. (GDP) __F__ A symporter would function as an antiporter if its orientation in the membrane were reversed (that is, if the portion of the protein normally exposed to the cytosol faced the outside of the cell instead). Total amount of detergent added to the solution [detergent] amount of detergent: in micelles free in solution...
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