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Week 1 (Techniques) Answers: 1. Immunofluorescence would be my choice to observe the localization. Antibodies specific to giantin (or another Golgi marker) and antibodies specific to protein S would be raised in two different animals (mouse, rabbit, chicken, guinea pig, etc.) and used to bind the proteins within fixed cells. Two secondary antibodies labeled with different colored fluorescent tags could be used to detect the primary antibodies. Then the cells could be viewed under a fluorescent microscope to visualize the location of the fluorescence. Yet another option would be the use of immuno-gold and thin section TEM. Antibodies raised for protein S and secondary antibodies (to the species the primary antibody was raised in) conjugated to gold beads would be needed. Cells would be fixed, stained (including immuno-gold too), dehydrated, embedded, and cut into 80nm slices, and placed onto copper grids. Another option would be to transfect a plasmid that would express a
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Week1Ans - Week 1 (Techniques) Answers: 1....

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