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Final Assesment - Stacey Oliver December 3 2007 Final...

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Stacey Oliver December 3, 2007 Final Assessment Interpersonal communication allows us to learn about our own lives and relationships’ with others. This course had numerous ideas and theories that are significant to daily life, however there are three that stand out; Perception checking, Nonverbal Vocalics, and Irreversibility. I was also able to learn directly from my peers through this class and in the group project. This class is so relevant to our lives that I was able to see how I can improve my own everyday communication. In order to have the healthiest relationships possible you must first understand how you communicate with others. Perception checking is one of the most important concepts in interpersonal communications. It can be used in ordinary life and in unusual circumstances. It is a three step process of evaluation, interpretation, and clarification. It allows you to critically verify your own perception of external events (McCornack 110). First you need to evaluate, or describe, the event. If you can step back and evaluate the situation with no bias interpretation and describe exactly what is happening at face value then solving the problem becomes a little easier. After Evaluation you need to interpret. To do this you have to give two different interpretations of the occurrence; present two causes for the effect. Finally you have to clarify. Clarification involves you presenting your two interpretations to the other involved party and asking for clarification of which interpretation is correct. Clarification will allow you to offer up your own thoughts in a sensitive way and at the same time allowing you to get the true reasons behind the events. Perception checking is a very useful tool in my everyday life. All too often I find myself in situations where I don’t know exactly what happened and I jump to conclusions. Assuming I
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know the answer or reason can make things awkward, hurt someone’s feelings, or even destroy a relationship. Using perception checking helps decrease the possibility of that happening. When I evaluate the situation I find myself calming down and looking at just the face value of the events. Through interpretation I have a chance to look at other possibilities.
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Final Assesment - Stacey Oliver December 3 2007 Final...

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