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Propagation Key Terms - Chapter 1 Key Terms Agriculture The...

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Chapter 1 Key Terms Agriculture – The deliberate practice of propagating and growing plants for human use. Crop production – Growing plants under more controlled conditions for maximum yield. Ecological Climax – Domestication – The process of selecting specific kinds of wild plants and adapting them to human use. Food Technology – Transforming and preserving crop products for food or other uses. Forestry – Horticulture – Land Grant – A land grant is a gift of land made by a government or other authority as a reward for services to an individual, especially as rewards for military service. Market Economy – Nursery – Plant Breeding – To recreate patterns of genetic variation in its many forms from which to select new kinds of plants useful to humans. Plant Exploration – Plant Exchange – The movement of plants from their place of origin to their place of use. Plant Propagation – Multiplying plants and preserving their unique qualities. Plant Selection – Selecting and or developing specific kinds of plants. Subsistence Existence – Chapter 2 Key Terms Abscisic Acid – plant growth hormones that stimulate shoot elongation and control germination and dormancy. Adventitious – initiation of new shoot and root growing points from tissues produced after the original nodes or lateral had been laid down. Annual – plants that complete the entire sequence from germination to seed dissemination and death in one growing season. Antisense Stand – Apomictic Cycle – growth and development of a plant when propagated freom an apomictic embryo. Apomixis – Reproduction in which vegetative cells in the flower develop into zygotes to create seeds by a clonal reproduction process. Asexual – Auxin – a plant growth hormone that controls adventitious root initiation and micropropagation stages. Biennial – plants that require two growing season. 1 st season: vegetative growth
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2 nd season: reproductive growth (flowers and seeds). Biotechnology – laboratory techniques that are used to carry out genetic and
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Propagation Key Terms - Chapter 1 Key Terms Agriculture The...

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