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Andrew Cook Sociology 134 Section 10 Matt Parker Personal Problems and Public Issues Cannabis, or marijuana, inhalation for a feeling of ecstasy has been dated back to around 8000 BC. Only recently has the negative association been attached to the substance. In the early times after Christ, civilizations and religions practiced the custom of smoking cannabis for ritualistic or sacrament types of ceremonies. Now, in the United States, it is common practice for cannabis to be inhaled for recreational purposes. People of all ages take part in this activity and the majority of people surveyed say that they have been repeat users. Although the inhalation of marijuana for whatever purpose has been deemed deviant in today’s standards, the historical aspect suggests that this was not the case. Sociologists view drug use as very deviant and tend to not support the idea of anything involving drug use, but marijuana has a different standing. The popular argument is that why can a Native American Chief smoke marijuana for ceremonies and have that act be holy and legitimate, but when a common teenager does the same act, it is illegal and deviant. Many people view this as a victimless crime, and therefore, it should be considered a manifest function of society without any criticism or scrutiny. Marijuana’s long term psychological effects are relatively unknown but it is known that it has similar effects to smoking cigarettes. Hallucinogens and other types of life threatening drugs on the first use should be
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considered deviant and have the negative association, but marijuana is mainly used for a feeling of ecstasy and relaxation. The battle over the legalization of marijuana is an ongoing battle over legislation that questions values and beliefs. The first written record of marijuana having medicinal benefits was when Queen Elizabeth’s personal physician suggested she inhaled cannabis for relief of her menstrual pains. This basis was a leading factor in why cannabis has been legalized in some states as medicinal treatment only. On the other hand, people still would like the legal right to carry and consume the plant. Also, a strong belief is that the legalization would minimize the amount of illegal obtaining of the drug and associated as well as provide a very common taxable resource. Once again, this highlights the fact that many believe that marijuana is not deviant and is a pointless, victimless crime. Punishments for the possession of cannabis worldwide vary from country to
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Public Issue - Andrew Cook Sociology 134 Section 10 Matt...

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