Breaching - Andrew Cook October 16, 2007 Matt Parker...

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Andrew Cook October 16, 2007 Matt Parker – Section 13 Assignment 1 Breaching The social norm that I chose to breach was personal privacy when urinating in a urinal at a public restroom. The norms of public bathrooms are always just to stay quiet, always skip a urinal if possible and never speak when urinating. I broke the norm of keeping to yourself and personal space. I would always go up to the urinal directly next to the individual and I would engage in conversation creating an awkward situation for the subject. I would then continue in unusual discussion until the person left, and then I would record my findings from the experiment. This experiment would test for how people react to a stranger invading their personal private space as well as creating an awkward situation in the restroom. I attempted to appear as a common college student without giving away too many tells about my interests. I wore blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt with the words “Iowa State” printed on it. This would create the awareness in the situation that I was indeed a college student at this university, as well as a middle class, ordinary citizen. My appearance produced a non- threatening but unusual situation for each person. I did not think that appearance was a huge factor in this experiment because of the dividers in some bathrooms as well as people not being
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Breaching - Andrew Cook October 16, 2007 Matt Parker...

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